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Neighbours Episode 0246 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0246
Australian airdate: 05/05/86
UK airdate: 14/10/87
UK Gold: 11/10/93
Writer: Christine McCourt
Director: Andrew Friedman
Guests: Eileen: Myra De Groot
Andrea: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley: Bradley Kilpatrick
Jack: Alan Hopgood
Gavin McKinley: Bruce Kilpatrick
Summary/Images by: Graham
Clive is playing darts as Shane comments slightly sarcastically that he thought Clive couldn't lift anything with that hand! Eileen dashes in suddenly, crying that something terrible has happened. Clive sits her down and tells her to take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Eileen does so. Clive then asks her to tell them exactly what happened. Eileen cries:
EILEEN: Bradley has been kidnapped by Gavin McKinley. He's taken him away to... I don't know where to.
Shane comments that he must be going to the airport - he wants to take Bradley back to Perth. With that, he helps Eileen to her feet and to the door. Jack tells Clive that he'll tell Andrea what's happened.
No. 28/Pacific Bank
Andrea is at No. 28, talking on the 'phone to Des. She tells him in an upset tone that Bradley is missing; she just *knows* Eileen has taken him to Gavin. Des insists that Bradley has probably conned his mum into buying him an ice cream. Andrea, however, insists that she knows Gavin is involved. Des promises to get home as soon as he can. The two of them hang up.
At No. 28, Zoe emerges from her room and asks Andrea what she thinks of her new shoes. Andrea, not really paying attention, just murmurs that they're lovely. She then tells Zoe that Bradley's missing. Zoe asks if Des knows. Andrea nods that he's on his way.
A street
Clive is driving Bertha at a fair speed as Eileen tells him from the back seat to go faster. Clive, however, replies that he can't - Bertha forgot how to do a ton years ago. Eileen exclaims that if they don't find Bradley, Desmond will never forgive her. From the passenger seat, Shane asks Eileen in irritation if she wants them to have an accident. Clive assures Eileen that they'll catch up with McKinley.
No. 28
Zoe and Andrea are sitting at the table when Des arrives home. He asks if Bradley hasn't turned up. Andrea tells him that he hasn't and she asks what they can do. Des insists that he still thinks Bradley's with his mum, but Andrea cries that she would've left a note; Eileen *knows* how worried she is. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Des goes and opens it to Jack, who asks if Andrea's home, adding that it's about Bradley. Andrea joins them and asks in concern what's happened to him. Jack tells her that they think he's headed for the airport, so Shane and Clive have gone after him with Des's mother. Andrea asks how that happened. Jack replies that he doesn't know, but Mrs. Clarke came into the Waterhole and said McKinley had snatched him; she'd taken him to *meet* McKinley for some reason. Andrea exclaims that she *knew* she should never have left her with Bradley. She and Des head out.
A street
In Bertha, Eileen cries that they'll never find him. Shane suggests that they should call the police, but Clive says he thinks they should go a bit longer. At that moment, Eileen spots McKinley's car ahead of them, and Clive puts his foot down. He overtakes McKinley and swerves in front of him, causing McKinley to stop. Clive climbs out of Bertha and says coolly:
CLIVE: Going somewhere, Mr. McKinley?
Ramsay Street
Zoe is collecting post from No. 28's mailbox at the same time as Jim is collecting the post for No. 26. He wanders over and Zoe comments that it can't be time to go yet, as she hasn't finished packing. Jim remarks that she doesn't sound too enthusiastic. Zoe explains that there's been a lot of fuss over Bradley, and she tells him what's happened. Jim says that, if it's all right with her, he'd like to put their departure off until after dinner: Helen has invited Paul across for a barbecue and he thought he should stay and mend some bridges. Zoe smiles:
ZOE: Just as long as I've got you for the whole weekend to myself - *and* the machinery!
JIM: You've got it. The motel rooms are booked; nothing can keep us away.
ZOE (surprised): Motel *rooms*? *Two*? Why?
JIM: Well, I didn't like to presume, and I thought we should take things slowly until we're absolutely sure what we're doing.
ZOE: I *am* sure - but if it makes you happy, that's the way we'll do it. For now!
A street
Gavin McKinley rants at Clive that he almost caused an accident; he could've killed his boy. Clive, however, tells McKinley that he should be talking this over with Des and Andrea, not them. McKinley snaps that he's not talking this over with *anybody*. Clive leans down to Bradley and tells him gently to come home with them. Bradley, however, cries that he can't - his mum will get into trouble; Mrs. Clarke said so. Clive tells him that his mum's *not* going to go to jail - they were making that up so that he'd go with Gavin. McKinley snaps that if they don't get out of his way, he's calling the police. Clive just shrugs that, while he's about it, he can ask them what the penalty is for abduction. McKinley retorts that Bradley came with him of his own free will.
At that moment, Des and Andrea pull up in Des's car and Andrea runs and gives her son a loving hug. McKinley tells her to leave the boy alone - he's Bradley's father. Des says he thinks they should let *Bradley* decide that. Andrea looks at Bradley and says gently:
ANDREA: Bradley? Do you want to stay with your father?
BRADLEY (nods): Yeah.
ANDREA: Then I think you should go to him.
Bradley looks at Des and then at McKinley - and he then walks over to Des, who places an arm round him.
Ramsay Street
Helen pulls up in her car, outside No. 26, and asks Lucy, who's in the passenger seat, if there's anything she wants to ask her. Lucy replies pointedly:
LUCY: Gran, I'm not a child anymore. I know that you don't find babies under cabbages!
They climb out of the car and head towards the house. Jim is outside and he asks how the lecture was. Helen smiles that it was very graphic! Lucy mutters that she's going inside to do her homework. When she's gone, Jim asks Helen if Lucy is still angry with him about Zoe. Helen, however, replies that it's a little more complicated than that: Lucy has just been introduced to the facts of life, and she may view matters and relationships a little differently from now on. Jim remarks that she's not going to be too thrilled about Zoe going with him this weekend, then.
No. 28
Des walks into the house with Bradley, telling him that it's all over now - McKinley won't bother him again. Andrea and Eileen are walking behind them, but Andrea warns Eileen coldly that she's not to think she's coming in. Eileen asks if she can't help. Andrea retorts that she is not going near Bradley again: *she* doesn't want her there and neither does Des. With that, she closes the door in Eileen's face.
Andrea heads inside and Des asks if his mother isn't with her. Andrea replies that she decided not to come in. She turns to Bradley and gives him a hug. She smiles that she loves him - she's so glad he's back; and he doesn't have to worry about her going to jail - Gavin just said that so that Bradley would go with him. Bradley then says:
BRADLEY: You know when you told me to go to my father?
BRADLEY: I went to him because...
ANDREA: Well, because you *think* of him that way.
DES: And I'm glad you *do*.
BRADLEY: But you *aren't* my father - at least, not properly. I thought if you and mum could get married then you'd *really* be my father and we could live with you forever.
Andrea starts to say that it's more complicated than that. Des takes over and tells Bradley:
DES: Your mum and I like each other, but we don't *love* each other. It wouldn't be *right* if we got married.
He goes on that if Bradley wants to look at him as his father, that's fine - 'cos he looks at Bradley as his son - and no one is going to kick them out.
No. 26
Eileen is sitting at the kitchen table with Helen, sobbing that she's practically a *kidnapper*. Helen gives her some tissues and tells her that nobody thinks of her like that. Eileen retorts that Andrea does and Desmond does; but she was only trying to help - how was *she* to know that that man was going to trick her? Helen suggests that she go over to Des and apologise. Eileen, however, replies that he's under that woman's thumb; he's so gullible. Helen retorts that he's a grown man. Eileen cries that Andrea will poison his mind against her. At that moment, Paul arrives and Helen apologises because they're running a bit late. She adds that his father's outside fixing the barbecue; why doesn't he go and say hello? Paul nods that he will in a minute. He then asks:
PAUL: Zoe coming tonight?
PAUL: Has dad told you that Zoe's going away with him for the weekend?
HELEN: Yes, yes, he's told me.
EILEEN: Do you think that's wise, them going away together?
HELEN: And why not?
EILEEN: Well, you know how people love to gossip about... well... after all, that'll only add fuel to the fire, won't it.
HELEN (tersely): The only people talking it are the people who have nothing better to do, Eileen.
EILEEN: Oh, I agree, I agree. Zoe's such a pretty young thing, isn't she?
No. 26
A short time later, Helen is guiding Eileen to the front door, telling her that the sooner she gets it over and done with, the happier she'll be. Eileen asks what she'll do if Des won't see her. Helen, however, insists that he will - and she suggests that Eileen come back afterwards and join them for the barbecue; she can tell her all about it.
Eileen heads out and Helen rejoins Paul in the kitchen, where she asks him angrily how he could talk about his father going away with Zoe in front of Eileen. Paul shrugs that he didn't know it was a secret. Helen retorts that he knew what he was doing. Paul sighs that he didn't come there to make trouble. Helen appeals to him to try and remember that he promised to mind his own business. At that moment, Lucy runs in and jumps into Paul's arms, beaming that she didn't know he was there! She asks what he's minding his business about and he tells her that it's just to do with capital investment strategy. He then adds:
PAUL: What's much *more* interesting is I hear you're the official expert on sex in this family!
No. 28
Des is standing at the front door with Eileen, who pleads with him through her tears to please let her in. Des demands to know why he should. Eileen cries:
EILEEN: Because you're my son... and I love you... and you wouldn't want to send me back to my unit when I'm on my knees, begging your forgiveness.
Des lets her in just to explain. He asks Andrea and Bradley to leave them alone for a while. They get up and head to the bedroom area. Eileen asks Des to please let her make it up to him. Des, however, tells her that he's not sure he wants anything more to do with her. Eileen asks if good intentions don't count; she only wanted him to be happy. Des tells her sternly:
DES: The point is, mum, you can't go on making decisions for me. I know you don't care about Bradley-
EILEEN: Desmond...
DES: But you've got no right to assume *I* don't. You're just lucky he wasn't hurt.
EILEEN (sniffs): You're right. I interfered and I shouldn't have. And I promise... I promise I'll never do it again.
DES (murmurs): Yeah, I've heard *that* before.
EILEEN: But this time I mean it - really I do. Oh look, I know I've been overprotective-
DES (pointedly): Interfering.
EILEEN: Well, maybe. But it's only because I had to bring you up all by myself, with no help from your father. I'll change. I swear I will.
Des gives in and tells her that he'll give her another chance. Eileen sobs that he's made the right choice. Des warns her that if she makes one more move to get rid of Andrea or Bradley, she's out. Eileen insists that she won't say another word. At that moment, Zoe emerges from her room and Eileen asks her through her tears if she's all packed. Zoe shrugs that she is, more or less. Eileen comments that she heard she's going away for a weekend in the country with Jim Robinson. Zoe asks her who told *her*. Eileen smiles that things get around. She adds:
EILEEN: I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
ZOE: Thank you.
EILEEN: Though one wonders what you'll have to talk about for a whole weekend.
Des rolls his eyes in mock despair!
At the bar, Jack serves Clive and Shane with beers to make up for the ones they had to leave before. He then tells them that they did a really terrific job with that McKinley feller; he didn't think he'd go so quietly. Shane smiles:
SHANE: It was mainly Clive. It was left to me, I would've flattened him and ruined everything.
Jack comments that the main thing is that Andrea got her kid back. He goes on that she's a toughie - and she's got guts; it's not often you get guts and glamour in the same package. Clive smiles that it sounds like he fancies her! Jack grins that as women go, she's easy on the eye! With that, he goes to get himself something to eat. Shane and Clive go and sit down at a table and Shane says:
SHANE: Clive... I meant it before when I said that it was mainly due to you we got Bradley back. I wish I could control my temper like you.
CLIVE: Oh, come on, you're all right.
SHANE: I just don't think things through first.
CLIVE: Like when you hit Paul?
SHANE: Maybe, but he asked for it.
CLIVE: You can make it up with him, can't you?
SHANE (coolly): Why should I? It was *his* fault.
CLIVE: Does it matter?
SHANE (snaps): It does to *me*.
Back yard of No. 26
Eileen is sitting with Helen, who comments to her that she certainly looks a lot happier than when last she saw her. Eileen remarks that she's had such a day, but Desmond has forgiven her and she's sure he'll eventually come to his senses over that horrible woman. Lucy walks over with some plates and asks Helen if they need anything else. Helen asks her to get some paper napkins.
Over by the barbecue, Paul is telling Jim that the biggest deal he's involved in at the moment is buying Lassiter's. Helen calls over to ask how he managed *that*. Paul just touches his nose to indicate it's a secret! Lucy returns with some napkins and groans that she's starved. Helen tells her that they're just waiting for Scott and the girls to come back from the library. Jim says he wishes they'd hurry up - the meat's starting to burn and they *know* he wants to get away tonight. Eileen smiles:
EILEEN: I understand why you want to get away early. Young Zoe's such a pretty little thing, isn't she?
JIM (coolly): That's not why I want to get away.
PAUL (smiles): Oh come on, dad, why deny it?
JIM (snaps): Can we drop it, please?
LUCY (frowns): Dad, are you *really* taking Zoe with you?
JIM: Yes I am. She's interested in mechanical things and I thought she might enjoy the weekend away.
LUCY (angrily):I don't *believe you*.
HELEN: That's enough, Lucy.
LUCY (darkly to Jim): I know *exactly* why you're taking her away.
Jim glares at her.
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Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke

Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0246
Andrea Townsend

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Des Clarke

Andrea Townsend, Jack Lassiter, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Andrea Townsend, Jack Lassiter, Des Clarke

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0246
Clive Gibbons

Jim Robinson, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0246
Jim Robinson, Zoe Davis

Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke, Shane Ramsay, Gavin McKinley, Bradley Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0246
Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke, Shane Ramsay, Gavin McKinley, Bradley Townsend

Clive Gibbons, Gavin McKinley, Andrea Townsend, Bradley Townsend, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Clive Gibbons, Gavin McKinley, Andrea Townsend, Bradley Townsend, Des Clarke

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0246
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0246
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Eileen Clarke

Bradley Townsend, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Bradley Townsend, Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke

Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0246
Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0246
Zoe Davis

Jack Lassiter, Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0246
Jack Lassiter, Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0246
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Eileen Clarke

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0246
Jim Robinson

Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0246
Lucy Robinson

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