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Neighbours Episode 0477 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0477
Australian airdate: 28/04/87
UK airdate: 05/09/88
UK Gold: 30/08/94
Summary/Images by: Flinkerbell
Paul discovers that the painting of Nell Mangel has been returned to him at the office, uncovered, and Helen is fully aware of where it has been.
Paul's Office
Helen questions Paul over his reason for having the painting, guessing he had submitted it to the McArthur Award Committee claiming it is the most prestigious committee in the country. Paul can do nothing other than hold his hands up and admit to it. He becomes annoyed when Helen says she is not in that league and never will be and reminds her that she has had exhibitions and sold a lot of paintings. Paul tells her this was simply a way of him giving her back her confidence. She is adamant the committee will reject her painting as worthless leaving her with no confidence at all. Raising her voice Helen recalls how she had been told her work lacked vibrancy and vitality. Paul doesn't understand and tells her there is no excuse to wallow in pity and he has had enough; he doesn't need that from someone he is in business with. The phone rings and it is a call for Paul. Jane asks if it is ok to take her lunch as she is obviously feeling awkward with all the tension. As Paul takes the call, Helen, rather sarcastically, tells Paul not to let her interfere with business.
Coffee Shop
Mike comes out of the coffee shop with a milkshake, on the house, for Charlene who is sitting at a table outside. Jane, who is now on her lunch break, appears too and Charlene is excited to tell her the news about moving out of home. Jane can't believe Madge agreed to let her move into the caravan but even so thinks it's terrific. Charlene tells Jane how she needs some space to sort things out, including problems with Scott. Jane asks her if she'll be nervous living there alone but she is soon put straight. After Mike has wiped down the tables he joins the girls. He questions Charlene on the amount of space in the caravan.
CHARLENE: "Come on guys, give me a break. I just get released from the Madge Mitchell Detention Centre and you wanna pour cold water on me"?
Charlene invites them both over for supper that night. Jane accepts but Mike reminds her that they are going to the film festival. Jane suggests calling into the caravan afterwards but he says they can't as they are going to Cassandra's hayloft. He says how she has done it up really great with her artistic sense and how she can analyse a film and see things he wouldn't even think of. He drones on about this for a while really getting Jane's back up. She tells Mike she doesn't think she can go after all making an excuse about picking up her business administration books. Mike reckons she will learn a lot more listening to his uni friends who are oh-so intelligent. Charlene reminds him that Jane is a "Superbrain". He tells her there is a lot more than being a motor mechanic.
MIKE: "Some people like to use their mind as well as their hands".
CHARLENE: "I'll use my hands in a minute - around your throat. Don't get snotty with me".
Charlene has to rush off back to work.
Rob is vacuuming the inside of a car when Charlene arrives back. He wants to know where she has been as she is ten minutes late. He doesn't want her thinking she can get away with it just because Harold is one of her bosses now. Charlene, stating that Harold is just as bad as him, hands over a paper bag with something from the coffee shop and sets to work.
Paul is just finishing off a phone call. Helen is getting ready to go home. Paul wants to discuss things but she feels there is nothing to discuss as he is obviously not happy with her work and she is certainly not happy working with someone who has gone behind her back the way he did. Paul cannot believe what Helen is saying. She wants to dissolve their partnership. As Home James was hers to start with she has now decided to buy the Daniels Corporation shares back. Helen plans to contact Rosemary and is sure she will agree to sell her shares back to her.
HELEN: "I will run my own business and I won't inflict my sulking and mooning all over the office on you anymore".
Meanwhile Jane arrives back from her lunch and notices Mr Udugawa waiting in the reception area. She tells him she will just check on Mr Robinson. Helen walks out of the office with barely a word for Mr Udugawa. Paul storms out of his office and notices him waiting there. He apologises for his Grandmother saying she has had a rough day. He invites him into his office and asks Jane to make some tea.
Charlene is packing up her stuff before leaving to live in the caravan. Madge has noticed her hairdryer is missing. Charlene has it in her suitcase. Madge tells her it isn't hers and when she opens the case she spots something else. Madge, pulling out a towel, tells Charlene that if she is going to live alone then she has to get her own things. Henry hurries her up as he has to get the van back to the depot. Henry grabs the bag and takes it outside to the van. Charlene realises he is pretty mad with her and Madge explains that he is going to really miss her and, close to tears, that she will too. Charlene hugs her and assures her that she will still be seeing a lot of her, and promises to come for lunch every Sunday. Henry peeps the horn and Charlene grabs the last of her stuff and says goodbye to her mum. Madge decides to let her have the hairdryer as she doesn't use it that much anyway. They hug again at the door.
Helen is seeing to the dinner. She isn't very happy with Jim for inviting Rob Lewis. Jim can sense that Helen is upset. But she is furious and even more so when he admits that he actually knew from the beginning about Paul submitting her painting to the McArthur Award Committee. Paul comes through the back door and into the kitchen wanting to talk to his Gran. He tries to dissuade her from buying him out of Home James. Jim asks her where she will get the money from. As Paul and Jim both think she is being ridiculous she decides to leave them to it and they can prepare the meal for Rob without her. Paul and Jim continue to discuss Helen and her low self esteem, which Paul has now made worse by criticising her work at the office. Jim remembers the dinner on the stove and panics about the meal asking Paul to stay and help reminding him that after all he was the one who upset Helen.
Charlene and Henry are moving her stuff into the caravan.
CHARLENE: "I'll fix it all up; put up some posters and things; make it reflect my personality".
HENRY (sarcastically): "That'll be charming".
Charlene doesn't like Henry being so moody with her and tells him she hasn't ever seen him like this in her whole life. To which he replies that she's never done anything so stupid in her whole life - not just stupid; selfish. Charlene doesn't see it like that, but it means a lot to her brother to have the whole family together especially as he is not long out of prison. She is doing what she feels right for her but Henry doesn't want to hear it and leaves the caravan.
Helen has gone to visit Madge. Madge thinks that Paul only had her best interests at heart regarding submitting her painting but Helen feels humiliated. Madge brings up Gerard Singer and how she hasn't been the same since all of that business. Helen feels she has nothing to look forward to anymore; Gerry, her hopes as a painter; and that all she has now is old age and loneliness. Madge asks if that is why she wants to get Home James back. She wants a direction in life; something to hold onto but she doesn't want to work with Paul as he doesn't respect her. Madge reiterates that Paul wouldn't have meant to upset her but he is just young and didn't think. Using Charlene as an example she tells Helen she just prays Charlene comes home soon. Henry overhears this.
Rob has arrived at the Robinsons and Jim hands out the beers. Paul asks for help with the dinner and Rob offers a hand too. Helen comes home but goes straight to bed claiming to have a headache.
Jane and Mike pay Charlene a visit at her new home. Mike apologises for coming across as a Smart Alec earlier at the coffee shop. She asks what they think of the place. Jane asks if she is sure she'll be ok there on her own. Mike recalls a film about weirdo's in the woods.
MIKE: "Four people went into the woods in a caravan and they ended up in a weirdo commune and all the weirdo's started killing them one by one. In the end the girl was trapped in the caravan all by herself".
Charlene assures them both that she will be fine. Mike and Jane leave and tell her they'll call in another time. Once out of the caravan Mike imitates a wolf howling.
Paul, Jim and Rob are relaxing in the living room after dinner. Rob is telling a funny story about his time in Vietnam. Paul, looking rather bored, suggests Rob and his father both write a book on their experiences. Rob stands up to leave and thanks Paul and Jim for the meal telling Paul he will make someone a very good husband one day, commenting at the same time on what a great girl Gail is. Jim sees Rob to the door.
Paul asks what they can do about Gran as he is very worried about what she plans to do. Jim doesn't believe she can raise the money for Home James and that she'll soon calm down and in the long run her common sense will win through.
Charlene takes a hot drink and a magazine to bed. We see a view of the caravan from outside. All is dark and scary music plays as we get the feeling that someone is prowling around outside. Charlene finishes off her drink, puts the magazine down and turns off the music and light. She is soon disturbed by noises from outside and the rattling on her door. She turns the light back on, sits up and asks who's there. There is no answer so she settles back down only to be disturbed again by loud banging on the door. She fumbles and can't get to the light switch. She keeps calling out:
CHARLENE: "Who's there"?
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Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0477
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0477
Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Mike Young

Charlene Mitchell, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0477
Charlene Mitchell, Rob Lewis

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Mr Udagawa in Neighbours Episode 0477
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Mr Udagawa

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0477
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0477
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0477
Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0477
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0477
Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis

Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0477
Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0477
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Rob Lewis

Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0477
Charlene Mitchell

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