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Show music from 2016
Music used in 2016:

Attention To Detail by Tanya Batt
Bitter Ends by The Rubens
Black Rat by DZ Deathrays
Blanket by Violent Soho
Breathe by J-Paul
Business, Yeah by The Preatures
Can We Work It Out by Gordi
Chasing Satellites by Thomas Fiss
Dandelions by Sara Storer
Dark Black Eyes by Loon Lake
Days To Remember by Lior
Daytime Tripping by Lowrider
Deep Dark Savage Heart by Melody Pool
Didnt Want To Fall In Love by The Feelers (promo)
Dont Fight It by The Panics
Dumb Ideas by Bad And Dreems
Easy To Love by The Jezabels
Embers Upon The Wind by Whitaker
Every Time I Fall by Holychild
Fading by Two People
Fire Alarm by Castlecomer
Fly Away by Joelistics
Flying High, Falling Low by Walking On Cars
Fools Fate by Nat Dunn
For You by Gavin James
Forever Falling by Mia Wray
Forward Miles by Mt Warning
Georgia by Vance Joy
Ghost by Gavin James
Happy With Me by Holychild
Hearts A Gun by Gypsy & The Cat
Heat On The Floor by Dorsal Fins
Heavens Above by Distant Lover
Help by London Grammar
Hit The City by Davey Lane
Homeless Man In Adidas by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
How I Feel by St Leonards
Hume by Bad & Dreams
I Hope I Never by Sarah Ellen
I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else by Gypsy & The Cat
I Lied by The Killjoys
Its My Fault by Pierce Brothers
Its Written by Ray Danes
Leaving On Time by Jae Laffer
Life by Gypsy And The Cat
Love Me by Ash Grunwald
Low On Your Supply by The Panics
Low by Violent Soho
Luck So Far by Slum Sociable
Mango Tree by Nat Dunn
Marianne by The Jezabels
My Name Is Grace by Mia Wray
My Own by Whitaker
Nothing Left To Hide by Dorsal Fins
Now That Were Alone by Saskwatch
Ocean Wide by Amaya Laucirica
Odyssey Of The Streets by Gypsy & The Cat
One Big Mess by Shane Nicholson
One Man Woman by Dallas Frasca
Petrified Heart by Mt Warning
Plans by Birds Of Tokyo
Puzzle by Birds Of Tokyo
Run To You by Ray Danes
Saviour (I Tried) by Caitlin Harnett
Secret Doors And Passageways by Tanya Batt
Shortline by RY X
Sinking Sun by Mt Warning
Slow Magic by Crayon Fields
Smile by Sheppard
Somebodys Talking by The Preatures
Someone For Everyone by Jamie Lawson
Somethings Missing by Sheppard
Southern Nightshade by Melody Pool
Speeding Cars by Walking On Cars
Start Again by Mia Wray
Strong by London Grammar
Supermarket Blues by Eden Mulholland
Sweat by RY X
The Way That It Goes by Thomas Fiss
This Old Love by Lior
This Town by Sarah Rzek
Throw It To The Universe by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Trois Gymnopédies: Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie
Trois Gymnopédies: Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie
Tropical Oceans by DD Dumbo
Two Hands by You Am I
Two Yone Melody by The Preatures
Vampires by RY X
Walking On Sunshine by Katrina And The Waves
Wasted Days by Gypsy And The Cat
Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar
Waves by Jai Waetford
What I Want by Mia Wray
Whats Out There For Me? by A Sound Mind
When The Iron Glows by Jae Laffer
With You by Ellogram
Woes by Tom Rosenthal (promo)
Worlds by Sarah Aarons Michael Fatkin And Jai Waetford
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2016 music

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