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Neighbours Episode 0200 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0200
Australian airdate: 28/02/86
UK airdate: 10/08/87
UK Gold: 06/08/93
Writer: C.V. Schofield
Director: Julian McSwiney
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Beth Travers: Virginia Hey
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Des suggesting to Max that he quit while he's ahead on the horses. Max insisting that he's got the nerve to carry it through.
- Beth Travers telling Shane that there's no reason why they can't be friends - but Shane retorting that he thinks they should keep things between them strictly business.
- Beth Travers trapping Shane in her cellar.
Beth Travers' cellar
Beth is standing outside the cellar, leaning against the door, as Shane calls from inside that the door's jammed and he can't get out. He tries the handle again and yells:
SHANE: Beth? Beth, are you there?
Beth calls back suddenly:
BETH: I'm not going to let you out, Shane - I mean it. You can stay there.
Looking shocked, Shane cries that a joke's a joke. Beth, however, says coldly:
BETH: You shouldn't have done it, Shane.
SHANE (in exasperation): Done *what*? Come on, Beth.
Beth just retorts:
BETH: If *I* can't have you, *nobody* can.
With that, she runs off, leaving Shane stuck in the cellar yelling out her name.
Potential new office of the Rosemary Daniels Corporation
Rosemary indicates a desk and asks Paul if that's where he'd like to sit. Paul, however, points out tersely that he hasn't *decided* anything yet. Rosemary warns him that he'd better be quick, as there are plenty of others. Paul, though, retorts that she's got to be joking. Rosemary demands:
ROSEMARY: Why, what's wrong with it?
PAUL (bluntly): It doesn't exactly reek of success.
ROSEMARY (suggests): A challenge.
PAUL (coolly): It's a *handicap*.
ROSEMARY: It's how I started in the States
PAUL: Did you have any other *choice*?
ROSEMARY: Of course, if you want to play it *safe*...
PAUL: At least I know what's ahead of me: I can trust the people I'm working with - and besides, I don't have to take orders from--
ROSEMARY: A woman?
PAUL: It's not just that: I don't think I could work with *you*.
ROSEMARY: Why not?
PAUL: Because I don't want to be a yes-man. Apart from that, you fired me once before and you can do it again at any time. I don't want to have to look out to see if you're going to stab me in the back at any stage. Besides, I--
ROSEMARY (taunts): Oh yes, come on, Paul, get it all off your chest.
PAUL: I don't think it'll work out financially. I can do *better* than this.
ROSEMARY (smiles): Oh well, that's put paid to any doubts that I might have had! I think you'll be *great* in the job, Paul. Look, we don't have to like each other, but we have to be *honest* with other. Now we've cleared the air, we know where we stand. How about it, Paul?
Paul stares at Rosemary and says:
PAUL: You really think we could work together?
ROSEMARY (sincerely): Yes, I do. Look, say yes, Paul, and get it over with.
Rosemary then announces that she has to make a 'phone call. She asks Paul to lock-up for her and adds that she'll meet him downstairs. As she goes to head out, she turns and says:
ROSEMARY: I'm sorry you feel you can't trust me. You know, that's the trouble in business: a man is seen as tough and competitive; a woman... she's a dragon.
With that, she leaves Paul to it. He wanders round the office and then sits down on the chair behind the desk, looking thoughtful.
Pacific Bank
Des hangs up the 'phone and tells Danny that they're doing all right so far. Danny sighs that there's only one more race to go, thank goodness. He tells Des that he'd better put the bet on 'Crispin's Choice' - but before Danny can head out, a young guy runs up to the counter and calls to him in an urgent tone. Danny turns to him and says:
DANNY: Bruce! Hiya! What's up?
BRUCE (quickly): The last race: have you put your money on, yet?
DANNY: We were just about to then. Why?
BRUCE: I made a mistake in the programming. I just ran it through the computer again and 'Crispin's Choice' is wrong. It's 'Drover's Dream' to win, OK?
Des asks anxiously if 'Crispin's Choice' has been scratched. Bruce, however, explains that it's just computer error. Danny thanks Bruce for getting there in time and saving his bacon. Bruce heads off, and Danny goes to the 'phone. He tells Des that he's calling Max, as he'd better speak to him before changing the bet. Des warns him that he'd better hurry or they'll miss the last race. Danny just retorts:
DANNY: Yeah, but do we put all the money on or not? I'd hate to lose everything.
DES (points out): The system hasn't failed us *yet*.
Danny hangs up the 'phone, sighing that Max isn't home. He asks what they do. Des takes out a coin and suggests:
DES: Heads we play safe, tails we bet the lot.
He tosses the coin and then announces:
DES: Tails.
DANNY (shrugs): OK...
Beth Travers' back garden
Clive arrives back at Beth Travers' place and starts calling for Shane. Beth emerges from the house and tells him:
BETH: Shane's not here.
CLIVE (looking surprised): I've only been gone a couple of hours. He couldn't've finished.
BETH: Well, you know what Shane's like: he's a fast worker when he wants to be.
Beth then takes a cheque out of her pocket and hands it to Clive. He suggests that he'd better make sure they earned it - but Beth assures him quickly that everything's fine: she checked it. Clive notices that Shane has left all the gear lying around, and he suggests he'd better clean up. Beth, however, grabs his arm and tells him:
BETH: No, don't bother.
CLIVE: You sure?
BETH: Yeah, you go on. I'll see you later.
As the two of them start walking down the path, Clive remarks:
CLIVE: Funny - he didn't say anything to *me* about going early.
BETH (shrugs): I suppose he just decided to.
CLIVE: Where'd he go: *his* place?
BETH: As far as I know.
Clive accepts this and starts walking down the path. He then stops in his tracks, a puzzled expression crossing his face, and turns and says to Beth:
CLIVE: How'd he get home? He was expecting me to give him a lift.
BETH (looking caught-out): Erm... I, I don't... er, bus, I guess.
CLIVE (looking amused): Shane Ramsay on public transport? Ha!
With that, Clive walks off. Beth watches him go, a stern expression on her face.
Coffee Shop
Zoe is talking on the 'phone behind the counter at the Coffee Shop, calling a Mr. Bryce about the job he's advertised for a secretary/receptionist. The door to the shop opens and Mike comes in. Daphne, who's unpinning some notices from the noticeboard, smiles at him and asks how the new place is. Mike replies that it's good. He adds that Clive came over and said she'd probably want to know how he was getting on. Daphne asks what the new people are like. Mike tells her that the lady he's living with is a good cook and he's got a room to himself. Zoe slams down the 'phone suddenly and snaps:
ZOE: Those people make me so *mad*. All they want is experience and references. *I* can't afford to live on the dole, what with the price of champagne and everything!
DAPHNE: I thought *Des* bought you that?
ZOE (admits): Good point!
She then suggests to Daphne:
ZOE: Why don't *you* write me a reference?
Daphne doesn't look impressed! Zoe goes on:
ZOE: 'Personal Secretary to Daphne Lawrence Enterprises'. It would be perfect!
Daphne, however, takes the rolled-up poster she's taken down from the noticeboard and bops Zoe on the head with it!
Beth Travers' cellar
Shane is sitting in the cellar. The door opens suddenly and Beth comes in. Shane stands up and snaps:
SHANE: About time. I want *out* of here.
Beth, however, replies coldly:
BETH: You stay there.
She then holds up a chain with a key dangling from it and warns:
BETH: It's a deadlock. If I slam it, you'll be here all night.
SHANE (pleads): Come on, Beth, this isn't funny.
Shane then tries to grab the key from Beth, but she pulls it away quickly and snaps:
BETH: I'm not letting you go, Shane.
SHANE (sighs): All right, all right, what am I gonna do: stay *here*? You wanna *talk*?
Beth nods her head. Shane suggests:
SHANE: OK - but look, we'll be much more comfortable in the house.
Beth just mutters angrily:
BETH: You must think I'm *stupid*. Five seconds and you'd be *gone*.
SHANE: You know, I think this is against the law, Beth.
BETH: Who cares?
SHANE: *I* do. I want out of here. I mean, what are you up to? What have you got me locked in here for? Clive will be back to pick me up in a minute.
BETH (shrugs): He's been and gone.
SHANE (gasps): What?
BETH: Ten minutes ago. I told him you left.
SHANE: He'll be back.
BETH: I told him I was going away on holidays and I wouldn't be back for at least two weeks.
SHANE (angrily, pointing his finger accusingly): You better be joking, Beth. This is *crazy*.
BETH: You mean *I'm* crazy, don't you?
SHANE: Of course not. It's just a crazy thing to do, you know? What do you *want* from me? What am I supposed to do: stay here forever? It's not doing either of us any good, you know.
BETH (hesitantly): I... I just thought if I got you in here, that I... I thought... I don't know... I thought we might be able...
SHANE: Come on, Beth, just tell me what you want. Come on: we can work this out together. I'm not going to hurt you.
Beth, however, realises that Shane has started taking small steps towards her, and she snaps suddenly:
BETH: Don't try and con me, Shane. I'm not as dumb as you think.
With that, she dashes out of the cellar and closes the door, leaving Shane trapped again.
No. 26
Helen is folding up some washing in the kitchen when Rosemary comes in and sits down at the table. Helen comments to her:
HELEN: So Paul *is* taking the job, hm?
ROSEMARY (looking surprised): Is he? *I* didn't know.
HELEN: As far as *he's* concerned he is: he just 'phoned.
Rosemary tells Helen that it was a good idea of hers, suggesting him for the job. Helen takes a sheet out of the washing basket and Rosemary offers to help her fold it. As she stands up and takes one end of the sheet, she says:
ROSEMARY: Remember how Anne and I used to always fight to do this?
HELEN (smiles): So you did!
ROSEMARY: You must miss her...
Rosemary hesitates before then saying:
ROSEMARY: Look, I know this is probably not the right time, but have you been able to contact-
HELEN: Your mother? No, not exactly. Well, I did hear of a friend of hers, but maybe it isn't the same woman? It's so long ago. Oh darling, do you think it's really *wise*?
ROSEMARY (sighs): Mum, the more I think about it, the more determined I become. It's getting like an obsession. I've just got to know - it's as simple as that.
Helen smiles warily.
No. 24
Max is doing some ironing as Clive asks him if he's sure Shane hasn't been home. Max suggests that he might still be at Beth's and was just trying to get rid of Clive! Clive, however, retorts that things between Shane and Beth are all over. He adds:
CLIVE: Tell Shane to come over if he ever gets home.
Beth Travers' cellar
Shane is trying to push open the sash window in the cellar, but it won't budge. He hears Beth's voice outside suddenly, calling that she thought he might like something to eat, so she's made sandwiches. Shane just snaps:
SHANE: All I wanna do is get out of here, so come on, Beth, open up the door and let's go.
BETH (coolly): I wouldn't have to lock you in if you'd only *listen* to me.
SHANE: All right, all right, I'm sorry. It just gets on my nerves being stuck down here.
BETH: I know.
SHANE: So? What did you say about food? I'm starving.
Shane creeps over to stand behind the door. Beth, however, calls out suspiciously:
BETH: Where are you?
SHANE: What do you mean, 'where am I'? I'm stuck down this rotten cellar; where *else* would I be?
BETH (furiously): You must think I'm really stupid, don't you? Go against the far wall. Go on. Then call out, just so I know you're not hiding behind the door.
Shane takes a few paces back from the door and calls:
BETH: You up against the wall?
SHANE: Uh huh.
He reaches down, though, and picks up a large statue-type object, then creeps back to stand behind the door again. The door opens and Beth enters slowly. As her eyes adjust to the light and she looks around for Shane, he grabs her from behind and pulls her towards him. She cries out angrily:
BETH: You liar! Trust you to trick me.
She starts struggling and then bites Shane on the wrist. As he recoils in pain, she pulls away from him and goes and pushes the door shut - with both of them still inside. Shane runs at the door, but Beth says gleefully:
BETH: Now we're *both* stuck in here? See? No key. I left it outside.
SHANE (growls): Clever. Very clever, Beth. Well now you've got what you always wanted, haven't you, the two of us alone together. Really romantic, isn't it?
BETH (taunts): Just like Romeo and Juliet in the tomb...
SHANE (mutters incredulously): Oh hell...
Beth then tells Shane that she *had* to do it. She adds that he may think it's stupid, but it was the only way. She yells:
BETH: You kept putting me off. You kept making up lies just to get rid of me.
Shane bites into one of the sandwiches that Beth brought in with her. Beth stares at him and says coolly:
BETH: What's it like?
SHANE: Good.
BETH: Doesn't taste funny...?
SHANE: What do you mean 'funny'?
BETH: Bitter.
SHANE: Why should it?
Shane then realises what Beth is implying and he spits out the food. He then demands:
SHANE: What have you done? What have you put in these, eh?
BETH (smiling nastily): Just wanted you to know what it feels like to be scared.
Shane glares at her.
Coffee Shop
Daphne, Zoe and Mike are all in the Coffee Shop when Paul bounds in and beams:
PAUL: Hi, you guys. Glad you're here. Guess what!
ZOE: What?
PAUL: You're now looking at the new Australian manager of the Rosemary Daniels Corporation!
Looking surprised, Zoe points out that he said he wouldn't work for Rosemary in a million years! Paul just mutters:
PAUL: Yeah, well, I changed my mind, Zoe. You've got to be flexible in this business otherwise you just don't get anywhere.
Mike asks if it's good money. Paul smiles that with commission he reckons he'll do all right. Zoe then says to him quickly:
ZOE: Paul, you know what you need?
PAUL: What?
ZOE: Me!
Paul bursts out laughing. Zoe, however, clarifies quickly:
ZOE: No, no, as your personal secretary. Reliable... efficient... charming... well-dressed...
PAUL: Thanks, Zoe, thanks, but I need someone who can type!
ZOE: I *can*!
PAUL: And handle telex machines... computers...?
ZOE: With my eyes shut!
PAUL (mockingly): Oh sure, sure!
With that, Paul announces that he's off to the employment agency.
When he's gone, Daphne suggests to Zoe that it might be worth talking him around. Mike adds that Zoe could get paid plenty for a job like that: she could buy her own champagne!
No. 26
Helen is sitting in the lounge room, looking at an album of photos, when the front door opens and Rosemary comes in. Helen quickly hides the album under one of the cushions. Rosemary asks her eagerly if there's any news. Helen, however, just offers Rosemary a cup of tea. Rosemary accepts but persists:
ROSEMARY: Did you manage to get in touch with the old friend? What did she say: will she see me?
HELEN: Darling, one thing at a time. You can't *rush* people in a situation like this.
ROSEMARY: Well did you *speak* with her?
HELEN (nods): Hm.
ROSEMARY: And did you tell her about *me*?
HELEN: She needs a little time to think about it.
ROSEMARY (looking surprised): Why? I mean, it's not as if *she's* the one; she's only an old friend. What harm can it do talking to me? What's her name?
HELEN: Heather Ambrose.
Rosemary asks if she should 'phone. Helen, though, says quickly that *she'll* make the arrangements. Rosemary muses:
ROSEMARY: Heather Ambrose... did she know my mother well?
HELEN (shrugs): We didn't go into details.
ROSEMARY: Never mind - I can ask her myself when I see her.
Rosemary goes and sits down next to Helen, moving the cushion as she does so and discovering the photo album. She starts looking through it and says warmly:
ROSEMARY: The family album. That brings back memories.
Helen sits there, looking worried. Rosemary puts her arms around her and gives her a hug.
Beth Travers' cellar
Shane is trying to use a makeshift tool to open a bottle of wine as Beth tells him:
BETH: I didn't really plan it; it was just one of those things you find yourself doing, you know?
SHANE (sounding disinterested): Really?
BETH: Well, you were treating me like I had the plague, and all I wanted to do was talk.
SHANE: Well, now's your chance.
BETH: You don't know what it's *like* to be lonely, *do you*?
SHANE (retorts): Of course I do.
BETH (insists): Not *really*. You've got your family and all your friends.
Shane manages to get the bottle of wine open and he fills a glass each for himself and Beth as he replies:
SHANE: Haven't *you*?
BETH (sarcastically): Oh sure! When I'm in trouble, all I have to do is put out my hand and there they are!
SHANE: Why don't you go for a job or a career?
BETH: With *my* qualifications? I got married straight out of school, don't forget.
SHANE: Isn't there something you want to *do*?
BETH: Find a nice man who likes me... have some kids... be happy...
SHANE (avoiding Beth's eye): Until then?
Beth just murmurs:
BETH: No...
SHANE: What?
BETH: Oh nothing... it's stupid.
SHANE: What?!
BETH: I thought I wanted to be an architect once.
She then picks up a sandwich and bites into eat. Shane says quickly:
SHANE: Hey, don't eat those.
Beth, however, just shrugs and says:
BETH: I lied. Sorry!
Shane sighs heavily. Beth tells him:
BETH: All this wouldn't've happened, Shane, if you'd been straight with me from the beginning. I just wanted a friend.
SHANE: So if I'd stopped treating you like a woman and started to treat you like a mate, then we wouldn't be here now?
BETH (nods): I would've settled for mates.
SHANE (looking annoyed): Well am I glad we cleared *that* up! So *now* what are we gonna do, eh?
Beth reaches up suddenly to the top buttons of her dress and starts undoing them! She then reaches inside her dress and removes a chain from around her neck. It has the key on it and, handing it to Shane, she smiles:
BETH: We open the door.
Shane takes the key and mutters in relief:
SHANE: Thank you.
Coffee Shop
Des is having dinner in the Coffee Shop. He finishes his starter, and as Daphne puts his main course down in front of him, he says quickly:
DES: Daph...
DAPHNE (coolly): What?
DES: Are they selling well?
DAPHNE: What do you mean?
DES: The pies.
DAPHNE: Oh. The apricot's the best.
DES (smiles): I must try one one day.
DAPHNE (flatly): Yeah.
Daphne then turns to where Zoe is sitting reading the newspaper and asks her curtly if she shouldn't be ringing about a job or something. Zoe sighs that she can take a hint, and she heads off to the kitchen. Des suggests to Daphne gently that it's not that busy, so why doesn't she sit down and have a coffee with him? Before Daphne can do so, though, Danny rushes in and says:
DANNY: Des! I've been looking for you.
He then asks Des to come with him for one minute. Des sighs:
DES: Can't it wait?
DANNY: Not really - you're needed.
DES: What for?
DANNY: You'll find out soon enough.
Des stands up and heads out, looking at Daphne apologetically as he does so.
No. 24
Shane and Clive head into No. 24, Clive demanding to know if Shane was with Beth or *not*. Max is sitting at the kitchen table with headphones on, listening to the racing. Shane goes and slaps him on the back and startles him! Looking pleased with himself, Max offers Clive and Shane beers, and Shane mutters that he reckons he *deserves* one after today. Max grins:
MAX: Shagged out, eh?! Boss lady been working you too hard? Poor old Clive didn't know where to find you! I said you were probably doing 'overtime'!
SHANE (mutters): Cut it out, dad!
Max hands round the beers and then proposes in a slurred tone:
MAX: Well, here's to us: wine, women and song! Reckon I might retire soon, you know? Professional punter: that's what I'll be. All you need's a good system; gotta be scientific, like; use your noggin, you know - like me. Start out with five hundred... I made a packet this arvo! After that last race, can't lose. I mean, 'Crispin's Choice', you beauty, won by a length and a half, that last race! I'll *rolling* in it!
Danny and Des come in through the back door and walk slowly towards the celebrating Max. Danny says hesitantly:
DANNY: Dad...
Max turns to the two of them and offers Des a beer! He grins:
MAX: Listen, we in six figures yet?
DES (quickly): No, no, no...
MAX: Must be damned close to it! I mean, after this arvo! I heard it on the radio; I nearly bust meself... he *romped* in! I hope you put the lot on?!
DANNY (warily): Oh, we put the lot on, all right.
MAX (yells): You beauty!
Des, however, says:
DES: Hey Max, Max, Max, just a minute, mate.
MAX (drunkenly): What is it, Des? What is it? What do you want? It's yours, mate. I mean, what do you want? Money? A loan? It's yours! I'm LOADED!
DANNY (quietly): We put the money on the wrong horse, dad.
MAX (not hearing at first): I think I might put a sauna--. Eh?
DES: You see, the guy at the computer made a mistake with 'Crispin's Choice' and he corrected it and we came up with 'Drover's Dream'.
DANNY: And we couldn't get hold of you. We *tried*.
MAD (in disbelief): Yous put it all on 'Drover's Dream'?
DES: Yeah.
MAX: Come in last.
DANNY: We know.
MAX (growls): You lost all me money.
DANNY (meekly): Sorry, dad.
MAX (shouts): You morons! You drongos! You lost all me money! All me money-
Shane interjects and says quickly:
SHANE: Hey, calm down, it's nothing to get upset about.
Max just retorts:
MAX: I am NOT upset.
He then suddenly starts choking and gasping for breath, and he puts his hands to his throat. A few moments later, he collapses into Shane's arms...
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Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0200
Beth Travers

Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0200
Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0200
Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0200
Clive Gibbons, Beth Travers

Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0200
Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0200
Shane Ramsay

Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0200
Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0200
Shane Ramsay

Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0200
Beth Travers

Mike Young, Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0200
Mike Young, Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson

Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0200
Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0200
Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers

Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0200
Daphne Lawrence

Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0200
Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Max Ramsay

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0200
Max Ramsay

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