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Neighbours Episode 0476 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0475 - 0477>>
Episode title: 0476
Australian airdate: 27/04/87
UK airdate: 02/09/88
UK Gold: 29/08/94
Summary/Images by: Flinkerbell
Scott sees Charlene at the garage and says he doesn't want to lose her so he is happy for her to keep seeing other guys, including Warren. But Charlene doesn't want to keep seeing other guys; she wants to just see Scott.
Pacific Bank
Sue Parker hands Des a personnel form and Des notices she is boarding. Sue explains she is staying with the Murphy's. She apologises for causing him, Daphne and Mike a lot of trouble.
Charlene is vacuuming a car.
HAROLD: "Is there anything in this establishment not covered in grease?"
Harold wants to talk to Charlene about her mother as Charlene has left her heart broken because she wants to leave home. Harold tells her he cares a great deal about her and Madge. Charlene assures him she loves her mum but can't handle living at home as she gets treated like a kid. He hopes she won't be too shy to go to him with her problems, as everyone needs a helping hand. Charlene confides in Harold telling him her only problem is Scott. They go on to discuss his and Madge's relationship and have a heart to heart. Charlene has to wipe the grease off his face after she hugs him.
Paul shows Madge around the caravan at Lassiters. She thinks it is rather dirty and smelly so Paul says he will arrange for the cleaners at Lassiters to clean it out.
MADGE: "Fresh air at last. It smells like the changing room of a gym in there".
Madge isn't too sure about Charlene staying there as it is so isolated but Paul says it will only cost $30 a week plus $10 for electricity and hotel amenities. They agree that they don't want to make it too comfortable for her; she won't want to be traipsing across to the hotel for a shower. Madge decides it would actually be best if the cleaners didn't come after all as it will give Charlene something to do.
Paul's Office
A smartly dressed man with a straw hat walks into the office asking Gail if she is at the end of the queue. He is an old friend of Paul's who has dropped in to say hello. Helen comes through and recognises Paul's friend Mark. She asks him about being a member of the McArthur Award Committee and invites him for dinner sometime. Once Helen has left the office, he and Paul go on to discuss the painting which Paul entered without her knowing which is due to be returned that afternoon. When Paul asks about his Gran's chances Gail becomes suspicious and asks what's going on.
Pacific bank
Henry passes a note to Sue who is working on the counter. It reads - This is a stick up. Startled, she looks up, and when she notices Henry she screws the note up, throws it in the bin and tells him off. So he passes her another note. It reads - How about lunch with me? They agree to meet at 12.30. Des comes through and Sue feels she has to apologise for chatting with Henry but he is fine with it.
Paul's Office
ane comes into the office telling Gail about the business administration course she has just enrolled on. She shows her all the books she has to buy claiming they aren't going to be cheap. Gail suggests asking Paul to help out as he will benefit from it. Jane doesn't want to ask so Gail says she will. Paul comes out of his office and sees Mark out. He asks Gail into his office and apologises for the night before.
PAUL: "I want to apologise for last night".
GAIL: "You're forgetting I was an air hostess; I'm used to having passes made at me".
Gail says to forget it and she was flattered. She then goes on to ask about what he is scheming with his friend Mark. She knows he is to do with the McArthur Award and also that Mrs Mangel had lent him something. Gail has put two and two together. Paul admits to submitting Helen's painting and Gail is concerned about what may happen if she doesn't win.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold are sitting down inside the coffee shop looking at the menu while Daphne tidy's behind the counter. Harold is moaning about Rob constantly peering over his shoulder and spying on him at the garage. Daphne, who has come to the table by now to take their order, tells Harold how Des and she have to plead with Rob for their monthly petrol bill. Harold assures her that from now on things will be more organised. Madge just hopes Rob will appreciate it. She asks how Charlene is getting on. At this point he offers Madge some money to help set Charlene up with a flat as he doesn't approve of her staying at the caravan.
HAROLD: "You mark my word. This is a novelty that will wear off very quickly".
MADGE: "That's the idea Harold, that's the idea".
Pacific Bank
Mrs Daniels has just been served by Sue and Mrs Mangel is next in line, but she doesn't want to be served by her. Des asks if there is a problem.
SUE: "You trouble making old....."
DES: "Sue, Sue, why don't you go to lunch, I'll handle this".
Mrs Mangel comments on his involvement with people with a questionable character after everything with Kelly Morgan, asking how he can allow a creature like that Parker girl to work there. She reminds him of all the trouble she has caused with the poison pen letters and threatens to complain to his head office. Helen overhears and suggests she doesn't go ahead and complain as her working history isn't spotless.
MRS MANGEL: "I have done everything I can to rectify that situation. I even gave Paul that pict...."
Luckily Helen didn't notice what Mrs Mangel was saying.
Coffee Shop
Harold and Madge have just started their lunch when Charlene walks in, in her overalls and orders two sandwiches to take away. She is on her way to check out some flats. Harold insists that she sits down as her mother has something to tell her. Madge hands over the caravan keys. Charlene is ecstatic and wants her mum and Harold to go straight over there; to give advice about new curtains and stuff. Harold takes their half eaten lunches into the kitchen for later.
Outside Lassiters
Helen and Mrs Mangel stop and chat. Helen asks if she got her banking sorted out then goes on to ask Nell what she meant when she said she gave Paul something. She tells her it was just a small personal item; hotel keys. When Helen questions her about this Mrs Mangel notices a man making a delivery and she tells him to take it round the back. When she hears the parcel is for Paul Robinson she tries to take it but Helen takes the man to the office.
Coffee Shop
Henry and Sue walk into the coffee shop. Daphne isn't being very welcoming but Henry tells her not to worry about other people. He hands her the menu telling her to order the most expensive thing on the menu as money is no object.... As long as it's under $5.
SUE: "I'm not very hungry. I'll just have coffee".
HENRY: "Then order the most expensive coffee".
Des comes in and goes into the kitchen to see Daphne.
HENRY: "At least pretend to be happy. I don't want to ruin my reputation for being a fun guy".
Daphne asks Des how Sue is getting on, presuming she would be getting on everyone's nerves. He tells her how Mrs Mangel treated her like scum and how she feels like she hasn't got a friend in the world. When Daphne doesn't seem to care, Des reminds her of Kelly and how there is good to be found in everyone. Des takes over making the salads while Daphne sees Sue, apologises for being too busy to talk earlier and asks how she is getting on at the bank. Sue perks up and orders a hot roast beef sandwich.
Paul's Office
Helen is trying to fathom out what the parcel could be. She is certain it is a framed painting but didn't recall Paul buying one for the office. Helen puts on her glasses and reads the label, realising it is from the McArthur Award Committee. Helen guesses what Paul has been up to and asks Jane to pass her the scissors.
Madge and Charlene are discussing the state Shane has left the caravan in.
MADGE: "What on earth is that smell?"
CHARLENE: "Dirty socks, sweaty T-shirts. Give them some time they'll walk out on their own".
Charlene likes the place and thinks it is cosy and just what she wanted. She starts to discuss what colour curtains she should have and how she is going to decorate the walls with posters. Madge doesn't seem too impressed by Charlene's excitement of it all.
Paul's Office
We see a shot of the Mrs Mangel portrait out of its packaging in the office. Paul walks in and happily starts telling Jane about typing up contracts for Mr Udugawa. He turns around and spots the unwrapped picture. He turns around again to see his Gran looking furious.
<<0475 - 0477>>
Sue Parker, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0476
Sue Parker, Des Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0476
Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0476
Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0476
Paul Robinson

Sue Parker, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0476
Sue Parker, Des Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0476
Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Nell Mangel, Des Clarke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0476
Nell Mangel, Des Clarke, Helen Daniels

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0476
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Charlene Mitchell

Nell Mangel, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0476
Nell Mangel, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0476
Helen Daniels, Jane Harris

Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0476
Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0476
Nell Mangel

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