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Neighbours Episode 0527 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0527
Australian airdate: 07/07/1987
UK airdate: 14/11/1988
UK Gold: 08/11/1994
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Jane is crying and Mike tells her she can stay with him tonight. Jane doesn't think it's a good idea given the trouble Mrs Mangel has caused for Des and Daphne. Jane wonders if the Robinsons will take her in and Mike says he will go with her to ask them. Jane asks Mike what she did to deserve her family; a mother and father who never cared about her and now a Grandmother who has chucked her out on the streets. She tells Mike she has nobody. He tells her she has him and that he understands how he feels - he has nobody either.
Lucy is writing to her new pen friend from Africa. Helen tells Lucy about Beverly and makes Jim promise not to cancel their dinner arrangements for the following day. Lucy thinks if Beverly is a friend of Hilarys then she must be heaps of fun. Jim asks Lucy what it is that she likes about Hilary. Lucy says it's because she's honest; she says what everybody else is too chicken to say. Jim tells her it's not called 'chicken' it's called 'tact'! Jim and Helen agree that they don't want Hilary to come back to stay as they think they have had their fair share of houseguests of late. The doorbell ring - its Jane and Mike.
Mrs Mangels
Mrs Mangel is packing Jane's things in a case when Harold arrives home. Mrs Mangel tells Harold that Jane is an 'ungrateful little wretch' and had no right to delude her. The phone rings and it's Helen, telling Mrs Mangel that Jane is safe and staying with them. Mrs Mangel tells Helen she doesn't care what Jane does and says she hopes they all have a wonderful time together. Harold tells Mrs Mangel she may have acted too hasty and tells her he will be leaving too.
Paul and Gails
Gail is upset about Rob and Paul tells her that there was something not quite right with the bookwork that Harold showed him. Gail tells him that Harold is wrong and assures Paul that Rob has never done anything dishonest in his life. Paul suggests they go and look for Rob but Gail says she will go alone as looking after Rob wasn't part of the marriage contract. She tells Paul he's starting to sound like a real husband; he notes that she has been acting like a real wife; cooking his meals and ironing his shirts. Gail says that if she let him to go to work in a shirt that he had ironed then people really would start to talk! Gail takes her bag and goes to leave; she opens the door to find Rob standing in front of her. He collapses.
Paul and Gails
Rob is asleep on the sofa and Gail puts a blanket around him. Paul tells her Rob will be ok and that he's just drunk. Gail says the only time she's seen Rob like this was when her mother died. Paul comments that people often drink when they have problems. Gail knows what Paul is thinking but insists her father is not a thief. Paul goes to work and Gail says she will find out the truth about Rob's problems.
Mrs Mangel
Mrs Mangel apologises to Harold for their misunderstanding. He says it wasn't a misunderstanding as far as he's concerned they both made their feelings perfectly clear. Mrs Mangel says his contribution to her household and family is most important. Harold tells her he has a few personal problems of his own to sort out before he leaves but in his opinion she needs to make up her relationship with Jane. Jim arrives and wants to see Mrs Mangel. He tells her that Jane is all right and is sure that they will be able to make things up. Mrs Mangel doesn't want to talk about it and shows Jim out.
Paul and Gails
Rob is eating some lunch and Gail asks him what is going on. She tells him that Harold has told her there is money missing from the garage. Rob tells her he always has to explain the books to Harold and that now is no different. He tells Gail there is something he has to do and gets up to leave. Gail tells him she is worried sick about him and asks him not to shut her out.
Mrs Mangel struggles in with Janes suitcase! Helen tells her she has taken things too far and that family arguments usually sort themselves out. Mrs Mangel says that's unlikely now that they have all taken Janes side. Helen tells her she didn't want to see Jane on the street but Mrs Mangel is sure that Helen just wants rent money from Jane now that Scott has moved out. Jane walks in as Helen tells Mrs Mangel the thought of asking Jane for money never crossed her mind, she just wanted to be sure that she had a place to stay.
Paul and Gails
Harold arrives and asks Gail where Rob is. Gail tells him she doesn't know where he is but she's sure he will be back soon. Harold tells her there are serious discrepancies in the bookwork and he is going to tell Jim about it now.
Jane thanks Helen for her hospitality. Helen tells her she is welcome to stay as long as she wants. Helen goes to get some things for dinner and Mike arrives. He tells Jane thinks they should get a place together. Jane says she doesn't think it's a good idea at the moment as she feels it would just be closing her eyes to her problems. Besides she likes staying at the Robinsons and being surrounded by a family.
The Coffee Shop
Jim agrees with Harold that the books don't add up. However he says he has no reason to believe Rob is dishonest. He doesn't want to be too hasty and tells Harold if word gets around it will ruin their business. Harold agrees they will go back to see Gail later but if Rob is not there then they will go to the police.
Robinsons Backyard
Lucy and Jane are talking about the dinner party and Lucy wonders what Beverly will be like. Jane agrees to dress Lucy up and do her hair and make up to let the evening more special. Lucy tells Jane she's glad she is staying with them and says she can be her sister as she misses Julie and Scott so much.
Paul and Gails
Jim and Harold are waiting for Rob. Gail assures them he will arrive soon. Gail tells Harold to stop talking about Rob in a negative light until they are sure he has something to be guilty of. Jim tries to calm the situation and Gail is relieved when Rob turns up. Rob admits that he stole the money and has no way of paying it back. Gail is shell-shocked.
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Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0527
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Helen Daniels, Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0527
Helen Daniels, Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0527
Jane Harris

Rob Lewis, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0527
Rob Lewis, Gail Robinson

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