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Neighbours Episode 0492 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0492
Australian airdate: 19/5/1987
UK airdate: 26/9/1988
UK Gold: 20/9/1994
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Brendan Maher
Guests: ?
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Donna (glittergal)
Lucy and Scott are arguing about private schools. Lucy wants to go to one, preferably as a boarder. She says she doesn't want to end up repeating year 12 as Scott is. Scott is quite upset by this and walks off. Helen tells Lucy that she should finish primary school with her old friends and then start thinking about private schools.
Jeremy comes round to take Gail out to breakfast, but she's already eaten. She makes them some coffee instead. Gail talks to Jeremy about what he said to Paul about Mr Udigawa, but he plays it down, saying Paul misunderstood what he was saying. Jeremy angles to move in with Gail to save money on accommodation, but Gail says her father would never stand for it now she's engaged to Paul.
Madge wants Henry to go down to the Job Centre - noone has to know he's under suspicion for the icecream depo robbery. She wants Henry to keep busy so he doesn't dwell on events.
Lucy is about to throw out her old clothes but Helen stops her - she hasn't grown out of all of them. Scott is just off to the shopping centre to buy a friendship ring for Charlene. Helen tells Lucy that she should ring her old friends or she'll be very lonely when she gets back to school. Lucy says that she's not going back to school and neither Helen or Jim can make her go!
Harold has come to offer Madge a lift and tells her that he's glad Madge has talked Henry into staying. He has done quite a bit of thinking and thinks Henry needs a fair go. Now he's thought about things, he doesn't think that Henry did the job - it's just paranoia given the modern times they live in. Henry comes out and says he's off down to the Job Centre. Harold shakes Henry's hand and tells him that both he and Madge are on his side. Henry says all he needs now is to convince the rest of the world(!)
Henry comes to see Charlene on his way to the Job Centre - he doesn't think he's got much chance of a job though. Henry says his best hope is with people who know him. Just then Rob comes up and tells Henry to clear off - he doesn't want thieves on his premises. Charlene is outraged.
Jeremy comes to look over the car (No.13) with Rob. Rob says there's a lot of work to be done on the suspension yet - they can't cut the costs on safety features. Jeremy hints to Rob that he needs someone to put him up to save on accommodation costs. Rob agrees that Jeremy can stay with him and Gail(!) if Gail agrees. Jeremy smiles smugly.
Lucy is ringing boarding schools to find out their prices. One of Lucy's old friends, Emma, comes round and Lucy raves to her about London and Paris, saying that her name is pronounced "Lucille" in Paris. Scott tries to show Lucy the friendship ring he bought Charlene but Lucy says friendship rings are "so passé"!
Charlene is still fuming about what Rob said to Henry when Harold comes up. She tells him that Rob called Henry a thief and Harold says someone had better set Rob straight. He marches straight up to Rob and tackles Rob about his behaviour towards Henry. Harold says he owns part of the garage and he wants better behaviour from Rob - Rob knows he couldn't run the garage without Harold's investment.
Helen loves the friendship ring and says that Charlene will love it too.
Helen is sitting in the living room when Lucy comes in. She says she's got something important to say to Jim and Helen at dinner tonight.
Harold is fuming about Rob and says that he's going to contact his solicitor to dissolve his partnership with Rob. Madge thinks he might be rushing things(!) Henry comes in very downcast having failed to find a job.
Charlene's caravan
Charlene is fed up about her living conditions with Sue and is moaning to Scott about it.
Scott gets out a candle, a tape of soft music and suggests romantic evening together. Charlene says he's getting soppy in his old age(!) but Scott says it's a special night tonight. He goes off to light the barbecue.
Rob is fuming about Harold. But he says Harold does have a point about the money, so asks Jeremy for an installment. Jeremy writes him a cheque. Rob asks Gail if it's OK for Jeremy to move in with them to save money. Gail agrees, much to Rob's surprise.
Charlene's caravan
Scott is lighting the barbecue. He goes to get the griddle from under the caravan. When he pulls it out, he inadvertently knocks over Greg's petrol can that's hidden there. Scott is oblivious as the petrol splashes on to the ground.
Greg runs from behind a bush and tries to retrieve his stuff from under the caravan.
Inside the caravan, Charlene hears a noise and sends Scott to investigate. Greg manages to hide when Scott comes round the back of the caravan, so Scott and Charlene decide they were just being paranoid. They get on with having a pash while the petrol continues to splash out and the barbecue continues to burn. Oh dear.
<<0491 - 0493>>
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0492
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0492
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Rob Lewis, Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0492
Rob Lewis, Gail Lewis

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