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Neighbours Episode 0473 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0473
Australian airdate: 22/04/1987
UK airdate: 30/08/1988
UK Gold: 24/08/1994
Summary/Images by: Flinkerbell/Liquid Beauty
In the Coffee Shop, Warren Murphy is simply minding his own business having a drink in the coffee shop when Scott storms through the door with his skateboard in his hand and drags Warren out of his seat by his shirt sleeve. Warren pushes him off but Scott demands that he wants to talk to him and accuses Warren of stealing his girlfriend.
SCOTT: I'm warning you stay away from her.
After a few pushes and shoves, Daphne steps in asking the boys to go outside, but all Warren wants to do is finish his coffee. Daphne turns to Scott and Scott leaves the coffee shop mumbling under his breath.
Madge is preparing a lunch for Henry and his mystery new girlfriend, who he has met while out working at the ice-cream parlour. As Madge trots across from the kitchen to the dining table with a handful of cutlery, Charlene appears from the bedrooms. Madge starts to lay the table, then leaves Charlene to take over while she tosses the salad. Charlene is concerned that Henry isn't there yet and hopes he arrives soon as she will have to go back to work. It is her first day working for Rob Lewis' garage and Madge doesn't think she should have come home at all, but of course Lennie has only come home for lunch as she is desperate to meet Henry's new girl.
CHARLENE: I wouldn't have come home at all if Henry hadn't made such a big mystery about his new girlfriend.
MADGE: Oh Henry will make a drama about eating a bowl of cornflakes. He has always been the same.
At which point Henry walks through the front door asking who has? But never mind that, we want to know where this mystery girl is!! So, Henry, clasping his hands together, has to explain how she is waiting out on the green as she is a bit nervous. Charlene and Madge, not wanting to wait a moment longer, rush off to the front door only to be confronted by none other than..... Sue Parker!! Oh No!!
HENRY: Well I bet Sue's the last person you expected to see.
MADGE: You can say that again.
CHARLENE: I would have thought you would have had better taste.
Sue, looking a little awkward and still standing at the door, listens to Charlene laying into her about how no wonder she was too scared to come in and how could she have the nerve to turn up there. Sue suggests leaving but Henry, being the perfect gentleman, is determined that Sue is staying for lunch and if his sister doesn't like it she can leave. Even Madge steps in after Charlene informs Sue that she is not welcome in her house, and tries to reason with Charlene pointing out that Sue is Henry's friend. But Charlene won't listen to reason and brings up all the trouble that Sue caused last year.
CHARLENE: You must be desperate to want to go out with her.
Madge asks Charlene to help her in the kitchen with lunch but Charlene heads off in the other direction out the door. Sue apologises for causing any trouble.
MADGE: I'm afraid forgiving and forgetting is not this family's strongest suit.
Henry, with a very disappointed look on his face, seems upset when he realises his mum is also not happy about his choice of girlfriend. But, even so, Madge tells Henry to take Sue to the table while she dishes up. Henry's smile reappears as he reassures Sue that he knew it would be alright. Arm in arm they walk to the table to enjoy lunch with Madge leaving the front door open behind them.
Coffee Shop
Daphne is serving the only two people in the shop when Paul walks in with a cheery g'day. Reminding Paul that Easter Monday is a public holiday, Daphne suggests maybe he should have taken the day off. Quite rightly Paul comments on Daphne being at work too. Leaning closer to Paul over the counter, Daphne admits they are the only customers she has had all day. Paul feels this is a good reason to add a couple of pies onto his juice order so as not to let profits fall. Daphne questions Paul over Helen's welfare as she hasn't seen her since the disappointment over Chris Wilton, an overseas art critic, turning down her paintings. Paul, grabbing his pies and bottles of orange, crosses Charlene at the door as he leaves the coffee shop and raises his head with a G'day.
Stroppy Charlene can only reply; Yeah what's so good about it.
From this, Daphne presumes it is because things aren't going too well with Rob at the garage but of course its more to do with Henry's new girlfriend.
CHARLENE: You wouldn't believe who he's taking out... Sue Parker.
DAPHNE: Well perhaps she's changed. Henry's not stupid. If Sue's putting on an act he'll soon see through it
CHARLENE: Don't you believe it. You know what they say about love being blind? That goes double for the Mitchell's.
Daphne comes to the conclusion that what it's really about is Charlene's relationship with Scott. Lennie disagrees with this and claims that if Henry had any family loyalty, he wouldn't even speak to Sue Parker.
No. 26
Helen is admiring Scott's beautiful picture of Charlene as he sits at the table drawing. Within seconds it is screwed up into a ball and thrown across the room. Helen asks Scott if he and Charlene are still at odds over Warren Murphy. (No you don't say!). Scott snaps at his Gran, wanting to be spared the lecture as his dad has already taken care of that. Although Helen doesn't approve of his and Charlene's original plan to use Warren, she does now seem very sympathetic and tells Scott she is sorry to hear about the split with Charlene.
SCOTT: She won't even talk to me. I always thought we'd be together and one day we'd settle down, get married, have a few kids..
(You do! You do! Scott with his puppy dog eyes seems so down - I just wanna jump into the TV set and tell him it will all be ok in the end!)
Helen reminds Scott that they have had arguments before and it really can't be all that bad but Scott doesn't agree.
SCOTT: Not like this one Gran, this time it's really it.
Helen agrees with Scott that sometimes it's hard to stop caring but obviously she has her own reasons.
Coffee Shop
Charlene is sat at a table, staring down at her empty plate deep in thought. Daphne, Ramsay Street's very own agony aunt, goes over to see her and asks what it's all about. As Charlene proceeds to moan about Henry and Sue, Daphne stops her in her tracks.
DAPHNE: I think it's about Scott - that's what's really upset you, isn't it?
CHARLENE: I thought he really cared about me.
DAPHNE: He does, we all know that.
CHARLENE: No I mean REALLY loved me, not just kids stuff.
Madge and Harold had previously told Charlene how she was far too young to know what love was all about.
Daphne tells Charlene that she can't blame Scott for being jealous as she would be if Des got too friendly with another woman, no matter how innocent it was. Charlene expected that Daphne would tell her to sit down and discuss things with Scott like mature adults, the same way that Des and Daph would if it were them. (She obviously doesn't know Des and Daph very well).
The music sets in as Daphne remembers how young she was when she had her first big romance and how love has nothing to do with age - a break-up is just as painful at fifteen as it is at fifty. With a tearful smile, Charlene listens as Daphne tells her that Scott is only angry because he doesn't want to lose her, and she is all huffy and puffy with everyone for the same reason.
Charlene sobs; I just wish we'd never got back together - then I'd have gone to Brisbane like mum wanted me to and I wouldn't be feeling like this now.
No. 24
Henry, Sue and Madge are just finishing off their lunch as Madge looks down at her watch and notices the time, realising she is going to be late back to work if she doesn't get a move on. Sue and Henry offer to do the dishes, promising not to break anything, so Madge can get ready.
MADGE: You have just witnessed a miracle; my son offering to do the dishes, you should come to lunch more often.
Once Madge is out of earshot (unusual for characters to bother waiting!), Henry points out that his mum isn't such a dragon, to which Sue agrees that she's nice. Henry apologises again for Charlene being so rude. Sue makes Henry feel sorry for her by sadly confessing how Charlene isn't the only one in Ramsay Street who hates her guts and in fact Henry is the only one who doesn't. Henry feels awkward by this remark and tries to make Sue feel better by reminding her of what his mum had said about coming to lunch more often, and how she doesn't hate her. Henry tells Sue that his past hasn't been great but he doesn't let it get him down and she shouldn't too, when Sue starts to worry about the impact her reputation may have when she starts work for Des Clarke at the bank.
HENRY:(taking hold of Sue's hand): You know what, I think we should forget about the past and concentrate on now.
SUE: In that case I think we'd better do the washing up don't you.
Coffee Shop
Still sitting at the table with Daphne, Charlene, wiping her eyes, realises she has made a mess of things.
DAPHNE: There's no use moralising to you about it now. You've all come out of it with wounds to lick.
She doesn't know what she is going to do about it but knows that she has had it with Scott that's for sure.
CHARLENE: Maybe I should get serious with Warren. At least he cares about me.
DAPHNE: Well, good thinking Charlene - I'm sure Warren will be thrilled to know that he's second best again.
But Charlene doesn't know what else she is supposed to do as she knows whatever she does is going to get someone hurt. The way she is thinking at the moment she would rather that be Scott after the way he has been carrying. But as she is so angry at the moment, she is not thinking straight. She doesn't actually want to mess either of them around. Daphne very sensibly assures Charlene that there is no use going out with Warren if it is Scott who she really cares about.
DAPHNE: For everyone's sake you are going to have to do some honest - and I MEAN honest - heart searching. Who do you want - Scott or Warren?
No. 32
Mrs Mangel and Helen are hanging the delightful portrait of Nell up onto the wall in the hallway of no.32. Mrs Mangel, while admiring it, tells Helen how delighted she is to have it at last.
MRS MANGEL: No matter what anybody says, I still think you've done a remarkable job in capturing the... what was it you said?
HELEN: The fighting spirit of Australia.
Helen is glad Nell likes it but heads for the door as she really must be going home. Mrs Mangel manages to keep Helen there for longer by offering her a cup of tea. Just a quick one. Mrs Mangel invites Helen to make herself comfortable in the sitting room. Of course she has an ulterior motive for her kind hospitality. Mrs Mangel asks Helen if she will do a portrait of Jane as she has done such a good job with her portrait. By the look on Helen's face she doesn't seem at all keen on the idea. Mrs Mangel excitedly comments on how well it would do hanging on the wall above the television. Helen confesses to Mrs Mangel that she is not painting anymore, assuring her it has nothing to do with Mrs Wilton, but she is very busy and has no time for a hobby like painting. Helen comes across as very bitter and utters that she is sure the art world will survive the loss.
MRS MANGEL: In my opinion the Wilton woman wouldn't know her onions from her cabbages.
HELEN: She is highly qualified.
MRS MANGEL: Oh qualifications mean nothing these days - everybody has them. What you have is something much more important. You have the same quality you recognised in me; fighting spirit. Surely you're not going to let a little criticism get you down, especially coming from a foreigner.
Helen shakes her head with a smile. I think the answers still no though, Mrs M!
Coffee Shop
Daphne is busy sweeping the coffee shop floor as Madge walks in, asking if she has time to make her a quiche as she hates cooking after work. Madge asks Daphne how on earth she knew about Henry and Sue Parker. After being told that Charlene had dropped into the coffee shop for lunch today Madge becomes cross (and there I was thinking it was because Madge had already made her a packed lunch that morning before knowing that Charlene wanted to come home to lunch!) and tells Daphne that Charlene will be having a surprise of her own after work; a lecture on manners. Daphne, knowing how upset Charlene is at the moment about Scott, doesn't want Madge to be too hard on her. Madge looks slightly confused when Daphne reveals that Charlene is not very proud of herself. Of course Madge still doesn't know the whole story regarding Scott and Warren. Daphne looks a little worried as she presumed Madge already knew. Madge becomes very upset, questioning her rights as Charlene's mother when Daphne refuses to tell all.
MADGE: It seems to me that my daughter will blab at a drop of a hat to anyone that's prepared to listen, and if I want to know something I've got to drag it out of her.
Taking hold of her handbag, Madge leaves the coffee shop passing Scott on his way in. When Madge confronts Scott about all that has gone on with Warren, Scott proceeds to tell Madge that if she and Harold hadn't tried to break up him and Charlene in the first place, then none of this would have happened. (Hear, hear!). Madge doesn't deny this but is still intrigued as to what exactly happened. But like Daphne, Scott also isn't going to spill the beans
No. 26
Madge calls round at the Robinson house on her way home with her quiche while Helen is preparing her family's dinner in the kitchen. Popping her head around the corner Madge, queries whether Scott is at home. He isn't - he is at the gym with Jim. With a sigh, Madge takes a seat up at Helen's work surface. Helen can tell something is up. Helen looks slightly sheepish when Madge is concerned that no one is telling her what's going on regarding the business with Warren Murphy. Helen keeps her head down when asked by Madge, who has now come to the conclusion that she knows something but isn't saying. Madge is worried sick and Helen can see this, so finally she agrees to fill her in. Walking away from the dinner she is preparing, Helen agrees it is about time Madge knew.
Mrs Mangel now has Paul standing in her hallway admiring her portrait. Mrs Mangel thinks the painting is splendid and asks Paul if he agrees to which he responds that yes it certainly is. Mrs Mangel remarks on the shame it is that Mrs Daniels has decided to give up painting. In fact, this is the reason Paul has gone over to no.32 to pay Nell a visit. He needs a favour from her to get his Gran's confidence back. Paul asks if he can borrow back the painting, just for a little while, but he doesn't want to discuss the details; all he needs is the painting.
PAUL: Mrs Mangel, if things work out the way that I'm hoping then the value of that painting is likely to increase quite considerably.
MRS MANGEL: Oh... well, of course, anything to see your Grandmother happy again.
A knowing Paul just smiles and agrees.
No. 24
Henry is having a go at Charlene because of the way his sister got stuck into Sue earlier. Charlene is not at all sorry and even says she is lucky she didn't thump her. Henry wants Charlene to believe that Sue is trying to change, but Lennie isn't going to fall for it; she wishes her brother thought the same.
HENRY: I've got news for you Lennie; I've got no intention of dumping her. I like her.
CHARLENE: You always did have rocks in your head. She is just using you to cause trouble for me.
Madge walks in (the quiche finally made it home) and states that Charlene is a fine one to talk about using people after what she and Scott did to Warren. Charlene jumps to the conclusion that her Mum has been talking to Daphne. Before Madge has the chance to tell her otherwise she storms out of the back door in a rage to go and have it out with Daph. In a flap, Madge tells Henry it was Helen, not Daphne, and also heads for the door to stop Charlene, but Henry tells his Mum to leave it as Daph will set her straight.
MADGE: Oh yes, yes of course, Daphne will solve everything won't she? I'm the one who has to come home every night to a battlefield. I mean night after night Charlene throws tantrums making life difficult for everybody else. Will you pass me the carving knife please, Henry.
Sticking up for his kid sister, Henry suggests maybe she acts like that because everyone makes life so difficult for her.
HENRY: She is my little sister, that counts for a lot with me. Ahhh!!!
No. 28
Charlene has already started ripping into Daphne about her blabbing to her mum. Daphne grabs Charlene by the arm quite forcefully and pulls her towards her. She tells her that although she did see Madge today, she didn't tell her anything and that someone else must have. Charlene is genuinely apologetic.
CHARLENE: Foot in mouth disease that's my trouble.
Charlene is feeling sorry for herself, and asks Daph why she bothers with her. Daphne thinks she is worth it and as she cares about her so much she gives her a friendly but firm lecture.
DAPHNE: You've got to know what you want and set yourself goals to achieve it
CHARLENE: I used to know exactly what I wanted.
DAPHNE: To be a motor mechanic and to keep going out with Scott, right? If you want to get your life back into some sort of order then it's up to you to make the effort.
No. 24
Charlene's piece of quiche is left in the fridge, just in case she wants it when she returns, but Madge, sounding bitter, reckons Daphne has probably made her dinner. Madge realises that she should have let fate run its course with Scott. Charlene walks back in and apologises to her Mum.
CHARLENE: It's just that I've had a bit of trouble growing up and being responsible for myself, but I think I can handle that now.
MADGE: Good, glad to hear it.
But I don't think Madge is too glad to hear what Charlene has to say next.
CHARLENE: That's why I have decided it would be best for everyone all round if I left. I wanna move out of home, find somewhere else to live.
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Sue Parker, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0473
Sue Parker, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0473
Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Daphne Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0473
Daphne Clarke, Paul Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0473
Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke

Henry Mitchell, Sue Parker in Neighbours Episode 0473
Henry Mitchell, Sue Parker

Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0473
Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke

Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0473
Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel

Madge Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0473
Madge Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0473
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Nell Mangel, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0473
Nell Mangel, Paul Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0473
Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell

Daphne Clarke, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0473
Daphne Clarke, Charlene Mitchell

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0473
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Warren Murphy, Daphne Clarke, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0473
Warren Murphy, Daphne Clarke, Scott Robinson

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