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Neighbours Episode 0392 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0392
Australian airdate: 25/11/86
UK airdate: 09/05/88
UK Gold: 03/05/94
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Guests: Sam Cole: Thomas Hamston
Dr. Leeman: Angela Disher
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
- Des swatting flies in the coffee shop, telling Daphne he is going to turn the spare room into a nursery.
- Scott is thrilled as Jim throws the keys to his new car at him.
- Scott asks Paul to take his new car for a spin, Mike joins them.
- While out with baby Sam, Clive meets Susan, while giving her engagement ring, the brake of the pram fails and the pram rolls down the hill into the path of the car driven by Paul. Paul swerves to avoid it but the car rolls over several times before coming to a halt.
Random Street
Clive runs and grabs Baby Sam and seeing that he is unscathed by his experience immediately gives him to Susan to check over while he goes and checks the car. He shouts at Susan to call for an ambulance as fast she can; it is Scott, Mike and Paul and they are hurt. Paul and Mike who have cuts to their foreheads come around from their unconscious state but Clive tells them to stop moving as they could make things worse. Scott is still conscious and on seeing this Paul starts to panic about Scott and tells Clive to forget about his car door and look after Scott.
Clive goes to the back of the car to see how Mike is; Clive tells him that if he hasn't injured his neck or his back he will see about getting him out. In the meantime various passers-by manage to get Paul out of the car through the open window. As Mike appears to be alright, Clive pulls him through the window. Mike asks "What about Scott?" Clive tells him to let him worry about Scott.
Susan arrives back and tells Clive that the ambulance should be there in a few minutes. Clive replies the sooner the better as he yanks the driver's door open and climbs in to attend to Scott. Clive feels for the pulse on Scott's neck and says that he is alive but only just. Paul then tries to get in the car over Clive to get to Scott. Clive has to "fight" with him to get him out of the car and holding Paul back tells him that they don't know the extent of his injuries so it is best to leave him until the ambulance arrives. Clive gets back into the front of the car to attend to Scott. Paul climbs in into the back to the car calling Scott's name to try to bring him around.
Coffee Shop
Des comes into the coffee shop wearing a rather fetching green florescent "Hawaiian" shirt and wearing dark sunglasses and doing a slightly Elvis impression with his collar up. Daphne sarcastically tells him what a great shirt it is, and asks him if he has gone colour blind or is he frightened of getting run over on a pedestrian crossing? Des tells her that he was feeling happy and bright so he decided to put on a shirt that matched. He continues in an Elvis style southern drawl "You know me I just sail through the oceans of life, without a care in the world, a hula girl in every port...yes... Mam... I have seen it all Suma, Tahiti, Paygo-paygo (?)...been there done that. But it is always the same old story in your life. You have to love them and leave them." Daphne giggles and playfully hits Des and says that she is glad that he traded in his sea legs and hula girls for me, Captain heartbreak and looking down at her tummy continues "and little Des or Desdemona"
As Daphne goes off to serve a customer with coffee, Des follows and tells a lame joke to the customers about an ugly lady who goes to the doctor and tells him that she is pregnant. The doctor replies "I hope it is a boy or a girl" Des laughs but the customers and Daphne, who puts her hand over her face and shakes her head, don't think it is funny. Des seeing them not laughing tries to cover up his embarrassment by saying that you can never tell what a kid will turn out with a father like that.
Daphne says that she knows and goes off into the kitchen followed by Des. Daphne continues that she wouldn't have married him without doing some research into him, even if he has appalling taste in shirts and leaves the top of the toothpaste. Des tells her that he might be guilty of the toothpaste but that the shirt was a present from his mother and starts swatting flies again (Erinsborough Health Inspector please note!)
Daphne tells Des that he can't think of anyone who will make a better father than him. She is excited because anti-natal classes start in a couple of weeks. Des puts his arms around Daphne and says that good back exercises are just what he needs. Daphne hits him playfully and tells him that that there is nothing to stop him doing back exercises now the classes are for her and the baby.
Going back into the coffee shop he comments that the only classes he is interested in at the moment are the ones Mike should be doing to learn the Saxophone; he then wonders where Mike is and asks Daphne if he is still celebrating. Daphne tells him that they were all on cloud nine earlier so she guesses so. She continues that she is on cloud nine too. Des kisses her and agrees.
Des hopes he isn't too long because his shirt has given him an idea for a "Lauo" Daphne questions him. Des continues you know, a "Lauo" under the stars a Hawaiian feast; he has organised one for this evening. Daphne corrects him and says that it is a Lu`au. And laughs organised I bet, she says and taps him playfully on the nose with a pen.
Random Street
Scott is on a stretcher being put into the ambulance, he has an oxygen mask on. Susan looks extremely worried and asks if he is going to be alright. Clive tells her that he doesn't know but she must go over to the Robinson house and tells them to get to the hospital immediately, he is going with Scott. The Ambulance doors shut and moves off quickly with the lights flashing.
Robinson House
Lucy is sitting in the kitchen looking at a postcard and watching Helen cook. She tells Helen that when she passes her HSC that she would prefer to have a trip to Paris then she could visit Bradley. Jim asks wouldn't she like something a little more substantial like a car but Lucy replies no they breakdown all the time besides what are boys for other than to drive you around. Jim and Helen look at each other astonished. Lucy goes off to set the table.
Helen tells Jim that Paul is a bit surprised that he bought the car for Scott. Paul doesn't think he has done anything to deserve it. Jim replies that charity has never been one of Paul's strong points. Just then the doorbell rings (Is this a first for Ramsay Street an actual doorbell!)
A distraught Susan comes in and tells them that there has been a car accident involving Paul, Mike and Scott and that Paul and Mike seem Ok but Scott is unconscious. Jim grabs his car keys and takes off for the hospital immediately telling Helen that he will call her as soon as he knows anything.
Ramsay House
Madge is giving Charlene a hug and telling her how proud she is of her for getting through the exams. Charlene doesn't know if she has passed yet but Madge is convinced that she will have. Madge asks how the others feel they when. Charlene tells Madge that Jim bought Scott a car for trying so hard. Madge thinks this is very generous of Jim. Charlene thinks she might buy an old "bomb" when she gets a job and work on the engine. Madge feels that is all they need another pair of dirty hands around the place.
Madge suddenly remembers that she had bought Charlene a present too and gives her a small box telling her how pleased she is with her. Charlene opens it up to reveal a gold locket, which she is thrilled with. Madge says "well it isn't a car I am afraid" Charlene replies "Well I would look pretty stupid with a car around my neck!"
There is a knock at the door and an upset Helen arrives with Lucy, and asks if Madge could look after Lucy for a while, she explains that the boys have had an accident and that Scott is unconscious. Charlene wants to go and feels that Scott will need her but Helen doesn't think it is a very good idea and rushes off to the hospital saying she will call when there is any news.
Erinsborough Hospital
Clive comes is giving instructions to another doctor concerning tests for the injured when Daphne and Des arrive and ask how Mike is. Clive tells them that Mike has taken a real bang to the head but other than some cuts and bruises he will be fine, Paul has faired the same. Des wonders if they should call Mike's Mum and Dad but Daphne insists that that is up to Mike and he appears to be out of danger. Clive says that he wishes he could say the same about Scott.
Jim arrives and apologises for the time it took him, he got caught up in traffic. Clive explains that Scott is in emergency and that Dr Limon is doing a CAT scan on Scott; they suspect a fractured skull. He continues that Paul seems fine they are just doing regular checks. Jim wants to know if Jim will be all right. A rather anxious Clive continues that Scott also has respiratory problems and may have damaged his lungs that they have a separate team working on it. They think he may have damaged his chest on the seat belt but he hates to think what would have happened if he hadn't been wearing one.
Clive notices the doctor rushing past Jim, Doctor Limon. She says she has no time to talk now and will see them later and rushes off through the swing doors followed by Clive. Jim wants to know what happened and Des tells him that they managed to roll the car somehow. Jim comments that he wishes that he had never bought the stupid thing. Daphne says that he shouldn't blame himself. Des reassures him by saying that he is sure he had the car checked and there isn't much more than can do at the moment but keep their fingers crossed. Jim bitterly replies that there isn't much more that he can do.
Mike and Paul and Clive come through the swing doors to join them. Des and Daphne pull Mike to one side and ask him how he is. Mike says that he is Ok
Paul and Clive go to join Jim who asks how Scott is; Jim wants to know if Scott is going to die. Clive tells him earnestly not if he has anything to do with it but the tests are the only indication at this stage. Paul gets distressed and wants to know how long it will take. Clive goes off to find out.
Des and Daphne ask Mike if he would like them to call his parents, Mike just dismisses the comments and says that they wouldn't care. Daphne tells him that they care.
Clive's House
Susan is pacing up and down with baby Sam when Madge knocks on the door and comes in to see if she is alright. Susan tells her that they are shaken up but other than that Ok. Madge suggests that she comes over to wait at her house they are expecting a call from Helen if there is any news. Susan says that she could prefer to stay where she is as Clive is due to call. Madge understands and takes baby Sam from Susan and looks at him and remarks that he looks more like Fred everyday. Susan says that she is glad Madge is there because she feels guilty about the accident, when it happened she was only concerned about Sam and not the others. Madge assures her that she was just being a good mother. Susan continues that if she had held onto the Pram then none of this would have happened. Madge assures her again that no one blames her for the accident it was just one of those things.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul is shouting at Clive saying "That is terrific isn't it. Doctor causes fatality" Clive says that he is truly sorry and he has done everything humanly possible to help. Paul snaps back "except use your brain, how could you let a pram run down a hill like that" Clive argues back that it was an accident. Helen intervenes and tells Paul to calm down that this is a hospital and it is neither the time nor the place.
Dr Limon arrives and informs Jim that Scott has a collapsed lung punctured by one of his ribs, it needs to be re-inflated, what she needs now his permission to operate and hands Jim a consent form. Jim signs the form as Doctor Limon asks Clive to scrub up as they may need him
Paul viciously attacks Clive by saying "If you think that that part-time ape is going to operate on my brother then you have another thing coming" Jim tries to silence Paul but Paul continues to shout "It is because of his ridiculous antics that Scott is in there he has proved how irresponsible he is" Doctor Limon insists to Paul that Doctor Gibbons is more than capable of assisting her then turning to Jim says unless you object. Jim stops her and says that he doesn't. Once Doctor Limon has left Jim snaps at Paul that he should calm down or go home he is just making matters worse.
Des, Daphne and Mike have been sitting quietly around the corner listening to all that has been going on. Daphne thinks it is a good idea to get Mike home, but Mike wants to stay in case Scott needs him. Helen insists that there is nothing they can do for the moment and she will ring as soon as there is any news. Des and Daphne take Mike home.
Helen sits down next to Paul and tells him that there is no point in taking it out on Clive. Paul tells her that Clive is an idiot and that he was probably clowning around when it happened. Helen points out that Paul knows that that isn't true and that Clive was giving Susan her engagement ring. Paul looks very bitter.
Ramsay House
Lucy moaning to Charlene that it is unfair: why do kids always have to stay at home? Scott is her brother and Charlene loves him they should be there. Charlene agrees, Lucy wants to know why they can't just get a taxi and go. Madge offers Lucy a piece of chocolate cake and she bitterly says "how can anyone possible eat now". The phone rings and Charlene rushes to answer it...it is Helen is on the phone and she tells Charlene that Scott has three broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Charlene wants to know what if they can't fix it and looks very upset as she puts the phone down. As she comes off the phone Charlene is at the point of tears as she tells them about Scott's condition. Lucy insists that she wants to see him but Madge tells her that they can't at the moment. Charlene continues that Helen will call once there is any further news.
Lucy wants to know if he will die, Madge assures her that he won't and let's have no more of these miserable thoughts. Charlene very tearful now says to Madge "What am I going to do...I love him and he doesn't even know it"
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul moaning to Helen that Scott has had such a bad trot lately and he hasn't helped. Helen tells him that there is no point brooding on it now. Charlene arrives at the hospital to Helen's surprise and says that she was sorry but she was going mental at home and she just wants to see Scott. Jim offers her a seat to sit and wait for news and asks her where Lucy is. Charlene tells her that she is at home in bed as Madge is babysitting her at the Robinsons. Charlene continues that she wishes she hadn't had that fight with Scott; it takes something like this to stop and make you think.
Suddenly there is a clatter of a bed being pushed through the swing doors as Scott is wheeled into recovery. Charlene pleads with the doctors to be able to sit with him. Ignoring her doctor tells them that the surgery went well but that Scott is by no means out of danger. The doctors explain that they have inserted what is known as an intercostal catheter into his lung and in the next few minutes they will know if the lung is inflated properly. Jim asks if he can go and sit with him, the doctor tells him not until the monitor tells them that his condition is stabilised and then only family. Jim asks about his other injuries and the doctor tells him that she has set the fracture to his foot and bandaged his ribs and that the head injuries aren't as bad as they first thought.
Charlene tells the doctor that she isn't family but could she sit with him. The doctor insists that the rules are there for a reason. Charlene gets stubborn and says she will wait until they let her in and goes to sit down and wait.
Jim thanks Clive for assisting, Clive tells him it was the least he could do and Paul gives Clive a threatening look.
Robinson House
Lucy comes out of her bedroom and tells Madge that she can't sleep and could she stay with her until Helen or her Dad comes back. Madge agrees but says that at the moment there is no further news. Lucy says that she couldn't ask for a better big brother than Scott and only bad people should get hurt. Lucy tells the time that Scott took Charlene to a party when he was supposed to be babysitting her and that Paul made them scrub the drive for telling lies. Scott called Paul a fascist - what ever that means and shrugs. Madge laughs and says that she hasn't come across any child that likes to be told what to do you only have to ask Charlene. Lucy says she didn't mind tricking Paul.
Lucy wants to know if Henry ever bossed Charlene around. Lucy cuddles up to Madge and she tells Lucy that Henry use to boss her around. Madge starts reminiscing, about Henry and that he always wanted her to teach him to fly. They used to take him to the airport and buy him model planes. One day he disappeared and they found him 15 feet up a tree with her good red coat. He jumped off shouting "Up Up and away" and landed in the mud completely ruining the coat. When Madge looks down Lucy has fallen asleep in her arms.
Erinsborough Hospital
They are all waiting to hear news of Scott, when the doctor comes out and tells them that luck is on their side and that Scott is now off the critical list.
Helen, Jim and Paul go into see Scott who is now coming around. Scott is very groggy and has a broken conversation with them about events....the pram... how Paul and Mike are...then about the car. Helen and Jim assure him that everything is all right...Sam is Ok and they missed the pram. Paul and Mike are Ok. Then Paul asks how he is feeling and Scott says his legs feel numb. Jim thinks it is just the anaesthetic and asks him to move his knees a bit. Scott tries but can't move them and then tells him that his legs are paralysed...
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Mike Young, Clive Gibbons, Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0392
Mike Young, Clive Gibbons, Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0392
Clive Gibbons, Scott Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0392
Clive Gibbons, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0392
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0392
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Susan Cole, Sam Cole, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0392
Susan Cole, Sam Cole, Clive Gibbons

Susan Cole, Sam Cole, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0392
Susan Cole, Sam Cole, Jim Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0392
Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0392
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0392
Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Jim Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0392
Clive Gibbons, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0392
Lucy Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0392
Charlene Mitchell, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Clive Gibbons

Lucy Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0392
Lucy Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0392
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

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