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Neighbours Episode 8853 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8853
Australian airdate: 20/06/22
UK airdate: 24/05/22
Writer: Daniel Papas
Director: Eugenie Muggleton
Guests: Corey Smythe-Jones: Laurence Boxhall
Christabel Bancroft: Syd Zygier
Narelle Campbell: Janeth Mayo
Katrina Marshall: Farah Mak
Patrick Clio: Trent Sinclair
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Glen and Kiri acting awkwardly around each other at work
- Nicolette noticing the bond between Kiri and Chloe
- Chloe staying the night in Kiri's bedroom
- Corey continuing to drug Harlow's drinks
- Corey knocking Freya out when she comes to find Harlow
- Christabel being informed that Freya is her mess now
- Corey taking Harlow to a different location
- Freya screaming out for help, tied up on a bed
Freya continues to scream out for help but soon realises she's not going to get a response. She tries to slow down her panicked breathing and yank her hand free from its restraints.
Vineyard Interior
Leo asks Kiri to have an after work drink with him. They talk about the arrangement with Glen, and Leo admits that keeping the two of them separate is giving him separation anxiety. It's not just about the work, though, Leo wants her to enjoy herself while she's there. Glen wanders in to let Leo know about a work matter, not realising that Kiri's inside and then the atmosphere turns uneasy. Kiri decides to skip the drink and head home.
Corey's Car
Harlow wants to know how long they have till they arrive at their destination, but Corey says it will ruin the surprise. She tells him she's feeling carsick, so Corey encourages her to drink more water. Harlow then asks about her phone, which Corey reluctantly returns to her. There are multiple missed calls and also a text from Mackenzie telling her about the engagement. Corey tries to put a negative spin on it, saying it's a shame Mackenzie didn't try and ring instead, but Harlow thinks it might be a chance to start fresh with everyone. “With love and positivity,” she parrots back to him with a grin. Harlow thinks they should head back home, but Corey puts her phone away and insists they finish out their relaxing getaway first. The nausea returns for Harlow so Corey says they'll find a place to stop soon.
Harold's Cafe
Aaron is reading Christabel's pamphlet David found at the Community Centre and has to admit the writing in it sounds “pretty bizarro”. But Aaron still wants to know why Christabel has David so freaked out.
DAVID: I've just got a really bad feeling about this. I saw her talking to Corey. And it looked like they knew each other really well, which doesn't make any sense because he only just came over from the UK. And now this-
AARON: Look, I still think you're overreacting.
David doesn't appreciate Aaron's lack of support.
Lassiters Hotel Office
Chloe is having a meeting with Katrina and Narelle from HR. Katrina says she'll cop being suspended for talking back to Terese, but she had nothing to do with the fashion show incident. Chloe reminds her she was photographed outside the tent when it happened, and Narelle promises they're not accusing Katrina, merely asking questions.
KATRINA: If you want to ask questions then go find that English weirdo who was also hanging around.
CHLOE: You mean Corey? He said he was nowhere near there at the time.
KATRINA: Check his phone, I'll bet you'll find the footage. Because it's not on mine.
Number 28
Karl and Levi have finished setting up Levi's new room. Karl lets his new housemate know that the bed frame is very sturdy, too, as he and Susan have “tested the structural integrity over the years”. While Levi digests this, Karl tries to garner sympathy from Susan once more about how much the single bed is going to hurt his back. “I see your point - I'll think on it,” Susan breezily replies before heading out. Levi tells Karl he feels bad about stealing the good bed, but Karl just grins and says it's all a ruse to get himself back into the marital bed.
Freya is thrilled when she nearly manages to get one wrist free from the ropes, but startles when she hears someone coming downstairs. It's Christabel, who is carrying a tray of tea. She sets it down on a table before coming over to sit next to Freya on the bed.
CHRISTABEL: I know that this is unpleasant, but we'll laugh about it some day. All of this will make sense. You're gonna love your new family.
Freya recoils when Christabel tenderly caresses her face. Remaining quiet, Freya pays close attention to the lightbulb hanging above them.
Lassiters Hotel Office
David and Aaron stop by to see Chloe, who was just about to give David a call. She says that Corey came up in a weird conversation today and she thought David would be interested. Chloe explains the Katrina admission, but she doesn't understand why Corey would do something to hurt Harlow when he's supposed to be her friend.
DAVID: I think he's connected to this weird woman at the Community Centre, Christabel. She gave Freya this-
CHLOW: Wacko pamphlet!
AARON: You know her?
CHLOE: I'm familiar. Freya was on the fence about her - she thought this woman might have stolen one of Harlow's cardigans.
DAVID: What made her think that?
CHLOE: She saw one just like it in Christabel's boot.
AARON: (off David's ‘I told you so' look) Okay, it's worth checking out.
David tells Chloe they came to see if she knew where Freya was. He becomes alarmed when she informs him of Freya's Daylesford jaunt. “Where Corey's taken Harlow,” David frowns.
Freya continues to stare at the lightbulb while Christabel confesses that she sometimes regrets being born into the Order. “I've never not seen the light,” she divulges, “so I'll never experience that flash you've got coming to you.” Freya flinches when Christabel rests her hand on her leg, but Christabel tells her not to get silly. She then suggests a nice, calming cup of tea for them both. Christabel thinks Freya's going to enjoy the Apollo Bay retreat - it's where Corey has taken Harlow. While Christabel's busy spiking Freya's tea with drugs, Freya quietly unties one arm from the bedpost. She then drags the cord down attached to the light and smashes the globe, plunging the room into darkness. Freya quickly unties her other arm while Christabel stumbles over, and then manages to hit Christabel, knocking her out. Freya undoes the rope from her legs and races out of the room, stepping on glass as she goes.
Harold's Cafe
Kiri notices that Chloe seems distracted, but Chloe brushes aside any lingering worries about Harlow and Freya and promises Kiri she's present. Kiri thanks her for staying the other night, but tells Chloe that the levels of awkwardness are still really high at work between her and Glen. Kiri would love to have another movie night with Chloe, who is hesitant at first, but when she sees the disappointment on Kiri's face she changes her mind and says it's a great idea.
Nicolette watches them from the kitchen, upset that they're getting along so well. But Jane's noticed her daughter's mood and asks if Nic's given any more thought to giving Asher a call. Nicolette brushes the suggestion off, but then begrudgingly admits she should probably get back into the dating pool.
JANE: You know I have noted down a few apps that people are using these days. We could download them and then make a shortlist!
NICOLETTE: (laughing) Mum, thank you, but I think I can do this on my own.
Number 28
David and Aaron are filling Levi in on the latest Harlow/Corey/Freya/Christabel news. Aaron also reminds Levi of all the stuff that happened with Prue and the Restoration Order. Levi doesn't look one hundred per cent convinced, but when he tries to call Freya and gets her voicemail he begins to worry. Levi says he's going to drive to Daylesford and investigate but doesn't know where to start. David shows him a photo in the pamphlet of a retreat in Daylesford with a water tower behind it and insists on joining him to search.
The Waterhole
While Glen joins Terese at her table, Leo takes a moment to chat with Chloe at the bar. They both notice how lovey dovey Glen and Terese are, and Leo says he'd love to see Glen looking that perky at work. Chloe says she's heard about the awkwardness from Kiri.
CHLOE: Do you think this separate work stations idea will work?
LEO: It's been terrible for productivity and I'm the one who's stuck in the middle. (He looks over at Glen smiling with Terese) See, that is the Glen I want back on the team.
CHLOE: It does seem like sitting in a tree with Terese brings out the best in him.
LEO: Yeah, well I guess they did well to hold off until dad stopped playing the victim. I guess you don't want any added stress when you're starting out fresh.
This gives Chloe food for thought.
Number 28
Karl hovers around Susan, who notices that he seems to have bathed himself in cologne. He then brings up Hendrix and Mackenzie's engagement and thinks they should throw them a party, which Susan thinks is a nice idea. Karl waxes lyrical about his own engagement to Susan, saying that the day she married him was magical. Susan nods then tries to get back to her book, but Karl's not done. He brings up the single bed yet again and gets excited when Susan tells him she's come up with a solution. But Karl's in for disappointment when that solution turns out to be him sleeping on the couch.
David and Levi have stopped on a road close to the cabin but are trying to get their bearings. It doesn't take long, though, for Freya to come stumbling out of the bushes, much to the boys' shock. She tells them she's fine but they need to get back in the car right now - Corey has kidnapped Harlow.
Kiri's Bedroom
Kiri thinks Chloe has arrived for movie night, but Chloe has decided not to stay the night with her again. Kiri says they were just sleeping last time, but Chloe knows there are more underlying factors at play.
CHLOE: I really like you and I think it goes both ways, but the timing's not right. You don't have room for whatever this could become.
KIRI: I think you're reading into it too much.
CHLOE: (gently) I've been here before. I started dating Nic when my mum died. I wasn't thinking, I just wanted comfort, and it ended with Nicolette's heart broken. I don't want to hurt you - I don't want to get hurt. So I think we should be careful not to blur any lines, at least for now.
KIRI: Yeah, totally. Makes sense.
CHLOE: Great, glad we're on the same page.
They both look disappointed when Chloe leaves.
Corey's Car
The car has stopped across the road from a general store. Corey pats Harlow's back as she finishes throwing up. She seems more lucid now that she's purged some of the drugs from her system. Corey says he'll duck over to the shop to get her some food, but she should drink more water first.
COREY: We are not going anywhere until you finish that bottle, Lolo.
It takes Harlow a moment, but when Corey exits the car she realises he addressed her with the old nickname her mum used to use. Harlow looks at the drink bottle and notices something floating around in the water. Alarmed, she rummages around in Corey's backpack and is frightened when she finds the bag of pills.
General Store
Corey is uneasy when Harlow comes into the shop but she says she just needed to use the bathroom. The cashier looks wary with how dishevelled Harlow appears, and is correct in his assumptions when Harlow makes a hand signal to him that she needs help. The cashier nods and starts to make a phone call to the police, which immediately flips a switch in Corey. He charges at Harlow, who manages to escape out the back and lock herself in an office.
David's Car
Freya tells the boys that Corey must have taken her car keys, but Christabel will still be in the house because she locked her in the room. Levi gets off the phone with the Apollo Bay police and says they've just sent out a patrol car to the cabin.
General Store
Corey still tries to play nice, despite everything, and attempts to coax Harlow out of the office. The cashier nervously tells Corey to leave Harlow alone, but Corey just says it's all been a big misunderstanding. The cashier then says the cops are on the way and Harlow screams out that she's not going anywhere with Corey. “You're dehydrated and your mind's playing tricks on you,” Corey insists, but Harlow knows he's been drugging her. Corey gets frustrated and rushes out of the store.
David's Car
Freya tells David and Levi that they need to find Harlow as soon as possible, she has no idea what Corey's capable of.
General Store
Instead of fleeing the scene, Corey returns with a crowbar in hand and pushes past the cashier to the office door. He starts to crank open the door, telling Harlow that she can't run - she's one of them. Harlow yelps when Corey smashes a hole into the door with the crowbar.
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