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Music used in 2015:

Adrift by Mt Warning
At A Loss For Words by Sondre Lerche
Back To You by Twerp
Beneath The Satellite by British India
Berlin by RY X
Born To Try by Delta Goodrem
Bow River by Ian Moss
Christmas Card by Christine Anu
Darling Its You by Caitlin Harnett
Everythings On Fire by Hunters And Collectors
Foolish by Alpine
Fools Fate by Nat Dunn
Geronimo by Sheppard
Get A Grip Upon Yourself by Family Fold
Groove The Physical by Client Liaison
Hold Me by Matthew Barber
If Our Timing Is True by Matthew Barber
In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Edvard Grieg
Lights Are Low by Robert Scott
March Into The Ocean by British India
Metal Zone by The Vines
Much More by Alpine
My Own by Whitaker
Not Yours by Mia Wray
One Good Reason by Tim Watson
Only Human by Delta Goodrem
Origin by Night Artery
Out Of The Loop by The Vines
Please Stop Messing About by Liv Cartledge
Riptide by Vance Joy
Rock And Roll Dream by Diva Demolition
Run To You by Ray Danes
Santas Coming Tonight by Chris White
Shadow Of The Wind by Kagu
So Cold by Ellogram
Summer Forgive Me by British India (promo)
The Planets, Op. 32: Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity by Gustav Holst
Think Tank by Ash Grunwald
Too Far Gone by Adalita
Trigger by Sandrine
Well Walk by Nat Dunn
Where Would We Be? by Via Tania
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2015 music

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