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Neighbours Episode 8857 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8857
Australian airdate: 22/06/22
UK airdate: 30/05/22
Writer: Stephanie Carter
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Estelle Petrides: Maria Mercedes
Matt Chan: Joseph Raboy
Ken Chan: Richard Wang
- "Home" by Valentina Mér
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Estelle trying to justify why she wants to live with Terese.
- Terese telling her mum she knows exactly why she's in town.
- Terese ranting off about her mum's behaviour to Glen.
- Estelle agreeing to have a drink with Paul.
- Wendy asking Jane if Sadie can re- enrol at Erinsborough High School.
- Hendrix belatedly wanting the Rodwell's to come to his engagement party.
- Nicolette explaining that the Rodwell's won't be coming due to having other plans.
- Hendrix hearing that a donor has been found for him.
Number 28
The news Hendrix has found the "perfect" donor is slowly sinking in. We hear thought that the transplant won't go ahead for another week due them waiting for the donors mum to arrive. Karl describes the news as "extraordinary" and that Hendrix is "very lucky."
Ramsay Street
Wendy spots Jane as she's leaving #28, to see if she's had a chance to ask Susan about Sadie returning to EHS. Given the family look so hopeful, Jane goes for the tactical reply - it's a big decision and Susan is thinking about it.
The Waterhole
Paul is filling Estelle in on how worldwide the Lassiters chain when an irate Terese interrupts them - she is unamused her mum is talking to Paul! "Just a harmless chat Terese," Paul tries to explain with but its not washing and she storms out of the bar followed by her mum after she apologies to Paul.
Lassiters Complex
"Why are you talking to Paul?!" Terese demands to know from her mum after the pair reach the complex. Estelle denies that she was flirting with Paul, she was "curious to know what he's like!"
ESTELLE: You talk about Paul like he's the big bad wolf and I wanted to see him huff and puff! Plus he offered me a drink. What was I meant to say?
TERESE: Tell him to shove it!
ESTELLE: I'll keep that in mind for the next time!
Terese isn't amused at the use of 'the next time' and Estelle accuses her daughter of being "dramatic." "Trust me, you don't know what dramatic is," Terese is quick to reply with.
ESTELLE: I'm sorry. I didn't realise it would upset you. Now I know, we can move on!
TERESE: Well maybe you should move on, because I've had it up to here with you already!
Harold's café
How the donor died has Hendrix curious for more details - he knows it was in a car accident but no more. Mackenzie accuses him of "overthinking" but the conversation is interrupted (much to Mackenzie's annoyance) when the passing Sadie asks about the transplant.
Hendrix confirms he is getting a transplant and Sadie genuinely looks happy at hearing that before leaving them to it and moving to the counter.
Resuming their conversation, Hendrix is still curious to know who's donating their organs to him, explaining that it "feels weird not knowing anything about them."
Number 26
Sandie comes home and tells her dad about Hendrix getting a transplant and she is after a favour from him - she wants him to use the police database to find out information about the crash so she can pass it onto Hendrix. "You know I can't do that," Andrew replies back... but that isn't stopping Sadie! When Andrew takes the washing to the laundry, she opens up his computer!
Penthouse suite
Before he leaves to get back to the vineyard, Paul asks Leo how Glen is doing and is told he'd find out himself if he went to the hospital! "I'm sure he's the last person he wants hanging around," is Paul's explanation over why he's not visited and of course Terese is "playing nurse," too.
Seconds after he's mentioned her, Terese exits the lift and demands to know why he's having drinks with her mum! Leo tactfully bails at this point and Paul's explanation is he is being "polite!" Terese isn't buying that and accuses him of using her mum to get at her. "There's no grand plan here," he takes delight in saying and wonders why she seems "paranoid."
TERESE: I know you want to mess with me but leave my family out of it!
PAUL: Alright, I hear you loud and clear... although I will say it does take two to tango. Maybe you wouldn't lay down the law with Estelle... after all she is a bit of a firecracker.
Harold's café
Karl catches Hendrix for a chat to see how he's feeling now the news has had a chance to sink in. Hendrix can't stop thinking about the donor and asks if he can find out who the person is. Karl gets his curiosity but reminds him that the process is anonymous with strict privacy laws to protect both the donor and the person receive the transplant.
KARL: The rules exist to avoid messy situations.
The only option Hendrix has is to write to the donor family expressing his gratitude. "That doesn't feel like enough," as far as Hendrix is concerned.
Number 26
Wendy is thrilled to receive a visitor into her house - Estelle. She is trying to guess who Estelle is related to (while Estelle mouths off about how awful Terese is) and goes round all the females but still can't guess right. In the end Estelle tells her and Wendy can't believe it!
Number 28
Karl is suspicious why Mackenzie and Hendrix have suddenly gone quiet when he walked out of his bedroom. Whatever the pair have planned, Mackenzie tells Hendrix that he doesn't need to do this, but he's not listening to that and tells Karl that they are going out for a bit, quietly swiping the car keys from the table as they exit the house.
As 'Home' plays, Hendrix and Mackenzie silently make their way down a real life hospital corridor, stopping at the room where the donor lies unconscious in a hospital bed hooked up to various machines.
The pair hurriedly move away from the door though when a relative of the donor suddenly walks towards the door and exits into the main hospital corridor. Thankfully he doesn't notice the pair as he walks down the corridor and when he's past them, they resume their position of looking through the window into the room.
Number 22
Jane offers sympathetic noises to Terese while she rants off about her mum before asking how she's going to "navigate all of this?" Terese admits she isn't sure but would like to send her mum "on her way!" Having been in Estelle's shoes, Jane suggests that Terese gives her mum a chance. Barely seconds after Jane has said that, and Terese rolled her eyes, Estelle nervously enters the house so Jane decides to head home.
Its good news for Terese - Estelle knows she's been beaten and has found someone to put her up for a few nights... in Broken Hill! As she makes her way out of the house, Terese tells her mum to stop, she can stay. "Really?!" a shocked Estelle replies with and hears the condition she's to follow to remain living at #22 - she's to stay away from Paul!
TERESE: No more sneaky chats.
ESTELLE: Dead to me! I'll cross the street if I see him coming.
Hendrix (and Mackenzie) have now entered the donors room and are standing at the foot of the bed. Via the sign above the bed, we now know the donor's name - Ken Choi and Hendrix introduces himself and says that Ken is "saving my life."
HENDRIX: I wish things were different. I wish I didn't have this illness and you were at home right now hanging out with your family and mates. I'm so sorry. I can't appreciate how much you are doing for me and I know I'm not the only one.
Hendrix turns round to look at Mackenzie before back to Ken and telling him that they are engaged.
HENDRIX: I got this great girl and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. That's going to happen because of you. So thank you. Thank you so much.
The mood changes when Ken's brother (Matt) walks into the room as sees the pair of them. Mackenzie lies and says they got the wrong room number.
MATT: That's my brother you're gawking at like he's some animal in a zoo. Where the hell is your respect?!
Hendrix explains that he just wanted to say thank you as his brother is going to "save my life." Mackenzie realises they've overstepped the mark and pulls Hendrix out of the room as Matt stands the flabbergasted!
Hospital exterior
Offscreen, Mackenzie called Karl to let him know what Hendrix was doing and as they walk towards the car, Karl rushes to meet them. He isn't impressed at what the pair have done, including how they managed to find details about the donor too (via Mackenzie's contacts).
KARL: What you have done here is illegal. And it's also immoral and unethical. More than that, its unbelievably selfish.
HENDRIX: I'm sorry, I just wanted to see him.
Karl asks if anyone saw him in the donor's room (yes) and has a right go at them over how Ken's brother must be feeling.
Number 22
Estelle wants to bend the rules slightly by talking about Paul, so she can help guide her daughter.
ESTELLE: It's what a good mother does.
TERESE: Okay, fine. Guide away!
Estelle begins by asking her daughter if she's really thought it through and the response is that Terese can't trust him nor see past his faults. "Surely there's good as well?" Estelle asks given Terese married Paul. Terese admits that she "loved him" and there might be things she could "still love about him" but adds "that's not enough."
TERESE: He's ruthless and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.
ESTELLE: But isn't that true about all successful tycoons? Wealthy, complicated men are difficult but some might say the rewards are well worth it.
TERESE: By some, you mean you?!
TERESE: Listen mother, I'm not interested in his money and I'm repelled by his power and if those are the rewards, Paul can keep them.
While the ladies were saying those last sentences, we cut back and forth to Paul standing in the middle of the complex surveying his empire.
Number 26
Sadie is back from her latest counselling session and we hear things are going well. She decides to confess to her dad about almost using his computer to search for the information [for Hendrix] but stopped herself because she knew it was "a bad idea." Pausing for a few moments to decide what to reply with, Andrew is glad she told him, but warns against pulling a stunt like that. "I won't," she quickly replies with, adding that he can trust her.
ANDREW: You know you don't have to make big gestures right. If you just be yourself, let people see who you really are. That you're honest, and genuine, they'll forgive you. Bit by bit maybe, but you'll get there.
Number 28
With his head in his hands, following the tongue- lashing from Karl, Susan remarks on how devasted Hendrix is looking. Realising that he could have been more empathetic, Karl walks towards the table where Hendrix (and Mackenzie) are sitting.
Karl apologises to Hendrix for losing his temper, explaining that he was "shocked and worried" for him. With tears in his eyes, Hendrix's reply is that he "deserved it."
HENDRIX: I'm never going to forget seeing that guy like that. Or his brother, he was devastated and I barged in there and I made him feel worse.
"You didn't mean any harm," Mackenzie says to him but their conversation is curtailed when Hendrix gets a call on his phone. Moments later a shell- shocked Hendrix returns to the living room.
HENDRIX: The family's taken the donor off the donors list. The operations off.
SUSAN: Did they say why?
HENDRIX: No, but its pretty obvious. It's my fault isn't it?
Coming up on Neighbours
- Levi talking to Harlow about what they found on Corey's laptop.
- Karl, Susan and Mackenzie devastated at the news.
- Freya being summoned by the police outside to the street
<<8856 - 8858>>
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