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Neighbours Episode 0426 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0426
Australian airdate: 16/02/87
UK airdate: 24/06/88
UK Gold: 20/06/94
Writer: Rick Maier
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
At Madge's disastrous dinner Daphne suddenly blurts out that she can't understand why Des can't tell the truth, much to everyone's shock!
Clarke House
Eileen arrives and asks Jane and Mike for a progress report on Des and Daphne. Mike feels that the way they left there could be a cold front on the way through and a definitely stormy night. He didn't think they would make it to the end of the drive, he just hopes that they don't find out that Eileen and Madge have been match-making otherwise they will be furious. Eileen dismisses that they will be furious, she replies that they all know they are perfect for each other. All she and Madge have done is to place them geographically together; she feels that by now they will be grazing lovingly into each other's eyes.
Madge's House
Madge is trying to stop Daphne from leaving the house; she feels that if Daphne just takes a deep breath she will think differently. Daphne says that if she did that she is likely to kill Des. Des angrily replies that she better do it quickly then. Shane tries to intervene and get Des to calm down but Des continues that Daphne is the one who is carrying on and that she is as silly as a two bob watch. Shane whispers to Des that he has no right to talk to Daphne like that.
Charlene tries to intervene and tell Shane to keep out of it. Harold who is still at the dinner table with Mrs Mangel suddenly makes a lame comment about the sauce on the pudding he is eating. Completely ignoring him Des points his finger at Daphne and tells her that a marriage is supposed to be based on honesty. Upset and close to tears Daphne chokes out that she is prepared to be honest with someone who is able to tell the truth. To admit he is wrong or prove he isn't. Des retaliates that she still opened other people's mail and that is a federal offence. Madge tries to defuse the situation by suggesting that they all take a deep breath.
Des feels that he doesn't see why he has to defend himself as he hasn't even done anything. Daphne blurts out about him telling Harold what a lovely time he had in Hobart with his ex-fiancé. Madge looks shocked; Daphne then turns to Mrs Mangel and tells her to keep listening it will keep her on the phone for days! Des reprimands Daphne but she is not to be stopped; she wants to know why she has to keep defending him. She is sick of it! Poor Des this and Poor Des that! All he is interested in is a new account and appearances. Well this is a disappearance this is her walking out of his life forever. With that she storms out of the house.
Everyone looks very uncomfortable once Daphne has left. Charlene urges Des to go after Daphne, but Des thinks she needs time to cool off. Mrs Mangel doesn't think she will cool off if you dropped her in the Antarctic. Despite Des trying to stop her Mrs Mangel continues about the living hell that poor girl has had to endure trying to make a home for her husband while he is off dallying.... Des finally picks up a French stick and threatens to do unspeakable things to her if she doesn't shut up.
Clarke House
Much to Eileen's obvious discomfort Bouncer is licking her face; she suggests to Mike that Bouncer might be better outside. When he has gone Eileen comments to Jane that the pair of them are getting on well together. Jane says they are but only as friends. She wants to concentrate on her career.
Daphne comes in and tells them not to speak, not a word. Eileen wants to know where Des is? Daphne says Des who as far as she is concerned she does not know a Des or Desmond and if they will excuse her now she is going to go to her room and do something quite savage to her pillow.
A little later Daphne is slamming kitchen drawers and cupboards. Jane who is playing scrabble with Mike feels a little uncomfortable and suggests that she should leave. Mike looks at Daphne and whispers to Jane that she will calm down soon. Nevertheless Jane still feels that she should leave.
Eileen comes in and starts fussing around Daphne telling her that her bath will be ready in about five minutes. Daphne insists that a long soak in the bath is not going to change anything. She has just got to accept that her husband and her marriage have moved into the past tense. Eileen suggests that it is on temporary, but Daphne insists firmly that it is permanently. Daphne continues that she could not believe some of the things Des was saying at dinner. She doesn't know who he is trying to fool. Eileen suggests that maybe Des found it awkward to open up to her in front of everyone.
Daphne, getting agitated, says "Awkward...How do you think I felt, I couldn't get out of there fast enough" Mike wants to know if she just walked out then. Daphne explains that it didn't happen quite like that, she had called him a hypocrite and a liar and then she had walked out. Eileen says this is ridiculous and lets slip that the whole point of the evening was for her and Des to.... She suddenly realises what she has said and stops talking.
It suddenly dawns on Daphne what Eileen and Madge was trying to do and she tells Eileen that she shouldn't have interfered in her life. Hurt Eileen tells her that she was just trying to make a small contribution as a mother-in-law to the new marriage and she had better go. After she has gone Daphne tells Mike that she shouldn't have interfered. She can do it all on her own she doesn't need anyone. Mike says that he hopes that she doesn't have to get used to being all on her own and in case she does need someone he will be in his room.
Gibbons House
Clive is psycho-analysing Des telling him that his problem is the basic lack of communication. Des tells him that Daphne was being so darn unreasonable, he had a potential client there, what was he supposed to do? Clive tells him that he was supposed to value his marriage. Eileen arrives gushing about how she can't believe that Daphne could have done such a thing and that they will rise about this and would he like a nice cup of cocoa! (Makes a change from tea in a crisis) Clive suggests that Des should tell them both what happened from the start. Des says that he doesn't really know he was just talking about Hobart. Clive is dismayed because Hobart is where Lorraine lives, no wonder Daphne got upset. On the defensive Des says that he was just saying what a nice place it was and Harold was interested. Eileen points out forcefully that Daphne wasn't! On the defensive Des says that if Daphne hadn't acted like a KGB agent over his mail she wouldn't even have been suspicious. Clive thinks the whole situation is ridiculous, if he didn't go frolicking in the apple orchards with Lorraine he should explain that the Daphne. Eileen agrees that it does seem the logical thing to do. Des gets angry and says it has nothing to do with logic what about pride and self respect. Eileen gets up and says that maybe she should make that Cocoa after all. Des thinks it is a good idea and taking her arm starts to walk her towards the door suggesting that she make it at her house. He needs time to think. Eileen replies that he is just like his father and history is repeating itself, she feels that he will end up just like him. Des says that it is starting to understand why he did shoot through; maybe he will do the same thing himself.
Madge's House
Madge looks at her watch and yawns and says she didn't realise the time and getting up and more or less forcing Mrs Mangel out of her chair she says that she doesn't want to keep her up any longer and starts to forcefully walk her to the door. Halfway there Mrs Mangel stops to give Harold a word of advice. She feels he would be foolish to deposit any money in Des' bank, she was unsure she had made the right decision when she had withdrawn her money. She however now feels she was correct to do so.
Harold says that he will bear that in mind and calls her Mrs Mangel...Mrs Mangel smiles and asks him to call her Nell. Charlene and Shane are doing the washing up and Charlene thinks it is yuk and that someone must have dropped a whole packet of saccharine tablets into her tea. Shane disagrees and says that Mrs Mangel is just trying to "crack on" to Harold.
Madge finally managed to push Mrs Mangel out of the door with a promise to discuss Scott Robinson's articles another day. She closes the door and pants a sigh of relief, when immediately there is a hammering on the door. She opens it to an irate Eileen.
Eileen and Mrs Mangel come back in, Eileen is ranting about the dinner was supposed to be a simple dinner and a bit of conversation and Madge has to go and stir up a hornets nest. Madge defends herself saying that it wasn't like that there was extenuating circumstances. Eileen replies that her son's marriage is on the rocks and he is heading for divorce oblivion and that she holds her personally responsible.
Clarke House
Daphne is sitting on the couch looking miserable, as Mike wishes her good night. Mike suggests that they talk about it but Daphne feels that people must be sick of talking about it. Mike assures her that people who care won't. Daphne tells him that she feels so stupid. Mike replies that she looks stupid. Daphne smiles and hits him with a cushion; she goes on to say that it is just the thought of Des with another woman that hurts so much. Mike says that he can understand that but Des loves her to bits everyone can see that. Daphne wants to know why Des can't tell her; all she wants to know from him is that nothing happened in Hobart.
Mike says that Des probably thinks that he doesn't have to say it. Daphne shrugs and says so much for a marriage which is supposed to last a life-time. Mike assures her that it isn't over unless she wants it to be and asks her if she would listen to Des if he wanted to talk about it. Daphne shrugs and says that she would, Mike thinks this is great and that he will sort something out tomorrow. Daphne is not looking forward to tomorrow she is going to go and apologise to Madge; she can still see the looks on Madge and Harold's faces.
Madge's House
In the living room Madge offers Harold more pudding and thanks him for his patience tonight. Harold gratefully accepts the thanks and says the he was more confused than anything about the comings and goings. Madge replies that it is part and parcel of the comings and goings of living in Ramsay Street. Harold reminiscences that life was never like that with Mavis, he then apologises for bringing up her deceased wife. Madge thinks it is silly for them not to talk about her, they are friends after all. Harold explains that Mavis wasn't the outgoing type preferring life in the slow lane and with David and Kerry in boarding school things just ran very smoothly with no bumps in the road. Madge wants to know if there is anything wrong with that. Harold just feels that it is a bit different to the hurly burly in her house. Madge feels that tonight isn't a good example. Normally it isn't such a mad house.
Charlene comes in wearing a face mask complaining that it smells funny and wonders if she mixed it up with the guacamole...(without stopping for breath) she goes on the it doesn't matter she will wash it off and use some of Madge's. Oh and the big blue mess in the bath is her jeans, she has left them soaking in bleach but don't worry because Bronwyn's mother said that lemon juice will work but she isn't sure if she was talking about the bath or the jeans. She then puts her head-phone's on and goes off.
Madge looks totally bemused and asks Harold where were they. Harold laughs and says they were talking about his kids. Madge wants to know about them, Harold tells her that Kerry is overseas flitting from place to place and David is working in an accountant firm. Harold has a sudden thought that maybe David could do a check on Des before he invests his money. Madge assures him that it isn't necessary Des is a rock, an absolute rock.
Gibbons house
Des is walking up and down a darkened living room rehearsing what he is going to say to Daphne. All about the fact that a man has to stand his ground and that people are like trees they need room to grow. Clive comes in and turns on the light and tells him that it is a whole load of fertiliser. Des tells him that he is taking stock of his life and that he will be looking for a new place to live in the morning. Clive tells him that he doesn't have to leave. Des tells him that one more Tom-Tom binge or German lesson and he would strangle him. He knows why he has been doing it but it won't work, he isn't going back home. He feels he can't live with anyone who doesn't respect him.
Clive says that in the midst of all that hard done by nonsense let's analyse it all and get some perspective. Once upon a time there was a relatively ok looking Prince called Clive, who fell in love with a beautiful girl and her son. He loved them so much that he thought his heart would snap in two when they left him. That guy didn't have much of a chance to do anything, didn't even see it coming. That guy didn't have the power to change anything but you do. You are married to a girl you worship and she is carrying your child. Are you seriously going to tell me you would walk away from all that! Des looks uncomfortable.....Clive continues we aren't talking fairy stories here; you only get one chance of a happy ending. Des wants to know what if it is too late what if she won't listen. Clive tells him that he won't know unless he tries
Ramsay Street
Des is at Clive's letter box looking over at his house as Mike comes out and walks towards him. Des asks if Daphne is home and Mike says that she is and that he wants to talk to him about that. Des ignores him and says he has something important to do and keeps walking toward the house.
Jane arrives in the street and pointing to Des wants to know what that was all about. Mike says that he doesn't know but hopes they are about make up. Jane is pleased it is about time they were honest with each other. Mike smiles and says unlike you, you mean. He totally understands this let's be friends thing and that she wants to concentrate on her career but if he promises not to bother her at work could they not try the boyfriend thing for a month and see how it goes. A money back guarantee if it doesn't work out! He will have Uni and study and she will have work and if he promises not to crease her "permanent-press-business-suit" couldn't they give it a try. Jane laughs and says she will think about it. As Mike puts his arm around Jane's shoulders she raises an eyebrow and knocks him away. Mike smirks and tells her it is the shirt it is getting really tight under the arm.
Clarke House
The door bell is ringing constantly as Daphne heads to answer it shouting that she is coming. Des stands on the threshold nervously and asks her how she is. Daphne replies that she is fine and asks how Des is, he replies fine. Then Daphne starts shouting out, Des starts to back out the door until he realises that Daphne is actually talking to Bouncer who is jumping all over the furniture.
They stand there rather nervously and awkward and finally Des asks if she could spare a few moments to talk. Daphne says she could and asks him if he has eaten. Des seems a little confused by the question so Daphne explains that it is food you put in your mouth and chew...you know breakfast. Daphne rushes off into the kitchen to make sausages, bacon eggs etc... as Des tries to get her to sit down and talk but Daphne passes him the juicer and asks him to make some orange juice.
Madge's House
Madge is calling out for Charlene to come to breakfast, otherwise Shane will eat it. Charlene comes rushing out to say she hasn't got time as she has to catch a bus otherwise she will be late for her interview. Madge tells her to behave herself; no employer wants an employee who goes around thumps her work colleagues. After Madge has gone, Shane wants to know why Charlene didn't tell her the truth about why she lost her job. Charlene says that she couldn't tell Madge that she lost her job because of what Darren Porter had said about Madge. It would only make her feel worse.
Clarke House
Des is sitting at the table drinking his juice when Daphne brings him his breakfast, he accidentally knocks the plate out of her hands and it lands on the floor. Bouncer rushes in and starts eating all the breakfast off the floor. Daphne says she will get Des more breakfast but Des tells her that while the eggs can wait she can't and gently makes her sit down at the table so they can talk. Des says that she was right about Hobart, she was right that she had a right to know. Lorraine had bumped into him as a pure coincidence, it was like old times. Daphne starts to get irate. Des corrects himself not like old times exactly more like friendly old...old times...like friends have. They had chatted about this and that and then she had told him that she was in trouble...money trouble and he had promised to help. Daphne is shocked and asks if he lent her money. Des says that he didn't, he just gave her advice and worked out a way to repay her debts. It is a complicated story and Lorraine made him promise not to tell anyone, she was embarrassed. There are a few more details to iron out and talk to a few more creditors then it is all over.
Daphne asks if he is definitely not interested anymore. Des assures her he isn't; she was just a friend in trouble. Daphne wants to know why he had not just told her that. Des wants to know why she opened his mail. Daphne says she asked first, Des is reluctant to answer. Daphne feels that if he really isn't interested in Lorraine then someone else at the bank could have sorted out her problems. Des explains that it isn't strictly bank business and anyway he made a promise. Daphne replies that she is grieved she wants to see some action go with those words she wants him to prove that Lorraine means nothing to him. Des starts to get angry and tells her that she is being unreasonable. Daphne says that she is defending her rights as a human being. She was sane before all this started and she wants to stay that way.
Des stands up angrily and tells her to stay sane. He has just explained everything to her, not that he had to but it is still not good enough for her, she still wants more. Daphne tells him that she wants a husband that she can trust. Des wishes her lots of luck and while she is out looking why doesn't she pick up a new pair of glasses because she is about to throw away the best thing that has happened to her and she can't even see it. He heads for the door.
Daphne stands up and goes to follow but slips on a fried egg on the floor and slips. She falls onto the floor clutching her baby bump as Des rushes towards her calling her name. As Des reaches her he cries, "Oh hell, the baby!"....
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Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0426
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0426
Des Clarke

Bouncer, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0426
Bouncer, Eileen Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0426
Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0426
Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop, Shane Ramsay

Daphne Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0426
Daphne Clarke, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0426
Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke

Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0426
Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0426
Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0426
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0426
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0426
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0426

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0426
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0426
Daphne Clarke

<<0425 - 0427>>
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