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Neighbours Episode 8858 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8858
Australian airdate: 23/06/22
UK airdate: 31/05/22
Writer: Matthew Bon
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Wei Chan: Ferdinand Hoang
Abigail Tanaka: Juliet Basaraba
Isla Tanaka-Brennan: Mary Finn
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Mackenzie tells Freya Levi hoped she'd be at the party
- Freya and Levi decide to move on from the kiss
- Levi tells Harlow they found a key that is connected to the Order
- The police think the Order was trying to draw Harlow in
- Harlow finds out who the donor is and visits them in hospital
- The donor's brother spots Hendrix
- The donor is off the donor list so Hendrix's operation is cancelled
Hendrix is blaming himself for not taking Karl's advice and staying away from the hospital.
HENDRIX: My life was on the line and I've gone and stuffed it up for myself.
Hendrix turns down Mackenzie's offer to phone Pierce and Lisa. Karl is looking disappointed and quietly points out that other people could have been receiving those organs but Ken isn't on the donors list now. The realisation hits Hendrix on what his actions have led to. Hendrix starts hyperventilating, Susan talks to him calmly.
HENDRIX: Don't try to make me feel better. I don't deserve it.
Penthouse Apartment
Levi admits to Harlow they haven't found Corey yet. He asks if Paul or Leo are there as he feels she will need support for what he needs to tell her. She is fine with Levi there so insists he tells her. They gained access to Corey's laptop. On the laptop there were some files that are connected to the Order. There was a video involving Prue and a man. They think the man was a member of the Order but they're not sure who the man is. Levi admits it's a sexual video being filmed.
HARLOW: It was a hidden camera?
LEVI: We think your Mum set it up.
The man didn't seem to know about it but Prue looked at the camera a few times. Harlow seems shaken by this. She wants to know why this happened.
No.32 Backyard
Aaron thinks Nicolette should contact Asher. Nicolette isn't so keen as their meeting was short. Aaron is more optimistic after Jane gave Asher the once over. Nicolette is more sceptical!
AARON: They have a kid the same age as Isla.
NICOLETTE: If that's grounds I should take the pick of playgroup.
David is distracted and is thinking about his sentencing. Abigail babbles as Aaron suggests they get away. Nicolette thinks it's a good idea as she looks after Isla and carries on working. David thinks he won't be in a very fun mood, that is ok with Aaron.
AARON: All I need is you.
David gets a text from Harlow and explains he needs to head off. He promises to consider the idea.
The Waterhole
Levi is sitting staring into space as Freya arrives and orders a drink. Freya notices him and notes he's by himself.
FREYA: Your new housemates sick of you already?
He explains that he's had a hard work day. He brushes off her offer to talk but suggests that she lends Harlow a listening ear. Freya agrees and awkwardly turns back to the bar. She pays for her drink and leaves without having her drink.
Lassiter's Lake
David has met up with Harlow. David thinks maybe Prue set up the video as an insurance policy. Harlow realises she was nasty to Prue in the lead up to Prue and Gary's wedding. Harlow thought that Prue was just trying to find something else after being forced to leave the Order.
HARLOW: She was in love with Gary. He never took advantage of her. He made her feel so safe. I had no idea what my Mum was really going through.
David gives Harlow a comforting hug as she sobs.
Karl is talking to someone on the phone. As he finishes Susan realises he hasn't had any success. He's tried everyone but nothing can be done. The family have made this decision. Susan considers the possibility that they could still change their mind after making the decision after what happened. Mackenzie is now listening from the doorway unseen by them.
KARL: We've lost control.
SUSAN: We have to keep him positive.
KARL: He's only going to get sicker. This was his best chance of recovery. Now it's gone.
SUSAN: We will be there for him every step of the way. And for each other.
Hendrix is updating his Dad on the phone. He is despondent as he comes off the phone. Mackenzie puts a supportive hand on his back and leans into him. Mackenzie goes and sits down. Karl, Hendrix and Mackenzie all try to process this. Susan brings out the pillows and lets Karl know she is letting him move back into their bedroom for tonight.
Ramsay Street
It's now the next morning. Chloe plans to keep the day free when Hendrix has his surgery and is going to see him. Freya is distracted as she sees Levi run past. She asks how he is now. He realises imparting bad news is what he has to do but not easy. Levi heads inside. Freya and Levi keep sneaking glances at each other. Freya isn't sure if Levi is interested or not.
Karl is taking the pillow back.
SUSAN: Something tells me we're going to need each other in the weeks and months to come.
Susan is letting him move back in, Karl is grateful. They say 'I love you' to each other.
Hendrix and Chloe come out of another room. Chloe can't believe things have turned from great into not great.
HENDRIX: Just for a second I thought everything was going to be ok.
Albert Hospital
Mackenzie waits for Mr Chan to come out of the hospital. She approaches him and introduces herself. He isn't interested but she pleads. Mr Chan's son is a human being, he doesn't want to feel forced into this decision.
MACKENZIE: Hendrix has never seen your son as just a pair of lungs. He's so grateful for him. We never meant to pressure you. I'm sorry.
MR CHAN: Thank you.
MACKENZIE: (Tearfully) Hendrix is a human too. He's an amazing cook. He can dance. He's selfless, silly but so full of love. Right now he's shattered for all the lives that aren't going to be saved because of his mistake. All he wanted to do was thank your son for saving his life. I can't imagine what it's like to be in your position. But I can imagine what it will be like if my fiance doesn't get a transplant. Please will you consider changing your mind?
Harold's Cafe
Chloe arrives and invites Levi on a date which startles him. He tries to gently let her down but she wants him to realise how easy it is to ask Freya out. Levi admits he's interested in Freya but is getting mixed messages.
CHLOE: Stop being a scaredy cat and tell her how you feel.
Levi agrees to ask Freya out and heads off looking bemused!
Mackenzie comes around and admits she went to talk to Mr Chan. Karl is aghast, Mackenzie tells them she couldn't sit back and do nothing. Mr Chan didn't feel Ken felt respected, Mackenzie explained that wasn't what Hendrix meant at all. Hendrix answers his phone. Susan understands why Mackenzie did this but is frustrated. Hendrix is amazed as he ends the call, Mackenzie managed to convince Mr Chan to let his son be a donor after all! Hendrix kisses Mackenzie to thank her. Karl and Susan hug in amazement.
KARL: (To Mackenzie) You are an angel.
Chloe, Freya and Harlow are in the sunroom. Harlow is mystified at Prue's reasons behind recording the video.
HARLOW: It shows how much those people messed up her life.
It wasn't in character for Prue. Chloe thinks people can be more complicated than they seem.
FREYA: Things can bring people pain and joy at the same time.
Freya thinks Harlow should put the hurt behind her and remember the good stuff. Chloe is sure Harlow helped Prue whether she knew it or not. They hear a police siren.
Ramsay Street / No.24
Levi has got the lights and sirens going on the police car. Levi asks Freya over the radio controller to come outside to see him as the other residents come to see what is going on.
Freya is stunned to realise Levi is calling her name and they look through the blinds.
FREYA: Am I being arrested?!
CHLOE: You'd better get down there and find out.
Levi continues to call Freya, he has got out of his car and is in his police uniform. Freya comes down the drive with Chloe and Harlow behind her. Freya wants to know what's going on as she walks towards him.
LEVI: I'm sorry for being an idiot. I'm not afraid to let you know in front of all these people that I think you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. Can I take you on a second first date?
Freya responds by kissing Levi. Everyone else claps and cheers.
No.32 Backyard
Aaron enjoyed watching Levi and Freya. Nicolette missed it but is thrilled. Aaron explains about the holiday but is unsure about leaving Harlow. She thinks they should head off as she's got others to help be there for her.
DAVID: How did I end up with a niece as awesome as you?
HARLOW: Same way I got to have two awesome Uncles.
David agrees to the holiday if they can sort out bail check ins. David wants Isla to come on holiday too just in case they don't have another holiday for a while. Nicolette agrees. David invites Nicolette along for a couple of nights as they can't go outside Victoria.
Harold's Cafe
Mackenzie thought Levi's idea was very romantic. She assures Hendrix he shouldn't feel threatened as he has proposed to her already. They can have their wedding.
HENDRIX: I'll be around to do it thanks to you. What you did today literally saved my life.
MACKENZIE: You did the same for me in the fire.
HENDRIX: Let's make the most of every second. Why wait. I'm going to have a long road to recovery. We should do it before the operation. Now. Let's get married.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Terese is aghast that Estelle is half dressed when she meets a bemused Glen
- Estelle flirts with Paul as Terese watches
- Everyone is stunned at the speed of the wedding
<<8857 - 8859>>
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