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Neighbours Episode 0381 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0381
Australian airdate: 10/11/86
UK airdate: 22/04/88
UK Gold: 18/04/94
Writer: Ginny Lowndes
Director: Richard Sarell
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Shane and Jane return from their night in the bush to a very frosty reception from Mike and Mrs Mangel which results in Mike punching Shane to the ground.
Outside the Mangel House
A shocked Jane helps to pick up Shane up from the ground. Mrs Mangel comes between Mike and Shane to stop any further fighting. Shane apologises to Mike for the wise crack it was uncalled for and offers his hand but Mike refuses to accept it calling Shane too gutless to settle the matter. Jane tries to step in to resolve the argument but Mrs Mangel stops her saying she has caused enough trouble.
Shane feels that they aren't interested in the truth. Shane gets on his bike to go and Jane thanks him for everything he has done for her the previous night. She continues that they have to just realise that there is nothing between us. Shane advises her not to take any flak from any of them.
Mrs Mangel is dismayed how Jane can thank Shane after all he has done to her. Jane maintains that he hasn't done anything. Mike wants to know where she was all night then. Jane replies that Shane is right: why should she tell them anything, they are not interested in the truth. They have such vivid imaginations that the truth would only sound boring in comparison. Mike replies that he wants to apologise but Jane tells him that it is obvious he doesn't trust her and that he should grow up.
Inside the Mangel House
Jane is in the living room when Mrs Mangel comes in ranting about how much Jane has embarrassed her in front of the neighbours. She demands to know from Jane what happened last night and what a disputable reputation Shane has with women. Jane tells her for the tenth time nothing happened. Mrs Mangel continues to rant and Jane replies that she has had enough and goes off to have a shower.
Coffee Shop
Mrs Lee is in the coffee shop in a distressed state having just had her bag snatched by a biker. Mrs Lee tells Daphne she won't be able to pay for the cup of tea she has just been served! On Madge coming into the Coffee Shop, Daphne and Madge discuss that they will be glad when they catch the culprit, just as Shane walks into the Coffee Shop with his bike helmet on. Both Daphne and Madge start to give Shane a hard time about the previous evening and where he was. Madge tells Shane that he will be happy to know that she got the money for the house from a different source. Both Madge and Daphne want to know what happened, they had had the whole street worried about their whereabouts. So Shane explains that he had taken Jane to get a bike part way out past Barronger but when they got there the owner wasn't home. So Shane decided to take a short cut home down a bush track. But the road was a bit rough for his bike and it conked out and wouldn't start again. They tried to walk to the main road but it got dark so they bedded down and tried to get some sleep to the morning. He had been a perfect gentleman towards Jane and nothing had happened.
Daphne wants to know if Mike knew he was back, as he was going crazy last night. Shane rubs his jaw and says that he wasn't acting too rationally this morning either. Madge and Daphne both say in unison "he didn't...you didn't" Shane smiles and says he may never whistle again. Madge whacks Shane around the head and says "How dare you be so glib" Shane tells Madge that she will be pleased to know that he walked away. Madge replies that she is and that their family had had enough scandal. Shane thinks if Mike has a chip on his shoulder that is his problem but for now he is tired and hungry (At last a paying customer for the coffee shop! Although no money was actually seen) Daphne tells Shane he is forgetting someone; Jane still has to contend with Mrs Mangel.
Mangel House
Mrs Mangel is waiting in the living room as Jane enters after having her shower wearing her dressing gown. Mrs Mangel continues her onslaught of wanting to know what happened as the door bell goes. Jane goes to answer it much to Mrs Mangel's horror. Mrs Mangel tells her she has no sense of moral decency whatsoever.
It is Charlene at the door; Mrs Mangel tells her that she might have known it would be her skulking in the background. Charlene just wants to know if Jane is Ok. Mrs Mangel thinks she is, no thanks to the Ramsay family. Charlene is defensive and says she doesn't even know what happened. Mrs Mangel thinks that the Ramsays are all tarred with the same brush. That she rued the day that Jane first set eyes on her. Charlene wants to know what she had done. Mrs Mangel replies "you have turned my granddaughter from a decent well bred young lady into a boy-crazy biker's moll. She is even developing the same reputation you have. Jane stops her there and tells her that is enough. She doesn't care what Mrs Mangel says about her but she isn't to talk about her friends like that. Charlene defends Shane but Mrs Mangel has her doubts, she feels that the truth will surface eventually. Mrs Mangel walks off in a huff.
Charlene and Jane go and sit down in the living room. Charlene thinks Jane should tell Mrs Mangel the truth but Jane says why- she really embarrassed Shane and me. Charlene thinks that it is Mike they should be sorry for. He had nearly gone crazy last night and that she had tried to tell him that Jane would not be interested in Shane. Jane looks thoughtful and replies "Says who!"
Robinson House
Scott is making a cup of coffee as Mike is telling him about events. Mike thinks he shouldn't have gone on like he did it has just made things worse. As they sit down at the table where Nicky is Mike remarks that he thought he could trust her. Scott scoffs and says he got the same line from Charlene that you can't trust women further than you can throw a grand piano. Nicky pipes up "I beg your pardon" Scott say that he doesn't mean her. Nicky wants to why not she doesn't qualify or something. Mike says of course she does she just isn't like other women. Nicky replies she must admit she didn't think that someone like Jane would go out with Shane Ramsay. Scott says that he has never been happy since his break up with Charlene.
Nicky goes to answer the doorbell as Charlene enters into the kitchen. She tells him that he is going to lose Jane unless he does something about it quickly. Rather childishly Mike says he doesn't care if Jane wants to go out with someone like Shane Ramsay that is up to her. Charlene replies that Jane is really wrapped in him and she hasn't even looked at another guy since the moment she saw him. Mike just dismisses her comments. But Nicky thinks that Mike is being unfair, that Jane is a really nice girl. Charlene says it is up to Mike does he want her back or not. Mike just sits there brooding into his drink.
Mangel House
Mike arrives at the Mangel house and says that Charlene has had a word with him and that he is willing to listen to her now. Jane thinks that is big of him. Mike says he knew it was a waste of his time coming over, she obviously isn't interested in listening to him he was going to apologise. Jane wants to know why she should; he wasn't interested in listening or trusting her before. Mike scoffs and says that he thought they had something going on but he was obviously wrong. Jane feels that Mike is acting like a little kid. Mike sneers at her that she likes mature guys now like Shane Ramsay. Jane shows Mike the door telling him that compared to Mike, Shane was a perfect gentleman.
Outside Lassiters
Madge meets Mrs Mangel outside Lassiters and remarks of how pleased Mrs Mangel must be to have Jane back safely. Mrs Mangel scoffs and says if it wasn't for her nephew none of this would have happened in the first place. Madge defends Shane by saying he did every thing possible. Paul joins them and chastises Mrs Mangel for being late for work. Mrs Mangel apologises but Paul is not swayed until Madge explains the circumstances. Then he accepts her apology.
Coffee Shop
Shane is still in the coffee shop eating Daphne out of house and home when Paul comes in and starts teasing Shane about being out all night with Jane. But Shane says how impressed he was with Jane she didn't freak out or burst into tears like other women. That just because Jane is shy and quiet that everyone thinks she isn't worth two bob but he thinks that she is worth more than any other women he has met. Daphne looks shocked at this statement and Paul says he is smitten. Shane dismisses this and rushes off.
Out side the Mangel House
Charlene and Jane are sitting on the front steps discussing Mike and Shane. Charlene wants to know if she is going to get back with Mike. Jane doesn't know but thought that she and Mike had something special until now. Charlene encourages her to give him another chance. Jane admits that maybe she has been unfair.
At that moment Scott arrives and bitterly starts laying on the guilt to Jane saying that Mike is really cut up with all this and that he is probably going to fail his exams because of her. That she wouldn't throw Shane Ramsay out the front door. Jane replies that Shane is much more mature than Mike and he wouldn't send Scott over to fight his battles for him. Jane gets up and walks off into the house.
Charlene tells Scott off explaining that she had just talked Jane around to giving Mike another chance. Relationships are a two way street that you have to listen and trust the other party. She goes into the house after Jane leaving Scott standing there.
Robinson House
Nicky and Mike are studying and Nicky asks Mike if he will ever get back with Jane. Mike doesn't think so he doesn't see the point if you can't trust someone. Mike continues that the two of them never had these kinds of fights. Nicky reminds Mike that they had their fair share. Mike replies that it is at times like this he wishes they had never broken up which brings a smile to Nicky's face.
Coffee Shop
Shane enters the Coffee Shop, as Daphne asks him we are friends aren't we. Shane replies "Yes but that doesn't give you the right to butt into my affairs" Daphne replies that Mike is the one that concerns her he is the one that has been forgotten in all this. Shane laughs and says he can hardly forget him as his jaw keeps jogging his memory. Daphne is not very sympathetic she thinks that Mike must have been pretty desperate to do something like that. Shane replies that Mike is lucky he didn't hit him back otherwise he would really have something to feel sorry about. Daphne reasons that Mike seems to love Jane and he needs her more than Shane does at the moment. He hasn't got much self-confidence as it is unlike Shane.
Shane is dismayed. He is not responsible for what goes on in Mike's head. He thinks Jane is better off without him. Scott comes into the Coffee Shop and sneers at Shane that that is the attitude he would expect from Shane. He thought he could talk some sense into Shane at least. He wasn't able to talk any sense into Jane. Scott wants Shane to leave her alone.
Shane gets angry and thinks if Jane means so much to everyone why they are treating her like this. Jane isn't a piece of furniture that you can shove around; she is a human being and a damn good one at that. He thinks they are both right she deserves the best. And that is certainly not what she is getting from any of them.

Outside Lassiters
Jane rushes up to Shane carrying a lovely bunch of flowers. Shane goes all bashful and asks if the flowers are for him. Jane replies that they are for her Gran she feels guilty about the way she treated her. Jane then apologises for the trouble she has caused. Shane doesn't think there is anything to apologise, most of them have nothing better to do than mind everyone else's business. Scott walks have the bridge at Lassiters and sneers at the pair of them. Jane asks if they could go somewhere there is something she would like to say. Shane agrees and says "Let's give them something to talk about" and puts his arm around Jane.
Shane asks Jane how everyone has been treating her. She laughs and tells him that Nan not only thinks she has ruined her reputation but has also become a biker's moll. Shane laughs and asks what about Mike? Jane tells him that she doesn't know and doesn't care and has told him that she doesn't want to see him anymore. She doesn't want to be with someone who doesn't trust her and a relationship without trust doesn't mean anything. Shane says he doesn't know that, he would have probably done exactly the same thing at Mike's age. Jane disagrees, but Shane says that he is no angel; he came pretty close to thumping him back. Jane laughs and replies that she thinks the way he handled Mike and Mrs Mangel was terrific. Everyone can think what they like, she doesn't care.
Shane laughs and says that they don't think too much of him at the moment, that is for sure. Jane replies that she thinks he is probably one of the nicest guys she has ever met. Shane says that they should form some kind of mutual admiration society. Jane asks if they can do that with just of the two of them. Shane laughs and says it is fine by him and puts his hand on Jane's arm. Jane looks shy and makes an excuse that she has to drop the flowers off and get to the exam. Shane offers her a lift on his bike, but Jane thinks that will start everyone talking again. Shane replies most of them think we are having a raging affair anyway it won't make any difference.
Ramsay Street
Nicky and Mike come out of the Robinson house, she tells him not to worry about the exam. Mike agrees and hopes that he can speak to Jane before the exam and sort everything out. Nicky suddenly remembers she has forgotten her notes and rushes back into the house to get them.
Scott walks back up Ramsay Street and says that he hopes Mike does better in the exams than he did talking to those two (Jane and Shane) That they weren't interested. Mike thanks him for trying and says that he hope to talk to Jane before the exam. Scott doesn't think so as he saw Jane with Shane at Lassiters.
Shane rides his motorbike up Ramsay Street into the Mangel drive with Jane on the back. Jane gets off the bike lays the flowers on the back of the motor bike and takes her helmet off and looks over at Mike. At that moment Nicky runs down the driveway to meet Mike in the street. Nicky apologises and says she thought she had lost her notes for a minute and they should go. Mike replies that there is something he wants to do first, something he has missed doing for a long time. He bends forward and kisses Nicky as Jane looks on.
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Mike Young, Nell Mangel, Shane Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0381
Mike Young, Nell Mangel, Shane Ramsay, Jane Harris

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0381
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0381
Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Nikki Dennison, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0381
Nikki Dennison, Scott Robinson

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0381
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0381
Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel, Paul Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0381
Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris

Scott Robinson, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0381
Scott Robinson, Shane Ramsay

Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0381
Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay

Mike Young, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0381
Mike Young, Nikki Dennison

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