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Neighbours Episode 8854 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8854
Australian airdate: 21/06/22
UK airdate: 25/05/22
Writer: Shane Isheev
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Corey Smythe-Jones: Laurence Boxhall
Christabel Bancroft: Syd Zygier
Abigail Tanaka: Juliet Basaraba
- "Just For A Little While" by Alexis Taylor
- "I Am Here" by Fresch
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Glen tells Kiri how Barbara encouraged him to join a recovery programme she ran at the church
- Leo tells Chloe that Kiri and Glen's inability to work together has been bad for the vineyard
- Chloe tells Kiri she can't sleep in her bed again
- Freya turns up at Corey and Harlow's 'getaway', and Corey knocks her out with a watering can
- Later held captive by Christabel in the basement, Freya punches her and makes her escape
- David and Levi arrive in Daylesford and pick up Freya as she runs from the cottage
- Harlow realises Corey's been drugging her, and signals for help at a roadside rest stop
- The assistant calls the police, while Harlow locks herself in a storeroom to escape Corey
- Corey begins to smash open the door with a crowbar, telling Harlow she can't run
Near Daylesford
David is driving, with Freya in the passenger seat and Levi on the phone in the back. Ending his call, Levi tells the others that a rest stop has just reported someone signalling for help who matches Harlow's description. Telling them they're closer to the scene than the police, Levi directs David to the rest stop.
Meanwhile, Corey is still smashing at the storeroom door with his crowbar. Inside, Harlow is terrified.
HARLOW: No, Corey, stop!
COREY (sobbing): I didn't want it to be like this!
He continues to bash down the door, as Harlow looks around in panic. Outside, David, Levi and Freya are arriving in the car.
Corey manages to get the door open and walks into the storeroom, wielding the crowbar. But Harlow is nowhere to be seen. He notices a small window near the ceiling, and realises she must have escaped.
Meanwhile, Freya has recognised Corey's car parked up opposite the rest stop. Levi tells her and David to stay where they are, while he goes to check inside. Seeing Levi enter the building, Corey closes the door that leads to the storeroom, then makes his escape, presumably through the same window. Levi enters the storeroom to find the crowbar, but no Corey or Harlow.
Outside the building, Harlow is in hiding behind a shipping container. She screams when someone touches her on the shoulder, but it's just David. She hugs him with relief.
DAVID: Let's get you out of here, okay?
At the front of the building, Freya also hugs Harlow and is concerned to make sure she's okay. Harlow says she is, but is confused and disoriented. Levi re- emerges.
HARLOW: He drugged me. I don't know where he is.
LEVI: (...) It looks like he's done a runner.
Back in Erinsborough, Kiri pays a visit to the church. But when she reaches the entrance, something seems to stop her from going inside. Shaking her head, she walks off again in the opposite direction.
The Waterhole
Chloe and Aaron are at a table; Aaron is on the phone, getting an update from David. Paul comes in, walking past them to the pool table, where Terese and Glen are playing a game - though at first, Paul only sees Terese, and gloats about her playing alone until Glen appears behind him.
TERESE (to Paul): You know, it seems the only loner around here is, err... oh! You!
Terese and Glen continue to play, flirting with one another as if Paul isn't standing between them.
GLEN: Care to make it interesting?
TERESE: Sure! The winner gets a full body massage at home.
GLEN: Oh, bring it on!
Annoyed, Paul walks towards the exit - but Aaron stops him.
AARON: Paul, listen, you'd better get down to the hospital (...) it's Harlow.
Erinsborough Hospital
In the car park, a relieved Paul embraces Harlow as she arrives with David, Freya and Levi, for Harlow and Freya to be checked over medically after their ordeal.
PAUL (to Harlow): God, when I think about what that excuse for a human being did to you - I mean, he had us all fooled.
HARLOW: Not David.
PAUL: Are you sure he was from the Order?
DAVID: Everything points that way.
HARLOW: (...) He even called me Lo- lo, like Mum used to.
Levi explains to Paul that Christabel has been arrested and brought to the police station, and that the cops have a full team looking for Corey. David and Paul lead Harlow into the hospital.
Erinsborough Police Station
Later that evening, Andrew and Levi are interviewing Christabel.
ANDREW: Here's what you're up against. We found Harlow's clothes in your car. We know you were planning on drugging Freya Wozniak; we have the tea, which is indisputable evidence. We've just found Corey's car, and his laptop. Our tech team are looking into it right now. It won't be long before we know what's on it.
LEVI: And who knows, we might even find more incriminating evidence - right, sarge?
CHRISTABEL: You're wasting your breath. I'm not saying a word until my lawyer gets here.
No 22
Glen is with Chloe and Terese, who have heard about what's happened to Harlow, and are feeling guilty for not having done more to look out for her having felt that something was wrong. Leo comes in with Abigail, and asks if Terese would mind looking after her while he heads to the hospital to support the family.
Terese agrees, and Leo says he might not be back till late. Glen suggests he take the next day off from the vineyard, but Leo says they have a big delivery coming and a new distributor visiting. Glen says he can handle it, and encourages Leo to spend the day with the family.
LEO: What about you and Kiri?
GLEN: Yeah, I'll still be able to stay out of her way.
Leo doesn't seem convinced, and says they should play it by ear, before leaving.
Erinsborough Hospital
Freya is sitting with Harlow, who's in a hospital bed.
HARLOW: Freya, I'm sorry.
FREYA: Don't. Don't do that.
Freya shows Harlow the marks on her wrists where she was tied up.
FREYA: This was Corey. It wasn't you.
HARLOW: Yeah, but I'm the idiot who fell for it. I mean, it's my fault you got hurt.
FREYA: No. You can't blame yourself for something someone else did. But I know that's easy for me to say. I'm not in your shoes, but I have been through something pretty similar.
Harlow thanks Freya for sitting with her, and Freya kisses her hand, promising she'll see her again tomorrow.
FREYA: But in the meantime can you please, please try not to be so hard on yourself?
Harlow agrees and Freya leaves; but Harlow looks troubled. Outside, Freya tells Paul and Leo that Mackenzie is waiting for her in the car park.
PAUL: We can't thank you enough for helping Harlow. If there's anything you need -
FREYA: No, I'm... I'm good. Thanks.
Freya leaves, while Paul tells Leo that Corey's life won't be worth living when he gets his hands on him. Leo says they should just focus on Harlow for now.
PAUL: No, I mean it, Leo. He picked the wrong family to mess with.
No 30
In the sunroom, Kiri is folding washing when Chloe comes in, and gives her an update on Harlow, saying she's going to be okay. Chloe asks how Kiri is, and she replies that she's fine, albeit unconvincingly.
CHLOE: You know I'm here for you. Whatever you need. My, umm, shoulder's free for crying on.
KIRI: Thanks. But I can't keep leaning on you for everything.
CHLOE: You can.
KIRI: ... I tried going into church. It's always been my safe place, but I... I just couldn't go in. I just kept thinking that that's where it started, with Mum and Glen (...) I mean, it's bad enough knowing that the only reason I exist is because Mum betrayed Dad, but this... this just makes it so much worse.
Chloe strokes Kiri's arm comfortingly.
Erinsborough Police Station
The next day, Andrew is behind the main desk when Levi comes in. Andrew tells Levi that Christabel managed to contact her lawyers last night, but...
ANDREW: ... they hung up on her as soon as she started to explain the situation.
LEVI: The Order cut her loose?
ANDREW: That's where I'd put my money. They must think there's no way to defend her.
LEVI: And if she looks like she's working alone, it keeps her hands clean.
ANDREW: Exactly.
LEVI: Brilliant.
Freya comes in to make her statement, and Levi comments on the small cut to her head, where Corey hit her with the watering can.
LEVI: Are you sure that's not painful?
FREYA: What, this old thing? Nah. It's just a ploy to make me look more tough. Is it working?
LEVI: You've impressed me.
Andrew tells Freya that Christabel hasn't said anything to them in interviews, and is pretty upset; he doesn't think they'll get much from her today.
FREYA: Can I try?
ANDREW: It's not procedure.
FREYA: Yeah, well, if she's upset... it probably means she's just realised she's been used.
ANDREW: And it's only a matter of time until she confesses.
FREYA: No, I don't think she's gonna speak to the cops. I mean, no offence, but she might talk to someone who's been through a similar situation. I mean, she'll open up if she feels like she can relate to someone.
LEVI: And you'll keep your cool in there?
FREYA: Yeah. Yeah, this is about finding Corey, and I really want to do this for Harlow, so...
Andrew looks sceptical, but Levi suggests it could be worth a shot.
The Vineyard
Glen is at work in one of the outbuildings when Leo turns up, despite Glen's suggestion he take the day off. But Leo says Glen can't do the work alone; it seemingly involves moving heavy items to the distillery. Glen says his back's fine, but Leo insists it's a two- person job.
Kiri turns up with an urgent question about a customer threatening to cancel an event they've booked because they've found a cheaper venue elsewhere; Glen makes himself scarce inside the outbuilding. Leo tells her he's happy for Kiri to price- match in order to get them to stay.
While Kiri's talking to the customer on the phone, Leo tells Glen that the situation with him and Kiri not being able to be in a room together is getting ridiculous, and impacting productivity. Leo gets a message from Paul, and says he's got to go to a family catch- up with Harlow. But he instructs Glen to leave the heavy lifting; he'll get someone to help him later.
Leo rejoins Kiri and the pair of them walk off. Glen surveys the items he still has to move, and decides to get on with it despite Leo's instructions. Kiri returns and catches Glen in the act, reminding him Leo said to wait until he had help.
GLEN: There's no harm in getting a head start. It's one less thing for him to worry about. He's obviously got a lot on his plate.
KIRI: Look, I'd help, but I've got to go meet a client off- site.
GLEN: Hey, no- one's expecting you to help. Go do your thing.
Kiri looks uncomfortable, but leaves, telling Glen she'll be back soon.
Erinsborough Police Station
Christabel is surprised when Levi shows Freya into the interview room. Levi then leaves them alone, watching the exchange through the window with Andrew outside.
FREYA: Sergeant Rodwell has been kind enough to let me come and speak to you. Don't worry about them. It's just us.
CHRISTABEL: Why would you want to do that?
FREYA: Because I understand what you're going through. And I know that what you did - it wasn't because you're an evil person. You're a victim. Just like me. And I also know that you've been conditioned to speak and act in a... particular way by somebody else.
FREYA: Okay, so you're determined to stay loyal to the Order. Great. But have you ever considered where their loyalty lies? Like, where are they? Why aren't they here, helping? You've done everything for them, and then now, at this point, when you probably need them the most, they are absolutely nowhere to be seen. It doesn't really sound right, does it?
CHRISTABEL: ... I'm not falling for this.
FREYA: No, don't waste the next few months in denial. No- one is coming for you, and you have to take care of yourself. And I get it - I get it, it's scary. Like, the only thing that you've ever really known is the Order. And you've given them your entire life. But, I mean, like... haven't you given them enough? You are smart. You are smart, and your life is worth so much more than being disposable to somebody else. So, just really think about it.
Christabel looks affected by Freya's words.
No 32
David and Aaron are hosting the get- together for Harlow on the patio; Paul and Leo are also present. David and Aaron are trying to encourage Harlow to eat; she reluctantly accepts a plate, but her hands are shaking. David explains these are just withdrawal symptoms from the drugs Corey gave her. Harlow looks fed up.
Levi turns up, and Paul asks if the police have found Corey. Levi says not, but adds that Christabel has started talking, and confirmed that they are both part of the Restoration Order. However, she says she doesn't know where Corey is.
PAUL: What, and you believed her?
LEVI: Well, she has been open about everything else.
HARLOW: So why did Corey come after me?
LEVI: Well, apparently there was a key hidden in your mum's diary. It opened up a locker containing a USB the Order wanted.
HARLOW: I burnt the diary.
LEVI: That's how Corey got the key. He found it in the ashes.
HARLOW: Destroying the diary was Corey's idea.
LEVI: We don't know what was on the USB, and the Order never told Christabel.
HARLOW: But hang on a second. This all happened in London - so why did he follow me here?
LEVI: Well, your family's wealth made you a lucrative target. They thought you'd be susceptible, just like Prue was. You're also more vulnerable because you lost your mum.
This sets Harlow off crying, and David comforts her. Paul comes over and kisses her on the head.
HARLOW: He made me believe that no- one cared.
PAUL: Oh, darling, we all do (...) More than you will ever know.
No 30
In the sunroom, Levi has called round to see Freya. He's brought her a little present - a baseball cap.
LEVI: It's my lucky hat - you know, guaranteed to protect you from any scenarios involving watering cans.
Freya puts it on. It also covers the cut on her head.
FREYA: How does it look? Really good, right?
LEVI: Yeah. Yeah, that's perfect (...) It's also a thank- you for cracking Christabel.
FREYA: Yeah. Did she, umm... did she mention how I got on her radar at all?
LEVI: Well, Corey thought that you were in the market for a new direction in life.
FREYA (amused): Mm, that's very interesting! I wonder why he would possibly think that (!)
They joke and borderline- flirt with one another. Freya thanks Levi for the hat.
LEVI: Freya? Promise me you will stop rushing into danger on your own.
Freya quips that now she's got the hat, she can pretty much do anything she wants! But Levi is being serious.
LEVI: This isn't the first time that you've done it.
FREYA: ... You haven't exactly been around to be my sidekick.
LEVI: I know. And I want to change that.
FREYA: ...
LEVI: But just to be clear, *you're* the sidekick.
FREYA: It's very cute that you might think that. Man, you're the sidekick.
LEVI: You're definitely the sidekick.
FREYA: (...) Hahaha. You're the sidekick, dude.
LEVI: Okay - equals, then.
He holds out his hand to shake on it. But Freya leans in and kisses him on the lips instead! There's a long pause afterwards.
FREYA: Sorry! Sorry, I, umm... I shouldn't have done that.
At this point Kiri comes in, interrupting the moment and causing Levi to make a quick exit. Kiri asks what she's just walked in on. Freya says it's nothing she wants to talk about, and asks why Kiri isn't at work. She explains she's decided to work from home, so as to avoid Glen.
Kiri still looks intrigued by whatever she interrupted between Freya and Levi. Freya looks worried.
The Vineyard
Glen is still shifting things around, but it's hard work and he stops for a drink of water. He then climbs a stepladder to put some boxes on top of a larger container - but his back is now hurting badly, it seems. He then falls backwards, taking the large container with him. It lands on top of him, leaving Glen pinned on the floor, gasping and in agony...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Jane tells Terese that 'digging all this up' will devastate David, Aaron and Nicolette
- Chloe tells Kiri that she has the right to feel however she wants about something
- Paul angrily tells Chloe something is a 'complete shambles'; she retorts it's his shambles
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