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Neighbours Episode 0394 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0394
Australian airdate: 27/11/86
UK airdate: 11/05/88
UK Gold: 05/05/94
Writer: Tarquin Scott
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
- Scott from his hospital bed telling Helen and Jim that he and Charlene are back together and it looks like Mike and Jane might be too!
- Mrs Mangel informing Shane that Jane has gone to the hospital to see Scott with Mike and Charlene and the three of them looked very close.
- Mike walking up Ramsay Street with Jane asking if they could be more than just good friends, on seeing this Shane pulls Jane across the street. Mike object to Jane's treatment, Shane grabs the front of Mike's shirt and threatens to "knock his block off if he says one more word"
Ramsay Street
A fight is about to ensue between Shane and Mike when Clive steps in and holds them apart. Clive tells them that they obviously want to knock each other blocks off so he suggests that they should fight it out. But since Mike has been in a car accident Shane would be at an unfair advantage so Clive suggests that they meet in a proper boxing match at the police boys' club in a fortnight's time. They both readily agree but Jane is dismayed with both Shane and Mike and angrily says that she is able to make up her own mind as to who she goes out with, she hopes they kill each other for all she cares and storms off. Mike and Shane go their separate ways leaving a dumbfounded Clive standing in the middle of the street wondering what he did wrong.
Coffee Shop
In the kitchen of the coffee shop, Des is still eating gherkins. Daphne reminds him that she is the one pregnant and not him and he offers her the last gherkin from the jar.
Eileen is heard calling them from the coffee shop and after much rolling of eyes they join her.
Eileen asks after Mike and they assure her that he is alright. Eileen thinks that you can't be too careful that she has heard of people having a complete change in personality after a head injury and she would not want him to turn into a criminal like Kelly Morgan. Daphne defends Kelly replying that Kelly needed help and still does. Eileen is about to launch into a lecture about how Kelly repaid Daphne when Des butts in and asks if she wanted something.
Eileen drops the contents of her handbag all over the coffee shop floor. Des wants to know why she insists in carrying her handbag upside down. Eileen blames it on Kelly saying that it was Kelly who told her to do it and that she should take notice of a professional thief. She then pulls a rather cute baby's sailor "romper" suit (complete with whistle) out of her bag. Daphne thinks it is adorable but Des wants to know why a sailor suit. Eileen informs them that because "Winston" will look lovely in it and he is going to be the best dressed baby in Erinsborough. Des and Daphne are shocked at the name "Winston" Eileen informs them that it is a family tradition to name the first born son after the maternal grandfather and her father's name was Winston. Des wonders what happens if it is a girl. Eileen tells them the all the Clarks were boys...Des was and his father...and his father before him. Des says that he doesn't care but Daphne replies that she would quite like a boy first and then comments on the little whistle. Des blows the whistle and they all laugh.
Ramsay House
Jim walks into the house through the back door (without knocking!) and tells Madge who is cooking lunch that Charlene will be staying at the hospital with Scott for a while. At first Madge comments that she didn't hear Jim come in, and then continues that wild horses wouldn't have dragged Charlene away. She invites Jim to stay for lunch. He says tht he would love to have lunch with her but could she give him half an hour and bumps into Shane who is coming through the backdoor as well.
Shane is all excited and shows Madge the boxing gloves he has bought at the local sports shop, only to discover that the gloves are too small. He tells Madge about the fight with Mike and how he is going to fight him in a fortnight's time and starts shadow boxing around the kitchen punching the air as he goes. Madge thinks that that sort of behaviour went out with the cavemen and it is the quickest way to lose Jane. Shane tells her that it is not really Jane that he is fighting about it is Mike and his attitude. As Shane continues to shadow box around Madge she continues that it is the quickest way to lose Jane and clips Shane around the head.
Coffee Shop
Eileen is commenting on the state of Mike's face and hopes that he won't be scarred for life. Des comes off the phone after speaking to Clive and starts shadow boxing and comments that he hopes so as well after the boxing match. Des hopes that Mike will be alright after the boxing match. Daphne and Eileen are dismayed as they know nothing about them. Mike explains that it is all Shane's fault and that Jane and he were sorting things out and then Shane had to butt in. Des says "So you told him to rack off" Mike nods sadly and replies that Shane tried to punch his head in. Eileen is shocked and hopes that he wasn't hurt. Mike tells them "No but that Shane would be feeling a lot worse if Clive hadn't stepped in" Mike continues that Clive has set up a boxing match at the boys' club and that he intends to kill Shane. Daphne is dismayed that they are fighting over Jane as if she is a piece of property. Des thinks that a faint heart never won a fair lady.
Mike doesn't think the fight is really about Jane anymore that Shane and he have been at each other's throats for a while now. Eileen remembers when Des used to be into boxing. Daphne didn't realise that Des used to box. Des gets all boastful and tells them he used to box, school, and club matches and even made it into the semis once. Eileen comments that it was a nightmare he used to come home all battered and bloody you only have to look at his ears.
Mike looks worried and says that he could handle Shane if it was just a school yard thing but that he has only boxed a couple of times. Des offers to train Mike and show him some of the finer points..' he starts jabbing and weaving at Mike...he says that he can show him the jabs, traits, lobs (Hopefully these terms are correct boxing terms) Mike wants to know when they can start and Des suggests tonight after work. Daphne sends Mike off to put the garbage out.
Daphne pulls Des aside and pleads that he can't go through with this, that they are supposed to be responsible for Mike and Shane is their friend. Des raises his hands to settle Daphne and Eileen's fears and tells them not to worry; Clive wasn't just telling tales on the phone that he has a plan. Eileen and Daphne are dismayed and say in unison "Not another one!!!"
Clive's House
Clive opens the door to Mrs Mangel, who walks into the house and looks round; she wants Clive to tell Mr Mangel that his lunch is on the table. Clive denies he is there, as Mrs Mangel continues to search the house for him. In the end Clive admits that he just left, the back way and points to the door. Mrs Mangel demands to know what he was doing there, and Clive is not to tell her it is a professional visit as he was perfectly fine fifteen minutes ago. Clive reluctantly tells her that he was here to place a bet on the boxing match. Mrs Mangel grasps and replies "It isn't as if we have the money to throw away on gamb..." and then stops herself from going any further. Mrs Mangel then turns on Clive and tells him that Jane has told her all about it..."and you Doctor Gibbons a man of medicine, supposedly dedicated to the preservation of life, taking bets on this dreadful fight" Clive defends himself and says that he isn't asking bets; he doesn't know what idea made Len think he was. Mrs Mangel thinks that is no excuse, for partaking in a travesty of decency. Encouraging young men to batter away at each other like animals.
Clive replies that she has misunderstood his intentions that Mike and Shane are upholding a grand tradition. Did she know that the original sponsor of boxing was a Marquis? Mrs Mangel is not convinced and asks him is he sure he knows what he is doing, the next thing the Street will be filled with remittance men and racing trout's! (Obviously she is rather confused by the correct terms!) Clive looks confused and says that is an interesting thought. As Mrs Mangel walks to the door she tells him that it is obvious that he is unrepentant and that he realises that this whole episode has severely damaged her high regard for him.
Ramsay House
Shane is sitting at the kitchen table moaning to Madge that his boxing gloves are too small and that he is going to have to return them and get a bigger size. As Clive walks in via the backdoor, (without knocking again!), Madge greets him saying that he is the man who thought up this crazy idea. Clive smiles and asks Shane is if is getting into training. Madge continues that she is ashamed of him, how can he encourage two young men to bash each other's brains out. Clive reasons with her that that is exactly what he was trying to prevent, if he had let them have a go at each other this afternoon then one of them could have been seriously hurt. Madge is not convinced and sarcastically replies that this way it won't? Clive feels that by having the match this way then the circumstances can be controlled and that it will all be over in two rounds. Shane pipes up "yeh....in a knock out!" Madge thinks they are both idiots and goes off to the end of the kitchen to look at the lunch.
Clive sits down at the table; he asks Shane what boxing experience he has. Shane tells him that he hasn't boxed since he left school. Clive is delighted and offers him the wealth of his experience as coach and manager. Shane is shocked, but Clive continues that his library contains one of the defining books of the art of self-defence, that it will make him a champion in no time and shows the book to Shane. Shane agrees saying that he could do with a few tips. Clive is delighted and tells him that training starts tonight. Madge wants to know who is going to referee this match of the century!
Clive is just saying that he hasn't got that far, that they need someone absolutely fair....as Jim walks in through the front door (without knocking or a key!!!!) and apologises for his lateness. Clive immediately asks him if he has ever boxed before. Jim explains that he did a bit a university. Shane asks him if he has ever refereed, Jim looks a bit confused and replies he was involved with the boys club for a bit when Paul got into boxing. Clive explains about the grudge match between Shane and Mike and that they need an impartial referee. Jim reluctantly agrees on the condition that the match is on the level and if he thinks that anyone is going to get hurt, then it is over, no arguments no rematches. Clive and Shane readily agree. Clive leaves saying he has some shopping to do and some books to read up...he has a great biography of Lionel Rosendorf. (No idea who this is at all!) Madge is shocked and tells Jim that she is surprised at him; he must know that the whole thing is going to be a total disaster. Jim insists that it won't be with him in charge.
Ramsay Street
Clive is practicing his jabs and boxing skips as Jane approaches, she tells him that she isn't very happy about the fight at all she hates fighting at the best of times and that she is so confused. Someone is going to get hurt and she wants Clive to stop the fight. She goes on that Shane is fantastic and he doesn't treat her like a little kid but when she was the "dag" of the school Mike paid attention to her and made her feel special. "That someone is going to get hurt and someone is going to lose and I just hate the whole thing"
Clive explains that he has a plan and shows her a book called "Born to win" he explains that it is full of diet and training tips and that by the time he has fully trained Shane he will be too exhausted to fight and that Des is doing the same to Mike. Jane understands now and smiles.
Coffee Shop
Mike and Shane glare at each other as Shane comes into the coffee shop for a drink. Daphne feels that Shane's timing could be better, but Shane snaps at her that he doesn't need a lecture. Daphne asks Mike to make Shane a cup of coffee, Mike sneers does he want it with one lump of arsenic or two. Shane tells him sternly that he is to keep his personal problems out of the coffee shop.
As Mike goes off to make the coffee, Daphne whispers to Eileen that she hates violence and tht she is going to have a few strong words with Clive. Eileen grabs her handbag as Kelly walks into the coffee shop much to the surprise of Daphne.
Ramsay House
Jim and Madge are doing the dishes, as they discuss their lack of parenting skills and whether they have done a good job with their respective off-spring. They both feel that they haven't had as much time with their children as they should have. Jim says he would have been devastated if he had lost Scott in the accident. Madge replies that she has learnt from her own experience of Henry that you can't wrap them in cotton wool. Jim agrees and comments that Madge is a good mate.
Coffee Shop
Des is doing the dishes in the kitchen of the Coffee Shop when Daphne comes in with Kelly; he is far from pleased to see Kelly back. Des reminds Kelly that she was supposed to be in court yesterday. Kelly replies that she came back to give Daphne "this" and hands her an envelope containing $200.00. Des sneers and asks if she got it robbing little old ladies. Kelly defends herself and tells them that she earned it honestly. She had gone back home and cleaned out her room, selling her stereo and records to raise the money. Kelly goes to leave but Des grabs her and tells Daphne to call the police but Daphne doesn't think that that is necessary.
Daphne gently tells Kelly that she isn't leaving until they have had a talk, and she looks like she could do with a bath and a good meal. Kelly softens slightly and explains that she has been sleeping rough; her mother wouldn't even let her stay one night under her roof. But she is worried that Des will call the cops on her. Daphne looks sideways at Des and tells him that he won't.
Des gestures Daphne that he wants to have a quiet word as Daphne asks Kelly to wait outside for her. Des explains gently to Daphne that Kelly has skipped bail if she harbours her then she will also be breaking the law. Daphne replies that it won't come to that she is going to do her best to get Kelly to go to the police.
Outside in the Coffee Shop, Eileen is giving Kelly a lecture she doesn't know what Kelly is up to but the sooner she is locked up the easier she will sleep. As Daphne and Kelly go out of the shop Eileen raises her finger to Daphne and tells her that it is obvious that she has no intention of bringing her to justice. But if Daphne doesn't she will. Daphne replies that she knows what she is doing. Eileen snaps back that she is far from convinced of that she is worried about her unborn grandchild.
As Daphne and Kelly leave the coffee shop, Eileen says to Mike that she doesn't understand Daphne...the people she takes up with! Mike looks put out and replies "Like me and Des" Eileen gets annoyed and tells him not to be ridiculous Desmond and he are not criminals and ushers him away to do some work.
Mike goes off to ask Shane if he is finished with his coffee cup as Jane comes into the shop. Eileen comments on how nice she looks today. Mike immediately goes up to her and apologises for what happened before and puts his hand on her elbow and starts pulling her away from where Shane is sitting. Shane jumps up and puts his hand on her other elbow and starts pulling her in the opposite direction while asking her to sit down at his table. A little tug-of-war takes place with Jane in the middle! Jane gets annoyed and tells them both that if they are going to start up again she is going home and leaves the coffee shop.
Eileen turns on Mike and says now look what you have done. Shane growls at Mike that he just doesn't know when to let up. Through gritted teeth Mike replies "why don't you rack off Ramsay you are the one who butted in. Shane tells him that the only reason she bothers with him is that Jane feels sorry for him. They start pushing and shoving each other and are about to come to blows when Des steps in and pulls them apart. He tells Mike to get behind the counter and asks Shane if there is anything else he wants and that there is going to be no fighting in the coffee shop. Shane pays for the coffee, gives Mike a threatening look and leaves.
Clarke House
Daphne is on the phone asking probing questions about bail and fines. Kelly overhears grabs her bag and as she rushes to the door with it, and accuses Daphne of ringing the cops. Daphne chases after her and stops her just as she is going out of the door and explains that she was talking to her solicitor. She was trying to work out where they go from here and if she will listen then she might know how they can sort it out. Kelly sneers at her "Alright but hurry up, I am not hanging around long enough so you can stall for the cops to get here" Daphne shouts back that she just wants two minutes of her time. Reluctantly Kelly agrees. Daphne tells her that wherever she goes there will be police one of these days they are going to pick her up and if she turns herself in now she is likely to get bail. Kelly starts to go again and sneers no way that old buzzard down at the cop shop loves locking people up.
Daphne continues that she can request an online magistrate and given the circumstances he will probably release Kelly into her custody. Then she can go to court and face the charges. Kelly just dismisses it and replies "Then they throw me into the slammer" Daphne argues that if she has got a job and can pay then she could get off with a fine. Kelly dismisses it saying where is she going to get a job from? Daphne tells her that she and Des know a lot of people who could help. Kelly sneers back that she doesn't want anyone's charity. Daphne shouts at her that she has got to trust someone and sometime. That we are here and ready to help, that she can either start afresh or she can run.....her two minutes is now up...the ball is now in Kelly's court!
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Mike Young, Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0394
Mike Young, Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0394
Eileen Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0394
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Jim Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0394
Jim Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0394
Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0394
Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Mike Young

Mike Young, Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0394
Mike Young, Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Des Clarke

Nell Mangel, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0394
Nell Mangel, Clive Gibbons

Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Jim Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0394
Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Jim Robinson, Clive Gibbons

Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0394
Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Eileen Clarke, Mike Young, Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0394
Eileen Clarke, Mike Young, Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay

Des Clarke, Mike Young, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0394
Des Clarke, Mike Young, Shane Ramsay

Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0394
Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke

Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0394
Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke

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