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Neighbours Episode 0445 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0444 - 0446>>
Episode title: 0445 (Harold Bishop proposes to Madge Mitchell)
Australian airdate: 13/03/87
UK airdate: 21/07/88
UK Gold: 15/07/94
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Barney/Graham
At the gym, where Des was in despair
Des has recovered himself slightly and is peddling away as Jim comes in and does a double-take. He recovers himself and asks if Des had done his warm-up. Des has no idea what Jim is talking about and tries to explain it away by saying it depends on one's level of fitness. Jim tries to explain, but StubbornDes talks him down, at which Jim shrugs and turns away to do his own workout.
Helen is in the outer office when Gail comes in, asking if Paul is there. Paul is, and Helen ushers her through to the inner office where Paul is on the phone. It appears that Mrs Mangel has phoned Paul to report that Jim and Des are at the gym. Paul assures her that it's fine - he knows his dad is there.
PAUL (to Gail): If it's about he job, it hasn't been decided yet.
GAIL: Job? Oh! That job! No. I've come to invite you to lunch.
Gail says that as she is paying, it'll be the Coffee Shop. They arrange to meet at 1pm and she leaves to do some shopping.
Helen wants Gail for the job. She thinks she is perfect, but Paul is not so sure.
PAUL: The more I think about it, the more I realise how she was as my boss at the airline. Tough. That's the word. Tough.
HELEN: Oh, Paul, she isn't tough! She's obviously very efficient. She's a lovely girl. You can't tell me you don't enjoy her company ...
PAUL: Yes, Gail's company is fine - out of the office.
HELEN: Really, Paul! There are times when I could thump you!
No 32 where Harold has been waiting for Madge:
Madge arrives, apologising for being late. He asks her about her work and fetches his jacket. She walks across to the mantelpiece and as she answers that it wasn't a bad morning, runs her finger along it to check for dust.
MADGE: A very clean house, isn't it!
HAROLD: That's Mrs Mangel for you. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Madge asks if this isn't all rather antiseptic and this makes Harold realise that he hasn't had any problems with his allergies since he has lived there, and he must tell Mrs Mangel.
Madge wants to know where they are going. Harold explains that he is looking for as suitable property for his new business. This excites Madge as it's a sign that Harold is going to stay in Erinsborough. The business? A health food shop and he is depending on Madge, whose judgement he trusts, to help him to choose the right place.
Gym - Where Des is still cycling and Jim is using dumbbells.
Jim puts down his dumbbells (has no-one ever told him to bend zee knees, not ze back?) and crosses to Des, suggesting that they might swap activities. (What he means is, hey, Des, I want the cycle now!). Des agrees and Jim gets on the cycle, while Des ignores the dumbbells and sits on a rowing machine with arm pistons. He finds this is hard, and glances round at Jim, who is tightening the controls on the bike.
Coffee Shop, where Mike is setting a table.
Gail and Paul arrive and Mike seats them at the table he's just set. Daphne comes across to speak to them and Paul suggests that if she is joining them, she should 'order big', as Gail is paying. Daphne, having established that Gail is an old friend of Paul's has no hesitation in berating him for allowing Des to use the gym. He should know what Des is like... She continues that if he does his back in again, she will be holding Paul responsible. She moves away and Paul explains the feud to Gail.
Des comes in and Paul introduces him to Gail. Daphne then calls Des to have a private word with him in 'her office' - I.e. the kitchen, where she proceeds to berate him. He could hurt his back, he could damage his heart... and of course, he didn't think to have a full medical before embarking on this training? Jim is much fitter than he is, so why can't he just admit it?
DES: Just whose side are you on?
DAPHNE: I'm on your side and you know it! I don't care that Jim's a better athlete than you. I love you just the way you are, and all in one piece.
DES: It's something I have to do, Daff.
DAPHNE: Just promise me you'll do it properly! First, a proper medical, then, if Clive says it's ok, then a proper training schedule, that you won't leave me a widow...
DES: Yeah, I suppose...
DAPHNE: You know I'm right. Now promise me!
DES: (mumbles) I promise.
DAPHNE: Now kiss me and get outa here.
They kiss. She hugs him. He yells.
DAPHNE: There! I knew it!
Des backs sheepishly out of the door.
Lassiter's, where Helen is alone in the outer office
Rob Lewis comes in and Helen thinks he has come to see her about the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. He isn't. He wants to talk to her about Gail. Has she applied for the job? Has she got it? Helen tells him that no decision has been made yet and Rob wants to know why not. Helen, feeling cornered, says Paul and Gail are having lunch at the Coffee Shop. Rob wants to know why? First dinner, now lunch? Does Paul conduct all his interviews in this way? Helen replies with emphasis, only with old friens from the airline business.
Coffee Shop, where Paul and Gail are lunching.
Paul tells Gail that he feels he can open up to her, as they have both made disastrous marriages. Gail replies, with definitive hand gestures, that no way will she ever marry again. Paul replies, "Me neither!"
PAUL: Who was it said, "Unlucky in love, lucky in business?
GAIL: Paul Robinson?
PAUL: That's true.
They get up to leave and Paul asks Mike to chalk it up to his account, bringing forth protest from Gail. Paul says that she can't pay, as it could be misconstrued as a bribe.
PAUL: On the other hand, if you do get the job, I just might have it deducted from your first week's pay.
GAIL: I wasn't going to mention the job.
PAUL: You didn't. I did.
Enter Rob
ROB: I take it that congratulations are in order.
PAUL: What for?
GAIL: DAD! Paul hasn't decided yet.
ROB: Why not?
Exit Paul, telling Gail to call in at the office later about the job.
Rob shouts at Daphne and Mike for service. He wants a cup of coffee. Gail asks him if he ever says please, so he yells, "Please". Gail is cross with him because she thinks he has cost her the job, but UnrepentantRob says she can get a better one where she will be appreciated.
ROB: (yelling) Oi! A piece of apple pie as well! (sees Gail about to protest) Thanks!
Scene outside an empty shop.
Madge and Harold exit the shop via a side door and stop at the front to discuss it. Madge is hedging about making a decision, wondering why Harold considers it so important that she is involved. Harold is determined to hear what she thinks and insists. She puts forward several very good reasons why this property would not be suitable, and he is pleased. It's just what he thought. They consult their list and head off for the next property.
Lassiter's, where Paul is on the phone to Rosemary
The deal has gone through and Rosemary - I.e. the Daniels Corporation - now owns Lassiter's. As Gail comes in, he asks about Lucy and then hangs up. Gail asks if he is to run the show, and he says, yes, until something bigger comes up. She gets up to leave as he is busy, saying that she only came to apologise for Rob's behaviour. Paul offers her the job.
GAIL: (doubtfully) Really? Not just because we are friends?
PAUL: No. In spite of that, really. You are the best person for the job. Please take it. We'll do good things together.
GAIL: (still looking at him in disbelief) What can I say? Thanks, Paul.
Coffee Shop where Daphne is serving coffee to Paul
Helen comes in, commenting that there's no-one looking after the office. Paul has asked Jane to notify all staff to be in the Conference Room at 4 pm. (All the staff???) so that he can tell them that the Daniels Corporation is now the new owner of Lassiter's.
Harold and Madge come in. The have seen the property they want, on the other side of the Lassiter's complex. Paul tells Madge that he wants her to be at the meeting at 4 pm. She starts to protest, but he cuts in that he knows it is her day off, but it is important that she is there. (That's odd, actually, as she was working that morning!)
Paul takes Harold to discuss the property and Madge joins Helen, saying she hopes the meeting doesn't mean bad news. Helen reassures her, then they discuss Harold. Helen says that he seems to be serious about Madge, and it was a mistake when she married Fred Mitchell. Madge agrees, fervently, but says that at the moment, all Harold is looking for is a shop. Helen gives her 'that look' over her coffee cup, then says, "We'll see."
Coffee Shop - a little later.
Mike is clearing tables. Enter Des. Daphne asks how he feels and he says he's great, great. He tells her that he will be late home as he is going back to the gym for another workout.
DAPHNE: I don't believe this! You're limping, you can hardly stand up straight, and you're going back for more?
DES: Who's limping? Who's limping, huh?
MIKE: Touch your toes, then, Des.
Des tells him to get on with clearing the tables, and Daphne makes him sit down with her. He says he saw Clive and he's fine. Daphne is not impressed with this as she also saw Clive, and he told her that he warned Des not to overdo it. Des assures her that he will be gentle and Daphne gives in.
Enter Jim, who asks how Des's back is, as he thought he might be a bit stiff. Des says he is going back to the gym.
JIM: Is that wise? Don't you think you're overdoing it a bit?
DES: (produces his stock answer to this) I suppose that depends on how fit you are, and your age.
He leaves. Daphne asks Jim to make sure that Des is doing the right exercises, but Jim and Mike say that is not a good idea. Daphne retorts that if Des gets injured, there are certain people who will get a lot of the blame. ResignedJim goes to tell Helen that he won't be giving her a lift home.
MIKE: I don't think he's gonna listen to him, somehow
DAPHNE: In that case, I'm gonna get down there and make sure he does.
Helen tells Jim that Daphne is right about Des, and that she (Helen) will walk home. It will do her good. Paul comes in and Jim congratulates him on the takeover. Paul says that this is just the beginning. Helen wants to know about Gail and the job, and Paul winds her up before telling her that he has already hired Gail.
The Gym, where Des is in trouble
Des has tried to lift a weight bar and hasn't been able to reseat it on the bar. Mike comes in and helps him, then tells him that he should read the instructions (which are on the wall) before using the equipment. He persuades Des to join him in a slow warm-up and Jim comes in. Des is surprised, as Jim told him he doesn't usually work out twice a day. He joins them in the warm up, grimacing as he does the stretches. Des reminds him that they have a running date for the next day.
No 24, where Madge is rolling pastry and Harold is doing calculations.
They are discussing he new shop. Paul has agreed a reduced rental because they have said they will do the renovations themselves. Madge says they will all muck in and help, to which Harold replies that he's glad, because he wants it to be a family affair - "Our family." Madge moves away, but Harold stops her.
HAROLD: There's something I want to say to you. I said it years ago, but perhaps it'll be second time lucky, eh? Ummm, I want you to marry me, Madge.
<<0444 - 0446>>
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0445
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0445
Gail Lewis

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0445
Madge Mitchell

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0445
Harold Bishop

Des Clarke, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0445
Des Clarke, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0445
Mike Young, Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke

Paul Robinson, Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0445
Paul Robinson, Gail Lewis

Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0445
Rob Lewis

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0445
Helen Daniels

Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0445
Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson, Rob Lewis

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0445
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0445
Gail Lewis

Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0445
Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0445
Des Clarke

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0445
Madge Mitchell

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