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Neighbours Episode 0062 from 1985 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0062 (Terry Inglis arrives)
Australian airdate: 11/06/85
UK airdate: 23/01/87
UK Gold: 26/01/93
Writer: Coral Drouyn
Director: Max Varnel
Guests: Kim Taylor: Jenny Young
Marcia Taylor: Maureen Edwards
Terry Inglis: Maxine Klibingaitas
Pete Sherwin: Keir Saltmarsh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
- The counsellor advises Kim to discuss her pregnancy with her parents. She doesn't know if she wants a termination.
- Danny organises a hall to have his birthday party in.
- Scott tells Kim he'll stick by her.
- Kim's mother tells Helen that she's washed her hands of Kim. Kim is dead to her.
Helen can't believe Mrs Taylor's attitude. Jim says they'll figure something out themselves. Paul comes in with a nice bottle of wine for them. Jim is surprised to hear the Paul knew about Kim. Helen is shocked to hear that Kim might have an abortion. They argue and Paul says that Kim should have a choice.
Jim says that Kim is their responsibility - they're going to talk it through calmly and rationally.
Danny is trying to convince Maria that he doesn't need an adult at his party, but she's not having any of it. She tells Danny to ask Jim.
Max comes in and Maria tells Max about Danny organising a party for Friday night. Max says he'll be there on Saturday. Maria observes that Max looks tired. Maria says that next time he shouldn't fire someone before he has a replacement! Max asks Maria to ring the agency for them. He says he'll take whoever Maria recommends - he swears he won't give her any argument.
Maria offers Max some chicken casserole. He says no at first, but he is dead hungry so gratefully accepts. Maria warms it up for him. (Aw!)
Julie says that Scott is stupid for getting mixed up with Kim.
LUCY: Why isn't she on the Pill anyway?
Jim tells her off for feeding Basil under the table!
Julie tells Kim that Kim is silly for getting herself pregnant - after all, she herself got through her teenage years without getting pregnant!
PAUL: Only because you had a fmaily that loved you and cared about what you did!
JULIE: Did I?!
JIM: Yes, you damn well did!
Helen breaks up the argument and sends all the boys out to sort the rubbish out. Helen berates Julie for being completely insensitive to Scott about Kim. Kim's mother hasn't given her any support of understanding at al - Kim will need all their support in the months to come.
Des is going out for a few supplies. Daphne looks in her purse and sighs. She hesitates, then picks up the phone. She calls the stripping agency and asks if they have any work - just for one night. She is given something for Friday night.
Danny is asking Jim to chaperone his party. He agrees, much to Danny's dismay. But then he remembers he has to babysit Lucy. No-one else is available. Danny says there'll be lots of other kids' parents there, so it doesn't matter.
Paul tells Jim that all the trainees have the morning off, so Helen suggests that he takes Daphne out for coffee to cheer her up.
To Helen's surprise, Mrs Taylor arrives at the door. She tells Jim and Helen that she didn't mean what she said on the phone - she does want to see her daughter.
Paul comes round to see Daphne. She is sewing her costume for Friday night, so she quickly puts it under the cushion. He suggests he takes her into town for breakfast. She says she's not even dressed, but Paul says he'll wait. He finds the costume under the cushion. Daphne says she was just mending it, but Paul realises she's going back to stripping. Daphne says she's desperate for money until she gets a job. She asks him not to tell Des.
Maria is on the phone to Max - she's found someone suitable from the agency and Maria is going to interview him. His name is "Terry Ingles".
Just then there's a knock at the door. Maria answers it and it's a woman. Maria doesn't realise at first that Terri is a woman, but Terri explains that she herself is the plumber from the agency.
MARIA:(laughing) Max is going to love this!
Kim's flat
Scott comes to see Kim. He's brought her mother along. Kim shouts at her mother to go away and shouts at Scott as well. Kim says she has nothing to say to her mother.
KIM: I've got nothing to say to you!
MRS TAYLOR: Well, I've got things to say to you.
Mrs Taylor tells Kim that she hasn't come to criticise or make her do anything she does want. But because Kim is her daughter and she loves her. Kim says that she's never been good enough for her mother - she wants to be forgotten.
MRS TAYLOR: I can't do that, Kim. I've already turned my back on one child in my life. I nearly did it again. I'm not going to.
Kim doesn't understand.
MRS TAYLOR: Somewhere in this world, you have a sister. I called her Karen. She'll be 27 now.
Mrs Taylor says she's tried so hard to forget, but she can't. She always wonders where she is now and what she looks like.
Kim accuses her mother of being a hypocrite and she agrees. When Kim's mother got pregnant, her parents turned their back and she had to give her baby away. She tells Kim that she wanted the world for her and didn't want her to have the same heartache. She tried to protect Kim, but instead she drove her away. Mrs Taylor starts to cry.
MRS TAYLOR: I love you, Kim.
KIM: I love you, too!
They cry in each other's arms. Kim says she's so scared and Mrs Taylor comforts her, saying they'll work it out together.
Max has arrived to meet "Terry". Maria explains that she's hired Terri.
MAX: He can't be a plumber, he's a woman.
Terri says that she's served her apprenticeship and has a pocketful of references. Max splutters and tells Maria to fire Terri. Maria says he'll just have to do it himself. Max tries to say he's already hired someone, but Maria says casually that that's not true! Max splutters even more and says that women aren't designed to be plumbers! Terri tells Max to wait until he sees her work.
MAX: I don't want a woman as a plumber's mate, I'm sorry!
Terri says she'll just go to the Equal Oppotunities Board. Maria says she'll be Terri's witness!
A road
Danny and Scott are walking home from school. Danny is telling Scott he's going to have alcohol at his party. Scott doesn't think it's a good idea.
Max is glowering to Jim about having to employ Terri. Now Maria and Terri have gone shopping in his van!
Max says that she did OK this afternoon, but is still doubtful. Jim says that women are doing all sorts of jobs nowadays. He tells Max that if Terri doesn't work out, he could get his son's mate, Peter Armstrong. He thinks he should give Terri a chance though.
Max says he'll chuck the lot at Terri and see how she does!
Maria and Terri come in with the shopping. Jim tells Maria that he's sorry he can't make Danny's party. Maria puts the kettle on while Max continues to glower.
KIM: So I'm going home to have the baby. Mum's going to be with me.
Scott is very pleased and so is Helen. Mrs Taylor apologises profusely to Scott for being so awful to him in the past. She thanks him for all he's done for Kim. She gives him a nice watch to replace the one he sold to help Kim. She says she knows that they've moved a long way away, but she hopes Scott will come and visit them.
Kim tells Scott that he's the best friend she'll ever have. She kisses him on the cheek.
Jim comes in and Mrs Taylor sings Scott's praises to him. Jim says he's known that all along. (Aw!)
Maria is telling Danny about Terri. Danny lies to Maria that he's got some bloke from the committee to supervise his party. He gives Maria the number.
Maria rings up and clearly speaks to one of Danny's mates. He tells her some very strict ground rules for the party. She says it's a relief to know that someone responsible will be in charge.
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Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0062
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Lucy Robinson, Basil in Neighbours Episode 0062
Lucy Robinson, Basil

Marcia Taylor in Neighbours Episode 0062
Marcia Taylor

Paul Robinson, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0062
Paul Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Terry Inglis, Maria Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0062
Terry Inglis, Maria Ramsay

Terry Inglis in Neighbours Episode 0062
Terry Inglis

Marcia Taylor, Kim Taylor in Neighbours Episode 0062
Marcia Taylor, Kim Taylor

Marcia Taylor, Kim Taylor in Neighbours Episode 0062
Marcia Taylor, Kim Taylor

Marcia Taylor, Kim Taylor in Neighbours Episode 0062
Marcia Taylor, Kim Taylor

Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Terry Inglis in Neighbours Episode 0062
Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Terry Inglis

Maria Ramsay, Terry Inglis in Neighbours Episode 0062
Maria Ramsay, Terry Inglis

Marcia Taylor, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0062
Marcia Taylor, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Kim Taylor, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0062
Kim Taylor, Scott Robinson

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0062
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Pete Sherwin in Neighbours Episode 0062
Pete Sherwin

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