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Song Lyrics:

Picked the wrong time to be looking up at the night
Popular belief came down,
Destroyed his house and claimed his sight
Forwards in lockstop barely able to draw breath
Yeah curiosity killed the cat,
He's buried alongside every great mind we never had
I'm sorry i know it's only rock and roll
But i've felt this twinge in the back of my mind
You do not have a monopoly on the truth
Believe everything you read
And in twenty years we'll put you behind glass
For all the people to come see
They'll be rolling in the aisles
Whatever you want
Whatever it is you haven't got
Knowing when you get on that road
I've got no idea where you're going
Before you jump you better think twice
No angel's gonna appear to offer you advice
Whatever you want
Whatever appeals to whatever it is you haven't got
Knowing when you get on that road
I've got no idea where you're going

Whatever You Want
Something For Kate
(Commercial track)

Album: Beautiful Sharks
Release date: 1999
Artist's Website: Something For Kate Official Website

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 3548 from 2000 (Harold Bishop is shocked when he sees an e-fit of a violent criminal which looks just like himself.)
Episode 3569 from 2000
Episode 3583 from 2000
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