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Neighbours Episode 0306 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0306
Australian airdate: 28/7/86
UK airdate: 8/1/88
UK Gold: 3/1/94
Writer: John Linton
Director: Riccardo Pellizzeri
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Lucy spies a `Burgular' using bolt cutters to cut the chain of a gate into the driveway of a house.
Ramsay House
Charlene is on the phone and hangs up quickly as Madge comes into the room. Madge suspects that it was Scott on the phone. Charlene denies it was Scott and tells Madge it was a girl from school but she had said she couldn't go to her house as she was grounded. Madge then asks Charlene's advice on which table cloth to use as she has invited Alex Carter over to dinner.
Robinson House
Scott and Mike are studying; Helen comes into the kitchen and informs Scott that she has had a phonecall from Jim and that Rosemary has asked him to stay on as he is doing such a good job. Scott is far from impressed as it means he has to put up with `Mein Fuhrer` for a few more weeks. Helen asks Scott where he's put the groceries; Scott admits he hasn't done them as he had too much homework as Paul comes in. Paul gives Scott a lecture about his responsibilities and how he should be pulling his weight around the house. Which is the reason why he has devised a duty schedule which he sticks on the fridge. Scott whinges about that he has too much homework to do chores!
Lucy arrives home and tells them she saw a man breaking into the `Murphy` House.
Murphy House
Paul, Scott and Mike go and investigate Lucy's wild claims. Paul thinks Lucy is making it all up, but on arrival they find the house been burgled and is in a mess. Paul calls the police.
Robinson House
Lucy is having her knee bandaged while she tells Vicki and her mother all about seeing the burglar. Scott arrives home and tells them about the Murphy house and the police. Vicki's Mother is unhappy about Vicki being at home in the afternoon with the burglar around. Lucy says that Vicki could help her with her paper round. Helen thinks Lucy should give the paper round a miss for a while. It is decided to ask Charlene to baby-sit the `girls` after school for a while.
Clarke House
Daphne is trying to cook dinner as Des kisses her neck to distract her.
DAPHNE: Do you want a taste?
DES: Yes please.
Daphne sticks the spoon his mouth much to Des's disappointment. He then makes her put the spoon down and they kiss. Des wants to miss the first course and go straight to the dessert, but Daphne reminds him that Mike is still in the house.
Ramsay House
Charlene is telling Helen and Madge that she can't baby-sit the girls as she has too much homework to do and besides she is grounded. Charlene takes Lucy off into the living room to give her a boxing lesson, while there she asks Lucy to give Scott a message to meet her in the garage at 9 o'clock. Madge and Helen go into the living room and try to persuade Charlene to look after the girls but she refuses.
Once Helen and Lucy leave Madge tells Charlene she better had a very good excuse as to why she can't look after the girls. Charlene continues to make lame excuses such as she has a lot of homework, going to the library to study and wanting to join the netball team. Madge isn't taking no for an answer as it is the Robinsons and tells Charlene that as from tomorrow she will be looking after the girls.
Robinson House
Scott and Mike are studying at the kitchen table as Lucy whispers in Scott's ear Charlene's message to meet her. Paul arrives home as Helen and Lucy are preparing Dinner and orders Scott and Mike to clear the table as Dinner will be ready in half an hour. Scott wants to continue for a while, Paul then lectures Scott on how untidy his work is unlike Mike's. He comments that it is no wonder his having trouble at school if he can't be organised. Scott storms off in a huff. Mike obviously feels uncomfortable about being there and offers to go back to Des and Daphne's but Helen points out that she thinks they will want some time alone.
Clarke House
A candle light dinner for two with champagne is in progress...Daphne is sitting at the table as Des goes down on one knee to pours her a glass of Champagne. They then kiss then Des asks Daphne if she is hungry she shakes her head. Is she thirsty she shakes her head again...Good he replies. As he pulls Daphne to her feet and kisses her again.........
Robinson House
Paul comes back from the police station moaning that Lucy wasn't much help. Lucy says it wasn't her fault that she didn't get a good look at the burglar besides which she didn't like the policeman asking her the questions. Helen insists that someone else must have seen something.
Paul says he will put the rubbish out, Scott offers to do it for him, but Paul insists that they must stick to the roster. Lucy asks for a sandwich but Paul says she can't have one because it is her bedtime. Lucy is not happy and asks Helen for a least a story. Paul says no - that she has to be asleep. Helen replies that they can't all stick to the schedule and agrees to read her a story. Lucy kisses everyone with the exception of Paul and asks when Dad (Jim) is coming back. Paul calls Lucy back asking for a goodnight kiss.
Once Lucy has left the room, Paul takes Helen to task for giving into Lucy over the story. Helen informs Paul that he can't run his home like he does his business. Paul insists that he is just trying to bring some organisation into the house so that everyone shares the housework for Helen. Helen says that is all very well but she would also like some peace! Paul gets all huffy and says that Helen asks him to move back to help out and if he is not being of any help he could move back to Lasisters. Helen says she doesn't want him to do that and she knows Scott is being difficult but not any different to the way Paul use to act at his age. Paul reluctantly agrees to go easy on Scott.
Scott walks past with the rubbish and Paul asks what he is doing. Paul is not convinced why Scott suddenly wants to do this chore and accuses him of wanting to sneak out to see Charlene. Scott denies this and hands the rubbish to Paul saying he can do if he wants to.
Ramsay House
Tom, Alex and Shane are sitting at the dining table...Shane is thanking Alex for speaking up for him in court: if he hadn't Shane was sure he would take gone to jail. The conversation turns to darts and Tom offers to give Shane and Alex a game. Madge laughs at Tom's suggestion that he is good...it must be least twenty years since Tom as played. Tom is flabbergasted at the suggestion and rushes off to the garage to find the dart board. Alex then comments on some the nice things Madge has in the house and that Tom had shown him Shane's diving trophies. On hearing this Madge tells Shane he should lock them up because there is a burgular in the area and that a little girl next door has seen him breaking into a house in Jackson Street. Alex looks anxious and asks if she was able to recognise the thief but Madge informs him that she was too frightened
Ramsay Garage
Charlene goes off to the garage to meet Scott who is hiding in a large box so he isn't found by Tom. They start moaning about it not being their night...the rubbish bag split over Charlene and Paul is on Scott's back and he had to jump out of his bedroom window to meet her. Charlene asks Scott to do her a favour; she wants to skip school to help a friend and needs him to hand an excuse note into Mr Jackson. Scott argues that the note is another one of her forged notes and at this rate she will fail her HSC. Charlene insists it is important and Scott reluctantly agrees.
Ramsay House
The "adults" are playing darts ....Tom is throwing the darts with his little finger sticking out. The others are taking the mickey out of him as his dart misses all of the circles on the board. Alex throws his darts and scores well. They all joke that Tom is not anyway near Alex's league as Tom's dart completely misses the dartboard!
Clarkes' House
Des dressed in his dressing gown is getting himself a drink of water as Daphne joins him in her nightie. The drink forgotten Des goes to pick Daphne up but Daphne stops him reminding him that he hurt his back once before doing that....and drags him off to the bedroom!!!
Eileen enters the house and starts calling for Des, she looks around the living room she then spies the bedroom and walks in. Obviously shocked by the scene, she shouts..."Desmond!!" And then she comes back into the living room followed by Des and Daphne. Eileen then starts to give Des a lecture about he could have at least waited until he was married and that he is just like his father.
DES: "But Mum we are married!"
EILEEN: "You're what?!"
<<0305 - 0307>>
Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0306
Lucy Robinson

Scott Robinson, Mike Young, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0306
Scott Robinson, Mike Young, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson, Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0306
Paul Robinson, Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Vicki Gibbons, Kate Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0306
Vicki Gibbons, Kate Gibbons

Lucy Robinson, Vicki Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0306
Lucy Robinson, Vicki Gibbons

Kate Gibbons, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0306
Kate Gibbons, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0306
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0306
Charlene Mitchell, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0306
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0306
Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0306
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Shane Ramsay, Alex Carter, Madge Mitchell, Tom Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0306
Shane Ramsay, Alex Carter, Madge Mitchell, Tom Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0306
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Tom Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0306
Tom Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0306
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

<<0305 - 0307>>
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