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Neighbours Episode 0497 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0497
Australian airdate: 26/5/1987
UK airdate: 3/10/1988
UK Gold: 27/9/1994
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Donna (glittergal)
Harold and Rob are still talking about Jim being unreasonable. They reckon they can find a new partner. Madge tells them they haven't got a brain between them(!) Jim has a lot of experience and contacts and they'll never find a better partner than him. Harold and Rob decide they've been a bit hasty and decide to sort things out with Jim. Rob also apologises for speaking badly of Henry. He and Harold shake hands.
Lucy has locked herself in her room to cry. Helen is packing up the food for the dinner party - Jim says the resident locust (Scott) will finish it up(!)
Harold and Rob come to see Jim. Jim apologises for his behviour and Harold and Rob says they'd like to give their partnership a second chance. Helen asks them to help out with leftovers and they all adjourn to the kitchen together.
Jeremy is telling Gail that he's close to what he wants now - the car. Gail gets a bit upset because Jeremy will have to run tests on the car. She makes Jeremy promise not to run them himself. He promises, but Gail says she wishes she could believe one word he says.
Lucy comes out in tears and Jim comforts her. He tells Lucy that it happened to him once when he was at school - he'd won the cross-country run and thought he was the best thing since sliced bread until his friends left him. He won them back by coming down to earth and so must Lucy.
Robinsons, the following morning
Helen comments to Paul how strange it is that people drop in at mealtimes(!) Lucy says she doesn't want to school because people will laugh at her.
The doorbell goes and it's Lucy's friend Emma. She apologises for not coming to Lucy's dinner party, saying everyone would have picked on her. Lucy apologises to her for being stuck off and they go off happily to school together.
Henry is fed up and moping over his breakfast. He's fed up of not having a job but Madge says he'll just have to go out and keep looking. Harold calls in for a cup of tea and tells Madge that the partnership at the garage is back on. Harold says that Rob might offer Henry a job if he's asked nicely. Henry says he wouldn't work for Rob if he paid him $1000 a week(!)
When Henry has stormed off, Harold suggests that he and Madge fix a date for the wedding. Madge is a bit flustered and invites Harold over to dinner tonight so they can discuss it with Charlene there as well.
Daphne has arrived home from hospital and Helen brings her some leftovers from Lucy's dinner party. About a minute later, Madge also calls round with some food! Madge says she can't stay because Charlene is coming home from hospital too. Madge says she's not too pleased about the friendship ring - she wants Charlene to be a lot older and wiser before she graduates to an engagement ring. She looks down at her own engagement ring and is horrified to see that the diamond is mising.
The Office
Paul is discussing some business matters with Gail. But Gail says she'd doesn't want to discuss conferences, she wants to talk about the engagement and when Paul is going to tell Mr Udigawa. Paul says he'll handle it his own way and wants Gail to get off his back. Gail tells Paul that she's going to re-marry Jeremy much to his disgust. Paul asks her if Jeremy has told her where he got the money to buy No.13 (the car) - if he really loves her he shouldn't be keeping secrets from her.
The Garage
Jeremy is anxious to get the car on the track, but Jim says that the parts haven't come yet.
Daphne, Helen, Henry and Madge are looking for the diamond. Madge is frantic and doesn't know what she's going to tell Harold. She starts to cry. Suddenly Henry says he's got a plan. He takes the ring off Madge.
The Garage
Jeremy wants to try the car anyway, but Rob tells him to forget it. Jeremy says he'll go slowly so as not to hurt the suspension - he only wants to test the steering. Rob reluctantly agrees and says that Jeremy had better be careful.
The Office
Helen is telling Paul about Madge's engagement ring, however Paul is distracted. Helen asks where Gail is and Paul tells her that the engagement is off. Paul is concerned that Gail is going back to Jeremy. Helen can't understand why she's doing it - she's such a sensible girl normally.
Jeremy is just getting in the car and Rob is telling him that he must only go once around the track. Gail comes up at that moment and shouts at Jeremy to get out of the car. He ignores her and puts his helmet on. Gail asks where he got the money to buy the car and why he lied to her. Jeremy drives off without a word.
Madge is still looking for the diamond. Henry comes in and tells her he's sorted things out and gives her the ring. Madge is delighted, but her delight fades when Henry tells her he's replaced the diamond with a piece of glass. Henry says he's just buying her time until they find the diamond. Madge isn't sure about the deception, but it is a good likeness.
Jeremy is driving around the track at speed and Rob is worried - he's going much too fast. Gail looks on silently as he continues around the track. She closes her eyes and says that she can't watch. As Gail walks away, she hears the car crash behind her and screams.
<<0496 - 0498>>
Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0497
Paul Robinson

Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0497
Gail Lewis

Gail Lewis, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0497
Gail Lewis, Rob Lewis

Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0497
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0497
Madge Mitchell

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