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Neighbours Episode 0410 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0410
Australian airdate: 23/01/1987
UK airdate: 03/06/1988
UK Gold: 27/05/1994
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Paul kissing Susan passionately in the office.
Susan pulls away from the embrace and says that she must need her head read. Paul tells her that she doesn't love Clive. Susan insists that he doesn't love her; he just can't stand for anyone else to win. Paul replies that if she marries Clive then she could ruin all their lives. Susan says that she is trying to make a life for her and Sam and that Clive loves them which is more than Paul can say.
Paul tells her that he could learn to love her if she gave him the chance. She doesn't realise how difficult it is to admit to people that he really does need them after all this time. If she could just give it some time then he promises that he won't hurt her again. Susan says that she hasn't got anytime she is marrying Clive. She then asks what is she to do?, she doesn't know what would have happened to her and Sam if it wasn't for Clive. Paul insists that she can't go through with it..."You don't marry someone because you are grateful, you marry them because you love them". Susan wants to know what to say to Clive she can't just say..."Sorry you have done nothing to deserve this but it is all off." Paul nods and says that is exactly what she has to say.
Coffee Shop
As Mike is clearing the tables he is teasing Daphne about how clean the house is and how much gourmet food is shacked up in the fridge awaiting the arrival of Des. Daphne wants to know if it is a crime to want to spoil her husband. Mike says that the way she is carrying on you would think he was coming back from the snows of Siberia and maybe he should warn him. Daphne laughs and says that he can handle it.
Susan comes in looking visibly upset and asks if she can have a private word with Daphne. Daphne suggests that they chat on the way home, but Susan asks if they could go somewhere more private as it is important.
As they go into the kitchen, Daphne asks if there is anything wrong, as she looks terrible. Susan thanks her and tells her that she feels worse than she looks. Susan says that Daphne and Clive are pretty close, Daphne says that they have been through a lot together. Susan then asks if she thinks he would come to her if he was unhappy. Daphne suddenly realises that something is very wrong and wants to know if something is going to happen to make Clive unhappy. Close to tears Susan cries that whatever she does Clive is going to get hurt. She continues that Paul says that she can't marry Clive and he is right. She doesn't love him as much as she loves Paul. Daphne asks what is she going to do, Susan shrugs and says that she will have to tell Clive the truth it wouldn't be fair to marry him now. Daphne agrees that it would only make matters worse. Susan asks Daphne to look after Clive for her.
Clarke House
As Kelly is sitting on the couch, Charlene comes in and wants to know what is wrong with her feet. Kelly tells her that it was those silly shoes, Charlene just laughs about what women have to suffer. Charlene tells Kelly that Jane has just given Shane the flick so if someone was interested now is the time to do it. Hit them while they are down is what she says. Kelly shrugs it off and says that Shane just thinks she is one of the blokes. Charlene insists that they will just have to show him that she isn't. Kelly wants to know why Charlene is suddenly interested in her. Charlene replies that Kelly is her good deed for the week. Kelly wants to know if they could really make Shane notice her, Charlene replies that they could try; it worked for Jane. Charlene gets the tweezers out and starts plucking Kelly's eye-brows as Kelly winces in pain she says that no bloke is worth this not even Shane.
Clive's House
Clive is telling Jane about a young boy who had been brought into the surgery as his Mum thought that he had swallowed all her birth control pills. He did his "stern Doctor bit" and warned him that he would have to pump his stomach whereupon the boy produces the missing pills from his pockets telling Clive that he wanted a baby brother. His mother was so relieved she didn't even tell him off.
Susan appears. She looks very down. Clive tries to tell her about his patient but Susan interrupts saying that this is important. She tells Clive that she can't marry him. It's not the wedding but the marriage that she can't go through with it. Clive looks devastated. Susan tries to explain that she has changed her mind and that Clive has been the best friend she has ever had and he is very dear to her. He tells her that all he ever wanted was for it to be perfect a home, for her, for Sam, maybe more kids later. He loves her. Why can't she love him? Susan cannot explain. She values his love but cannot return it. Clive wants to know if this has anything to do with going back to work for Paul and what Paul has said about him. She slowly replies that he said that he cared for her and that he wanted them to build a future together.
Clive agonises that she has been hurt enough already and she shouldn't lay herself out like some carpet for Paul to walk all over. She says that Paul has promised never to hurt her again. Clive cannot accept that, responding that Paul hurts everyone who has ever loved him; he only ever cares about himself. It will always be business first and Susan a sad last and what about Sam. Angrily Clive says that he will not let this happen. Although she may not love him he will not let her do this to herself or Sam. Susan tries to explain that she was wrong and is following her heart, not her head. Clive persists that she is throwing it all away and there will never be anyone else who loves her more than he does.
Clarke House
Daphne enters, takes one look at the clothes strewn over the couch and yells for Kelly to pick up the mess as Des is coming home tonight. As Kelly picks up the clothes Daphne notices Kelly's eyebrows and asks to have a look. Daphne teases her saying first dresses, then eye brows, what's next, make up? Coyly she asks if Kelly is doing this all for Shane's benefit and Kelly quickly says "Of course not!" before continuing that some of the old people are great and she reckons she got off easy working there. Daphne continues to tease by suggesting that Shane may lose his star worker.
Susan comes to the door with Sam. Kelly, not knowing what has happened, asks if Sam has a new "get up" for the wedding. She takes Sam into Daphne's room. Daphne asks if Susan has spoken to Clive, saying it must be very hard for both of them. Susan quietly replies that she has tried but she doesn't know what she is going to do.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Scott and Charlene are winging about how hard it is trying to find a job, especially for a female mechanic. When Mike tells them that it is time to pay up and go home, Charlene calls him a rotten capitalist. Jane offers to pay but Mike tells Scott that he shouldn't let her. Scott disagrees as long as Jane has a job and he doesn't then he can let her pay. Charlene agrees. Scott cheekily asks Jane if Paul has got her goose stepping around the office yet. Jane defends Paul saying that he is good to work for; he explains everything, is really patient and makes her feel like she has something to contribute.
Charlene teases Jane about being a free woman and Mike wants to know what she means. Charlene tells him (to Jane's embarrassment) that Jane wants to concentrate on her career rather than have boyfriends at the moment. She tells them not to worry about Shane as "Mad Dog Morgan" was trying to chat him up this afternoon and she was wearing a dress! The boys joke about anyone wanting to go out with Kelly ("She's not exactly Princess Diana"). Jane defends her reminding them that they used to call her "Plain Jane Super Brain" The boys dig a hole for themselves by trying to compliment Jane:
MIKE: No I didn't mean that, I..... I mean you sort of came out good after a bit of work.
SCOTT: He didn't mean you were ugly or anything.
As they get up to leave Scott tells everyone he is not looking forward to going home and explaining his job prospects to his dad as he will only get yelled at.
Robinson House
Jim is busy and asks Lucy to answer the phone. She mutters about laws against child labour. It is Mr Cutler from the Erinsborough News for Scott. Jim takes the call and asks when Scott can call him back. He thanks him for the good news. Lucy pesters Jim to tell her what the news is, but he won't as it is to be a surprise for Scott when he gets in.
Clarke House
Susan describes Clive as the kindest, warmest, most wonderful man in the world, while with Paul it is fireworks and misery and not knowing what will happen next. She admits to Daphne that she is scared and may have screwed up the best thing she has ever had. Clive does not deserve to get hurt. She adds that Paul needs time to sort himself out but she doesn't know what that means. Although she loves Paul she has heard that line before. Daphne tells Susan that she has known Paul for quite a while and although he is messed up he is not a liar and deserves a chance. Susan needs to know what Paul thinks before she decides whether or not to leave Clive and the only way she will find out is to ask him.
Kelly rushes into the living room reminding Susan that Sam is hungry. Susan gets up and absently asks her if she will feed him, muttering that she has to go out for a while. Susan thanks Daphne for listening. Kelly looks bewildered and asks Susan where she has gone.
DAPHNE: Out of the frying pan and into the fire, I think.
Paul's Office
Paul is surprised to see Susan. He asks her how Clive took the news. Susan said that it was one of the cruellest things she had ever done and despite everything he still wanted to marry her. Paul asks if she will marry Clive and quietly Susan replies, no. When she asks Paul if he wants to marry her, he is evasive, saying someday. Susan asks him what he means and he admits that he has not thought about it. She asks if they are talking about a business merger or the lives of three people, so she asks him simply, "Do you love me?"
Paul is again evasive, saying love is a potent word and of course he cares about her. Susan realises he is even scared of saying it.
SUSAN: For God's sake Paul, Terri is dead. I am here. I love you. Can't you let go of the past long enough to make a future?
Paul mutters he can't go through that again. Susan accuses him of always only thinking of himself, not realising what he is putting her through and making sure that no one else can have her. She knows that she cannot go back to Clive and that she and Paul can't be together. She is back to where she started.... Alone.
Clarke House
Daphne and Kelly are playing with Sam and talking about Susan. Daphne tells Kelly that she is trying to do the right thing by everybody. Kelly thinks it is easy since Clive thinks Susan is the best thing since sliced bread. Daphne tells Kelly that her time will come and Kelly says she wished it would hurry up. Trying to get that great lump next door to take any notice and Kelly would be laughing. Daphne smiles that she is sure Shane would be delighted with that description. Daphne asks if Shane is too old for her, but Kelly replies that she is the same age as Jane.
Susan arrives to collect Sam. Daphne asks if she has seen Paul. She answers that she has spoken to him and that he told her the truth and that had made the decision for her. She hugs Daphne, thanks her and leaves.
Robinson House
Lucy asks Scott how he has got on with his job search. She tells him that Jim wants to have a word with him. Scott tells her that he will not listen to him. She sings "I know something you don't know" Jim appears and Scott immediately says that he did not get a job today but has two interviews lined up for tomorrow. Scott wonders if he is about to be asked to move out, so his room can be rented out. . Jim sits Scott down and explains that he took Scott's book down to the Erinsborough News and they are interested in serialising it. Mr Cutler thinks that Scott has a journalistic talent. Scott cannot believe it. Jim tries to use the opportunity to encourage Scott to take his studies seriously but he is more interested in rushing over to tell Charlene.
Clive's House
Clive comes home and calls out for Susan. Jane tells him that Susan is not there but there is a note on the table. Clive reads it ... "She's gone"......
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Susan Cole, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0410
Susan Cole, Paul Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0410
Daphne Clarke, Susan Cole

Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0410
Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell

Susan Cole, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0410
Susan Cole, Clive Gibbons

Susan Cole, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0410
Susan Cole, Clive Gibbons

Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0410
Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Sam Cole, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0410
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Sam Cole, Susan Cole

Susan Cole, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0410
Susan Cole, Daphne Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Scott Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0410
Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Scott Robinson, Mike Young

Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0410
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Paul Robinson, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0410
Paul Robinson, Susan Cole

Daphne Clarke, Sam Cole, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0410
Daphne Clarke, Sam Cole, Kelly Morgan

Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0410
Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0410
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0410
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

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