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Neighbours Episode 0496 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0496
Australian airdate: 25/5/1987
UK airdate: 30/9/1988
UK Gold: 26/9/1994
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Donna (glittergal)
Lucy is doing her homework and tells them it's easy - she's done it all before. She also says that her old friends are boring. Then she complains that one of her old friends is having a barbecue because apparently barbecues went out with ABBA(!) Jim and Helen despair.
Madge is worried because Henry has missed dinner. Just then Henry comes in - he's been to see his parole officer and they've caught the people who did the robbery of the icecream depo! But he still doesn't hold out much hope for getting a job. Harold tells Henry that he's pulling out of the partnership with Rob because of the way he spoke to Henry.
Lucy has got a letter from Bradley. She asks Jim if she can have a dinner party. Helen says it will clash with the barbecue, but Lucy says that everyone will want to come to her dinner party over a boring barbecue(!) Jim and Helen agree.
Henry goes off to bed leaving Madge and Harold to watch TV. Madge is very pleased that Henry's name has been cleared. Jim comes to the door to talk to Harold - he wants him to sort out his differences with Rob. He says the garage is a sound investment and Harold is behaving like an idiot.
Rob comes in to find Jeremy in the living room and Gail in bed. Rob says that he blew his chance with Gail a long time ago but Jeremy says that this leopard has changed its spots.
Madge and Jim are trying to reason with Harold. Madge suggests that Harold and Jim discuss things reasonably. Jim says that he's looking at the situation from a practical point of view - the garage could be a lucrative business for all of them if they could just get along. Madge suggests a peace conference for tomorrow evening - Helen, Jim and Rob should come for dinner.
Lucy is drawing up the menu for her dinner party. Jim won't let her have wine - only soft drink. Lucy is pleased that Jim and Helen are going to Madge's for dinner - she and her friends will have the house to themselves.
The Garage
Rob, Jeremy and Jim are working on the car, but they are still waiting for some parts. Jim tells Rob that Madge has invited them round to dinner. Jim reminds Rob that they both need Harold's money for the business, and Rob reluctantly agrees to come.
When Rob and Jim go outside, Jeremy surreptiously uses the garage phone to call the mystery woman. He says "Hello, honey!" and tells her that everything's going to plan and this time next week he'll be coming hoe - with the car.
Jim is setting up the slide projector for Lucy to show her slides to her friends. Jim and Helen are just leaving to go to Madge's and hope that the evening will be successful.
Rob has arrived and gives Madge some flowers. Madge warns Rob and Harold not to bicker.
Lucy's dinner party is all prepared and Lucy is all dressed up. Jim and Helen tell her that they'll be back at about 10pm.
The atmosphere is strained and Henry tries to lighten the mood by handing around drinks. Harold snaps however and starts rowing with Rob. Jim and Helen arrive at that moment and Jim tells them to calm down and gets them to sit down. An uneasy silence descends.
Lucy is waiting for her guests to arrive and lights a candle.
Lucy is still waiting for her guests to arrive. She rings her friend Emma, but she's gone to the barbecue - apparently everyone has.
Everyone has finished their meal and are sitting down to coffee. Harold tells Rob off for drinking beer. They start to bicker about different things - what Rob said to Henry, alcohol consumption and Rob's intelligence. Jim says he doesn't know why he bothered - they'd better dissolve their partnership, it's the only way. When Jim has stormed off, Harold and Rob start talking in a friendly way about how unreasonable Jim is and how they're better off without him(!) Madge despairs!
Jim and Helen come in to find Lucy sitting sobbing on the sofa. Noone came to her dinner party - they all went to the barbecue.
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Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0496
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

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