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Neighbours Episode 0357 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0357
Australian airdate: 07/10/86
UK airdate: 21/03/88
UK Gold: 15/03/94
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Jane comes to find out what the situation is with Mike and Nikki.
Coffee Shop
Mike tries to protect Nikki's feelings, but Jane wants the bottom line. She tells Mike that if he has anything to say, she'll be out by the lake.
Mike tells Nikki that he doesn't want to lose Jane - he really cares about her. He says things can't be the way they were before between him and Nikki. Nikki puts a brave face on and says Mike had better go and find Jane. She says she doesn't want to be with Mike under false pretences anyway.
When Mike has gone, Nikki starts to cry.
Lassiter's Lake
Jane is throwing stones dejectedly into the lake and crying. Mike approaches her and Jane tells him off for stringing her aong. Mike can't get a word in, so he just gives Jane a pash! He tells her he's sorry he hurt Jane's feelings, but he didn't want to make things worse for Nikki with her mother so ill. He tells Jane that she is the one he wants.
Coffee Shop
Ray and Madge are having coffee. Madge asks Nikki if she's OK. Nikki asks Madge to mind the shop for a bit until Mike gets back because she needs to get back to her mother.
Ray tells Madge that he'll miss her when she goes on the management course, but Madge hasn't decided to go yet. Ray asks Madge why she keeps backing off from him. Madge says she might do the course after all so Ray can have two weeks to come to his senses!
The Office
Paul invites Susan for lunch, but she says she'd better spend time with Sam. Paul takes Susan by the shoulder.
PAUL: Come on. You know how I feel about you?
SUSAN: Mmm-hmm...
They pash in the middle of the office.
Just then Mrs Mangel comes in and interrupts them by coughing! She says she's heard about the housekeeper's vacancy and she wants to apply herself. She gives Paul her references and tells him that she has experience of running a boarding house which has taught her all she knows. Susan asks about Mrs Mangel's lollipop lady job, but she says she and her husband need a higher income.
PAUL: Mrs Mangel, I'm sure you'd make an excellent housekeeper, but...
MRS MANGEL: Then I have the job?
PAUL: I do have someone in mind.
Paul says that the new person won't start for a fortnight, so maybe Mrs Mangel could fill in until then. Mrs Mangel says that once Paul sees the quality of her work he'll want to keep her on permanently! Paul says he needs time to consider, but Mrs Mangel says there's nothing to consider - he needs a housekeeper and her she is! Paul asks her to come back tomorrow.
In the outer office, Mrs Mangel advises Susan not to get involved with her boss - people do like to talk!
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Jane and Mike are revising Shakespeare. Mike makes them a sandwich and then they have a bit of a pash.
Nikki comes into the shop and says she wants to apologise to Jane and Mike. She says she'd like them all to be friends while she's in Erinsborough. She asks if she can study with them. Jane and Mike agree, though Mike would rather pash Jane than study!
The Office
Susan tells Paul that it might not be the best idea that they go to lunch - she wants to avoid gossip until she's more established in the neighbourhood. Paul is seriously considering Mrs Mangel for the housekeeper temp job - her references were excellent and she is honest. Also she's an old scrooge so it would be good for the budget!
SUSAN: Well, I pity the rest of the staff!
Paul suggests that they drive out of town to have lunch, but Susan says she really should give Clive a break from Sam and heads off.
Des and Daphne are reading fertility cycle documents. Daphne says she'll let him know when the time is right!
Mike comes in and tells them that he's made up with Jane. He asks if both Nikki and Jane can come over and do some study tonight. Des raises his eyebrows but they agrees.
When Mike has gone Des and Daphne thinks that it might be two's company, three's a crowd.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Nikki sees Jane and tells her that Mike gets grouchy when he's under pressure. She suggests that Jane stays away from Mike today to let him get over it! Instead she suggests that she and Jane study together. Jane says maybe a break from Mike wouldn't hurt and suggests that Nikki comes with her to the library.
The Office
Paul gives Susan a bunch of roses and tells her to forget about Mrs Mangel's gossiping.
Madge comes in and tells Paul that she has to turn down his offer of the housekeeper's job - she says she can't leave Charlene at exam time. But she admits that the real reason is that she's terrified. Paul reassures her saying she can always go back to the bar if housekeeping doesn't suit her. Madge finally agrees to go to Adelaide to do the course and Paul is very pleased. He gives her the day off to get organised and get on a flight to Adelaide tonight.
Daphne is holding a thermometer while she rings the bank. She tells Des that he has to come home straightaway - it's the right time. Des gets a naughty look on his face and tells her that he's on his way! Des tells a colleague that he has to go home because his wife is cooking a special lunch and he doesn't want to let her down - then he rushes off. His colleague looks at his watch in confusion it's only 10.15am!
The Office
Paul has called Mrs Mangel in. He asks her to fill in for two weeks and she can start tomorrow. Mrs Mangel gets some notes that she's pre-prepared just in case! She says there is room for improvement in the running of Lassiter's(!) She tells Paul that he should think about the intoxicating liqueur in the bedrooms! Paul reminds her that she's only there for two weeks, so he doesn't want her to make any drastic changes. Mrs Mangel is still convinced that once he's seen her work, he'll want her to stay on!
Ray comes to see Madge to congratulate her on deciding to take the course. Madge is fussing over defrosting the fridge and packing! Ray wishes her a wonderful trip and turns to go. Madge apologises for being short with him. Ray says he doesn't understand why Madge is so hot and cold and wants the truth. Madge says that Ray reminds her of Fred a bit. Ray assures her that he'll never treat Madge the way Fred did, but Madge says every gesture and every word Ray says reminds her of Fred. She tells Ray that they are finished - she's not going to make the same mistake twice.
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Nikki Dennison, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0357
Nikki Dennison, Mike Young

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0357
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Madge Mitchell, Ray Murphy in Neighbours Episode 0357
Madge Mitchell, Ray Murphy

Susan Cole, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0357
Susan Cole, Paul Robinson

Susan Cole, Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0357
Susan Cole, Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0357
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0357
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0357
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young

Nikki Dennison, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0357
Nikki Dennison, Jane Harris

Susan Cole, Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0357
Susan Cole, Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0357
Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0357
Daphne Clarke

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0357
Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0357
Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel

Ray Murphy, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0357
Ray Murphy, Madge Mitchell

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