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Neighbours Episode 0247 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0246 - 0248>>
Episode title: 0247
Australian airdate: 06/05/86
UK airdate: 15/10/87
UK Gold: 12/10/93
Writer: Philip Ryall
Director: Andrew Friedman
Guests: Charlene: Kylie Minogue
Eileen: Myra De Groot
Andrea: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley: Bradley Kilpatrick
Jack: Alan Hopgood
Summary/Images by: Graham
Back yard of No. 26
Helen tells Lucy gently not to upset herself - it isn't what she thinks; her dad has to go into the country on business; Zoe's only going with him-. Lucy interrupts and mutters:
LUCY: I *know* why Zoe's going with him.
Eileen chips in coolly that Lucy needs lessons in respect - but Jim tells her to keep out of it. At that moment, Charlene, Nikki and Scott come out of the house and Charlene smiles that they can dish up now. She then notices the atmosphere and asks what the matter is. Helen, however, insists that nothing's the matter, and she suggests that the teens go back inside and put their books away. Jim takes Lucy aside and asks her how she'd like to come away for the weekend with him and Zoe. Lucy gives him a hug and dashes inside to pack a bag. When she's gone, Paul remarks to his father that Zoe isn't going to be thrilled about this. Jim, however, snaps:
JIM: How do I get it through your thick head that we're going up there on business?
PAUL (grins): I believe you! Haven't got much choice now anyway, have you!
He walks off, leaving Jim to rant at Helen that just once he'd like to have a family that didn't look for any ulterior motive in everything he and Zoe do. Helen says she thinks that lecture Lucy had at school must have had something to do with it.
No. 28
Bradley is working out with Des what to have on the pizza Des is going to order. The 'phone starts ringing and Zoe answers it. Jim comes on and Zoe listens - and her face drops as she discovers Lucy is coming on their trip. She then recovers and tells Jim that Lucy can sleep in *her* room. She hangs up and Andrea remarks that it sounds like she's in for a great weekend! Des adds that Jim always puts his kids first; Zoe can't blame him for that. Zoe explains that Lucy had her sex education lecture today. Andrea suddenly recalls that Des has to take Bradley to *his* lecture, and Des tells Bradley that they'd better go. Bradley mutters that he knows all that stuff anyway! The two of them head out, leaving Andrea to comment to Zoe that it mightn't be *that* bad. Zoe just says she might go over and see Daph for a minute.
No. 24
Shane has just arrived home and Madge serves his dinner, telling him curtly as she does so that it was ready half an hour ago. Danny then comes in through the back door, holding a case of beer for Max, and he apologises for being late. He asks where his dad is, but Madge rants that she has no idea - but she'll give him a piece of her mind when he gets home. She adds tersely that if Max *must* drink beer, he should get it himself; she doesn't like the example he's setting for the boys. Shane sighs at her and tells her lay off - a couple of beers doesn't hurt anybody. Madge serves Danny with his dinner and Danny remarks that it's not like his dad to miss a meal. Shane remarks that he's probably next door, practicing his cooking! Danny laughs:
DANNY: What - pancakes?!
At that moment, the 'phone rings and Madge answers it. She listens and then says:
MADGE: Max? Where on earth are you? ... The *airport*? ... Max Ramsay, I think you'd better tell me what's going on.
She listens further before exclaiming:
MADGE: *Brisbane*?!
No. 26
Lucy walks into the kitchen with a packed bag. Eileen comments to her that she must be very excited about her trip. Helen, however, asks Eileen pointedly to take the cake she's holding out to the people outside. Left alone with Lucy, Helen asks her not to try and rock the boat. She adds that she knows Lucy might not feel like being nice to Zoe, but try and make an effort; she'll enjoy herself a whole lot more. Lucy murmurs that that depends. Helen asks her to promise that she'll try. Lucy, however, refuses to. She tells Helen that Zoe doesn't make her *feel* like being nice.
No. 22
Daphne is making some tea as Zoe sits at the kitchen table and sighs:
ZOE: It *was* going to be a *wonderful* weekend. I'd imagined us strolling down moonlit country lanes, holding hands. I got up this wonderful picture of how it was going to be, and how at the right moment, well... It's not going to happen, is it? Not now.
DAPHNE: Even if Lucy *wasn't* going, you know how Jim feels. I don't think he's ready to take the relationship that far. Not yet.
ZOE (glumly): Maybe not - but it was going to be beautiful. Be miles away from here, from his family, from Lucy... but she's going to make it hell every chance she gets.
Daphne tells her that Lucy's only a child - and whatever happens this weekend, Zoe's going to have to take it in her stride. She goes on that Jim doesn't want to see either her or Lucy hurt, but if they get into some sort of stand- off, he's going to be forced to take sides, and Zoe knows whose side he'd take...
No. 26
Eileen is drying dishes in the kitchen and she thanks Helen for letting her feel useful. She adds that it's Sundays when she feels the loneliness the most - she misses the ritual and routine: church in the mornings... hot scones at 11am... roast lamb and mint sauce at 1pm. Helen asks in surprise if people still *have* Sundays like that! Eileen suggests suddenly that they could bring back those traditions - this Sunday! She goes on that they could invite everyone in Ramsay Street; they could even ask Max and the boys! Helen remarks that she thinks *Madge* might think it would be a good idea; at least it would be a chance for her to talk to her. Eileen smiles that she *heard* about the feud! Helen insists that it's just a little difference of opinion!
No. 24
Charlene is tucking into a pancake and she tells her mother that it's fantastic; she's going to win the contest hands down! Danny, however, remarks:
DANNY: Some contest! Did dad say how long he'd be away?
MADGE: Well, he didn't say very much at *all*, except that your mother was upset and wanted him to go and see her. Apparently she's been back from Hong Kong for some weeks.
CHARLENE: Do you reckon they'll get back together?
SHANE (mutters): No way! Dad's got rocks in his head, rushing up there like that.
CHARLENE (surprised): Don't you *like* your mum or something?
SHANE: Course I do - but *she* was the one that ran away with that whatsisname. We all knew it wouldn't last, and the moment that something goes wrong, what does she do? Rings up dad to come and rescue her.
DANNY: It would be good if they *did* get back together.
MADGE: Oh Danny, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high, if I were you. Obviously your mother's upset at the moment, but I don't think she'll call off the divorce.
Shane gets up and heads out. Danny comments that he reckons there's a good chance that when his dad gets back from Brisbane, he'll have his mum with him.
Paul is sitting with Jack Lassiter and he shows him a contract and points out where to sign. Jack, however, says he doesn't know. Paul asks him if he's had second thoughts about selling. Jack tells him that it just takes him a little while to digest all this legal jargon; he'd like a couple of days to ponder over it. Paul frowns that he thought he *wanted* to sell. Jack suddenly notices Shane standing by the bar and he tells him to bring his drink over. Shane sits down and he and Paul grudgingly acknowledge each other. Jack tells Shane that he's got a great little businesswoman in Daphne: when she opens up shop there, the sky will be the limit - and when he and Daphne get hitched, she'll keep him on his toes! With that, he asks Paul and Shane to excuse him as he has a bit of reading to do. He gets up and leaves. Shane goes to get up as well - but Paul stops him and tells him that he's sorry about the other day: he shouldn't have mouthed off like that. Shane, however, tells him bitterly:
SHANE: Don't worry about it, mate. Look, you were right about a *lot* of things. I *am* just a bloody no- hoper. Some husband I'd make for Daphne or any *other* woman.
PAUL: Oh, now, come on-
SHANE: No, just leave me alone. I came in to drink.
He gets up, leaving Paul looking worried.
No. 28
Andrea emerges from Bradley's room and Des asks if he's asleep. Andrea replies that she certainly hopes so - he's had a pretty emotional day. Des tells her that the lecture made him forget about anything. Andrea laughs and asks Des if he got embarrassed. Des just tells her:
DES: They show films and everything! I think in spite of Bradley's pretence, he got a bit of a shock. Probably why he's been quiet all night. Didn't stop him eating half a pizza, though!
Andrea thanks Des for being so good to him. Des smiles:
DES: I couldn't love him anymore if he was my *real* son.
ANDREA (sincerely): And he couldn't have a better father.
No. 24
Madge is turning off the lights before going to bed, when Shane rolls in drunk. Madge comments to him that he can't be *that* upset about his father going off to Brisbane. Shane replies that he's got nothing to do with it - well, not much, anyway. Madge tells Shane that she's disappointed in him; she thought he had more sense. Shane slurs:
SHANE: Yeah, I'm *very* sensible. Pretty good at everything too, don't you reckon?
MADGE (gently): What is it, Shane? What's wrong?
SHANE (bitterly): What's *wrong*? *Me*, that's what's wrong. Every family's got to have its failure, and I'm it. Shane Ramsay: failure.
MADGE: Shhh - don't want to wake Danny.
SHANE (sarcastically): Oh no, mustn't wake Danny up. He's a big success now. He's got a good job. I don't suppose I should wake Daphne, either, eh, had I? She's got a career too. What's she want to marry a labourer for? That's all I am.
MADGE: Oh Shane, that's nonsense and you know it. You're *not* just a labourer. You've got very good prospects.
SHANE (mutters): It wouldn't matter *what* I did.
With that, he announces that he's tired and going to bed. Madge looks worried.
No. 24
It's lunchtime the next day and Shane is sitting with his head buried on the kitchen table. Madge hands him a glass of water containing headache tablets and tells him to drink it before the fizz goes. He gulps it down. Charlene comes in through the back door and asks her mum if she's heard from Uncle Max, but Madge tells her that there's not a word. Danny comes in through the back door and comments that his dad won't be able to complain about the garden while he's away: he's just weeded all the back yard. Shane tells him tersely that if he thinks his mum's coming back, he can forget it. Changing the subject, Charlene tells everyone that Helen and Eileen want everyone to go to church tomorrow. Shane mutters that there's no way. Madge says to her daughter curtly:
MADGE: You can tell Helen from me that I go to church *regularly*. I haven't seen *her* there recently, and I don't need her to tell me how to run my life.
Danny says *he* won't be there - he's away for the weekend. Madge asks Shane how long it is since *he's* been to church. Danny smiles:
DANNY: It was when Daphne nearly got married to Des.
SHANE (snaps): Danny, shut up. Just leave it, will you?
He winces in pain from his headache.
No. 24
Sometime later, Madge is sitting in an armchair, knitting, when Eileen and Helen come in and Eileen tells Madge that the two of them have come to talk to her about a very important matter. Madge replies that if it's about church tomorrow, Charlene has already told her. Helen comments that it would be nice if Madge could get the boys to come along too. Madge tells her that Shane's coming and she's invited Daphne and Mike, and she thinks even Clive's coming. Eileen says:
EILEEN: I'm sure Jim would like to come too, only he's gone away for the weekend - with Zoe.
Helen clarifies quickly that he had to go and do some work in the country and Lucy's gone with him. She then comments that it's a shame that Max won't be back in time for the pancake competition. Madge, however, tells her that the contest is still on; Max wants Helen to take his place as his proxy. Helen exclaims that she *couldn't*. Madge shrugs:
MADGE: It wouldn't have been much of a contest anyway. My pancakes are hard to beat, if I say so myself.
HELEN (pointedly): Well, I haven't had too many complaints about *mine*.
EILEEN (smiles): Ladies, ladies, there seems to be only one way to decide who's the best.
HELEN (thoughtfully): Yes, well, I suppose I *could* stand in for Max. It would be a shame for everyone to miss out on all the fun!
Madge smiles at her with a rictus grin!
No. 26
Scott is making pancakes in the kitchen as Nikki and Charlene watch. Nikki grins that she bets he can't toss it. Scott gives the pancake a little flick and tosses it successfully. Nikki, however, tells him that *anyone* can do that; you're meant to toss it right up. Scott decides to do as she suggests - and the pancake hits the ceiling and sticks! Charlene asks how you eat it - with a ladder?! At that moment, Helen and Eileen come in and Helen asks Scott what he's doing. Nikki laughs:
NIKKI: Um... he's got his mind on higher things!
Scott asks his gran if he can clean up when he gets back, as he's running really late. Helen sighs that she supposes so. With that, he, Nikki and Charlene head out. Eileen comments to Helen:
EILEEN: Everyone in Ramsay Street seems to have nothing but pancakes on the brain.
At that moment, Scott's pancake peels off the ceiling and lands on Eileen's head! She and Helen burst out laughing!
No. 22
Daphne is in the kitchen when Shane comes in through the back door. She gives him a kiss and comments that she thought he might have come over last night. She goes on that Mike said Shane was going to take him for a diving lesson; how did it go? Shane, however, ignores this and tells her:
SHANE: I got pretty fully last night. That's why I didn't come over.
DAPHNE: Madge popped over this afternoon to tell me how upset you were about Max going off to see Maria like that.
SHANE: That's not what's troubling me.
DAPHNE: Then what?
SHANE: You and me.
DAPHNE: Come on, I can't read your mind. What is it?
SHANE: It's not really you; it's me. You don't have to lumber yourself to someone like me. I'll never be anything. I'll only hold you back.
DAPHNE (astonished): I've never thought anything like that about you.
She approaches Shane, a tender expression on her face. Shane, however, steps back and says:
SHANE: No, no, no, please, please. I don't want to end up like my mum and dad. I want to call off the engagement.
Daphne stares at him in shock.
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Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0247
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0247
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Bradley Townsend, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0247
Bradley Townsend, Des Clarke

Zoe Davis, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0247
Zoe Davis, Andrea Townsend

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0247
Madge Mitchell

Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0247
Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Zoe Davis, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0247
Zoe Davis, Daphne Lawrence

Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0247
Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke

Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0247
Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Danny Ramsay

Jack Lassiter, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0247
Jack Lassiter, Paul Robinson

Des Clarke, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0247
Des Clarke, Andrea Townsend

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0247
Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0247
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0247
Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke

Nikki Dennison, Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0247
Nikki Dennison, Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0247
Eileen Clarke

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0247
Shane Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0247
Daphne Lawrence

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