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Neighbours Episode 0524 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0524
Australian airdate: 02/07/1987
UK airdate: 09/11/1988
UK Gold: 03/11/1994
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Donna (glittergal)
Paul and Gail's
Paul and Gail are laughing about Dan Ramsay and Mrs Mangel's leg at the wedding. Gail says that they're going to have trouble keeping the true nature of their marriage from Hilary - they'll have to be very careful.
Gail goes to ring Rob - she's puzzled why he didn't turn up for Scott and Charlene's wedding. He's still not in his hotel room, so Gail decides to go over to the hotel in person.
Daphne is ranting at Des for paying $2000 to Mrs Mangel - it's as good as an omission of guilt. Des explains that he didn't want Daphne to get upset in her condition. Daphne is very angry and says it's a mater of principle - they've done nothing wrong and she won't forget this in a hurry.
Mrs Mangel and Jane have returned from the wedding. Mrs Mangel is pleased that she caught the bouquet - after all, she is a single woman now(!) She says maybe she should wear a spray of the flowers to the church dance with Mr Bishop tonight. Mrs Mangel starts ranting about Madge "throwing herself" at Harold during the wedding.
Harold comes out and asks Mrs Mangel if he can work in the living room - he has to get the audit ready for the garage. Mrs Mangel goes off to make him a cup of tea saying that nothing is too much trouble for him(!)
Paul and Gail's
Gail brings Rob home, blind drunk. Paul takes him off to the bedroom to sleep it off in Hilary's room - Gail will ask the Robinsons if Hilary can stay with them instead.
Gail tells Paul that Rob has been at the Waterhole all day, alone and then took some cans home. Gail can't understand why he's drinking - he's never drunk to this extent in his life. She thinks there must be something terribly wrong.
Harold is working on the audit when Mrs Mangel comes out and asks him which dress she should wear(!) Harold gets cross and asks her to leave him alone. Jane comes in and suggests the pink dress. Jane is just off to meet Mike while Mrs Mangel continues to rave on about how compatible she and Mr Bishop are.
Daphne is trying to knit something when Jane arrives. Daphne makes some pointed comments about Mrs Mangel and Des tries to shush her. Jane tells them all that Mrs Mangel thinks that Mr Bishop is romantically interested in her. Daphne says Jane can't expect them to feel sorry for Mrs Mangel after the way she's treated them.
Mrs Mangel is dressed for the dance, but Harold tells her that she'll have to go on ahead - he's still got a lot of work to do. Mrs Mangel is very disappointed but agrees to go on her own. She walks off, dejectedly.
Paul and Gail's
Rob has surfaced and slumps himself in a chair while Paul makes him some coffee. Gail wants to know why he missed the wedding. Rob tries to say he was drinking with his mates, but Gail knows otherwise. Rob gets cross and says he's fed up of Gail poking her nose into his business.
When Rob has stormed off, Gail tells Paul that she's really worried about Rob. She says she doesn't want to lay her problems on him since they're not really married. But Paul says there's no clause that says that Gail has to make him home-cooked meals either - even marriages of convenience have some perks.
Mrs Mangel arrives home to find Mr Bishop still working. She is cross with him for not turning up and says it was very awkward for her. Harold apologises but says that she mustn't blow things out of proportion. Harold says that he's never thought of her as anything but his landlady. Mrs Mangel goes off to bed sadly, telling Harold crossly that she won't make him any tea.
Mike is telling Des that Daphne hurt Jane's feelings with her comments about Mrs Mangel. Daphne comes out and says she's fed up of Jane sticking by Mrs Mangel. She goes on to say that she won't serve Mrs Mangel in the Coffee Shop anymore - she wants to show Mrs Mangel that she must face up to the consequences of her actions.
Mrs Mangel is telling Jane that she's come to the conclusion that she and Harold are totally unsuited. She drops the bridal bouquet into the bin. Harold comes out to get his papers and Mrs Mangel snaps at him.
Paul and Gail's
Gail is just off to see Rob. Harold comes to the door looking for Rob - there's a problem with the books for the garage. It seems that there is some money missing - $15,000. Rob is the one that made the entries for the money in the books.
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Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0524
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0524
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

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