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Neighbours Episode 0199 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0199
Australian airdate: 27/02/86
UK airdate: 07/08/87
UK Gold: 05/08/93
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Julian McSwiney
Guests: Rosemary Daniels Joy Chambers
Beth Travers Virginia Hey
Summary/Images by: Graham
- A drunken Max telling Danny that he forgives him for not placing the bets - but he still wants Danny to pay him back!
- Rosemary telling Helen that she wants to find her real mother - and she wants Helen to help her.
No. 26
Helen sits there in silence. She eventually stands up and murmurs:
HELEN: I just don't understand why you want to *do* this.
ROSEMARY: I'm not sure I can *explain* why.
HELEN (cries): I've always done my *best* for you.
ROSEMARY: Oh good grief, this has nothing to do with *you*.
HELEN (indignantly): Thanks very much!
ROSEMARY (quickly): Oh I didn't mean that - oh God, I'm just making this worse. Look, what I'm trying to say, and making a hash of, is that nobody could have had a better mother than *you*; anyone would be *proud* to be your child. Sometimes I even manage to kid myself that I really *am*. I've been playing that game all my life - but that's all it is: a game. My real - my biological - mother just walked off and left me one day and didn't even look back.
HELEN (protests): But you don't *know* that's how it happened; there might have been reasons.
ROSEMARY: Can you think of one reason that would make you abandon a child of *yours*?
HELEN (shaking her head, cries): There's nothing to be gained by opening old wounds.
ROSEMARY (retorts): The woman who did that was my *mother*. She's a part of me. I need to know how *big* a part. I need to know who I am - but I don't think I can do it without *you*.
Helen stands there with tears in her eyes.
No. 24
The next morning, the birds are twittering loudly in the garden of No. 24, and Max opens his bedroom window and yells at them to go and make that noise in someone else's backyard! Inside, in the kitchen, Shane and Danny are having breakfast while Madge bakes some pies. She warns the boys not to provoke Max. At that moment, Max emerges from his room and mutters that those birds are like an alarm clock. He goes to take a pie, but Madge tells him that they're not for him; she's taking them down to the Coffee Shop. Max asks why and Madge explains that she's hoping to sell them and make a little pocket money. Max mutters that *that'll* be the day. At the table, Shane chuckles at something in the newspaper, but Max turns to him and Danny and snaps:
MAX: I don't know what yous hyenas have got to laugh about - especially not with the money you owe me.
No. 28
Des is having breakfast when Zoe emerges from her bedroom. She comments on the healthy food he's eating, but Des just retorts that it doesn't hurt to eat a balanced meal occasionally. He then adds:
DES: Speaking about balancing things...
ZOE: *You* are, *I'm* not!
DES: I've been wrestling with the household budget.
ZOE (quickly): Ah, you see, I'm way ahead of you there!
Zoe then goes to her bag on the counter and takes out some money, which she hands to Des. He exclaims in astonishment:
DES: You're *paying* me?
ZOE: There's no need to sound so surprised! It's the new me: pay as you do.
DES (smiles): I like it!
ZOE: Cash on the nail, all the way down the line. Let nobody say Zoe Davis doesn't pay her debts!
DES: Perish the thought!
Zoe then goes to the 'fridge and, looking puzzled, remarks that she thought she had another bottle of champagne in there. She muses that she'll have a cup of tea instead. Turning back to Des, she stares at the money he's holding and says:
ZOE: I don't suppose I could...
Des hands back the notes and sighs:
DES: There you go!
ZOE: Oh thanks, Des. It's just 'til Friday - I promise!
DES: Yeah, yeah, sure!
No. 22
Shane and Clive are working out their plan of action for the day and Clive says it's going to be a hot one, so he'd like to get an early start. Daphne joins them and, finding Shane standing in his shorts, lets out a wolf-whistle and smiles:
DAPHNE: Look at those legs!
SHANE (sounding surprised): What?
DAPHNE: Well, if you've got it, flaunt it, that's what *I* always say. No wonder Beth Travers can't keep her hands off!
CLIVE (warns): Cut it out, Daph, it's a touchy subject.
DAPHNE (to Shane, teases): Ah, is diddums being all sexually harassed?! It's your own fault you know: you shouldn't be so provocative. Ankle-length shirts and button-up collars, that's the answer.
Shane laughs sarcastically, but Daphne tells him curtly:
DAPHNE: It's funny if it's a *girl*, though, isn't it, and that's the sort of advice *we* always get. 'We've got to stop leading you on.'
Shane retorts that he *hasn't* been leading Beth on. Daphne points out that he took her out. Shane mutters that that was a mistake. Daphne persists:
DAPHNE: What was it one creep said to me? Oh yes: "You know you're going to give in in the end, so why waste our time playing around?" There you are: she probably thinks you're playing hard to get!
No. 24
Helen is helping Madge pack her newly-baked pies into a box. Madge sighs that it's difficult to know what to do in a situation like that. Helen nods that it's only natural for Rosemary to want to know who her real mother is. Madge assures her that it's also natural for the woman who brought her up all her life to be a little bit *worried* about it. Helen muses:
HELEN: I admit it. I feel let down; betrayed.
MADGE (looking surprised): That's a bit dramatic, isn't it?
HELEN: Oh, I don't know: I turned down the job she offered me. She took it personally; she felt I was rejecting her.
MADGE: And now *she's* doing the same thing?
HELEN: Something like that.
MADGE: I think you're reading too much into it.
HELEN: I hope so.
MADGE (insists): Your relationship with Rosemary is much stronger than something like that.
Helen then hesitates before saying:
HELEN: Madge, what's going to happen when she finds out that I've been lying to her?
MADGE (blankly): What?
HELEN: Today she asked me to help her *find* her mother. Madge, I *know* who her mother is; I've *always* known. Now how can I tell her that? How can I tell her that her mother doesn't want to have anything to do with her?
Madge stares at Helen in surprise.
Pacific Bank
Danny is showing Des the list of horses the computer has churned out. Des, however, tells him they have to start again as there's been a sudden downpour at the track and all their horses are good in the *dry*. Danny throws down the sheet of paper in frustration. Rosemary appears at the counter suddenly and calls across to Des to ask if she can have a word with him. He joins her and she says:
ROSEMARY: Well? Have you thought over my offer?
DES: Well yes, I have. Look, it's not that I'm ungrateful...
DES: It's just that I'd prefer to play it safe. I really think you need somebody more aggressive than me.
ROSEMARY: I don't necessarily agree with that, but it's your decision.
DES: Don't get me wrong: I do appreciate it.
ROSEMARY: I understand.
Danny wanders over to the counter and says seriously:
DANNY: What about *me*, Rosemary? *I'm* still available.
Rosemary just smiles and tells him:
ROSEMARY: I've said it many times before, Danny: I need someone with more experience. But ten out of ten for perseverance!
With that, Rosemary heads off - just as Max comes in. He asks Danny if he's got the picks. Des explains that it's raining at the track. Danny adds that it's just a minor adjustment! Max accepts this and says he'll be back in an hour so. With that, he heads off again, leaving Danny to mutter to Des:
DANNY: We can't re-program in that time. What are we gonna do?
DES: We could always toss a coin. Worked for my grandma!
Beth Travers' back garden
Clive is stacking some bricks in a wheelbarrow; he's dressed in a singlet and shorts. Shane walks over to him, wearing a shirt and long trousers, and Clive asks him where he's been. Shane explains that he went home to get changed: he started thinking about what Daphne said about wearing shorts. Clive points out that Daphne was just having him on. Shane, however, retorts that he's not taking any chances. The back door of the house opens suddenly and Beth emerges, wearing a swimming costume. She says coolly to Clive and Shane:
BETH: How nice of you to turn up. That retaining wall you put up yesterday is skew-whiff.
CLIVE: Not according to the spirit level.
BETH: Well it looks skew-whiff to *me* and *I'm* the one who has to live with it - so fix it, will you?
CLIVE: I'll have to go to the hardware shop for more cement.
BETH (airily): Then I suggest you *do* that.
With that, she walks off to the pool. Clive picks up his car keys, but Shane says to him quickly:
SHANE: You promised you wouldn't leave me alone with her.
CLIVE (shrugs): I haven't got much of a choice, have I, mate? I'll be back in ten minutes, all right?
With that, Clive dashes off. Shane looks over to where Beth is opening a tube of sun cream. She turns to him and says in a seductive tone:
BETH: It's going to be a real hot one today... You'll work up a real sweat dressed like that; you should've worn shorts, like Clive. *Far* more practical...
No. 26
Paul is having breakfast at the kitchen table when Rosemary arrives home. She remarks that he must be running late. Paul, however, tells her that the hours are pretty flexible: the company knows the job will get done. Rosemary remarks:
ROSEMARY: Sounds like an ideal arrangement.
PAUL (shrugs): It's all right.
ROSEMARY: In which case, you wouldn't consider changing?
PAUL: Now what's *that* supposed to mean?
ROSEMARY: Well, I'd like to offer you the Head of the Australian end of my business.
PAUL (muses): You're really scraping the bottom end of the barrel, aren't you? What happened? Everyone else turn you down?
ROSEMARY: Not at all - I happen to think you'd be very *good* for the job.
PAUL (remarks): *That's* a change of tune.
ROSEMARY: Look, OK, I fired you once - and you know my version of what happened then; if you don't believe me, that's up to you - but I'll tell you one thing: you won't go very far in business holding grudges.
PAUL: Maybe I happen to *like* the job that I've already got?
ROSEMARY: Maybe you do - and maybe you'd like to take orders for the rest of your life, in which case I've misjudged you.
PAUL (standing up): At least I know the job I've got's still going to be there next week. You're going to have to offer a hell of a lot more for me to even consider changing.
Paul goes to walk off, but Rosemary says quickly:
ROSEMARY: Perhaps I *can*.
Paul turns back to her and says:
PAUL: Have you also forgotten that you said I couldn't take orders from a woman?
ROSEMARY (sighs): I could be wrong.
PAUL (drily): And you could be right, too.
With that, Paul walks off, leaving Rosemary looking thoughtful.
Coffee Shop
Madge walks into the Coffee Shop holding her box of pies, to find Daphne sitting at the counter alone, with no customers. Madge remarks that it's not very busy. Daphne explains that they've been quiet all week. Madge says:
MADGE: I'm sorry to hear that. Actually, that rather destroys my sales pitch.
She then opens the box and shows Daphne the pies. She explains that pies always were her forte, and she was hoping she might be able to interest Daphne in some for the shop - but if business is slow...
DAPHNE: Then these might just be the trick!
Madge, looking delighted, says she can price them fairly reasonably and Daphne can pay when she sells them. Daphne smiles that she'll try them. Zoe comes in and Madge heads out, looking pleased. Daphne comments that she's made Madge's day! Zoe, however, tells her:
ZOE: You look like *you* could use some cheering-up.
DAPHNE: Oh, I'm all right.
Zoe points to the books that Daphne is working on on the counter and says:
ZOE: Look, Daphne, I know what's been going on: our wages bill's exceeding our takings, isn't it?
DAPHNE (insists): We'll be fine.
ZOE: What - with Mike and Scott on casual rates *and me*?
DAPHNE: What are you saying?
ZOE: Look, I've thought about it a lot and you won't change my mind. I'm the extra burden around here: you'd run this place far more efficiently without me - so I'm going to finish up today.
Picking up one of Madge's pies, Zoe adds:
ZOE: Besides, I eat all the profits!
No. 26
Helen is doing some ironing in the kitchen as Rosemary stands behind her and says:
ROSEMARY: You still haven't answered my question.
HELEN: *What* question?
ROSEMARY: Will you help me find her? My other mother.
Helen puts down the iron and says:
HELEN: Darling, are you sure? I mean, have you really thought this through? Do you know hard it's going to be to trace her after all these years? You could be setting yourself up for a lot of heartbreak.
ROSEMARY: Yes, I know that, but I've got to do it. Now, will you help me?
HELEN (smiles): When could I refuse you anything?!
Rosemary gives her a grateful hug. She then says:
ROSEMARY: And now I've got some good news for *you*: I've offered Paul the job.
HELEN (looking delighted): Oh, I'm so pleased.
ROSEMARY: Yes, well, he's still dithering - and if he doesn't make up his mind soon, I'll have to advertise.
HELEN (quickly): Don't do that - I'm sure he'll come around.
ROSEMARY: Yes, well, I hope so. It'll be a challenge, and we'll probably fight like cat and dog...
HELEN: That seems a strange reason to hire someone!
ROSEMARY: No, I think he'll be good. Anyway, it won't be dull!
Coffee Shop
Paul is sitting at the counter. Daphne slams a cup of coffee down in front of him and it sloshes over the edge into the saucer. Paul says quickly:
PAUL: Hey, take it easy - I *paid* for that!
DAPHNE (mutters): Complain to the management, why don't you?
Paul smiles that it was only a joke. Daphne, however, sighs that she's not feeling very funny, and she explains about Zoe having resigned. Paul asks how come.
DAPHNE: Because she's a friend and I couldn't afford to keep everyone.
PAUL: She stood down, eh? No wonder you're depressed.
DAPHNE: Just don't say anything, all right?
At that moment, Zoe emerges from the kitchen and Daphne heads in there. Zoe asks Paul if he shouldn't be at work. Paul, however, explains:
PAUL: No, I called in sick. I've got a few things on my mind at the moment. Rosemary's offered me the job with the company.
ZOE (beams): Lucky you! Are you going to take it?
PAUL: I don't know - I'm just sort of weighing up my options at the moment. I mean, I *would* virtually be running the show on my own...
ZOE: But if it's more money and more responsibility...
PAUL: Oh, she can sweat a little...!
ZOE: Or you can give yourself time to get cold feet?
PAUL (frowns): What's *that* supposed to mean?
ZOE: Well, the way *I* see it, the only reason you'd knock back a job from Rosemary Daniels is because you don't think you're up to it. And I can understand why you'd feel that way.
With that, Zoe heads back to the kitchen, leaving Paul looking thoughtful.
No. 24
Madge is sitting reading in the kitchen when Max arrives home and demands one of her pies as he's starving. Madge just tells him that if he hurries, Daphne might have some left! Looking annoyed, Max retorts that she might have kept some back for *him*: blood's supposed to be thicker than water. Madge, however, shrugs that this is business - and he's always said the small businessman is the backbone of Australia. Max exclaims:
MAX: At *our* age this is no time to be thinking small: you've got to go for the *big* biccies!
MADGE: Oh yes? - and how are you going to do *that*? Horse-racing: plain old-fashioned gambling.
MAX: Danny's system takes the gambling *out* of it. Application of scientific principles, that's what it is.
MADGE (shrugs): We'll see. *I* have *my* system and *you* have *yours* - and in *my* experience, if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves
Beth Travers' back garden
Clive is mixing some cement when Shane joins him with a wheelbarrow and remarks that the garden's starting to *look* like something. Clive beams:
CLIVE: Out of chaos comes order!
SHANE (coolly): No doubt 'madam' will have some complaint to make about it.
CLIVE: Oh well, she's the paying customer: she's got every right to say if she doesn't like it.
Clive looks at his watch and then exclaims that he promised Mike that he'd drop in and see how he's getting on. He tells Shane to make a start on breaking up the old pathway. Shane retorts that he's not staying there on his own. Clive, however, points out:
CLIVE: How'd it look if we *both* walked out? We're trying to build up a reputation for reliability.
With that, Clive walks off - just as Beth approaches with a tray of drinks. She asks Shane where Clive's going and he says quickly that he had a bit of personal business to take care of. Beth holds out the tray to Shane and offers him a soft drink. He takes it. Beth then tells him:
BETH: Actually, I was *hoping* to get a chance to talk to you alone.
SHANE: Yeah?
BETH: I was thinking about what you said. We've been acting *so* stupid. There's no reason why we can't be friends.
SHANE: I've been thinking about it too, Beth. I don't think it'll work; I think it's best if we keep it strictly business.
With that, Shane returns to work. Beth stands there glaring at him.
Pacific Bank
Max is standing in the bank, headphones over his ears, listening to a portable radio. Des emerges from his office and Max tells him that Danny's first three nags are home and hosed: they're going to make a killing! Danny walks over to them and Max asks him if he's got the rest of the picks. Danny replies reluctantly:
DANNY: Yeah: 'Oriole Lady', 'Spartacus', 'Smooth as Silk', 'Crispin's Choice'.
MAX (looking astonished): What, *that* mug? I backed her once: five horses in the race, she come sixth!
DANNY (shrugs): Well, the computer says she's due to improve.
MAX: Yeah? Well, all right, then.
Des points out to Max that no system is foolproof and he suggests to him that he quit while he's ahead. Danny adds that Des is right: there's no such thing as a certainty; all the computer can do is check the most likely winner, but things can still go wrong. Max, however, declares:
MAX: No way! Yous boys are onto a great discovery here. All you need is someone with the nerve to carry it through, and that's where *I* come in. 'Crispin's Choice'? We're gonna make a packet!
Max stands there beaming. Des and Danny both turn away with raised eyebrows.
A dingy office
Rosemary and Paul are standing in a rundown-looking, dark office. Rosemary tells Paul:
ROSEMARY: Well, this is it!
PAUL (looking horrified): You've got to be kidding!
ROSEMARY: No - never more serious.
PAUL: Have you seen where I work *now*?
ROSEMARY (sarcastically): Let me guess: plush modern office block, air conditioning, coffee maker down the corridor...; no - you've probably graduated to the two-legged variety by now. How am I doing?
PAUL (muses): Pretty good.
ROSEMARY (continues): Office of your own with a lovely view of the car park...
PAUL: Well actually, I can see right across the river.
ROSEMARY (tersely): And that's important to you, is it, Paul? Image?
PAUL: As I said before: at least I know it's going to be there next week.
ROSEMARY (coolly): Did it ever occur to you that the only reason you've *got* your nice modern office block is that somebody else had the guts to start in a place like *this*? Now *that's business* - and if you're not up to it, then you're not the man I need after all.
As Rosemary stands there, Paul takes another look round and peers out through the slats of the blinds covering the windows. He then mutters:
PAUL: I suppose I could always put up a picture or two - *if* I decided to take on the job.
Rosemary, who's standing with her back to Paul, smiles to herself!
Beth Travers' back garden
Beth is carrying a heavy-looking box along the garden path. Shane spots her and runs across to her, offering to give her a hand. He reminds her that he and Clive are there to do all the heavy lifting. Beth accepts this and tells Shane that it goes in the cellar. Shane takes the box and starts walking towards the building Beth indicates. Beth stands there watching him, a sly look on her face.
Beth Travers' cellar
Shane heads into the cellar, which is full of bottles of wine. He calls out to Beth to ask where he should put the box. She calls back that he should put it by the back wall. Shane puts down the box and then, looking around at the shelves full of wine bottles, calls:
SHANE: That's some stock you've got here. I wouldn't be surprised if this cost you a fort-
He breaks off suddenly, though, as Beth reaches in from outside and pulls the door to the cellar shut. Shane walks over to the door and tries the handle, but it won't move. He calls:
SHANE: Beth? Come on, Beth, a joke's a joke.
There's no response, though: Shane is trapped.
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Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0199
Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0199
Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay

Zoe Davis, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0199
Zoe Davis, Des Clarke

Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0199
Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0199
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0199
Des Clarke, Danny Ramsay

Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0199
Beth Travers

Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0199
Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0199
Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Madge Mitchell

Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0199
Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0199
Paul Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0199
Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay

Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0199
Beth Travers

Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0199
Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Max Ramsay

Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0199
Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson

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