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Neighbours Episode 0444 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0444
Australian airdate: 12/03/1987
UK airdate: 20/07/1988
UK Gold: 14/07/1994
Writer: Cherideth Mok
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Barney/Graham
No 28, where the duel continues
Daphne sees Helen to the door, apologising again for Des's behaviour.
DAPHNE: I've never seen him so childish.
HELEN: That goes double for Jim. I've never seen him so bad.
DAPHNE: Imagine what they're going to be like when they grow up!
HELEN: The mind boggles.
She leaves.
Meanwhile, Jim suggests that they play a more adult game and suggests poker. Des agrees, and Fed-UpDaphne resignedly tells them to put the lights out when they have finished, and as Des leans over to caress her, moves away. As she heads for bed, there is more needling between Jim and Des.
Later at no 28
Off camera, Daphne does her lung exercises before bed ... uh, no, she is yelling at Des to come to bed. Des replies that he needs just ten more minutes, but Jim suggests that maybe he should leave. DesperateDes, who has lost all but a few of his chip-matches replies that he wants to win them back first.
As Jim wins the game, Mike comes in and after reminding Des that the object of the game is to win, he is encouraged to join the game. He protests that he has an early start, but agrees to one game. Des hunts out the lucky sixpence, given to him by Clive when Daphne first found out she was pregnant. It doesn't help. He thinks he has won when Jim shows a poor hand, but Mike has a straight flush, aces high. Des decides it's time to stop, and Jim agrees. Mike heads for bed.
No 24, where Madge and Harold are canoodling on the sofa...
Harold asks Madge if she would like an outing after work the next day, and Madge likes the idea. She wants to know where they are going, but Harold says it's a secret. As they kiss, Charlene comes in. They jump apart and Madge, jumping up and straightening her clothes (not sure why - it was only a kiss!) ticks her off for being out so late. She needs her beauty sleep to present herself well when job-hunting.
Harold picks up his jacket as Charlene takes herself off in a huff, saying that she can't do anything right tonight. Harold tells Madge that Mrs Mangel is probably asleep and he will have to let himself in quietly. Madge is still resentful that Mrs M shopped Henry to the police, but Harold says that the Neighbourhood Watch is very important to Mrs M. Madge retorts that it is only important to her as it gives her an excuse to spy on people.
Madge says she doesn't know how he can cope with "that woman", but Harold explains that it means he can be close to her, and kisses his fingers, planting the kiss on Madge's lips before leaving.
No 32, where Nell is in a tizzy
Mrs Mangel, in a sensible, warm red dressing gown, is telling Jane off for being so late home. Harold comes in on this conversation and quietly asks if he has broken the curfew. Mrs M tells him she doesn't know what he finds to do at Madge's house to keep him so late, that he should consider his reputation. People will talk, and it doesn't set a good example to Jane. Unimpressed, Harold replies quietly that he isn't responsible for Jane, and goes off to bed.
Jane realises that her grandmother is going to be treating her as a child when she is Harold's age. Well, as Harold doesn't accept it, neither does she. She bids her dumbstruck grandmother goodnight and goes to bed.
No 28, where the poker game has gone on without Mike
Jim says he has won about $10,000 from Des. Des refuses to give in, and hunts through the kitchen drawers for more matches. Enter IrateDaff, making noise about the time. Des says he just wants to win - Jim has won almost every round.
DAPHNE: And it hasn't occurred to you that Jim is the better player?
Jim decides it really is time to leave. Des tells Daphne that it is all her fault. Indignantly, she asks why, and Des tells her that if she had only taken the game more seriously, they wouldn't have lost... Daphne tells him he is being ridiculous and ends it with, "Now come to bed."
Des slumps into Jim's chair at the table with his back to Daphne, and fiddles with the cards.
DES: (mumbles) Too wound up to sleep.
DAPHNE: Fine! Just sit there and sulk! Just remember that you've only got yourself to blame.
She heads back to bed.
Morning in Ramsay Street, where Des is dressed for jogging
Jim sees him.
JIM: I've seen you looking better. Daphne still mad?
DES: I'm not that brave. I didn't hang around to find out.
They decide to jog together.
No 28, where Daphne is in a Real Rage
Daphne is slamming pots and pans around the kitchen when Mike appears. Daphne sounds off about Des while Mike lends a sympathetic ear.
MIKE: Lucky Bouncer doesn't have a dog house, or Des'd be sleeping in it.
DAPHNE: Then maybe you'd better get one!
The Oval, where cars can be seen whizzing past behind the trees.
Des and Jim have been jogging, and Des is suffering. Jim tries to offer advice, but Des is resentful. Jim picks up speed and moves away, leaving Des to chase after him. Jim stops to towel off and Des joins him, suffering even more. When Jim is 'sympathetic', he suggests they do another lap. Jim ignores this and Des suggests that they should run together the next day.
No 30, where Harold is sitting on the sofa, reading the paper and sipping Orange Juice.
Mrs Mangel takes down the landscape picture that hangs there and then asks Harold if he thinks that wall is the focal point of the room. A vague Harold replies that it needs something on the wall to cover the faded patch. Mrs M bridles, then tells Harold about the portrait. She says that Helen had a marvellous face for a portrait, and even though she says it herself, she does have excellent bone structure. She goes on to say that Helen had virtually insisted on doing the painting.
Harold is not really listening. Enter a flustered Jane, clutching her bag and a piece of toast. Nell tells her that it was agreed that breakfast should be taken in the kitchen, to which Jane retorts that Mr Bishop has his OJ here.
MRS M: But Mr Bishop is a lodger!
Jane has lost her watch, and hands her toast to Mrs M while she searches behind the cushions. Harold finds the watch for her and she heads off towards the front door, which precipitates a lecture from her grandmother about the perils of not eating a proper breakfast. Promising to eat a proper breakfast next day, but she has overslept, Jane escapes as Mrs M begins to lecture on her late night.
Garden of No 28, where Daphne is armed with a hosepipe
Des is asking Mike for tactics to help him to beat Jim. Daphne half-hears the conversation and tells him off, thinking he is still on about the poker game. Mike helps Des out as Des tries to explain they are only talking about getting fit. Daphne is still not pleased, and Des says any rivalry will be in a neighbourly spirit, but she is still sceptical, and warns Des that dire consequences will follow. She throws down the hose and walks away.
No 26, where Scott is digging a huge hole...
Scott asks Helen why she is doing the portrait of Mrs Mangel. She explains and he suggests that perhaps she could use it in the exhibition. Helen is doubtful that it can be done in time.
Jim tells Scott about the jog with Des, and Scott tells him it was good that he won against a much younger man... Jim is indignant, and in trying to put it right, Scott makes it worse. Jim turns away.
JIM: I'll go and dig my grave tomorrow, but now I need to get to work."
Scott is deflated and Helen explains that Des has already rubbed Jim's nose in the age thing. Scott wants to apologise, but Helen tells him to leave it.
Ramsay Street, where Jim is about to leave for work and ther'es a blip in continuity..
Jim is at his car. Helen comes out and says she is going to see Nell about starting the portrait. Meanwhile, Des is also about to leave. He comes across to suggest they jog the next morning (I thought they'd already arranged this !^^^)
Jim says that he usually goes to the gym on Friday mornings, but is willing to change it for once. Des asks about the gym - the one behind the pub at Lassiters. They arrange to met at 6.30 am to jog, and Kim leaves. Mike comes out and Des asks him for tips about the gym, as he plans to go there at lunchtime.
No 30, where Nell is still preening against the blank wall
Helen comments that Mrs M is doing her spring cleaning already? The she asks if Nell can sit for her at the weekend. Nell says she thought the work wouldn't begin till after the exhibition, and Helen explains why she wants to begin. She says there's no guarantee that it will be ready for the exhibition.
Nell hedges, pondering aloud about its value to the show. Helen says that it would be useful for her public to see another side of her work, but Nell says she doesn't think she can manage that weekend.
Helen says she realises how valuable Nell's time is, and she'll try and find another sitter for the exhibition portrait. Nell, in disarray, says that she is sure she will be able to find some time. Helen leaves and Nell once more poses against the blank wall above the fireplace.
Coffee Shop
Mike is taking Helen's order. Daphne comes round the counter to apologise to Helen yet again for Des's behaviour. Helen tells Daphne about the race while AnxiousMike tries to make light of it. Enter Des, carrying a sports bag on his shoulder. SuspiciousDaff quizzes him about it and he replies sheepishly that it's a sports bag.
DAPHNE:(derivisely) When did you get interested in sport? Your idea of exercise used to be switching off the television!
She guesses that it is to do with Jim, and Des casts a telling look at Mike, who denies telling Daphne - that she already knew. HassledDes makes excuses about the time and leaves.
DAPHNE: (calling after him) Run as fast as you like, Des, but you're not gonna outrun me if this gets out of hand! I'm warning you!
HELEN: (suddenly giggles) I've just had this vision. Des, wearing a headband, doing aerobics to disco music!
Even Daphne laughs.
The Gym, where three blokes are working out, one with weights
Des comes in, looking very unsure. He glances round and settles for the exercise bike, throwing his towel over the wall bars, then picking it up from where it falls on the floor. He sits on the bike, but the peddles don't turn. Fiddling with a control, he sets it at what looks like an easy gear, and peddles for a minute or so.
The three blokes leave. Des gets off the bike and wanders over to the weights, peering at one end of them before lowering himself under the bar. He tries to pick up the bar and fails - three times. The third time, he hurts a muscle and gets up, rubbing his buttock. He limps back to the exercise bicycle, sits on it, rests his arms on the bars and puts his head down in despair.
<<0443 - 0445>>
Jim Robinson, Mike Young, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0444
Jim Robinson, Mike Young, Des Clarke

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0444
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0444
Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0444
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0444
Harold Bishop

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0444
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Jim Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0444
Jim Robinson, Des Clarke

Mike Young, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0444
Mike Young, Daphne Clarke

Des Clarke, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0444
Des Clarke, Jim Robinson

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0444
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop

Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0444
Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Des Clarke

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0444
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0444
Jim Robinson, Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0444
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0444
Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel

Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0444
Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0444
Des Clarke

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0444
Des Clarke

<<0443 - 0445>>
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