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Neighbours Episode 0356 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0356
Australian airdate: 06/10/86
UK airdate: 18/03/88
UK Gold: 14/03/94
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Nikki: Charlene Fenn
Ray Murphy: Norman Yemm
Hilder Mueller: Valma Pratt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Madge has another run-in with Mrs Meuler and Paul summons her to his office.
The Office
Paul stomps in and tells Susan that Madge and Mrs Meuler have had a row. Susan reasons that it might not all be Madge's fault - she hopes that Paul isn't going to fire Madge as she's doing a good job and the regulars seem to like her. Paul seems a little mollified and Susan says Madge deserves another chance.
Madge comes in at that moment and explains that Mrs Meuler was abusive to her. She asks Paul to hurry up and fire her so she can quit first! Paul says he had intended to fire her but Susan reminded him how good she is at her job. He tells Madge he'll give her another chance but it mustn't happen again. Madge says she'll avoid Mrs Meuler in future, but Paul says he wants Madge to apologise to her! Madge isn't pleased but agrees.
Madge mentions to Paul that Mrs Meuler took some brandy from the bar yesterday, supposedly for the kitchens - but she's since spoken to the chef and he didn't know anything about it. Madge says that judging from the look the chef gave his assistant, they they think Mrs Meuler's honesty isn't all it should be. Paul says it's a serious accusation, but Madge says she's not accusing, she's just saying how it seems to her - she could be wrong. Paul says that Mrs Meuler has been with Lassiters for a very long time and does an excellent job. Also Jack Lassiter thinks very highly of her. Madge says that she may be jumping to conclusions. She thanks Paul for being so reasonable.
Des is looking for the thermometer because he's heard body temperature is important to conception. He finds the thermometer and sticks it in Daphne's mouth.
Mike tells them that Nikki is upset about her Mum so he's giving her some moral support. Daphne doesn't think Jane will be too pleased about it, but Mike says she understands.
Daphne's temperature is a fraction below normal, much to Des's disappointment!
Outside the Ramsays
Charlene and Nikki greet each other excitedly. Charlene explains that noone calls her Lenny anymore, she's Charlene now! Charlene asks Nikki about Mike and she says they went to the movies last night. Nikki says that she doesn't think there's anything serious between Mike and Jane. Mike comes up and invites Nikki to come down to the Coffee Shop with him, since he's working today. They head off, but Jane is watching secretely from across the road.
Charlene goes over to Jane and apologises for being frosty over the cheerleading stuff. Jane is glad that they've made up. She tells Charlene that Mike's dropped her - the minute Nikki came back on the scene, he couldn't care less about Jane.
Outside Lassiters
Madge is practising her apology to Mrs Meuler(!)
The Pub
Madge comes in and tells Ray that she's still got her job but she has to apologise to Mrs Meuler. She goes over to Mrs Meuler and says that she had no right to lose her temper even after extreme provocation(!) Mrs Meuler is surprised that Madge hasn't been fired. Madge tells her that Paul has realised that she's as much an asset to the business as Mrs Meuler, so that puts them on quite an even footing! Mrs Meuler isn't at all pleased. Madge smiles quietly to herself in triumph.
The Office
Paul is following up on Madge's information about the brandy and getting Susan to check the books. Just then, Mrs Meuler comes charging in. She says she can't believe that Paul hasn't fired Madge. Paul says that Madge is doing an excellent job in the bar, but Mrs Meuler says she's run the whole hotel wonderfully for seven years. She says she'll give Paul a week's notice.
MRS MEULER: I refuse to work with that woman. Either she goes, or I go.
Paul tries to reason with Mrs Meuler, but she says she won't change her mind - it's either her or Madge.
When Mrs Meuler has gone, Susan says Paul shouldn't let Mrs Meuler push her around. But Paul says he has no choice, he can't lose his housekeeper.
Jane comes to talk to Daphne about Mike. She explains about Nikki and Mike and Daphne can see Jane is upset. Jane thinks that Mike likes Nikki more than her. Des says she'd better talk to Mike, but Jane doesn't believe he's only lending moral support to Nikki. Daphne says she'll have a word to Mike later so Jane can find out where she stands.
Coffee Shop
Nikki says she's going to try to persuade her mother to move down to Erinsborough so she can be near Mike. He is unenthusiastic and goes off to the kitchen.
Charlene comes in and goes in to the kitchen to talk to Mike. She thinks Mike shouldn't mess Jane around, but Mike says he can't dump Nikki because she's already fragile about her mum. Charlene says he's got rocks in his head - he should treat Jane properly. Mike tells Charlene to butt out and goes off to serve the customers.
The Pub
Madge tells Ray to go away, it doesn't look good for him to hang around all the time - people will talk. Ray says that Madge is always pulling away from him and she should tell him if sh's not interested. Madge says that now is just not the time and the place. Ray says he'll pick her up after her shift so they can have a talk.
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Mike is making salads. Daphne tells him that she's seen Jane and Jane is very upset. Mike says that it's between him and Jane. Daphne tells Mike to be honest with both Jane and Nikki - Jane is upset and Nikki is getting her hopes up, so it's not right. Mike says that Nikki will be gone in a week, but Daphne says that isn't the point. Daphne says that he can't blame Jane for being insecure - he should sort it all out. He can still help Nikki as a friend.
At a table, Nikki is telling Des that it's good to be back with Mike - it's just like old times.
Mike overhears this and tells Daphne that he can't say anything now. He says he might be better off with Nikki anyway. Daphne tells him off, but Mike is unmoved.
The Office
Susan has found several discrepancies in the books - she thinks someone has been skimming quite a lot of money of Lassiter's over the year. Paul says that the bottle of brandy was just the tip of the iceberg.
Paul has called Mrs Meuler in. He's rung Jack Lassiter in Europe to ask him about the stock discrepancies. Paul says that ordering is Mrs Meuler's responsibility therefore she's the only one in a position to defraud the business in this way. Mrs Meuler protests, but Paul says he's got all the facts and figures - enough to prosecute with. Mrs Meuler tries to bluff it out, but as soon as Paul mentions getting the police involves she admits it was her. She says she'll pay back what she can as long as he doesn't call the police. Paul says that he has no choice, but he agrees to take her to the station rather than call them in for the sake of discretion. Noone will need to know why she's left Lassiters.
Ramsay Street
Des and Daphne see Jane on their way back from the Coffee Shop. Daphne says she may have just made things worse, but Jane says she'd better sort it out herself. She decides to go down to the Coffee Shop to talk to both Mike and Nikki.
The Office
Paul has called Madge in. He tells her that Mrs Meuler has left for "personal reasons". Apparently Jack Lassiter has suggested to him that Madge would make a very good housekeeper. Madge is takenaback. Paul says he could offer her training. Madge isn't sure, but Paul says he could send her on a management training course in Adelaide starting in a couple of days. Madge is still unsure and says she'll have to think about it as it's such a responsible job. She says she'll tell Paul tomorrow.
Coffee Shop
Jane comes in to talk to Mike. Nikki says she knows Jane is upset but she doesn't realise how she and Mike feel about each other. Jane asks Mike if this is true. He doesn't want to talk in front of Nikki, but Jane forces the issue.
JANE: Mike's been telling us two different stories. And I'd like to know the truth.
NIKKI: Well, so would I. Well, Mike?
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Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0356
Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0356
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Nikki Dennison, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0356
Charlene Mitchell, Nikki Dennison, Mike Young

Ray Murphy, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0356
Ray Murphy, Madge Mitchell

Susan Cole, Paul Robinson, Hilda Mueller in Neighbours Episode 0356
Susan Cole, Paul Robinson, Hilda Mueller

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0356
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0356
Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young

Mike Young, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0356
Mike Young, Daphne Clarke

Susan Cole, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0356
Susan Cole, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Hilda Mueller in Neighbours Episode 0356
Paul Robinson, Hilda Mueller

Paul Robinson, Hilda Mueller in Neighbours Episode 0356
Paul Robinson, Hilda Mueller

Des Clarke, Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0356
Des Clarke, Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke

Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0356
Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Nikki Dennison, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0356
Nikki Dennison, Mike Young

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0356
Jane Harris

<<0355 - 0357>>
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