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Neighbours Episode 0187 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0186 - 0188>>
Episode title: 0187
Australian airdate: 11/02/86
UK airdate: 22/07/87
UK Gold: 20/07/93
Writer: Philip Ryall
Director: Andrew Friedman
Guests: Douglas Blake: James Condon
Beth Travers: Virginia Hey
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Madge calling Helen from the hotel to tell her that she's made contact with Douglas Blake.
- DS Worth asking Jim and Helen to identify a wallet that has been found on the body of a young man.
- Paul comforting Helen while they wait for Jim to identify the body.
- Jim closing his eyes sadly as he looks at the body found in the river.
No. 26
Paul sighs heavily. Helen, sitting next to him on the couch, asks irritatedly if he minds. Paul apologises. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Max comes in, saying enthusiastically:
MAX: You heard from Scott? The way he took off, I knew it must be good news, eh?!
Paul and Helen sit there in silence, glum expressions on their faces. Max asks:
MAX: What is it? What's the matter?
HELEN (sadly): Max, a body was found in the river. Scott's wallet was found on it.
Helen breaks down into tears again. Looking shocked, Max murmurs:
MAX: Oh geez, no.
He suggests that he should shoot through. Helen, however, asks him to stay. She adds that Jim's gone to make the identification. At that moment, the front door opens and Jim comes in and says:
JIM: It wasn't Scott. It's all right. It was somebody else; someone else's kid.
He adds sadly that he has no idea who he is or how he came to have Scott's wallet. Max murmurs that it's probably stolen. Jim retorts curtly:
JIM: It's pretty obviously *stolen*, Max, but it's just what they had to do to him to *get* the wallet that bothers me.
Max asks what the cops are doing now. Jim sighs that the police have Scott's photo; they're doing what they can. Helen asks if they should start ringing around the hospitals. Jim, however, snaps that she can do what she likes; *he* can't stay inside; he's going to take the car up the highway. With that, he heads out again. Helen sits there, looking worried.
Douglas is sitting in the reception area, reading a newspaper, when Madge walks up to the reception desk, clears her throat very loudly, and says to the receptionist:
MADGE: I'm afraid my suite is most unsatisfactory.
RECEPTIONIST: Oh I'm sorry, Mrs. Mitchell. What's wrong?
MADGE: It's like a shoebox; don't you have anything larger?
RECEPTIONIST: I don't think so. Just one moment - I'll check for you.
While Madge waits, she looks over at Douglas, who begins to fold up his newspaper. She then turns back to the receptionist, who says:
RECEPTIONIST: All the largest suites are occupied, Mrs. Mitchell. There's only the Presidential Suite: I'm afraid that's very expensive.
MADGE (airily): I'm not interested in the tariff. I just want some elbow room, that's all. The Presidential Suite will do nicely. See that my baggage is moved there. I'm off to the jeweller now; I trust everything will be in order when I get back.
With that, Madge turns to head out, but Douglas is now standing right behind her and she bumps into him. He says quickly:
DOUGLAS: I'm terribly sorry.
MADGE (tersely): I should *think* so.
DOUGLAS: I've scuffed your shoe. Forgive me - I really am sorry. Sometimes I think I'm the clumsiest man in the world.
MADGE (coolly): Just as long as you realise it.
Madge goes to walk off, but Douglas says quickly:
DOUGLAS: Oh wait, please, Mrs. Mitchell.
MADGE (sharply): How did you know my name?
DOUGLAS: I heard the receptionist call you 'Mrs. Mitchell'. It's very rude - I know we haven't been properly introduced, but we did meet the other day by the elevator.
MADGE ('recalls'): Oh yes!
DOUGLAS: My name is Douglas Manning. Have I damaged your shoe?
MADGE: No damage - and the pain was as fleeting as this encounter must be. Good day, Mr. Manning.
Madge tries again to walk away, but Douglas says:
DOUGLAS: Mrs. Mitchell - *please*, Mrs. Mitchell - allow me at least to repay you for my clumsiness. Will you permit me to buy you lunch?
MADGE (coolly): No thank you. [Pause] You could buy me dinner, though.
DOUGLAS: Splendid. Shall we meet in the cocktail bar, shortly before then?
MADGE: Why not? Say... eight o'clock?
With that, Madge walks off, leaving Douglas standing there looking pleased with himself.
No. 24
Shane and Max are sorting out washing on the lounge room floor when Clive comes in through the open front door and calls:
CLIVE: Hey, Shane! RAGGS has got a job! You ready?
Shane asks where the job is. Clive smiles that it's at a big house with a pool and a vision named Beth Travers! Max warns Shane to keep his mind on the job!
Pacific Bank
Danny is working behind the counter, counting money. Des walks over to him and, slapping him on the back, nods:
DES: Danny.
DANNY: Des. Didn't see you there, mate.
Madge walks in and, heading towards Danny, comments that he's looking very smart today. She then asks Des for her safety deposit box. While Des gets it, Madge gets Danny to give her a twirl in his new suit! She then smiles that she's very proud of him! Des returns with Madge's safety deposit box. As she takes it, she tells Des curtly that she won't need his assistance, and, looking slightly put-out, he walks away. Madge then opens the box and takes out a ring. Danny stares at it and gasps:
DANNY: Holy cow! Is that yours?
MADGE: Just part of the reward for a lifetime of hard work.
Danny takes a closer look at it and asks how much Madge reckons it would be worth. She tells him quietly:
MADGE: I had it valued a few weeks back.
MADGE: Ten thousand.
DANNY (astonished): *Ten*? Ten thousand?
MADGE: That's just the *stone*, let alone the gold.
DANNY (declares): *I'll* be able to buy things like this one day, aunty, so help me I will.
MADGE (declares): Determination will get you there, Danny. Determination and hard work.
Danny smiles at her.
Beth Travers' back garden
An attractive woman is lying on a sun lounger. Clive and Shane approach her and Clive tells Shane to let *him* do all the talking. He walks towards Beth Travers and says he'll be with her in a moment: he's just got to issue a few orders. He then rejoins Shane and tells him to put down the tools he's carrying and then get the rest of the stuff from the van. Shane, however, says quickly:
SHANE: Hang on! Hang on! What *is* this?
CLIVE: Something wrong?
SHANE: What's all this 'do this, do that' number? It's a partnership, remember?
Clive insists:
CLIVE: Of *course* it's a partnership: *I'm* putting in my organisational ability at the moment and *you're* supplying the brawn.
He adds that as soon as he and Beth have worked out the plans, he'll join Shane with the digging. Shane sighs and goes and puts the tools down. Clive heads over and sits on the end of Beth Travers' sunlounger and the two of them start discussing what the garden should look like. Shane looks over at them, a frown on his face.
No. 26
Helen is cleaning the kitchen when there's a knock on the back door and Madge calls to ask if anyone's home. Helen invites her in and tells Madge that she's so glad she called: she'll stop her from going round the house for the third time.
MADGE: No word yet?
Helen shakes her head.
MADGE (sympathetically): Oh dear, I'm so sorry. I just wish there was something I could *do*.
HELEN: I don't think there's anything else that *can* be done. It's a terrible business.
The two of them go and sit down at the table and Madge says:
MADGE: I met Mr. Blake again today - or rather, he made himself known to me. He introduced himself as Douglas Manning.
HELEN (muses): Of course... he'd *have* to use a false name. No doubt he turned on the charm--
MADGE: Oh, *that's* an understatement! He's asked me to have dinner with him tonight. I just thought, in the circumstances, you'd prefer it if I arrange to meet him some *other* time.
HELEN (quickly): No, don't do that. Such a sly old fox - it might be the only opportunity we'll get. Have you been to the bank?
Madge holds out her right hand and shows Helen the ring.
HELEN (exclaims): Oh Madge, it's beautiful.
MADGE: Yes. I'm not looking forward to having the stone removed, I must admit.
HELEN: Look, I don't want to force you into doing anything you don't *want* to do. I'll understand if you want to back out.
MADGE: No! Oh, no! If you're willing, I am!
Helen smiles at Madge gratefully.
Beth Travers' back garden
Clive is lying on a sunlounger next to Beth as Shane works hard on the other side of the pool, digging over a plot of land. Clive is musing to Beth that he thinks Rio would be a good place to see; he's clearly trying to chat her up! Beth, however, turns and stares at Shane, whose muscles are clearly visible beneath his skimpy top! Beth tells Clive:
BETH: I think he should rest for a while. It's awfully hot.
CLIVE: Oh, *he's* OK!
Beth, however, ignores Clive and calls:
BETH: Shane... why don't you try the pool?
SHANE (smiles): Thank you. I will.
Beth then asks Clive if he's going to join them. He declines, though, saying he has to work on the plans. Shane takes off his top and Beth removes the light robe she's wearing. They both then dive into the pool, from opposite ends, and swim to the side, where Beth says:
BETH: You dive very well!
SHANE: Thank you!
BETH: Clive told me you couldn't do it anymore.
Shane gives her a look of astonishment!
BETH: Dive, I mean! Must have been a terrible blow for you, not making the Olympics?
SHANE (shrugs): Life goes on.
BETH: Yeah. I suffered a recent loss *myself*.
BETH: My husband. It isn't easy.
SHANE: I'm sorry.
BETH: Well... as it turned out, it was probably the best thing for *both* of us.
Shane gives Beth another look. She smiles:
BETH: Don't look so serious! Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
SHANE: Yeah. Thank you! That would be great!
BETH: Good! It's a date! I'll get you a towel.
With that, Beth swims over to the sunloungers. Clive joins Shane on the other side of the pool and asks him what he's grinning about.
SHANE: Nothing!
CLIVE (tersely): You've had your fun. Get back to work. I'm just about to ask her out.
SHANE (grins): I don't know about *that*, mate: she may've just made other plans...
Pacific Bank
Des picks up some papers from the counter at the bank and finds a thick hard-back book underneath, titled 'Afternoon Light - Some Memories of Men and Events' by Sir. Robert Menzies. He picks it up and looks at it. He then wanders over to where Danny's standing and asks him what all this sudden interest in politics is.
DANNY (sighs): Marcie. She was crazy about political history and all that sort of thing.
DES (looking surprised): You're not still going out with *her*, are you?
DANNY (grumpily): No, she went off to Fiji with Duane. She was more impressed with what *he* knew. Still, she left me with something far more important. [Referring to Sir. Robert Menzies] He was a great leader, wasn't he?
An elderly customer walks up to the desk and, introducing herself as Mrs. Jackson, starts to ask Danny for his help. She suddenly notices the book, though, and she exclaims in delight:
MRS. JACKSON: Oh, 'Afternoon Light'. I read it when it first came out!
DANNY: Did you? Isn't he great?
MRS. JACKSON: He certainly was. An inspiration to all of us. And *you*, young man, are a credit to your generation.
Danny looks at Des in embarrassment!
No. 26
Jim is pacing the lounge room floor, staring at the 'phone, as Helen sits on the couch, sketching. She tells him:
HELEN: You can't *will* it to ring, Jim.
JIM (sighs): No, you're right.
Helen then shows Jim the sketch she's been working on - which is of Scott - and asks what he thinks. Jim takes it and muses:
JIM: That smile... I'd almost forgotten.
Madge comes in through the back door at that moment, and apologises for interrupting. Jim looks at her outfit and remarks that she's looking very chic tonight. Helen asks awkwardly if Jim would mind if she and Madge were left alone. Jim takes the hint and leaves them. Madge then says nervously:
MADGE: Oh Helen, I'm so *scared*. What if I lose my nerve?
HELEN: Don't worry - let the diamond speak for itself. The moment Douglas lays eyes on it, he's ours, hook, line and sinker.
Pacific Bank
Danny is sitting at the counter, reading his book during working hours, but Des spots him and takes it out of his hands! Paul walks in and, looking around, remarks that the place looks good. He then hands over a cheque and his paying-in book and Danny starts stamping them. Paul, looking surprised, comments:
PAUL: No reaction, eh? I thought you'd *say* something.
DANNY: We're trained to regard our customers' financial status, Paul, as strictly confidential.
DES (grins): On ya, Danny!
PAUL (insists): But it's a pretty hefty pay cheque each week.
DANNY: It's dead money in a cheque account. Why don't you consider some investments?
PAUL: Oh right, yeah, I didn't think of that! What would you suggest?
Danny starts giving Paul the spiel on various products. Des, however, interrupts him and says:
DES: Danny?
DANNY: Yes, Des?
DES: Why don't you just cash Mr. Robinson's cheque?
DANNY: Yes, Des - I'm doing that.
Des remarks to Paul that it sounds like he's landed on his feet again.
PAUL: Yeah, I have, mate. I'm helping some people with their futures too.
He then adds:
PAUL: What about *you*, Danny? Reckon I can interest you in a superannuation scheme?
DANNY: Um, I'm covered by the bank's scheme, thanks.
PAUL: You can afford some extra cover! What about all that money you saved for the holiday you didn't take with Marcie?
DANNY: Well... I spent it.
PAUL (looking surprised): What on?
DANNY: The suit. It was worth every cent, too!
Paul looks at Des, a bemused expression on his face!
No. 24
Max is sitting on the couch, listening to the racing on the radio, when Shane and Clive come in, arguing about the fact that Shane did all the hard work. Max offers them both a beer. As Shane takes one, he tells his father:
SHANE: Clive's dirty on me 'cos I got a date with the boss, dad!
MAX: Bit rough for you, Shane? I mean, Clive was looking forward to a good time out there!
SHANE (pointedly, to Clive): Oh, you *enjoyed* yourself, didn't you, Clive? [To Max] I mean, he sat on his backside all afternoon, trying to chat-up Beth.
CLIVE (coolly): I was discussing plans with her.
SHANE: Oh yeah, sure, Clive.
CLIVE: And her name's 'Mrs. Travers'.
Max laughs that the two of them are going to last in business about five minutes, the rate they're going!
SHANE: Yeah, well he's [indicating Clive] going to have to learn to put his back into it.
CLIVE (retorts): And *you're* going to have to stop flexing your muscles.
SHANE: That's what happens when you work, pal. You should *try* it sometime.
MAX: Got him there, son!
Clive mutters that he doesn't have to stand for this.
SHANE: Suits me! I gotta get ready to go out, anyway!
No. 24
A while later, Shane is ironing a shirt as Max reads the paper at the kitchen table. Danny asks Shane to hurry up, as he wants to have all his clothes ready for work in the morning. Max tells Danny to leave his brother alone: he's got a big date tonight. Danny asks eagerly who it is.
SHANE: No one you know.
MAX: His boss.
DANNY (looking astonished): *Clive*?!
Shane explains that it's *not* Clive: it's a lady called Beth that they're doing a job for at the moment. Danny takes over at the ironing board as Max adds that he's glad Shane beat that bighead Clive!
SHANE: Oh look, dad, Beth's a lovely lady: it's just an invitation to dinner, that's all.
DANNY (seriously): A note of caution, Shane: in Australia today, there's no such thing as a free lunch.
Max and Shane both stare at him in astonishment!
Douglas and Madge are sitting together at a table in the hotel restaurant. A waiter pours Douglas a glass of wine, which he tastes and comments is exquisite. He then continues his conversation with Madge:
DOUGLAS: So it was only natural that I should make a career of it. My interest in fine art and antiques goes back to my childhood.
MADGE (comments): You must be a very happy man, working at something you love.
DOUGLAS: Well, there was a time when my wife left me... after the divorce... when I thought I couldn't go on - but my passion for my work was so strong, and here I am, back in town, attending another antique convention.
MADGE: I suppose you were very impressed with the Louis furniture and the Queen Anne, of course?
DOUGLAS: Yes, that's true, but my main interest this time was in the, um, jewellery.
MADGE (smiles): Oh yes, you can't keep me away from diamonds. I *love* them!
DOUGLAS (raising an eyebrow): *Really*? I *sensed* we had much in common.
MADGE (gushes): Yes, actually my husband gave me *several* beautiful stones. I think he thinks I'm safer with diamonds than cash!
DOUGLAS: I'd love to see your collection - if I'm not imposing.
MADGE: Oh, they're all in the vault at the bank. I do happen to have *one* with me. Don't go spreading it around that I carry diamonds with me in my handbag, will you?
DOUGLAS: Of course not!
Madge then reaches into her bag and takes out the diamond she's had removed from her ring. She places it on Douglas's outstretched palm and smiles:
MADGE: There it is.
Douglas stares at it and mouths:
DOUGLAS: How perfect...
Madge sits there, a sly grin on her face.
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Max Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0187
Max Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Douglas Blake in Neighbours Episode 0187
Madge Mitchell, Douglas Blake

Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0187
Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay

Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0187
Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke

Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0187
Beth Travers

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0187
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0187
Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers

Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0187
Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke

Jim Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0187
Jim Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0187
Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0187
Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0187
Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay

Douglas Blake, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0187
Douglas Blake, Madge Mitchell

Douglas Blake in Neighbours Episode 0187
Douglas Blake

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0187
Madge Mitchell

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