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Neighbours Episode 8852 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8852
Australian airdate: 20/06/22
UK airdate: 23/05/22
Writer: Nina Vlahovic
Director: Eugene Muggleton
Guests: Pierce Greyson: Tim Robards
Lisa Rowsthorn: Jane Allsop
Corey Smythe-Jones: Laurence Boxhall
Christabel Bancroft: Syd Zygier
Alana Greyson: Molly Broadstock
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Corey and Harlow going away for the weekend.
- Freya and Christabel agreeing to start things afresh.
- Mackenzie and Hendrix in Sydney.
- Alana unimpressed Hendrix didn't say in advance he was going to Sydney.
- Hendrix forced to come clean to his family about his illness after they went through his stuff.
- Pierce telling Hendrix they can't waste any more time.
- Hendrix asking his family to be strong for him.
- Hendrix proposing to Mackenzie.
Sydney (Bondi)
Mackenzie is shocked at the proposal given they just decided not to move in together. She asks if the proposal is because of his diagnose but he reassures her it isn't - she is the best thing to ever happen to him plus the fact that he simply loves her. Eventually Mackenzie gives him an answer:
MACKENZIE: Yes Hendrix. Of course I'll marry you!
The Waterhole
David is worried he can't get hold of Harlow when yet another call goes straight to voicemail. Aaron suggests that is because Harlow might not want to talk to him! Given he is worried, David calls Paul and finds out she is at Daylesford for the weekend with Corey and might be out of range.
After hanging up, David mentions to Aaron and Chloe about the run in he had with Corey and that he doesn't "trust the guy." Aaron again thinks he is overacting and suggests there is nothing more sinister than Harlow simply going away for a much needed weekend break.
Daylesford (next day)
Corey wakes Harlow up from her slumber with breakfast in bed. She is concerned at how much she is oversleeping and thought the trip would have sorted her out. Harlow apologises to him for spoiling the trip given the amount she is sleeping but Corey doesn't mind that, he's brought plenty of books to keep him company.
Community Centre
Chloe delivers the excess gift packs from fashion week to Freya, which is very grateful received. The pair spot Christabel hiding elsewhere in the centre and Freya tells Chloe about how creeped out she is with Christabel, especially the attempt to recruit her "for some self- help thing."
CHLOE: Ew. Red flag right there!
Chloe heads off and Christabel comes over to chat with Freya about the stuff Chloe dropped off and they start to work on getting the donations ready for the women's refuge.
Sydney (Pierce's house)
The engaged couple finally surface and tell Pierce and Alana their happy news. Both seem utter shocked and after a few moments, Pierce warmly congratulates the pair. Alana doesn't offer her congratulations, instead she rushes out of the house.
Post commercial break, Hendrix finds his sister on down by the waters edge. He asks if her reaction was because she doesn't like Mackenzie and she quickly replies "no." Sitting down next to her, Hendrix reassures his sister that although he's flying back to Erinsborough, he isn't going anywhere "not yet." That seems to pacify Alana and she goes back to being her usual self.
Community Centre (exterior)
Christabel quizzes Freya about her volunteering as they carry boxes to Christabel's car. Freya spots a cardigan in the boot and Christabel quickly says its hers before then suddenly announcing that she can manage the delivery herself.
To help Christabel get to the refuge, Freya helpfully goes to input the address and notices the last address in the sat nav - Rose Cottage, Daylesford. Christabel isn't impressed at what Freya is doing and can't but hurry Freya out of her car.
Sydney (Lisa's house)
Everyone has come over to Lisa's house and its hugs all round from her to the pair after hearing (offscreen) the happy news.
LISA: (to Mackenzie) Welcome to the family.
Lisa heads off to get something and a few seconds later, beckons Hendrix towards her - she gives him his great grans engagement ring to give to Mackenzie.
While Hendrix is busy with his mum, Alana apologises to Makenzie for her accusations about the fire. Makenzie is fine with Alana given she has "flipped out about it" a few times herself!
With the ring safely hidden in Hendrix's pocket, Pierce chivvies up the happy couple to saying their goodbyes otherwise they will miss their flight.
Unseen, Corey tips some more white powder into Harlow's tea before handing the cup over to her. He comments on how relaxed she is and jokes that they shouldn't go back. "If only!" she replies back to his suggestion.
COREY: You know you do have a choice. You can go back to stress and the drama, all those people putting you down all the time. Or you can start fresh with nothing but love and positivity.
HARLOW: I'd like that.
COREY: Yeah, so would I.
"To love and positivity," Corey says and the pair clink their cups together before drinking the tea.
The Waterhole
David and Aaron say their byes to Chloe before heading off to a meeting with their lawyer. They pass Freya on the way out and David picks up the dodgy leaflet [about the seminar] she accidentally dropped. Freya doesn't look too impressed to be handed it back, given she meant to throw it away and promises to catch up with David later to debrief.
Chloe comments on how down Freya looks when the pair start chatting at the bar. Freya explains about the cardigan in Christabel's car and about how she reacted when trying to touch it. She is sure that Harlow has one too and mentions about not being able to get in contact with her. Chloe explains that Harlow is in Daylesford and everyone seems to be having trouble trying to contact her. Suddenly Freya fancies a wee drive to the countryside to check things out! "Have fun," Chloe says before heading off as Freya googles exactly where it is she is heading to.
Number 28
Given the message Hendrix give to the pair (be home as he's something to say in person), the K's nervously wait for the pair to arrive home. Eventually they are put out of their misery when Hendrix and Mackenzie enter the house and reassure them that everything is fine.
After checking with each other, Mackenzie is given the task of telling Karl and Susan their happy news. It takes a bit for it to sink in and once it does, it's more hugs. The pair have decided to still keep things slow and being engaged will suffice. Hendrix wants to let Chloe know their happy news so she can join in the celebration.
MACKENZIE: We're officially taking bets on if she's going to cry or squeal or both!
The Waterhole
Not sure who won the bet over Chloe's reaction (she cried and squealed!) but she is so happy for them. She even volunteers to plan their engagement party for them too!
After a silent staring competition with Terese, Paul comes over to pass on his version of a congratulation:
PAUL: Ah that was good planning. Get your first divorce out of the way before you make it!
As he goes to leave the bar, Karl pulls him back to apologise for not moving the fashion week gift bags yet. Paul breaks the news that the foundation now have them because he was fed up tripping over them! Karl looks utterly crestfallen as he re- joins everyone for the official toast to the happy couple.
Hendrix delays the toast for a few moments thought, to allow him to give Mackenzie (via a fake hand) the engagement ring that his mum passed on.
Freya arrives at Rose Cottage and spots that Harlow is literally away with the fairies as she does some random dance to herself in the sunshine!
Creeping up behind Freya after spotting her, Corey questions why she is here. Freya starts to explain how she found the address and suddenly the penny drops that he and Christabel know each other.
"What's wrong with her?" she asks him about Harlow and the reply is she's "shedding her old life." Freya makes a dash towards where Harlow is but Corey slams the watering can he was holding into he back of her head, knocking her to the ground.
Daylesford/Community Centre
Inside the cabin, Corey calls Christabel to tell her about Freya coming looking for Harlow. He wants to know how she found the place but Christabel is more concerned about where Freya now is and we hear she's in the "rehabilitation room."
COREY: This is your mess to clean up Christabel, not mine.
Christabel knows that and promises him she'll be there soon "to deal with it." She asks if Freya got to Harlow (no) and Corey happily reports that Harlow is reacting to the treatment "better than expected." Given the progress, Corey reports that he's about to move Harlow "to the conversion stages."
COREY: Just get up here and deal with Freya!
Community Centre
Karl comes looking for Freya but hears from Christabel that she isn't here. Given he's not seen her before, Christabel introduces herself to Karl (and Jane) before giving him the bad news that the fashion week gift sets are gone when he asked her about them.
Corey is packing up their stuff when Harlow catches him. "What are you doing?" she asks his reply is they are going on "the most amazing adventure."
Community Centre
David comes looking for Freya for their debrief but hears from Karl and Jane that she isn't there. Karl suggests asking Christabel... but she won't be replying as she's quickly going out another door! David is getting very suss especially when he finds the same leaflet Freya was wanting to get rid of lying around.
Freya starts to stir by coughing.
Corey hides Freya's car in among the trees that is surrounding the cottage.
Back with Freya and she comes to, realising that she has been restrained.
Corey leads a "light headed" Harlow gently into the passenger seat of their car.
Freya is trying to free herself from the restraints.
Corey has got Harlow settled into the car and hands her a bottle of water so she can keep her fluids up. "Do we have to go?" she asks him as she really likes Rose Cottage.
COREY: Trust me, the next place we're going is so much better.
"Harlow," a very distressed Freya shouts out to no avail.
Corey starts the car and heads away from the cottage
Freya is desperately trying to get out of her restraints but Corey has done a very good job with them - her hands and feet are tied to the metal bedframe.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Nicolette looking on jealously as Chloe and Kiri agree to have a movie night.
- Corey calling Harlow ‘Lolo'.
- Christabel telling Freya she is going to love her new family
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