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Show music from 2008
Music used in 2008:

4 Your Love by Chris Pettifer
Amazing Grace by Natalie Blair
Babies In Your Dreams by Youth Group
Change by Dean Geyer
Corner Of An Endless Road by Lior
Crazy As It Seems by Sara Storer
Day In Day Out by Anika Moa
Enough Already by Special Patrol
Everything But You by Brian McFadden
Finally Over Blue by The McClymonts
Get Set by Taxiride
Good Time by Youth Group
Hangin Around by Anika Moa
Hey Good Try by Special Patrol
Its Christmas by Chris Pettifer And Neal Kingston
Last Thing You Need by Sparkadia
Life Tonight by My Friend The Chocolate Cake
On Your Side by The Boat People
One Fine Day by Bomba
One Good Reason by Tim Watson
Small Things by The Audreys
Standing In This Fire by Anika Moa
Start Today Tomorrow by Youth Group
Stay On Track by Deborah Conway
Such A Find by Lisa Miller
Swirl by My Friend" The Chocolate Cake
Take The Sting Out by Lior
The Common Law by Even
This Love by The Veronicas
Whats Your Name? by Front Counter
Who Wants To Buy A Broken Heart? by Stephen Cummings
Youre The Light by Anika Moa
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2008 music

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