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Neighbours Episode 0232 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0232
Australian airdate: 15/04/86
UK airdate: 24/09/87
UK Gold: 21/09/93
Writer: C.V. Schofield
Director: Mark Callan
Guests: Jack Lassiter Alan Hopgood
Andrea Townsend Regina Gaigalas
Summary/Images by: Carly/David
- Lucy telling Zoe she hates her and sending her away.
Number 26
Jim asks Lucy who was at the door and wrongly assumes she was talking to Bradley (who he has forbid her to see). But Lucy accidentally divulges that it was Zoe, and he gets annoyed when he hears what she said to her. Lucy goes outside and Jim starts to walk the opposite direction but Helen wonders if he's going the right way.
HELEN: In my opinion that little girl out there needs you more than Zoe does.
Jim understands but is frustrated: is he just supposed to wait till everyone is an adult before he can date again? Helen gives him her best 'mother-in-law knows best' look and reasserts that he should go and check on Lucy.
Number 26 Backyard
Jim finds Lucy sadly playing on the tra-mam-po-line (tm Homer Simpson), and tells her that he was thinking about seeing a movie later. Lucy glumly asks if "she's" coming and Jim says that he wants to try and treat Zoe as if she were one of the family. Lucy retorts that they've already got lots of family.
JIM: What about your poor old dad, can't he have a friend?
LUCY: You've got plenty of friends.
JIM: I mean a special friend.
LUCY: You've got Mr. Ramsay: you always said he was your best friend.
Quickly changing tack, Jim asks Lucy what will happen when she and Scott are older and he's left all alone. Shouldn't he have someone with him who likes him best of all? At this, Lucy looks hurt and goes back to her bouncing, yelling at her dad that Zoe has messed up their family and he doesn't even care.
Number 22
Daphne's in a cleaning frenzy and Shane comments that with their combined work hours they never get to spend any quality time together. They start to kiss but Zoe interrupts them, needing a girly chat. Shane leaves and Zoe tries not to cry while telling Daphne that Lucy hates her. Daphne has to wonder if Jim and Zoe *really* love each another or if Zoe has residing daddy issues and sees Jim as some sort of father figure. Zoe replies that it's nothing like that but Daphne urges her to have a serious think about things.
Number 26 Backyard
Scott tries to comfort Lucy when they notice Nikki carrying out a box of Paul's belongings to the garage. Lucy's outraged but Nikki snarks that they care more about Paul now he's gone than when he was living with them! Scott and Lucy tell her she's wrong so Nikki tells them to "grow up", but Lucy yells that she'll prove to Nikki just how grown up she really is. Um, OK?
Ramsay Street
Jim spies Zoe walking back from #22 and runs through the absolute jungle that his is front yard to catch up with her. He asks how she is and says that he's going to get Lucy to apologize later. They kiss and Jim says that his family will come around to the idea of them being together.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul meets up again with Jack Lassiter, who invites him to lunch... in his caravan. Paul's astonished that Jack would rather live in the sticks than in the lap of luxury, but Jack can't believe that Paul's choosing the hotel over his family home - who's the crazy one now?
Number 26
Helen asks Jim when he's going to speak to Paul and sort everything out, but old Jim ain't giving in till Paul says sorry. Max drops around for a few beers and puts in his 2c about Paul moving out and Jim's relationship with Zoe. Tactless as ever, Max winks that he'd love to have a fling with a bird like her.
Jack's Caravan
Paul helps Jack cook the snags and asks why he built Lassiter's if he doesn't even like it. Jack replies that he did it for his wife - he promised her that if he ever struck it rich he'd build a palace for her. He then reveals that she passed away 12 months ago. Paul thinks Jack was still lucky to have a good marriage for as long as he did. He then says that if Jack ever wanted to sell the hotel then his company would be very interested in buying it.
Number 28
Andrea is being uncharacteristically nice to Zoe and tells her that her happiness is the most important thing, and that Jim's family should be more understanding. Lucy arrives and Zoe assumes that she's there to deliver an apology, but Lucy simply says she's stopped by to see Bradley (going against her dad's wishes again in her own little defiant way). Chiding Zoe, Andrea says that she needs to get Lucy onside if she ever wants to marry Jim. Zoe retorts that Andrea just can't wait to see the back of her so she can run the place, and Andrea doesn't do much to convince her otherwise!
Number 26
Helen is busy painting a stock standard 'fruit bowl' portrait while Nikki completes an assignment... or at least tries to as Scott has his music blaring too loud. They squabble about it until Helen sorts it out (making Scott wear some headphones). Nikki complains that it wouldn't be so bad if there was a spare room for her - she's really pushing for Paul's room, isn't she! He hasn't even been gone two days!
Number 22 Backyard
Daphne hangs out some washing and Shane almost hangs out of his short-shorts whilst he's gardening (they really are most unfortunately tiny). The chat about the topic of the month (Jim/Zoe/Paul, what else?), and Shane says that Zoe is too unpredictable and that it was a good thing that Paul moved out and got his own space. He then says that Paul and Zoe would make a perfect couple "like us". Well that says it all really, doesn't it!
Lassiter's Complex
Zoe finds Paul perusing the paper and drinking a very non-macho cocktail, complete with pink umbrella. Zoe says she sorry for all the trouble and asks him if he wants her to keep working for him. Paul says that it's up to her, but then quietly confesses that he doesn't want her to go.
ZOE: OK... we'll leave things the way they are then.
She makes to walk away but Paul can't help asking if things between her and his father are serious.
ZOE: Do I love him?
PAUL: Yes.
ZOE: Yes I do.
PAUL: (resigned) That's all I wanted to hear.
ZOE: I've caused enough trouble in your family, Paul. I won't do anything to make it worse.
Zoe looks sad and leaves while Paul glumly rests his head on his arms.
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Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0232
Lucy Robinson

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0232
Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0232
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0232
Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0232
Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence

Zoe Davis, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0232
Zoe Davis, Daphne Lawrence

Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0232
Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Nikki Dennison

Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0232
Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Jack Lassiter in Neighbours Episode 0232
Paul Robinson, Jack Lassiter

Max Ramsay, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0232
Max Ramsay, Jim Robinson

Jack Lassiter, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0232
Jack Lassiter, Paul Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0232
Lucy Robinson, Zoe Davis

Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0232
Andrea Townsend

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0232
Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0232
Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0232
Shane Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0232
Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay

Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0232
Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson

Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0232
Zoe Davis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0232
Paul Robinson

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