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Neighbours Episode 0528 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0528
Australian airdate: 08/07/1987
UK airdate: 15/11/1988
UK Gold: 09/11/1994
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Paul and Gail's
Jim and Gail ask Rob for an explanation and he tells them he lost the money whilst gambling. Harold isn't surprised at all and wants to go to the police. Jim says they have to remain calm and think how to get the money back. Gail asks Harold for some time and insists they will pay the money back. Harold tells her they have 24 hours to pay the money back into the business. Jim follows him out whilst Rob tries to apologise to Gail.
Ramsay Street
Jane kicks the ball straight into Harolds path. She apologises and asks Harold how Mrs Mangel is. Harold tells her she is tense and Jane tells him she hopes Mrs Mangel is not taking out her mood on him. Harold says it's these little things that are sent to try them.
Paul and Gails
Rob tells Gail that the only thing that has ever turned out right in his life is her. He says she's bright and intelligent with a fantastic career ahead of her. He says he has fell for the oldest gambling con in book and says when he disappeared he went to see his brother to ask him for help. Gail is shocked as Rob and his brother do not get along, but he tells her he was desperate for a loan. Gail tells Rob to go back to his hotel room and to wait there until she calls him, if he wants her help he will have to do what she says.
Lucy is marvelling at the make over Jane has given her. Helen asks them to set the table and notices Jim is preoccupied. He tells her he has a few business problems but it's nothing he can't handle. Beverly arrives and asks Jim how his game of golf was, Jim asks her if she plays golf and Beverly says that she does and comments that Jim could give her some lessons. Jim looks as miserable as sin and heads to have a shower. Beverly tells Helen she thinks she said the wrong thing.
Beverly is getting on well with Lucy and Jane and Lucy is telling her about her flute lessons. Paul arrives and Lucy introduces him to Beverly. Paul asks Jane how she is and Jane thanks him for giving her time off work. Paul tells Helen he's looking for Gail as he hasn't seen her all day. Jim emerges from the bedroom and wants Paul to stay for dinner to balance the numbers but Paul says he can't. Helen drags Jim into the kitchen and tells him to stop being so rude to Beverly. She says Beverly is simply a friend and asks that Jim get to know her.
Gail wants some advice from Des about getting a loan of $15,000 from the bank. He says there shouldn't be a problem with Paul as guarantor. Gail says Paul doesn't know about the loan and tells Des she wants to do this on her own. She tells him about Robs problem and explains that she needs the money to cover his debts. Des says for this amount of money she will need a guarantor, Gail says she will talk to Paul about it.
Harold has a migraine. Madge is sorting through her post and comes across a letter from the bank. The cheque Fred sent Charlene for the wedding has bounced. Madge tells Harold she is now out of pocket as she has already given Charlene the cash. Harold tells Madge Charlene's job may be under threat due to Robs dealings.
Paul and Gails
Gail has told Paul about the loan and he is not convinced it's the right thing to do. She tells Paul it's her decision and asks if he will be guarantor. Paul tells Gail he wants to help but doesn't want to see her get into debt, he says he will loan her the money as it will save her in interest rates. Gail says it's a fantastic offer but one she can't accept. Paul says he is her husband and therefore she should let him help. Gail agrees and thanks Paul.
Dinner is a quiet affair with Jim giving one word answers to Beverly. Jane asks Beverly what made her pursue a career in medicine and Jim comments that it's a lucrative business. Beverly says that not everybody is dominated by the holy dollar and Helen interrupts before things get tense. Beverly tells Helen she met Hilary when she came to the clinic as a patient. Lucy comments that Hilary is great and Beverly agrees that she is. Jim wants to know why Beverly likes Hilary so much and Beverly says it's because Hilary takes people as she finds them and doesn't rely on her preconceived ideas. After Beverly's rant Jim finally shuts up!
Madge and Harold are having a quiet dinner for two and he tells her his migraine has gone. They have a giggle at Mrs Mangel's expense when Harold relays that her pet peeve is balls of fluff under the fridge! Harold says he feels they have wasted a lot of time lately and comments that it's good to be laughing.
Jane and Lucy make a start on the dishes and Jim offers to join them. Beverly asks Helen why Jim doesn't like her. Helen says Jim isn't good with people he doesn't know and says he has been under a lot of pressure lately. Beverly doesn't think that's the real reason and Helen says the real reason is that Hilary implied that he and Beverly would make a good couple. Beverly says it's time to put the record straight.
Harold thanks Madge for a splendid evening and they laugh once again about Mrs Mangel and her recent mood swings. Madge tells Harold he is always welcome at her house and he gives her a goodnight kiss. As they break apart Harold is sure he has hurt Madges neck but she assures him she was just taken back by the remarkable kiss he planted on her. Harold says goodnight and leaves Madge to gaze at him through the gate. Awww.
Lucy goes to bed and Jim declares he has finished the washing up and rearranged some shelf space! Helen and Jane leave Jim and Beverly alone and he asks her if she's had a pleasant evening. She says she hasn't and tells him he has been downright unpleasant to her all evening. She says she wouldn't find him attractive if he was the last man on the planet, or solar system! Beverly leaves and Jim looks bemused, as Helen and Jane stand stunned in the kitchen.
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Gail Robinson, Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0528
Gail Robinson, Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis

Des Clarke, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0528
Des Clarke, Gail Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0528
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0528
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0528
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Jane Harris, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0528
Jane Harris, Helen Daniels

Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0528
Beverly Marshall

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0528
Jim Robinson

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