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Neighbours Episode 8761 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8761
Australian airdate: 18/01/22
UK airdate: 14/01/22
Writer: Libby Butler
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Mick Allsop: Joel Creasey
Britney Barnes: Montana Cox
Zara Selwyn: Freya Van Dyke
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Zara falsely claims that Levi made a move on her in the spa
- Amy tells Toadie she can't punish Zara for what she's done
- Zara apologises, but it's too little, too late for Levi, who tells Amy it's time they break up
- Zara spikes Mackenzie's non- alcoholic jelly shots with vodka, despite being told not to
- Cue the inevitable development of Nell eating one of them for breakfast
- Roxy tells Harlow she's shown zero interest in her wedding or her life recently
- Mick may have charmed Roxy and Kyle, but Susan's concerned the marriage won't be legal if he gets his way
- Karl suggests it might be a good idea to tell Kyle and Roxy this
No 26
In the garden, Mick is on the phone to somebody via his earpiece, arranging a special order of furniture, decorations and a marquee to the ballroom at Lassiter's for the wedding. He tells Roxy and Kyle...
MICK: Fabulous. The taco truck is arriving in the morning, along with the peacocks.
This, Roxy tells Kyle, Mick and Sheila who's just joined them, means that she and Kyle can concentrate on planning the bucks' and hens' events. Roxy is grateful to Mick for planning 'the wedding of our dreams'.
SHEILA: Don't get too excited.
KYLE: Gran...
SHEILA: Well, wedding plans can still go awry, even in the most capable of hands...
But Roxy insists it's all sorted.
ROXY: Can you not rain on my parade?
SHEILA: Oh, I think the forecast is already doing that for you, love. It's looking pretty iffy up there!
ROXY: It's okay, cos Mick has organised the brunches to be indoors.
MICK: Mm. Nobody's getting wet. Unless they want to.
Roxy gets a text from Terese, telling her she can't make it today, leaving Roxy feeling glum. Levi turns up with t- shirts for the bucks', which Toadie has organised. Each is adorned with cartoon pigeons, and the words 'Pigeon Pack - Kyle's Bucks'.
No 30
Toadie is showing off his own t- shirt to Mackenzie, Nell and Hugo as the kids eat breakfast. Nell mentions that she had one of the jelly shots, and Toadie decides to sample one himself. But when Mackenzie directs him to the orange jelly, rather than the pink, Toadie tastes it and is shocked to realise that the orange ones have vodka in them too - meaning Nell has had one of the vodka ones.
TOADIE: Can you go and get Karl, please?
MACKENZIE: Yeah. But Toadie - Toadie, I only put vodka in the pink ones, I don't know how this happened.
TOADIE: Yeah. I think I do.
Amy's Apartment
Amy is feeling sorry for herself on the couch following her break- up with Levi. Zara has made her a hot chocolate with peppermint oil, which we learn is what Amy always makes for Zara when she's upset.
AMY: I'm not upset.
ZARA: So you're cool with being dropped by the cop?
AMY: ...
ZARA: It's his loss, anyway.
Toadie turns up, and angrily demands to know whether Zara put vodka in the jelly shots.
TOADIE: Nell ate one of the jellies - my eight- year- old daughter!
AMY: Is she okay?
TOADIE: Karl's checking her out now.
ZARA: I'd say given that he came here to yell at me, she's alright.
TOADIE: Excuse me?!
AMY: Zara, go to my room, please. I will handle this.
Zara obeys.
TOADIE: How can you let her speak to me like that?!
AMY: Well, she's a teenager. I mean, she speaks to everybody like that!
TOADIE (angry): She gave alcohol to my daughter! I am not the one who needs to be handled!
The Flamingo Bar
Karl and Hendrix are passing through the beach area on the way to Kyle's bucks' party. Karl has his guitar! He explains to Hendrix that luckily, there wasn't much alcohol in the jelly, so Nell should be okay. Hendrix asks why Karl's brought his guitar - Karl explains that he needs to make sure he's playing the right kind of music at the wedding, so he's going to run some songs by Kyle.
HENDRIX: Just show him a set list.
KARL: I can't - Mick wants me to be a secret musical highlight.
HENDRIX: Mick wants you to be more than that. Didn't he say you only got the job if you gave him romantic back- scratches?
KARL: Yeah, that's the implication, but I've got a plan to get around that. When Kyle hears me singing, he's gonna be so enchanted, he'll want me to play at the wedding. It'll take Mick out of the situation.
Hendrix looks sceptical, and wryly remarks that the plan is 'foolproof'. They approach The Waterhole where Mick is waiting, followed closely by David and Ned who are also there for the bucks' - albeit David is trying to avoid Mick! Needless to say he doesn't succeed, and Mick manages to get in some barbed remarks on their way in.
Amy's Apartment
Amy fetches a sullen Zara from the bedroom and tells Toadie she has something to say to him.
ZARA: ...
TOADIE: I'm listening.
ZARA (snarky): I'm sorry your kid ate one of the jellies meant for a party she wasn't invited to.
AMY: Zara!
ZARA: I didn't mean to get her drunk!
TOADIE: So, that's your idea of an apology, is it?
ZARA: I said I'm sorry. And I really do mean it.
Toadie glares sceptically past Zara, at Amy.
AMY: You know, I feel terrible, too, if that's any consolation.
ZARA: Can I go now?
AMY: Fine, I will see you at the bar later.
Zara walks out.
TOADIE: What, you're letting her go to the hens' party?! Nell could've been seriously affected by her actions!
AMY: She apologised, Toad, okay? I get it that it was tinted with a little passive- aggressive energy, but that was hard for her!
TOADIE: (...) There needs to be consequences. Otherwise, one day, she is gonna end up seriously hurting someone. Or herself.
Toadie leaves, and Amy looks worried.
The Flamingo Bar
Sheila is pouring bubbly for the hens. Roxy tells her Mackenzie will be late because of what happened with Nell, but Britney has arrived, looking forward to some baby- free partying, and gets a warm welcome and a hug from Roxy. Celebrant Susan arrives shortly afterwards, and it isn't long before she's looking bemused and judgy as Roxy sings Mick's praises as the wedding planner.
ROXY: He's like my little knight in floral velvet!
But as soon as Roxy's out of earshot...
SHEILA (to Susan): How that tragic train- wreck ever got the job, I'll never know.
SUSAN: Still no complaints from Roxy or Kyle?
SHEILA: No, just look at her - she's over the moon.
Meanwhile, Roxy is surprised to see that Harlow has turned up.
ROXY: Hey! I didn't think that you were interested in coming.
HARLOW: Well, I'm here.
ROXY (confused): Right.
HARLOW (strained): And I'd never miss a good brunch. Congratulations, Roxy.
They quickly move away from one another! Sheila takes Roxy to one side and asks her if Susan has spoken to her about how things are going with her and Mick. Roxy says no, and asks why.
SHEILA: No reason. Why is Harlow here?
ROXY: I think it's her way of apologising for being so self- absorbed and uncaring about my wedding.
SHEILA: Or maybe she's just hungry.
ROXY: The food's not that good.
Lassiter's Complex
Meanwhile outside the pub, Karl is strumming his guitar and trying to persuade Hendrix to get Kyle to come outside, so he can road- test some of his songs.
HENDRIX: Maybe you should just focus on what you're gonna have to do to get this singing gig. And what you'll tell Susan.
Nearby, Levi is sitting alone and looking a little forlorn. Ned brings him out a drink and asks how he's doing. He admits 'not great' since his break- up with Amy. Ned points out that if it's any consolation, he and Amy are still on a break too while Zara's here.
LEVI: Man, I am just glad that I don't have to deal with that anymore.
NED: So, no regrets?
LEVI: I dunno.
Kyle comes out to join them, and Karl whispers at Hendrix to go and 'talk him up', in the hope that Kyle will ask him to perform at the wedding of his own volition. Hendrix makes a face, but does as he's told.
HENDRIX: Hey, fellas - enjoying the music?
KYLE, LEVI and NED: (loud laughter)
KARL: Kyle - Kyle, come over, I've got a song for you.
KYLE: Ah, keep the serenading for Susan!
KARL: Oh, come on, mate - one song!
KYLE: Ah, you've heard one, you've heard 'em all, Karl!
KARL: No, no, I've got new material (...) If you're not gonna listen to me, how am I gonna know what to play at the wedding?
KYLE (horrified): *My* wedding?!
The Flamingo Bar
Sheila is pestering Susan to find out what Mick's done to get her so offside.
SUSAN: Mick is just not my cup of tea, that's all - and I don't think this is the right place to be talking about it.
But Sheila insists on hearing more. Meanwhile, Mackenzie comes in with the jelly shots. She offers them to Britney, but Zara has appeared and reaches in to grab one herself. Mackenzie pulls the tray away.
ZARA: Oh, relax. That doctor guy said Nell'd be fine. Besides, it's your fault!
MACKENZIE: Excuse me?!
ZARA: I never would've spiked the mocktails if you'd specifically told me they were for alcoholics and kids!
MACKENZIE: You really don't care about anyone else but yourself, do you?
ZARA: Oh, come on, it's a party - chill out!
MACKENZIE: Just move it. Before I say something I'll regret.
Zara looks ready to unleash a world of snark, but at this point, Amy arrives.
AMY: Zara, we need to talk.
ZARA: I'm busy, Mum.
AMY: Now.
Zara pointedly grabs a jelly shot and necks it, before following Amy out of the door.
Harold's Café
Amy and Zara are having a coffee in the lakeside area. Amy is telling Zara she knows she didn't mean to hurt anyone with the jelly stunt, but that the outcome could've been really serious.
ZARA: Yeah, I know, Mum.
AMY: Well, it doesn't seem like you do, actually. Toadie might be right.
ZARA: Why do you do that? (...) Second- guess yourself? It's like you can't make a parenting decision without the permission of a man.
AMY: That is completely untrue!
ZARA: Is it? You leave all of the parenting decisions up to my dads. And then, when I'm here, you've got plenty of dad- figures lined up to school me.
AMY: Okay, Ned and Levi are not gonna be your dads.
ZARA: And you just let Toadie lecture you on your parenting skills. Do you have any idea how full- on that is for me - having yet another guy telling me what to do?
AMY: I'm sorry.
ZARA: None of them know what it's like to be a teenage girl. It's why I wanted to come and live with you.
AMY: Live?
ZARA: I mean, I didn't mean to spring it on you like that, but... yeah, I want to stay here.
Amy looks overwhelmed.
ZARA: Unless you don't want me to?
AMY: Of course I do! But, I mean, you'd have to go to school and everything. Zsa Zsa - are you sure that this is what you want, though? Like, clearly I'm out of practice!
ZARA: Of course I want it. You're better than you think you are.
Amy squeals excitedly, clearly thrilled that Zara wants to stay.
The Flamingo Bar
Harlow is sitting alone at a table, while nearby, Mackenzie apologises to Roxy for making a scene with Zara. Roxy's of the view that Zara deserved it, so all is well. Britney announces she needs to head off and relieve Leo of parenting duties; Roxy thanks her for coming and bids her goodbye.
Meanwhile, Mackenzie joins Harlow at her table.
MACKENZIE: It was good of you to show. I know Roxy will appreciate it.
HARLOW: I'm here so everyone stays off my back. The last thing I need is people lecturing me about hurting Roxy's feelings.
MACKENZIE: People, as in, me?
Harlow simply gets up and walks away. Roxy has seen this exchange and looks sad.
ROXY: I guess she's not really here to kiss and make up.
Mackenzie puts a comforting arm around Roxy. At this point, Sheila brings Susan over to make Roxy aware of the problems Mick has been causing with the wedding plans. Sheila thinks Roxy needs to know 'before the whole wedding is ruined'.
ROXY: Ruined, how?
SUSAN: Well, some of his suggestions have just made me feel a little bit uncomfortable.
SHEILA: And by suggestions, she means demands.
ROXY: Like what?
SUSAN: He wants me to arrive on a horse. And my celebrant speech, it has to be in iambic pentameter.
MACKENZIE: Like Shakespeare.
SHEILA: Did you ask for that?
ROXY: I don't even know what that is!
SUSAN: And some of his other suggestions - well, they'll just make the marriage void.
ROXY: I can't believe this!
SHEILA: Well, I did tell you that he was a terrible choice.
At this point, Mackenzie tells Roxy about the alterations Mick has made to her bridesmaid's dress, which has made it unwearable. Roxy decides she needs to sit down to gather herself, and takes a big sip of bubbly.
The Waterhole
Hendrix is at the bar when Zara comes in. She tells him she's about to become Erinsborough High's newest student - Amy's said she can stay.
HENDRIX: Huh. Enjoy E- High.
ZARA: Come on, tell me your survival tips. I mean, it can't be easy going out with a school captain type.
HENDRIX: Don't start on Mackenzie.
ZARA: She started on me. What are you doing with her, anyway?
HENDRIX: Don't play this game, Zara. I'm the only person here that semi- likes you.
ZARA: That's why I'm asking. As a potential friend.
HENDRIX: You're not asking. You're trying to cause trouble. Which I get can be fun, but if you're staying, you're gonna need people around you. The way you're going, you'll have no- one.
Hendrix walks away, leaving Zara looking reflective.
Harold's Café
Kyle and Roxy are having crisis talks.
ROXY: Karl can't play at our wedding, it's non- negotiable.
KYLE: Or Susan on a horse.
ROXY: How could Mick do this to us? We trusted him!
KYLE: I'll talk to him, okay, babe? Don't worry.
ROXY: It's not just Mick; Harlow's being horrible, too. Sheila said be prepared for our wedding to tank - what if she's right?
KYLE: She's not.
Mick comes in, and Kyle demands to know what's going on with the wedding, highlighting all the problems they've been told about.
MICK: I was being creative. You gave me a brief, and I embellished. That is what artistes like moi do.
But Roxy and Kyle stand their ground, and Mick apologises, saying he got over- excited as it's his first big event.
KYLE: Alright. Then pull your head in, and make it work.
MICK: It's all under control.
But as Roxy and Kyle leave, Mick gets what appears to be a concerning phone call via his earpiece...
The Flamingo Bar
Roxy assures Susan that she doesn't have to do any of the daft things Mick told her to.
ROXY: Except marry us. Which I hope was one of his instructions.
SUSAN: Yes - well, sort of...
Mackenzie shows Roxy pictures of her bridesmaid's dress following Mick's alterations.
ROXY: Wow, okay, not even me three years ago would wear this. To a wedding.
Amy offers to help fix the dress, but then Zara appears and says that she could do it.
ZARA: I mean, if you just cut the skirt along the bias there, and add a few panels for volume, it would really get the line a lot nicer.
AMY: When did you learn to speak my language?
ZARA: I used to watch you sew when I was little. And after you left, I taught myself a few things. I did textiles in school, as well.
AMY: Oh, Zsa Zsa - I love this so much.
MACKENZIE: Why should we trust you after everything you've done lately?
ZARA: Just give me a go... to say sorry for the jelly shots. And for messing with the party.
ROXY: If you can mend this by tomorrow, you're forgiven. Deal?
ZARA: Deal!
Roxy goes for another glass of bubbly, but Mackenzie and Susan deter her!
In the outdoor area, Harlow is still on her own, and helping herself to the buffet. Roxy comes out and confronts her.
ROXY: You are unbelievable, you know that?
HARLOW: Sorry?
ROXY: You heard me. If you don't want to be here, Harlow, take your doggy bag and leave!
HARLOW: Okay, maybe you need another glass of water.
ROXY: Maybe you shouldn't come to the wedding.
HARLOW: Are you serious?
ROXY (upset): Yes. I only want people there who celebrate me and Kyle, and that is beyond you right now. So I'm letting you off the hook.
Harlow walks off, and Mackenzie appears to check on Roxy.
ROXY: I am sick of her attitude.
Roxy necks another drink.
MACKENZIE: This party kinda sucks, doesn't it?
ROXY: Yeah, it does.
MACKENZIE: Well, as your bridesmaid, it is my job to cheer you up, and I think I have an idea. It will require us bailing, though.
ROXY: If you are taking me to the strippers, I am so in! Just don't tell Kyle.
MACKENZIE: No, we're not going to the strippers.
ROXY: Boo!
MACKENZIE: It's better than the strippers.
Meanwhile, Toadie turns up, and asks Amy how things went with Zara.
AMY: Great. She's decided to stay. Permanently.
TOADIE (unenthused): I didn't expect that.
AMY: Me neither. It's what I've always wanted. I can't believe that it's actually happening!
Amy is about to go and talk to Ned about it, but Toadie asks if Zara has therefore accepted her punishment.
AMY: Not exactly, no. I decided to let this one go.
TOADIE: Again?!
AMY: She's a good kid deep down, Toad, okay?! I don't think that punishing her or grounding her or anything is gonna help her.
TOADIE: You are letting her get away with this.
AMY: Kids need freedom to make mistakes, okay? And friends need to let their friends make their own parenting decisions.
TOADIE: Well, it's not exactly a decision when you're just being manipulated, is it?
AMY: Can you just stop acting like I'm some child that's disappointed you?
TOADIE: Well, you have! Cos you're raising a brat, and you're being a terrible parent!
Lassiter's Hotel
Mackenzie and Roxy are in the foyer. Mackenzie has brought Roxy to see the ballroom all decked out for the wedding in a bid to cheer her up. But we learn that it hasn't been decked out, because the furniture and decorations have not turned up yet. Roxy's now even more upset than before.
Mick turns up, talking to the wedding supplier on his earpiece. He says he wants to speak to the manager - then, while he's waiting, assures Roxy and Mackenzie that everything is under control...
The Waterhole
Toadie is telling Levi about his argument with Amy. Levi's surprised Toadie called Amy a bad parent to her face, but Toadie says it's true - Zara's a nightmare, and Amy's doing nothing about it. Ned joins them; he's just heard Zara is staying in town.
NED: Which means our indefinite pause just got a whole lot more indefinite.
LEVI: You know, suddenly, I'm not feeling too bad about my choices.
Sheila turns up - she seems to have bad news, which the boys initially assume is about Mick. But Sheila says it's actually Mother Nature she's concerned about, and says she needs to find Kyle. She shows Levi something on her phone. He looks shocked.
Lassiter's Hotel
Kyle has joined Roxy as she waits for news from Mick on the lack of furniture and decorations. Sheila and Levi show up.
SHEILA: I'm really worried about tomorrow's ceremony, because the weather forecast is getting worse.
ROXY: Seriously, Mamma, I can't handle any more of your negativity on this.
LEVI: No, they're saying gale- force winds, Rox - 100k gusts all arvo.
KYLE: The marquee won't be able to handle that.
Mick appears behind them.
MICK: So, how do you two feel about a minimalist aesthetic?
KYLE: What's going on, Mick?!
MICK: Well, it turns out we won't be getting any of the furniture, or marquee, or decorations that we ordered.
ROXY: What *will* we be getting?
MICK: Nothing, I thought that was clear?
KYLE: How the hell did that happen?!
MICK: Well, it was a closing-down sale. The auditors took all the stock before I could have it delivered.
Kyle assures Roxy it'll be okay; they can borrow some more furniture. Sheila and Levi promise to help, but...
ROXY: That's not how it's meant to go. We have no furniture, no decorations - there's no safe place for us to get married. Everyone's upset - there's just no point!
KYLE: Babe, what are you saying?
ROXY: I'm sorry - it's just not how I want it to be. The wedding's off!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Sheila says that Roxy has cancelled the wedding
- Kyle asks Roxy if this means she doesn't want to marry him anymore
- Terese asks somebody, 'How could you do this to me?'
- Paul tells Glen, 'She gets hurt, your life is not gonna be worth living - do you understand?'
- Terese looks flustered as Glen takes his shirt off in the kitchen
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