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Neighbours Episode 0427 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0427
Australian airdate: 17/02/87
UK airdate: 27/06/88
UK Gold: 21/06/1994
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Des is explaining to Daphne his involvement with Loraine. Daphne wants someone else to look after Loraine's affairs at the bank. As they continue to argue Des storms to the door telling Daphne that she is about to throw away the best thing in her life. Daphne stands up and slips on a fried egg which had earlier been dropped on the floor. She falls to the floor clutching her baby bump. Des cries her name as she falls. On reaching her, he cries, "Oh hell, the baby!
Des wants to know where Daphne is hurt; she tells him that it was not just her ego that was bruised. She then tells the baby not to worry it wasn't an earthquake that mummy just went for a sixer. Des piles cushions behind Daphne's head and suggests that he goes and gets Clive. Daphne tells him to stop panicking but that it probably would be a good idea... She tries to rise to get to a chair but Des pushes her back on the floor, kissing her gently on the cheek and tells her everything will be all right if they just stay calm. He rushes out of the house in an obvious state of panic.
Robinson House
Lucy is reading her letter from Bradley to Rosemary, in the letter Bradley asks Lucy to send her some stamps. Lucy wonders if Bradley only wrote to her so that she would send him some stamps. Rosemary however feels that it is a genuine love letter. Lucy wants to know if Mr Singer ever wrote her love letters, Rosemary tells her he did once. Then Lucy asks Jim if he would bring her home some stamps from the office especially overseas ones. Lucy gets all philosophical and tells them that she read a book once about the way to a main's heart is through his stomach but with Bradley is through his stamp album. Rosemary wishes that is always that simple.
Helen reminds Lucy that she has a dental appointment; Lucy says that no one had told her. Helen tells her that she didn't tell her as didn't want her to come down with a mystery illness like last time. They all discuss who is going to take Lucy to the dentist, Scott says that he could put off going to see the headmaster about re-sitting his exams but Jim doesn't feel that this is a good idea. After further discussion it is finally decided that Rosemary could do it then book her airline ticket back to the States. Lucy asks her if when she gets back she could send her some stamps so she could send them to Bradley. Rosemary says she will and that one stamp has the statue of liberty on it. Lucy thinks for a moment and comments that it must be like the stamp on the letters Helen gets from the States.
Rosemary didn't think Laura was the writing type, Lucy tells her that the letters aren't from Laura but from a friend with scribbly writing. Rosemary teases Helen about having a secret admirer; Helen looks decidedly uncomfortable and mutters that they were just from a friend she met while in the States.
Clarke House
Des is staring anxiously out of the window as Clive comes into the living room having examined Daphne and announces that she and the baby will be fine, all she can expect is a lovely bruise on her....! However, he thinks Des could do with something to calm him down, but Des dismisses it and says he is fine. Daphne comes into the room and Clive tells her that she was lucky this time, Daphne interrupts and says that she knows and apologises for giving them such a scare - it won't happen again.
Des tells them forcefully that it won't happen again as he isn't going to let Daphne out of his sight from now on. Clive says that is all very well but how does he propose to do it seeing as he is living across the road. Des announces that he is moving back in and he has lost a house mate. Clive grins and says that being the case they can wave the customary fee for his services his moving in enough...he then corrects himself and adds your happiness is enough.
Daphne starts to argue but Des tells her that there will be no arguments from the peanut gallery and that goes for junior as well. Daphne looks lovingly at Des and admits defeat. Des hugs her and tells her lovingly that she is a silly woman and he has been worried sick about her. They start to make up as Clive makes a discreet exit. Des tells Daphne that from now on he isn't going to let her out of his sight, Daphne feels that is going a bit overboard. Des mutters that she is arguing again as they start kissing each other.
Ramsay Street
As Clive comes out of the Clarke House he bumps into Eileen who enquiries if there is anything wrong. Clive tells her that Daphne has had a slight fall but nothing to worry about.
Eileen starts going on about how she can't believe the way Des is acting and he is just like his father and that she was just going to go and offer support to Daphne. Clive steers her away from the house and tells her that it won't be necessary the war is over. Eileen bursts into tears; Clive is taken aback and says that he thought she would be happy. Eileen tells him she is, he just doesn't understand how hard it is being a mother and continues to sob into her hankie.
Clarke House
Daphne is lying on the couch while Des gives her a massage, Daphne is fiddling with her rings. Des tells her no work today. Daphne wants to know how he knew she was thinking about that. Des tells her it is simple she is always worried about remembering to put her rings back on after the washing up. Seeing as there is no washing up to do here, she must be thinking about work. Daphne insists that she shouldn't leave Mike on his own again and he has a bank to run.
Des says that they need to talk first but Daphne seems a bit reluctant to do so. Des thinks it is no good putting it off, he is a mind reader after all. Daphne says that she wishes she could have read his mind it would have saved her steaming open his mail. She is sorry about Lorraine. Des says that he should have told her the whole story instead of being so pig-headed about the whole thing. Daphne comments that bank affairs are completely confidential. Des suggests a compromise once Lorraine's affairs are straight he will hand them over to someone else to deal with.
Daphne coyly tells him that Lorraine did come on pretty strong in the letter. Des strokes the hair from her face and tells her that she is the only one he cares about and they kiss. Daphne thinks that there is one good thing to come out of it. They won't have to rack their brains thinking up bed-time stories. Des thinks they better be careful they don't want to give "him" nightmares. Daphne says "her" they toss back and forwards him...her...her...him and finally decide on twins one of each. Des takes Daphne in his arms and kisses her passionately.
Coffee Shop
Mike is asking Scott when he is off to see the headmaster Mr Muir about retaking the year. Scott tells him at 12.30 but he has to see the career advisor first which will take hours. Scott reminds Mike of how they gave the year below such a hard time, he is worried what they will do to him as when he goes back they will all be in his class. Mike suggests he tells Mr Muir his concerns, but Scott doesn't think he is very popular with him. What with the trouble over Sue Parker and then he got him with a flour bomb on the last day of school. If he hadn't promised his dad he would go back there is no way he would be going to school.
Mike teases him and asks what would he be doing writing more sensational articles for the local paper. Scott smirks and says, "Rub it in why don't you!" Mike tells him that he almost lost a few mates over that one including him. Scott thinks Mike will make plenty of new mates when he goes to Uni, Mike thinks he shouldn't worry about it was he will be at Uni the next year. Besides he will still be living in Ramsay Street so they can still muck around together.
Eileen comes in and sees Scott and asks if he has paid for his coffee. Mike tells her that it is alright but Eileen insists that if he is up to writing smutty journalism then he is up to walking out without paying. Scott asks Eileen to give it a rest, but Eileen wants to know if he is after more scandal for his next article. Scott assures her that there won't be another article. Eileen is glad to hear it and tells him that if he should ever think about writing an article about her she would not hesitate to sue his father for every cent he has.
Mike tells Eileen that Scott won't have much time to write stories this year as he is going back to school. Eileen doesn't feel it did him much good last year. Scott says that he is really sorry about Des and Daphne. Eileen tells them that that particular problem seems to have taken care of it's self according to Clive, although she won't believe it until she sees it with her own eyes. Mike and Scott are really pleased; Eileen thinks that maybe she should ring them to make sure. Mike doesn't think it is a good idea and to get her off the subject by asking her if she could help him prepare the seafood salad. As Daphne had put it on the menu and he doesn't know how to make it and guides her towards the kitchen as she agrees.
Robinson House
Rosemary comes into the house with Lucy saying that she thinks that she should really have taken Lucy straight back to school. Lucy complains that her mouth hurts and that Jim had promised to come back at lunchtime to see how she was. Rosemary says that she can stay until lunchtime but she is going back to school in the afternoon. Lucy is not to forget that there is nothing to eat until her fillings set. Lucy suggests that ice cream would be good as it is soft. Rosemary thinks it is probably the ice cream which gave her the fillings in the first place.
Rosemary suggests that Lucy does some schoolwork while she prepares Jim's lunch. Lucy isn't too keen on this idea and thinks she could write a letter to Bradley instead. Rosemary points out that she hasn't got any stamps to send him yet. Lucy thinks that Jim might bring some home and there are also the stamps on Gran's letters, she had said she could have those. Rosemary tells her that mustn't take them without permission; Helen had said she would get them for her when she came home.
Rosemary tells her that she shouldn't let a man think you are too keen and another day isn't going to make much of a difference. While Rosemary is busy preparing lunch Lucy sneaks out of the kitchen and runs towards the bedrooms!
Paul's Office
Helen is working on the computer as Paul comes in waving a cheque. Mr McArthur had been so impressed with him he had given him a nice big fat cheque to invest. Paul hopes this will now convince Rosemary that he is able to look after the Australian end of Daniels Corporation without her looking over his shoulder every minute.
Helen tells Paul that she knows that Rosemary has been a bit tense since she arrived but to try not to incite her. Paul remarks that she has been downright impossible and says that he wouldn't want to be in the other woman's shoes if she ever finds out who she is. Helen agrees nether would she. Paul continues that he knows she is having a rough time but underneath it all Rosemary is as hard as nails. He feels that she would have got this far in business if she wasn't.
Helen feels that breaking up of an engagement is hardly the same as losing out on a business deal. Paul agrees but feels that the point is that it is Rosemary who can't separate her personal life from her business one. Helen points out that Paul had a similar problem when Susan left. Paul says that it is trying to do his best to forget all about Susan and feels that Rosemary should do the same with Gerard. After all if Gerard had had an affair with one woman and proposes to another she would be better off without him. Helen on the defensive argues that the affair wasn't something that Gerard had cold-bloodily planned.
Paul wants to know whose side Helen is on. Helen insists she is on Rosemary's side but things aren't always as cut and dried as he would like to imagine. After that dreadful emotional tangle he managed to get himself in with Susan and Clive she thought he would have realised that. Paul looks at her confused as Helen makes her excuses and leaves.
Robinson House
Lucy is busily cutting the stamps off Helen's America letter as Rosemary comes in. Lucy quickly pushes the letters under a book so Rosemary won't see but it is too late. Rosemary tells her that she had told her not to touch the letters. Lucy insists that she wasn't reading them just getting the stamps for Bradley. Rosemary tells her off asking her how would she feel if she touched her things and her special letters for Bradley. Rosemary takes the letters off Lucy and Lucy goes off to stir the soup.
Rosemary is tidying the letters when she looks down at the handwriting, she absentminded thumbs through each of the envelopes! Lucy comes back into the room but Rosemary isn't listening to her as she continues to look at the writing on the envelopes.
Coffee Shop
Eileen is making moves to leave as Mike tells her she can't leave now as the lunchtime rush is about to start. Eileen looks around a deserted coffee shop and insists he will cope. Clive tells him that the school crowd will be any moment. Eileen suggests that Clive help him, Clive points out that he does have a surgery to run. Eileen tells them both that she isn't silly and she knows all about their conspiracy to keep her away from her family. Mike denies any conspiracy. Clive explains that they feel that at this time Des and Daphne should be left alone. Eileen insists that she must go and see how Des and Daphne are getting on. Daphne can be very argumentative and she must be there to pour oil on troubled waters. At the mention of oil Mike suddenly remembers he hasn't made the salad dressing and starts to drag Eileen back into the kitchen.
Just then Des and Daphne come in, Des has his arms around Daphne and they are smiling lovingly at each another. Daphne announces that they have called a truce. Eileen asks if everything is now all right, Des replies that it couldn't be better.
Paul comes in and asks if this sickly display of public affection means what he thinks it does. Des nods, Paul thinks it is great; he could do with seeing someone disgustingly happy today. Clive bitterly tells him that love always triumphs as long as there isn't someone to stand in its way and he leaves.
After Clive's departure Paul comments that Clive must still hate his guts. Daphne tries to smooth over the situation by saying that Clive still hasn't got over the situation with Susan. Paul says that he is still coming to terms with it himself. He then asks if he could have a sandwich or in light of their good news has it been deemed a public holiday. Daphne tries to go to get him his order but Des pulls her back into his arms telling Paul that Daphne is on holiday today because of the fall but that she and the baby are ok.
Paul is relieved and says that Scott will be rapped that they are back together again since the story. Eileen pipes up that she hopes that their father will insure there will be no more little stories from Scott in the future. Paul assures her that Scott has learnt his lesson there.
Robinson House
Lucy is all grumpy because Rosemary is making her a sandwich so she can go back to school. Rosemary insists that Helen said that she wasn't to miss too much of school. Lucy gets all the strops because Rosemary puts beetroot in her sandwich, so Rosemary takes it out and sends her off.
Once Lucy has left Rosemary goes into the living room and stares at the Helens' letters, hesitates for a moment and then starts to read them.
Erinsborough High
Scott is standing on the steps outside school. Sue Parker calls out to him, "Scoop." She tells him this is the last place she thought to find a hotshot journalist like him, no more ideas in Ramsay Street. Scott tells her to rack off. Sue tells him that it is bad luck that he has to repeat his final year. Scott wants to know how she found out. Sue tells him that she just heard that not all gossip makes it to the local paper. She wouldn't want to be him. As Scott waits outside Mr Muir's office he tells her he is going to see him in a few minutes and tells her to take a hike.
Sue says that she will see him first, as Mr Muir has promised to write her a reference for the Pacific Trading Bank. She is hoping to work in the Erinsborough branch if she can. Scott asks her to remind him to transfer his account. Sue sneers that it wasn't a very nice comment and he can't afford to have any more enemies not with Ramsay Street giving him the cold shoulder. Scott retaliates she should know seeing as she was voted the most unpopular student last year. Sue tells him not to get too big for his boots; she still has plenty of friends still at school. She might pop in a word and make sure he gets a proper back to school welcome.
Robinson Front Garden
Lucy is waiting in the bushes as Jim pulls up. Jim wants to know if she is having a sit-in demonstration against the inhumanity of dentists. Lucy tells him that she has got three fillings and that Auntie Rosemary had told her to go to school but she didn't because he had said he would be home at lunchtime to see her. Jim says that she could have waited inside. Lucy replies that she couldn't as Auntie Rosemary was mad at her. Jim wants to know what she has been up to. Lucy is reluctant to say but finally admits that she was cutting the stamps off of Helen's letter when Rosemary caught her and then really yelled at her when she didn't want beetroot in her sandwich. Jim tells Lucy to go to school while he goes and finds out what is really upsetting Rosemary.
Robinson House
Rosemary is still sitting on the couch holding Helen's letter's as Jim comes in. She looks up and says to Jim..."You know, don't you. This other woman of Gerard's is my own mother, isn't it?"...
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Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0427
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Lucy Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0427
Lucy Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0427
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0427
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0427
Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0427
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0427
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Scott Robinson, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0427
Scott Robinson, Eileen Clarke

Rosemary Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0427
Rosemary Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0427
Rosemary Daniels

Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0427
Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0427
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Paul Robinson

Sue Parker, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0427
Sue Parker, Scott Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0427
Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0427
Lucy Robinson

Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0427
Rosemary Daniels

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