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Neighbours Episode 8847 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8847
Australian airdate: =14/06/22
UK airdate: =16/05/22
Writer: =Holly Tossi
Director: =Scott Major
Guests: =Corey Smythe-Jones: Laurence Boxhall
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Amy blaming Harlow for vandalising the Drinks Diva.
- Harlow surprised at not hearing from Terese.
- Corey deleting a text Terese sent Harlow with information on them meeting up.
- David inviting Harlow for dinner but being told she's going to the theatre.
- Harlow telling Corey that Freya is having a tough time.
- The Rodwell's moving into #26 and inviting the RSRs to a welcome BBQ.
- Susan suggesting to Mackenzie that they don't tell Hendrix about the BBQ.
- Hendrix finding out about the BBQ.
- Hendrix having an episode in front of the neighbours.
- Mackenzie blurting it out in front of the neighbours thanks to the fire Sadie lit, Hendrix needs a lung transplant or he will die.
Number 28
Susan and Mackenzie manage to get Hendrix home and he collapses onto the sofa. Karl fetches the meds and a glass of water before bringing it over to Hendrix. Once he gets his breathing under control, Mackenzie apologises for blurting it out about his condition. Given the cat is out of the bag, Karl, backed up by Susan, thinks he should tell his parents the news.
Number 30
After coming off the phone with Karl, Toadie confirms to Amy and Zara about how Hendrix got ill. Zara has been looking online at his condition, and the chances of Hendrix getting a transplant, and is freaking her mum and Toadie out, so much so that Amy forcibly closes the laptop on her.
ZARA: This all started because of me.
AMY: Darling, you did not light that fire. It is not your fault.
Number 26
Despite the reassuring words of her parents, Sadie's mind is already make up that she "can't live here" and takes into the house the flat packed boxes.
Harold's café
David and Aaron are talking about Hendrix's news when they come into the café. They spot Harlow (and Corey) and check how she's doing but its Corey who comments that she hasn't been sleeping well but she is quick to reassure him that its nothing to worry about.
David asks how the play was, but apparently they didn't go as Harlow wasn't feeling so great. As a way of making it up, Harlow suggests lunch if they are free but is told she needs to speak to Hendrix and Mackenzie. "Why?" she asks.
Penthouse suite
Having heard the news about Hendrix (offscreen), Harlow is kicking herself for unloading her woes on Mackenzie who sat there listening and not saying a word about what she was going through. "You didn't know what was going on," Corey points out and thinks it is weird Mackenzie didn't say something. Harlow assumes she kept quiet to protect Hendrix's privacy but wants to go and see them. Corey prevents her doing that, citing that they may be wanting to take it easy. Harlow still wants to "reach out" to them, so calls Mackenzie instead.
Number 28/Penthouse suite
"I am so sorry," Harlow begins with and asks to come see them, to see how they're going. Hendrix shakes his head to that suggestion but agrees instead to them meeting at Harold's instead.
They agree to meet in half an hour and Corey doesn't look too impressed! He offers to get Harlow a juice before she does and gets onto that while she head to her room for a cardigan. What Harlow doesn't know is that Corey has added something to her OJ - a white power from one of the many capsules he has in a plastic bag!
Community Centre
Levi is very impressed at how much stuff Freya has had donated when he stops by with a bag of unwanted clothes. For the first time in a while, the pair are on friendly terms with one another!
Amy (and Toadie) notices Levi and she wants to know how her complaint is going... but it's not as it's a low priority. Levi does point out that it might not have been Harlow, which Amy doesn't agree with, however promises to make some enquiries after his lunch break.
Harold's cafe
Mackenzie and Hendrix are waiting for Harlow when Levi comes into the café, so he takes the opportunity to see if they know anything about the Diva being vandalised. They don't but Mackenzie reiterates Harlow's claim that she wasn't responsible. "No surprises there," Levi comments on hearing that.
Levi noticing that things are a bit quiet between the pair and is brought up to date over how the neighbours now know about Hendrix's condition. Hendrix rants off about the Rodwell's and Mackenzie adds in that they shouldn't have moved into #26. Levi points out the Rodwell's have been in the dark until now, plus the family are going to feel terrible about knowing what happened to Hendrix.
Number 26/28
Sitting in their garden, Andrew and Wendy can clearly hear Karl and Susan in their garden discussing Hendrix and what happened today. The pair vow not to keep things from Hendrix and to help the lad cope with his emotions so what happened today doesn't reoccur.
"Can we afford to move?" Wendy asks her husband and it's a no due to finances. While sympathising with Sadie, "I can't make it work," Andrew says to her who is now planning for life holed up in her room so she can avoid everyone. "That's not the answer," Wendy says to Sadie, they simply need to find a way to "live side by side without upsetting each other."
ANDREW: We're with you Sadie.
Harold's cafe
Mackenzie is very annoyed that Harlow still hasn't shown up, nor made any contact with them. Thankfully Levi is still keeping them company and after he gets a text, is pleased to hear that he's got someone interested in sharing his new digs - we hear the costs are too much to do it alone plus he misses the company.
Levi realises he needs to get back to work and passes Zara on the way out. She in turn gives the couple a wide berth as she heads towards the fridges, but Hendrix calls out to her. The words Zara said to Hendrix have resonated with him, plus the fact he's tired, has him deciding not to be mad at her any more. Zara looks shocked thrilled to hear him say that to her.
Penthouse suite
Harlow is out for the count on the sofa but stirs after the 3rd text Mackenzie has sent asking where she is! Corey lies that he did try to wake Harlow, but since she didn't wake, she obviously needed the rest.
The Waterhole
Levi interrupts Aaron and David having lunch together to ask if they know anything about the vandalism to the Diva. David mentions that he's a dashcam installed and goes to check if it has captured anything. It has but the video isn't clear, other than seeing the lime green footwear they've on. Aaron is sure what they can see it's enough to suggest it isn't Harlow, but Levi isn't ruling her out yet. David promises to download and send Levi the video so the police can investigate further.
Number 26
Karl and Susan have come over to chat with the Rodwell's. Wendy acknowledges how hard things are and likewise Sadie offers her apology too, although Wendy quick to add in Aubrey needs to apologise too. Susan knows Sadie means well but Hendrix isn't ready yet to talk to her.
Andrew asks for suggestions on how they can live there harmoniously, admitting that they wouldn't have moved in if they'd known about Hendrix. "You couldn't have known," Karl is quick to say, and Susan adds in that Hendrix has good prospects at a transplant.
SUSAN: (to Sadie) He will get through this.
Number 30
Amy admits to Toadie how impressed she is at Zara growing up during her time in Erinsborough compared to how the lass was when she first arrived. Toadie has noticed the change too and thinks it's down to Amy having "stuck with the programme" and now its "starting to pay off."
Their chat is curtailed after Amy heads off following a text from Levi with a lead on who vandalised the Diva.
Lassiters Complex
Harlow (and Corey) finally run into Mackenzie and Hendrix in the complex (since they weren't in Harold's) and explains that she was late due to falling asleep. Unfortunately neither Mackenzie nor Hendrix want to stay and chat and head off, Harlow promising the next time she will be there!
"Don't beat yourself up about that," Corey reassures Harlow with and puts it down to them overreacting. To cheer Harlow up, he suggests a "cake party for two" instead and as they head back to Harold's, they have a quick friendly chat with the passing Freya.
While Freya chats more about her charity drive with Harlow, Corey sends a quick message to Christabel saying he thinks he's found a new recruit!
Number 28
Karl and Susan are looking at ways they can save to divert money to their super when Hendrix (and Mackenzie) arrive home.
Hendrix tells them about letting Zara off the hook, which they're pleased to hear. In turn, the K's tell them about the trip to #26 and they want to apologise when he is ready, but Hendrix is not ready to forgive Sadie just yet.
Hendrix spots the spreadsheet that the K's are working on and has a suggestion for how they can get some money in - offering the spare room to Levi who is after new digs. The pair hadn't thought of taking in a lodger but agree to think about the suggestion.
Lassiters Complex
After exiting The Waterhole, Aaron and David spot Corey hanging around Harlow and David isn't too enthralled at him hanging around his niece "like a bad smell." Aaron thinks Corey is hanging around because he is hung up on Harlow and thus is making a big effort but David is not buying it.
Aaron heads off to work and David starts to make his way through the complex but suddenly stops because he's seen Corey's footwear. Angrily he heads over to confront Corey and asks:
DAVID: Did you vandalise Amy's truck?!
COREY: ...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Toadie trying to give an irate Melanie advice.
- Chloe expressing her concern about Harlow to Terese.
- Terese wondering what is up with Harlow.
- Christabel looking forward to welcoming Freya into The Order
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