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Neighbours Episode 0354 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0354
Australian airdate: 02/10/86
UK airdate: 16/03/88
UK Gold: 10/03/94
Writer: Penny Fraser
Director: Paul Moloney
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Paul tells Jim that Ruth has been lying to him about not having any money.
Ruth says she feels dreadful for taking advantage of Jim and his family. Despite Jim's protestations, she goes off to pack, saying she'll go back to England on the first available flight.
The Pub
Shane is giving Madge a hand to bring up a new keg. When she's out, Mrs Meuler comes in and isn't pleased to see that the bar is untended. But Madge comes back within seconds. Mrs Meuler comments that there aren't any customers in and says that bars do better when run by an attractive younger woman! Obviously Madge doesn't take to kindly to this. She tells Mrs Meuler off for taking a bottle of brandy for a client and makes her sign the book for it.
When Mrs Meuler has gone, Madge fumes. She continues to fume when Ray comes in, but he is generally back in the good books. Shane comes up from the cellar and tells Madge that Ray is her best customer!
Helen and Jim are wondering what to do about Ruth. Helen finds it strange that she kept the money a secret and thinks there must have been a reason. Ruth comes out with her bags packed and Helen tells her that they must talk about the situation.
Lucy comes in and is shocked to see that Ruth is leaving. She is upset to hear that Ruth is going - she says that everyone leaves her, first Bradley and now Ruth. Ruth picks up her bags and goes out to the taxi, saying she's left a cheque for the money she owes Jim.
RUTH: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything.
Lucy asks Helen if there's anything she can do to stop Ruth leaving. Jim says maybe he can stop her and follows Ruth out to the road.
Ramsay Street
Jim pays the taxi driver off and tells Ruth that she can't leave - he says she has to talk to him first.
The Coffee Shop
Mike and Jane are studying history at the counter. They start pashing after a bit though(!) Jane says that Mrs Mangel is being quite accommodating at the moment - she doesn't even mind Jane taking a year off after Uni. Jane says that she'll have to get a job to support herself. Mike says it would be great if they could just travel - lie on the beach all day and party all night.
JANE: Let me know when you win the lottery.
MIKE: I think I already have.
He and Jane start pashing again.
Jim and Ruth come in to have a coffee and sit at a table in the corner.
The Pub
Shane encourages Ray to ask Madge out, so he starts flattering Madge and offers to sort Mrs Meuler out for her! He tells Madge that he's going to buy a new house - a proper bachelor pad. He says he'd like Madge to be his first guest when he moves in.
Ray tells Shane quietly that whenever things are going good with Madge, she backs off. Shane explains that Madge had a hard time with Fred, what with him having affairs and selling off the business - it's not surprising she's cautious. Ray says it's about time Madge had some fun with someone who really cares about her. Ray asks Shane to put in a good word for him with Madge!
Madge is on the phone to Mrs Meuler now, trying to get towels for the bar. Mrs Meuler is being very difficult.
Coffee Shop
Ruth has clammed up and Jim asks her to tell him. Ruth says when you've done something shameful it's easier to run away than to talk about it. Jim says he cares about her and wants her to tell him everything. Ruth says she was enjoying being part of Jim's family so much she couldn't tell him that she wasn't destitute. She just liked the feeling of belonging - her children are grown up and her husband is dead. She says she loves them all - Lucy, Helen, Scott and Jim too. She pretended to be penniless so she could stay with them.
RUTH: It was terribly wrong of me, I know.
Jim lends her his handkerchief and says there's nothing wrong with wanting to be loved.
Helen explains to Lucy that multiple sclerosis isn't contagious. Just then Laura and Nikki arrive and Helen and Lucy greet them excitedly. Nikki asks after Charlene and Mike.
When Nikki and Lucy have gone off to unpack, Helen sees Laura's face and asks her if everything is alright. Laura says it isn't, but they can talk about it later. She goes to put the kettle on.
The Pub
Shane is trying to help Ray to think of a way to ask Madge out. He suggests something casual like a day at the football - there'd be lots of people around so she wouldn't feel threatened. When Madge comes back, Ray asks Madge to go to the races. But she says that she doesn't approve of gambling. Ray says they don't have to bet, they can just watch the horses and the fashions. Madge starts to come round saying it would be nice, but then says she can't because the house is a mess. Shane says that he and Charlene will clean up so she finally agrees.
Mrs Meuler comes in with Madge's towels and tells her to check on her stock before she opens next time!
Madge looks closely at the towels and sees they are very old.
Lucy, Helen, Laura and Nikki are catching up at the kitchen table. Nikki won't let Laura help them clean up, saying that she tires easily.
Helen tells Laura about Madge's job in the bar while Nikki continues to fuss over Laura. Helen suggests that Nikki goes down to the Coffee Shop to see Mike, but Nikki is reluctant to leave Laura. Helen says that she'll keep an eye on Laura - they are sisters after all!
Lassiter's Lake
Jim and Ruth are walking at the lake edge and talking about their respective families. Jim says he was lucky - he had a second glimpse of happiness after Ann died. Jim says that his family will be forgiving of Ruth, but Ruth isn't convinced - she lied to them. Jim says that noone is perfect. He takes Ruth in his arms and gives her a pash!
The Coffee Shop
Mike is rather shocked to see Nikki. He apologises that he didn't say goodbye properly last time and asks after Nikki's mother. Nikki says that things have been awful - her mother's going to die and she has noone to talk to. She says that Ruth won't be careful about her health and Nikki doesn't know what she'll do when Ruth has gone. Mike reassures her and tells Nikki not to let it get to her. Mike says he'll help Nikki as much as he can. Nikki hugs him and tells him she's missed Mike so much. Just then, Jane comes in and sees them hugging. She does not look pleased.
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Ruth Wilson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0354
Ruth Wilson, Jim Robinson

Hilda Mueller, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0354
Hilda Mueller, Madge Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Ruth Wilson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0354
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Ruth Wilson, Jim Robinson

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Ruth Wilson in Neighbours Episode 0354
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Ruth Wilson

Ray Murphy, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0354
Ray Murphy, Madge Mitchell

Shane Ramsay, Ray Murphy in Neighbours Episode 0354
Shane Ramsay, Ray Murphy

Jim Robinson, Ruth Wilson in Neighbours Episode 0354
Jim Robinson, Ruth Wilson

Laura Dennison, Nikki Dennison, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0354
Laura Dennison, Nikki Dennison, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Laura Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0354
Laura Dennison

Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0354
Nikki Dennison

Jim Robinson, Ruth Wilson in Neighbours Episode 0354
Jim Robinson, Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0354
Ruth Wilson, Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Ruth Wilson in Neighbours Episode 0354
Jim Robinson, Ruth Wilson

Nikki Dennison, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0354
Nikki Dennison, Mike Young

Nikki Dennison, Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0354
Nikki Dennison, Mike Young, Jane Harris

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