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Neighbours Episode 0380 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0380
Australian airdate: 07/11/86
UK airdate: 22/04/88
UK Gold: 18/04/94
Writer: Reg Watson
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Mike telling Clive about Jane being missing with Shane.
Clarke House
Susan in floods of tears telling Daphne about the previous night with Clive, how it was a mistake. She is still I love with Paul the fool that she is. She is now going to have to leave Erinsborough because she can't continue living at Clive's and can't keep working for Paul knowing how she feels about him.
Daphne feels that all her real friends won't want Susan to go, she certainly doesn't. But Susan continues what about Clive. Daphne says that Clive is a big boy and quite intelligent and besides running away didn't solve anything. Although she was tempted to run when she was engaged to Shane and realised she loved Des. If she had married Shane knowing how she felt about Des it would have only led to unhappiness for all three of them. She was lucky she talked it all out with Shane and now Shane knows that she will always love him but only as a friend. Susan wonders if Clive will be happy to settle with just friendship. She really does think the world of him. Daphne says she does too, that is why Susan has to tell him the truth.
Clive's House
Clive and Mike are still discussing the missing pair - Jane and Shane. Clive says that they have checked all the hospitals and the police haven't heard a thing, so it can't be serious. Mike replies aggressively that if you have a girlfriend who spent the night with Shane Ramsay wouldn't you think it was serious. Clive replies not if I trusted her. Mike says he trusts her - it is Shane he doesn't trust. Clive says that Shane knows that Jane is his girlfriend. But Mike is still angry and replies that then why did Shane nick off with her on the back of his motorbike. You know what Shane is like at Lassiters, you can't keep him away from a good looking woman! Clive thinks that Shane wouldn't have deliberately caused all this trouble. Mike argues that Jane has led a very sheltered life and Clive can understand that with living with Mrs Mangel and that he is sure that Jane will make it clear to Shane who her boyfriend is.
Susan comes back and rushes off again to take little Sam to Mrs Kirkwood but not before telling Clive that they must have a serious talk tonight. Clive smiles and says it is nothing he would like to do more.
Mike starts saying how wonderful Susan is to Clive. Mike wants to know what has got into him. Clive replies "Isn't it obvious they have found one another. Mike continues to fret over Jane. Clive thinks that there is a logical and responsible explanation for what happened. Mike replies "There better be for Shane Ramsay's sake."
Robinson House
Jim opens the door to Mrs Mangel and wishes her good morning. Mrs Mangel replies it is hardly a good morning for her, as her Granddaughter is still missing. She continues that she wants to speak to Scott and Nicky. Jim informs her that that they are still sleeping. Mrs Mangel dismayed at this until Jim tells her it is only 7.30 am and they do have an exam today. Mrs Mangel wonders if poor Jane is sleeping in, she hasn't slept all night. She begs him to wake them up. Jim tries to console her and explains that he does know how she is feeling; he felt the same when Lucy went missing.
Mrs Mangel just doesn't know what to do should she contact Jane's parents, she feels so helpless in a situation like this. Jim doesn't think she should contact them yet and then asks what Mr Mangel thinks about it all. Mrs Mangel snaps at him as to why he wants to know. Jim just wanted to know what he thought. Mrs Mangel tells him that he is up in Queensland and he would be of no help whatsoever...a man of few words. No help at all! Mrs Mangel then goes off into a trance and mummers that Mr Mangel often just sits at the dinner table and just stares at her and sometimes doesn't speak and just stares. Jim feels terribly uncomfortable by Mrs Mangel admission and doesn't know what to say and rushes off to wake up Nicky and Scott.
But Mrs Mangel stops him from waking them saying to let them sleep. Mrs Mangel breaks down in tears and tells him that Jane is a good girl and that it is not like her. Jane knows how much she worries if she is just a little bit late. Jim tries to comfort her.
Somewhere in the bush
Jane is looking at a lizard up a tree and calls Shane over to see it. Shane scoffs and replies that she is supposed to be looking for the bike not lizards. Jane looks around and says how pretty it is. Shane thinks that maybe he would appreciate it more, if he knew that the folks in Ramsay street weren't wondering where the hell they had been all night.
Jane agrees she thinks Mrs Mangel will be having kittens. Shane says that they can come back some other time and look at the Lizards. That is if there is another time knowing her grandmother he doubted it.
Jane says Mrs Mangel will be Ok, once they can get to the phone and explain. It is the exams she is worried about. If she misses them she won't have enough marks to go to Uni. Shane assures her she won't miss her exam. He will get them there somehow even if they have to swing through the trees like Tarzan and Jane.
Clarke House
Daphne is staring out of the window when Des comes up and kisses her and wants to know what Susan wanted. Daphne tells him that was a girl to girl chat. Des says that they are now having a wife to husband chat and she can tell him everything. Daphne scoffs and tells him he is too much a sticky beak so she is not going to; Des turns away and pretends to be all hurt. Daphne puts her arms around him and pulls him close and tells him that she has to have secrets from him it gives her a air of mystery. Des just wants to know one thing...."Does Shane know she only loves him as a friend"
Daphne playfully hits Des and accuses him of listening at the door all the time. Des denies he was listening..."Well the door was opened a bit and well.... Daphne laughs and walks away and says he is as bad as Mrs Mangel! Des replies that he was going to tell her before they got married but a bloke has to have some secrets.. as Daphne throws a cushion at him. Des walks towards her as Daphne continues to throw cushions at him....Des laughs and says that he is her husband and that she should show him some respect. Daphne scoffs back (still throwing cushions) Respect...she is of a good mind to ring the bank and tell them he is nothing more than a common eavesdropper. Des finally catches Daphne and pushes her down on to the crouch.
Just as Mike walks in (what a party pooper!) and looks embarrassed and asks if he should come back. Des and Daphne look at one another, Daphne giggles and Des replies...No it is Ok...they were only just talking!!!!
Daphne wants to know if Clive had any helpful suggestions about Jane. Mike shrugs his shoulders and morosely replies that Clive always looks on the bright side of life. Clive is sure that Jane is Ok. Daphne is sure he is right and suggests that Mike does some study while she prepares his breakfast. Mike says he can't really think about anything at the moment. Des is supportive and tells Mike that he can't mope all day and has to concentrate on his exams. Reluctantly Mike agrees. As Mike walks off Daphne asks "where the hell can those two be!"
Somewhere in the bush
Shane and Jane are still stumbling around in the bush and come across a dirt road; Shane shrugs his shoulders and says he could have sworn it was this way. Jane suggests that they flip a coin...tails this way (points left)...heads that way (points right). Shane thinks that they might as well they have tried everything else. He flips the coin and they decide that one should go one way and the other the opposite way and shout if they find the bike.
Jane walks off down the road and in a short while finds the bike against a tree and shouts for Shane. Shane says how about that it had been within their reach all the time they must have been walking around with a few metres of it all the time. And he continues that with any luck it will start. Jane replies that it wouldn't start last night. Shane says that she shouldn't be such a defeatist as he tries to kick (start) the bike over. The bike does not want to start so Jane suggests that they try finding a main road hitching a ride.
Coffee Shop
Daphne is serving Mrs Mangel (the only customer) in the coffee shop. Rather dramatically Mrs Mangel is telling Daphne that Jane is going to miss her exam and for all she knows time is running out on that poor child! That one hears such dreadful stories. Daphne tries to reassure her. Mrs Mangel questions Daphne about Shane...she asks Daphne that she was engaged to Shane between her engagements to Mr Clarke. Did Shane have any depravity towards teenage girls? Daphne laughs and says Shane likes girls but he wouldn't have dragged Jane off against her will.
Clive walks in and starts talking and taking Mrs Mangle's pulse and puts his hands on her forehead asks how Mrs Mangel is....she tells him not very well and that she didn't sleep at all. Clive tell her that she should go home and put her feet up for a while. Mrs Mangel agrees and leaves.
Daphne smirks and tells Clive that since he saved her life she can make Mrs Mangel do anything. Clive says "Poor old thing, he would love to know where those two got to" Daphne agrees and says wouldn't they all! Clive continues that Daphne shouldn't worry that they will turn up larger than life sooner or later.
Rather excitedly Clive says to Daphne that she should congratulate him, things are starting to happen, in fact it has happened, Susan has told her, hasn't she, that she loves him. He knows Susan went to see her first thing this morning. Daphne is cautious and replies that Susan hasn't told her that she loves him; has Susan told him that? Clive replies "No not exactly...not yet" Daphne feels that Clive shouldn't be telling her not until he is sure. But Clive insists that he is sure and that Daphne isn't just someone, she is his best friend in the entire world except for Susan.
The coffee machine repair man walks in the fix that machine. Clive tells him to warm his hands before working on the machine as he leaves. Daphne laughs and tells the repair man that Clive is a doctor. The repair man replies it takes all sorts as he hits the coffee machine with his fist.
Paul's Office
Jim walks into the office and asks Susan if Paul is in, Susan explains that Paul is out with a client and did Jim want to leave a message. Jim says he just wanted to thank Paul for helping out with Scott who had a problem. As Jim is about to leave he asks Susan how she and Paul are getting on. Susan replies that Paul is confusing the hell out of her. She knows that he had a very unhappy marriage but she thought that all that bitterness was behind him. But when Terry died he was like a stranger. Jim tells her that Paul is frightened of getting hurt again. And that any girl who hopes for some sort of serious involvement with him would be well advised to forget about it for the meantime anyway. Susan argues that what if she really feels that she can help him. Jim replies that she will probably get hurt. Paul is his son and that he loves him and he wants him to be happy again and if he had his way he would want Paul to be with someone like Susan. But it is up to Paul to decide, not him. Susan replies maybe she should look elsewhere. Jim agrees if she can find a nice uncomplicated bloke. Clive walks in with a lovely bunch of flowers for Susan and tells her they are from a ardent admirer.
Clarke House
Mrs Mangel knocks on the door and tells Mike that Jane has just telephoned. Mike wants to know if she is Ok. Mrs Mangel says that is to be seen but from the brief discussion on the phone that Jane appears to be alright. Jane claims to have been lost in the bush, which is a likely story. Mike replies why would she lie? Mrs Mangel says why indeed she has lied to protect that Shane Ramsay. Everyone knows his reputation with women; an innocent girl like Jane would be quite a feather in his cap. The neighbours are going to have a field day you know how they like to gossip in the street. Mike wants to know when they will be back. Mrs Mangel tells him that Jane said before the exam but that she intends to be waiting in the street. Mike replies he will be waiting too!
Coffee Shop
Des walks into the coffee shop (which has no customers!) Daphne tells him proudly that this gentleman (the repair man) has managed to fix the cappuccino machine. Des wonders what was wrong with it. Daphne shows him an old sixpence. The repair man points at the machine and tells Des that it was jamming the release value and it took some finding too! Des wants to know how it got in there. Daphne explains that it is not any old sixpence; when she took the shop over the previous owners had taped the very first sixpence they earned to the back of the machine. It must have fallen off and got caught up in the works some how that she had forgotten all about it. Des wants to know why they would do a thing like that. Daphne supposes it was for good luck. Des says that Daphne certainly had good luck ever since she took over the coffee shop; she had married him for a start. Daphne says yes that was the luckiest day of her life and they kiss. The repair man interrupts them by telling them at the cost of repairs is $55.00. As they are shocked at the cost he looks at his watch and says if they argue about it for the next half a hour it will cost another $25.00
Outside the Mangel House
Mike is sitting on the wall waiting for the return of Jane and Shane as Mrs Mangel joins him. Clive drives past and asks if there is any news. Mike tells him that they are on the way back and Clive replies that he knew that they would be alright. Mrs Mangel says that that remains to be seen. Clive wants to know what happened. Mike explains that they said that they got lost in the bush. Clive replies well anyone can do that, but Mike is not convinced. He thinks that only a fool would believe their story, it was just an excuse for them to spend the night together. Mrs Mangel is far from happy with the explanation.
Coffee Shop
Des leaves the coffee shop (still no customers) as Susan walks in the have a chat with Daphne. Des decides to stay but Daphne shoos him out and then asks Susan if she had managed to have a chat with Clive. Susan tells her that Clive had turned up with a bunch of flowers. Clive is such a lovely guy that maybe she could make him happy. He is a good bloke and a good father for little Sam maybe she could learn to love him. Daphne replies that she might also make the two of them desperately unhappy. She thinks that Susan shouldn't rush into anything with Clive but think about things.
Outside the Mangel House
Mrs Mangel and Mike are still waiting outside as Shane's motor bike finally pulls into the driveway with Jane on the back. Mike and Mrs Mangel stand there angrily with their arms crossed. Shane admits responsibility before Mrs Mangel can say anything. But Jane defends him saying that it was no one's fault, that there was nothing they could do and that Mike wouldn't believe what happened to them. Mike is unresolved and replies "Try Me" Shane says that it was getting later and later and that there was no way they could get to a phone so they decided to bed down until daybreak. Mike wants to know where that was exactly. Jane replies in the bush that she had told Nan on the phone. Mike sneers back that it must have been pretty cold out there. Shane lightly brushes away the chain of events by saying that was when the old boy scout training came into its own they relied on each other's body heat to keep them warm and puts his arm lightly around Jane.
Mrs Mangel who hadn't spoken until now snaps at Jane "Jane..I knew it....how could you do this to me" Jane is dismayed by Mike and Mrs Mangel's attitude and wants to know what is wrong with them she thought that they would be happy to see them back safe and sound. Mrs Mangel replies that she will certainly be glad to see the end of Shane Ramsay. Shane is taken aback and asks Mrs Mangel what she is suggesting. Mrs Mangel angrily replies that Shane shouldn't play the innocent with her; both Mike and she both know what really happened last night. Shane is further taken back and asks will you tell us so we will all know. Jane asks Mike "Yes Mike tell us"
But Mike goes off in a huff walking past the two saying he can't be bothered. Shane follows him and puts his hand on Mike's elbow to stop him. Shane tells him that if that is all the trust you have in a girl like Jane you deserve to lose her. Mike angrily replies that he should mind his own business. Shane thinks that someone should talk some sense into him. He would be treating her a hell of a lot better than Mike is at the moment. Jane looks on desperately unhappy at the lack of trust being in her.
Mike gets even angrier and tells Shane that he doesn't need someone like him to tell him what to do. Shane now starts to get angry as well and shouts back he certainly does as Mike is acting like a stupid little kid. It would serve Mike right if he did lose her. Mike replies "What to someone like you?" Shane scoffs "Yeh..... Why not....I wouldn't mind." Mike steps back and punches Shane knocking him to the ground. Jane and Mrs Mangel look on shocked at the turn of events!
<<0379 - 0381>>
Clive Gibbons, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0380
Clive Gibbons, Mike Young

Jim Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0380
Jim Robinson, Nell Mangel

Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0380
Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0380
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0380
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0380
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Mike Young, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0380
Mike Young, Nell Mangel

Shane Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0380
Shane Ramsay, Jane Harris

Shane Ramsay, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0380
Shane Ramsay, Mike Young

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0380
Jane Harris

Mike Young, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0380
Mike Young, Shane Ramsay

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0380
Mike Young

<<0379 - 0381>>
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