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Neighbours Episode 0411 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0411
Australian airdate: 26/01/1987
UK airdate: 03/06/1988
UK Gold: 30/05/1994
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Susan telling Clive that she can't go through with the marriage. Susan asking Paul if he loves her, Paul being evasive about the subject. Clive telling Jane that Susan has gone!
Gibbons House
Jane asks Clive where Susan has gone, Clive blames himself for Susan going. He explains that they had a silly argument, that he shouldn't have pushed her so far. That Susan has had this silly crush on Paul. Jane is dumfounded as she thought that they didn't get on, she suggests that maybe it was a spur of the moment thing and that she didn't even have time to pack. Clive rushes off upstairs to check.
Ramsay House
Kelly looks lovely all dressed up in a very nice dress, with her make-up all done. Madge opens the door and Kelly explains that she has come to see if Shane is alright. Madge explains that he was snoring his head off the last time she looked but she goes off to see if he is awake. Madge comes back to say he is still asleep and that she doesn't want to wake him up. Kelly is disappointed and suggests that if he sleeps now that he might not sleep tonight but Madge doesn't take the hint and replies that Shane needs all the sleep he can get at the moment to recover.
Madge asks Kelly if she could give Shane a message for her, but Kelly says that it was nothing important. Madge comments on how nice she is looking much better than jeans. Kelly feels uncomfortable and asks if Charlene is home, Madge explains that Charlene and Scott and Mike had gone to the pictures to celebrate the news that the Erinsborough News want to publish the articles Scott had been writing. Madge asks again if she could give Shane a message, feeling even more awkward Kelly just replies that she hopes that he is feeling better soon and that she is sorry that she missed him tonight. Madge replies that she doesn't think Shane is too pleased to be wasting his time in bed when he could be down at Lassiters Disco chatting up the girls. Kelly looks quite put out by this comment and obviously can wait to get away.
Daphne knocks on the door and announces dinner is ready and Kelly rushes away. Madge starts to ask Daphne about the arrangements for the wedding and how she would feel about a cold buffet. Daphne replies that she is fine with it but that Madge shouldn't worry about it as the way things are going there might not be a wedding.
Gibbons House
Clive comes into the kitchen holding a teddy bear and tells Jane that Susan will be back, she would not have gone without the Teddy because Sam loves it. Jane asks about clothes, Clive admits that those are gone but says that Susan would need those as she would be holed up in a hotel. Jane says that she has been reading a couple of letters from Susan's brothers; she really hated reading them but wonders if maybe she has gone back to Cops Harbour. Clive is sure that Susan just needs time to think like Jane did when she couldn't decide between Shane and Mike.
Jane wonders why Susan took off. Clive starts pouring out his heart to Jane; it is all because Paul Robinson had the nerve to ask her to call off the wedding. He admits that she would have given anything to go out with Paul once but after the way he treated her he can't understand it. Paul had fed her a line about how they should get back together, and Susan had got totally confused. Clive had gone totally to pieces when she told him the wedding was off and had begged to go on, he had used all the usual emotional blackmail stuff. Clive says that had told Susan that Paul would never marry her, he feels that that must have hurt her so much, he is not surprised that Susan had to get away to think things through. He blames himself for the mess.
Ramsay House
Jane arrives asking for Charlene, Madge explains about them going out to celebrate. Madge asks Jane if there is anything wrong. Jane explains about Susan taking off with Sam and that Clive can't accept that she is gone. Madge wonders what made her take off like that Jane tells her that Paul had been stirring it. Madge can't think of anywhere that Susan could have gone and feels that if she doesn't come back then Clive is going to take it very hard.
Clarke House
Kelly turns the volume up on the stereo to full and starts dancing around the kitchen while doing the dishes, she shouts at Daphne that she can't understand Susan running out on Clive. If she had a great boyfriend like Clive who was willing to marry her she certainly wouldn't do that. Daphne shouts back that life doesn't always work out the way you want.
Des arrives home from his trip and walks in; Daphne says that she didn't hear him come in. Des doesn't think that is surprising with 100 decibels of Punk Rock blaring out of the house deafening the neighbours. Kelly apologises and turns the music down. Daphne hugs Des and kisses him on the cheek, Des starts complaining about his welcome. Daphne apologises and gives him another hug and says that they had had a bit of trouble here this afternoon. Des tells her that he had run into Madge on his way in; she had been heading over to Clive's, who had told her all about Clive and Susan. Daphne says that Susan seemed very calm and collected when she left her earlier and that she didn't think it was a spur of the moment thing. Daphne says how much she missed Des and they kiss as Kelly looks on. As they part Kelly obviously feels she is in the way of the "reunion" and makes an excuse to have a shower and leave.
Daphne pulls Des towards the couch saying that he better not ever run out on her or she will come after him with a rolling pin. As she pulls him he makes a dive and falls over the back of the couch and ends up on the floor. Daphne falls over the back of the couch to land on top of them, just as Des says that he would never do to that to her. Almost immediately the doorbell goes, Des gets up saying he knew it was too good to be true.
Des opens the door to Paul, who gets a frosty reception from Daphne. Daphne spells it out for him...Clive's fiancé the one you took away from him! Paul starts to say that he was going to talk to her about that but is interrupted by Daphne demanding to know where she is. Paul starts to mumble and Daphne interrupts again saying that thanks to him Susan has packed her bags and no one knows where she is. Paul looks shocked at the revelation.
Gibbons House
Clive comes off the phone having checked all the motels and hotels in the area looking for Susan. Madge suggests that Clive tries Susan's family but Clive replies that he has already tried them and that she hasn't been in touch. Clive questions whether Charlene knows anything. Madge tells him that Charlene was gone before tea and Madge isn't even sure if Charlene knows that Susan has gone. Clive questions why Susan would do this to him now of all times. Madge reasons that Clive said himself that Susan was under a lot of pressure. Clive cries that you can't just go walkabout when you have a young baby to look after.
He wonders if Susan might go back to Fred. Madge thinks that is plainly ridiculous after that way he treated her, but Clive isn't so convinced if Susan was really desperate. Madge insists that Susan has changed is stronger now, she knows her own mind and is coping much better. Clive bitterly says that she copes all right, she runs off as soon as there is a problem. Madge argues that every bride has pre-wedding jitters. Angrily Clive says that Susan didn't, it wasn't Susan it was DAMN Paul Robinson. What right has he got to bre..a..k ....she wouldn't have gone off with him...Would she?
Madge gently asks if Clive had spoken to Paul. Holding back more than a few swear words Clive angrily replies that he hasn't anything to say to him. She doesn't mean anything to him, he will only hurt her in the end, and Susan knows that. He walks away picks up the receiver and starts banging the keys on the phone. Madge gently tells him that he isn't acting rationally and maybe he should go and see Daphne see if she can remember anything Susan might have said as to where she would go, to give them a clue. Clive replies that he isn't just angry he is furious, and if he finds out that Paul knows where Susan is and is hiding her then he will kill him!
Clarke House
Paul is moaning that people are going to blame him. Daphne says that Clive will that is for sure. Paul argues that he has lost her too, but as Des points out Susan wasn't his to lose. Paul insists that Susan didn't love Clive she was only marrying him for security for her and Sam. Susan loved him and I love her. Daphne asks if he told her that, Paul says that if he had she wouldn't have run away. It is always the same the people I care about the most are the ones I hurt the worst. Gently Daphne says that there is no point talking about that now, what they have to do now is find Susan and make sure that she and Sam are Ok.
As the door-bell goes Clive comes in asking to talk to Daphne ( Ahh....trouble brewing!!!!) As Clive spies Paul he shouts "YOU MONGREL...where is she?" immediately goes for him and is held back by Des as the contents of the coffee table go flying. Paul says that until 10 minutes ago he didn't even know that Susan was missing. Clive angrily shouts "You don't care who you hurt. I could have given Susan everything she wanted, everything she could never have got from you. But you couldn't handle that could you. Paul defends himself and says that he cares for her more than Clive would ever know. Clive shouts "I Love her" Paul reasons that she doesn't love him, he didn't want to hurt her, but he just wanted Susan to realise that she was marrying Clive for all the wrong reasons. Clive retaliates and says "You are a great one to talk about marriage, look how your marriage turns out" Paul grabs Clive by the collar of his shirt and a scuffle breaks out, Des pulls them apart and tells them to settle down. Clive snaps at him that he is going to find Susan and bring her back and she is going to marry him and he is going to make sure that she is never again hurt by ignorant self centred vultures like you! (Go Clive!) Clive looks at Daphne and Des and bitterly says thanks for your support, it is nice to know who your friends are in a crisis and walks out and slams the door behind him. As Daphne shouts after Clive, Des comforts her and says to let him go, as he is upset.
Gibbons House
Jane has cooked Clive some brekkie but Clive is still blaming himself for the way he acted when Susan called off the wedding. As Jane puts his breakfast down and demands he eats, Clive continues to say that if he just knew where she was, she is probably holed up somewhere in a seedy little hotel with a bunch of weirdo's. Jane insists Clive eats his breakfast and starts to cut up his sausages for him, Clive says that he didn't realise she had cooked it for him. Jane says that she had hers ages ago as she has to go to work. Clive bitterly says "Oh yes we can't inconvenience Mr Robinson can we"
There is a knock on the door and Daphne comes in saying that wants to talk about last night. Daphne insists that she and Des aren't taking sides in all this. Clive bitterly replies "Why not you have both know Paul a lot longer than me. Stands to reason that you would see things from his side of the fence" Daphne denies it and says that they have to find Susan to sort out this mess then the three of them have to sit down and talk this out....Paul, Susan and Clive. Clive replies that there are only three people to discuss this Susan, Sam and him...they are a family, Paul doesn't enter into it. Daphne replies that he does otherwise Susan would be here. Clive is not interested in listening to Daphne's will meaning advice and says so. Daphne walks out.
Clive sits down despondently in the living room and says he has really blown it, there goes another friend I have lost. Jane gently tells him that he hasn't lost any friends at all, Daphne understands, they all do
Clarke House
Des is shouting at Mike to get out of the shower, he would like to get to the bank before closing time. As Kelly sorts out the dirty clothes, she tells him that he might as well not rush any way, judging by the dirty washing he has nothing to wear anyway. Des wants to know what has happened to her since he went to Hobart....doing the washing without being asked and didn't he see her in a dress yesterday. Kelly sarcastically says what is the big deal, she is a girl isn't she and girls wear dresses don't they. Des smiles and says "Oh you have noticed that have you" Kelly jokily threatens to shove a pair of filthy socks down Des' throat but Des quickly takes back his comments.
Kelly then asks for the dressing gown Des is wearing as he has probably been living in it while he was away. Des gives it to her and then Kelly starts empty his pockets of paper and comes across a pink envelope which has been sprayed in perfume. Kelly teases him about it and he immediately wants it back, when Kelly won't give it to him, he starts chasing her around the living room with Des insisting that it was from a business associate. As Daphne comes in Des hides the envelope in the back of this jockey shorts while Kelly looks on suspiciously.
Des wants to know how it went at Clive's, Daphne explains not well, Clive is convinced that they are firmly on Paul's side and she couldn't convince him otherwise. Daphne sadly says that Clive didn't have a care in the world this time yesterday and that she wishes they could do something to help. Des thinks Clive will come around; Daphne replies that she would be just as grouchy if he walked out on her. Des replies that there is no chance in that. They kiss....Kelly looks on giving Des the evil eye.
Paul's office
Paul is on the phone to Susan's brother telling him that he is sure Susan is all right and will call him shortly. Paul tells Jane about the call saying that Clive rang him last night; Jane tells him that Clive also called every hotel in the area. Paul admits that that was his next move, and wonders if Susan checked in under a false name but Jane says that Clive had checked if a woman and a small baby had checked in to be sure. She suggests that Paul and Clive work together but Paul will not hear of it and asks Jane to phone the local council to see if there are any women's refuge hostels.
Paul says to Jane that he realises that it must be uncomfortable living at Clive's at the moment but he begs her to bear with him as he needs her more than ever now that Susan is gone. He apologises for being a bit edge but he does care for Susan as much as Clive does. Jane goes off to get Paul some breakfast.
Clarkes' Garden
As Daphne is getting in the washing, Clive bounces up the back garden path and says cheerily "it is a good thing that he managed to catch her outside it doesn't give her to chance slam the door in his face" Daphne calls him a big dope and says that he is welcome anytime. Clive says he wasn't sure after this morning, he was pretty rude to her...no not rude pretty obnoxious really. Daphne says she didn't notice. He presents Daphne with a big bunch of Red Roses and white Carnations much to her delight and then Clive tells her that he pinched them from the Robinsons garden but seeing the circumstances he doesn't think that Jim would mind.
Clive notices Sam's old jumpsuit in the washing basket and Daphne quickly explains that Susan gave them to her when she found out she was pregnant. Daphne had found them this morning and decided to give them a wash. Clive says that it is Ok it doesn't upset him but it clearly does. Clive then goes on the say that he got to thinking after Jane went this morning, maybe it is just as well it happened this way, no one wants to go waste their life loving someone if they aren't going to be loved back. Daphne tells him that Susan is very fond of him and Sam adores him.
Clive replies that Sam is a cute kid but he wasn't his. He says that it is all very well having a ready made family but they get in the way sometimes. You have to organise babysitters, crying in the middle of the night, wet nappies, and sloppy vegetables cluttering up the fridge. As Daphne protests, Clive continues part of living is learning to make the best of a bad situation. Getting the honey out of the cupboard and deciding if it is half empty or half full. "Damn it Daphne I am a Gibbons. I am an optimist". Rather tearful he continues "Susan walking out of me like that maybe it was for the best. Why did she have to do it Daph why couldn't she stay" As Daphne hugs him the tears flow down his cheeks..... "What am I going to do without her? ...
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Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0411
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Kelly Morgan, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0411
Kelly Morgan, Madge Mitchell

Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0411
Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons

Jane Harris, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0411
Jane Harris, Madge Mitchell

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0411
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Des Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0411
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0411
Clive Gibbons, Madge Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0411
Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0411
Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0411
Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0411
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke

Des Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0411
Des Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0411
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0411
Daphne Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0411
Clive Gibbons

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