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Neighbours Episode 8759 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8759
Australian airdate: 13/01/22
UK airdate: 12/01/22
Writer: Melanie Sano
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Glen Donnelly: Richard Huggett
Britney Barnes: Montana Cox
Zara Selwyn: Freya Van Dyke
Abigail Tanaka: Axelle Austin
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Nicolette encourages Britney to tell Leo about her feelings for him
- Glen is unnerved when he learns that Chloe found Terese's original wedding ring in the hotel laundry
- Harlow delights in telling Leo and Paul that Glen is an alcoholic
- Harlow tells Glen she doubts his motives will ever be sincere when it comes to Paul and Terese
- Glen intercepts a courier delivering wine to Terese at home
- Ned offers Zara a part- time job at Harold's
- Zara tells Hendrix she already effectively has four dads in Cairns; she doesn't need another two here!
- Hendrix tells Zara how when he arrived, he was also unkeen on his stepmum Chloe hanging around his dad
- Hendrix explains he ended up falling in love with Chloe, then she and Pierce divorced; Zara has an idea
- Later, Amy's surprised when Zara is suddenly keen on Levi's idea of mini golf
- When asked by Hendrix why the sudden turnaround, Zara tells him it's for her to know, and them to find out
Harold's Café
Zara continues to arouse Hendrix's suspicions by giving Levi a free coffee. Ned is there too, and pulls her up on it, saying she can't be giving away freebies when she's only worked there five seconds.
ZARA: Fine, then you can pay for it.
She heads into the kitchen. Ned queries with Levi why Zara seems to be still off with Ned, yet making more of an effort with Levi - especially since Ned was the one who gave her a job.
LEVI: Maybe cos I'm not in her face all the time. Stop forcing it.
In the kitchen, Hendrix asks Zara what she's up to, with all the 'fake sucking up' to Levi. Zara claims she's just being friendly, saying Levi's much closer to her in age than to Amy, so it's natural they'd get along. But Hendrix isn't buying it.
HENDRIX: So that story I told you about me being into my ex- stepmum, and causing all that trouble, has nothing to do with this?
ZARA: I may have found it slightly inspirational.
HENDRIX: You want a better relationship with your mum? Cracking onto her boyfriend isn't the way.
ZARA: Then what is?
HENDRIX: Honesty. My dad and I were just as messed up as you guys, maybe worse. But the minute that I was real with him, everything changed.
Zara looks thoughtful.
The Waterhole
Sheila and Terese come in. They're talking about Gemma, who's now gone back to Darwin until Roxy's wedding; Terese had told her she was welcome to stay, but she had work to get back to.
SHEILA: And she said that she's going to bring back a surprise next time!
TERESE: Roxy's looking forward to it.
Terese asks Sheila if Roxy and Kyle have mentioned to her where they'll live after they get married. Sheila says they're both planning on sticking where they are for now. Terese is worried that this is because of her alcoholism and that Roxy wants to keep an eye on her. It feels from Sheila's reaction like Terese is right, but Sheila covers and says it's just because Kyle and Roxy aren't ready to make a formal move yet.
Glen comes in, with Melanie and Toadie. Melanie comments to Glen that Harlow really seems to have it in for him, but tells him she and Toadie 'have his back' as regards his alcoholism. Glen thanks them, then joins Terese who is at the bar talking to Sheila.
SHEILA: We're just about to go and get Roxy and Kyle's rings.
TOADIE: Oh, better you than me - I'd be terrified of losing them.
Terese looks awkward after the loss of her own wedding ring, and Toadie realises what he's said.
TOADIE: Not that you would (...) That was a dumb thing to say.
TERESE: No, don't be silly, it's fine. Actually, I found mine. In the hotel laundry.
Glen looks nervous.
MELANIE: I thought you lost it while you were away?
TERESE: So did I. It's so strange.
TOADIE: Are you gonna tell Paul you found it?
TERESE: I'm not sure.
GLEN: He might start pressuring you again if you do.
TOADIE: Well, we can keep it on the down- low if you like.
TERESE: Yeah, it's probably best you do that.
Terese heads outside to reconvene with Sheila, so they can go and get the rings. But Melanie has been looking at Glen suspiciously, surprised by his reaction.
Community Centre / Harold's Café
Toadie is sorting out some clothes for the Sonya Foundation, and Amy is there too, ostensibly helping. He asks how Zara's been getting along with Ned and Levi; Amy says she's been better with Levi, and mentions their mini golf plans, but Ned not so much. At this point Zara, who is working at Harold's, phones Amy.
ZARA: I was wondering if you wanted to get a coffee with me? Like, a mother/daughter thing?
AMY (cautiously pleased): Like, when?
ZARA: Now, if you're not too busy. I'm at the café.
AMY (to Toadie): Hey, you're okay to sort all this stuff out, aren't you?
TOADIE: Yeah, you weren't doing anything anyway.
AMY (to Zara): Okay, great. I'll come now!
We cut to the café, where Amy has arrived, and tells Zara she's proud of her for taking the job, as they sit down with coffees. Zara has seemingly decided to follow Hendrix's advice and be honest with Amy.
AMY: It's kind of Ned to offer it to you too, don't you think?
ZARA: I guess. It's not exactly easy, having one of your boyfriends around all the time. In the café, out of the café...
AMY: What do you mean?
ZARA: When I came here, I was excited about us hanging out together. Instead, it's us *and* Ned and Levi. I feel like a third wheel - even a fourth wheel.
AMY: I thought you were getting along with Levi?
ZARA: It's not about getting along with them, it's... I wanted us to be able to have time together. Growing up, you were always away working, and... now you're away again. It's like you don't want to be around me.
Amy quickly becomes upset on hearing this.
AMY (tearful): Oh, no, sweetie. That's not true. And I'm sorry if I've made you feel that way. But I love you - and I love spending time with you.
ZARA: Prove it, then. Forget about your boyfriends and be with me. Just me.
AMY: Are you... do you want me to stop seeing them?
ZARA: I don't want to share you while I'm here.
AMY (reluctant): ... Okay. If that's what you need, then... That's what you'll get.
ZARA: Really?
AMY (smiling): Yeah. It'll just be us for the rest of your stay. We should spend the rest of the afternoon together. We should go and get some products from Lassiter's Spa and do facials on each other - what do you think?
ZARA: Sure. And then, maybe we could go for a swim later?
AMY: Yeah. Whatever you want.
As Amy recovers from her emotional moment, Zara looks genuinely happy.
The Waterhole
Baby Abigail is sleeping in her pram, while Leo and Britney have a coffee. They decide to make the most of her nap and have another drink.
LEO: Hey, this has been really nice. I'm really glad you guys stuck around.
BRITNEY (smiling): So am I.
Melanie and Glen come in and take seats at the bar; Mel's just finishing up a call with Toadie. Glen remarks that things seem good between Mel and Toadie.
MELANIE: Yeah, they are. I don't think I've felt this comfortable in a long time. Unlike you. You seemed very uncomfortable when Terese was talking about her wedding ring (...) It's just that you seemed really happy when we saw Terese before (...) You came across really intense when the subject of the ring came up. Now if you are keen on her, and if you are hoping that her marriage is over...?
GLEN: I found Terese's ring on the beach. I hid it from her.
Melanie looks shocked.
Amy's Apartment
Zara has arrived, ready for her afternoon with Amy.
Lassiter's Complex
Levi and Ned are passing the hotel when they spot Amy, waiting for the lift in the foyer. Amy emerges when they call her, and they invite her to join them at the pub - but she says she can't, as she's doing beauty treatments with Zara upstairs. Levi remarks that Zara has been much more chilled, and suggests they go for dinner after their mini golf session.
AMY: I have to cancel mini- golf... Actually, I have to cancel everything with you guys.
NED: What do you mean?
AMY: We have to stop seeing each other.
Amy's Apartment
Zara is starting to look impatient as she waits for Amy to show up. She unpacks a bag she's put together presumably for the planned swimming trip, including a change of clothes and a bikini.
Lassiter's Complex
Amy tells Ned and Levi that she was worried Zara didn't feel like a priority, and that Zara has pretty much confirmed that.
LEVI: Is there anything we can do to help?
AMY: No, you guys have done heaps to try - I really appreciate it. But right now, it just needs to be Zara and me.
NED: How long do you think it'll be?
AMY: Depends on how long she's here. I really can't say. Sorry.
Amy pulls the boys in for a goodbye- for- now hug, just as Zara is emerging into the foyer, now in her other outfit. Zara watches Amy hugging Ned and Levi through the window, unseen by them, and looks upset.
The Waterhole
Glen is explaining his actions regarding Terese's ring to Melanie.
GLEN: She was just so broken when I met her. About Paul.
MELANIE: It doesn't excuse you not giving her her ring back, though.
GLEN: Well, it's a fluke I even found it. I don't know what I was thinking, hanging onto it - but the longer I did, the harder it was to know what to do.
MELANIE (laughs): Well, you are talking to the queen of impulsive thinking.
GLEN: I'm not proud of it. And I understand why Harlow doesn't trust me.
MELANIE: And how did it end up in the laundry?
GLEN: I dunno. Maybe housekeeping found it, I guess? The point is, I can't fess up now. Otherwise it'll just make things more complicated. She's just too vulnerable at the moment.
MELANIE: And can you live with yourself, not telling her?
GLEN: No, probably mot. I'll tell her - when the time's right.
MELANIE: Oh, I did hear some gossip about a PI report?
GLEN: Harlow again.
MELANIE: Is there anything else you need to tell me? It stays in the vault.
GLEN: Nothing anybody needs to know. It's bad enough that I do.
Harold's Café
Hendrix is in the kitchen when Zara marches in.
ZARA: It's a good thing you can cook, cos you give stupid advice!
HENDRIX: What, your mum didn't listen?
ZARA: Worse! She listened, and made a bunch of promises about how she was gonna ditch Ned and Levi so it could be just us (...) It was all a lie. The minute we were done talking, she ran right back to them. I saw them hugging in the complex. She couldn't put me first, even for a day.
At that point Amy comes in, looking for Zara, who quickly ducks under the serving hatch so Amy can't see her. Hendrix covers for Zara, saying he hasn't seen her.
AMY (sadly): It's so weird. We were supposed to meet back at the apartment for some girly time (...) If you do see her, will you just get her to call me?
Hendrix says he will, and Zara bobs back up again after Amy leaves.
HENDRIX: Are you sure you're not overreacting about this? She seemed really bummed.
ZARA: Only cos her boyfriends went home. Trust me, if I'm gonna get Mum's attention, I need to take care of Dumb and Dumber myself.
Lassiter's Complex
Terese runs into Glen in the courtyard. She seems pleased to see him, and suggests they grab some lunch together, but Glen's about to head to work. Terese looks disappointed.
GLEN: You seem a lot better.
TERESE: Yeah. Thanks to you. You really saved me the other night.
GLEN: Oh, I was happy to help. And I had a good time under the circumstances.
TERESE: Me too. You're excellent company!
GLEN: The feeling's mutual.
There's a loaded pause between them, before Terese says she has to go. Glen looks conflicted as she leaves.
The Waterhole
Ned and Levi are playing darts, and talking about Amy - both are disappointed that they've had to take a break from their relationships with her until Zara leaves. Unseen by them, an unimpressed Zara is watching from across the pub. Ned tells Levi he thinks the break will make things easier at work, as Zara won't have to 'hate on him so much'.
LEVI: And to be honest, bro, I was a bit worried about mini golf.
NED: Why? Zara likes you.
LEVI: Yeah, but whatever I did to win her over was pure luck. And it's bound to wear off sooner or later.
NED: Well, now you don't have to worry. Neither of us do.
Zara shakes her head as she watches them. Ned heads back to work, and Zara gets a call on her phone from Amy, but she cancels it. She then approaches Levi.
ZARA: Fancy seeing you again! How's your day going?
LEVI: Yeah, I've had better.
ZARA: Mm, I hear you - I'm bored as. Life should be about fun.
LEVI: That's a good point. I'm actually gonna head home, hop into the spa - try to turn the day around.
ZARA: You have a spa?
LEVI: Yeah. I'll catch ya.
Levi leaves. Zara smiles as she plots and schemes...
Leo's Vineyard
Leo is giving Britney and baby Abigail a tour of the winery grounds. They take a selfie together, looking for all the world like a blissfully happy family unit.
LEO: So you like it here?
BRITNEY: Yeah, I love it! This place makes much more sense than developing property in New York (...) and I can just see little Abi running around when she gets bigger, pinching grapes off the vine!
LEO: Well, hopefully you'll both want to spend some more time here.
BRITNEY: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. I just -
But before she can say anymore, Leo's phone buzzes - it's an automated alert to say that someone's in the barrel room. Leo goes to investigate, and sure enough he finds Glen there. Glen says he forgot to disable the alarm, but as Leo looks around the room, he notices that there's a pillow and sleeping bag on the floor.
LEO: Have you been staying here?!
GLEN: Yeah, I've been crashing here since I left the hotel.
LEO (concerned): Right...
GLEN: There is an upside to this arrangement. On- site security, and I get to catch up on work.
LEO: Yeah, but an arrangement is something that's agreed upon. You kept me in the dark. If I'd known you were in trouble, I would've helped you. This is just another personal issue you've kept from me - you're not exactly building trust.
GLEN: ... Yeah. Sorry, mate.
LEO: Pack this stuff up. You can't stay here.
Leo walks out. Glen looks worried.
Amy's Apartment
Toadie is on the couch while Amy paces behind him, worried that Zara still isn't answering her phone. Toadie says she's more than likely 'flaked'.
AMY: I should've known with that girl. Nothing is ever easy.
There's a knock at the door. As she goes to answer it, Amy explains to Toadie that she called a break with Levi and Ned because she wanted to show Zara that she means something to her.
It's Ned at the door; he's come to drop off Zara's work roster. It's awkward between them, as Amy points out he could have emailed it, rather than coming round already when they're on a break. But she admits it doesn't really matter right now, as Zara is missing in action. Nonetheless, Amy says she's talking it through with Toadie, so Ned takes the hint and leaves, much as we can see Amy doesn't really want him to.
AMY: Well, that sucked. Today sucks.
TOADIE: You should find Zara, and tell her that. She needs to know that her behaviour hurts you.
Amy is conflicted, but agrees.
Harold's Café
Sheila is getting a bottle of milk from the fridge when Susan comes in, talking on her phone to Mick Allsop about Roxy and Kyle's wedding.
SUSAN: No! No, Mick, I don't think it's a fabulicious idea at all! In fact, it's... it's quite problematic! ... Sorry, gotta go!
Sheila asks Susan what's wrong; she says she and Mick are just having a difference of opinion, and asks Sheila if Kyle and Roxy are still working well with him.
SHEILA: Annoyingly, yes! I was hoping he'd be an absolute disaster when they brought him on.
Susan's keen to have a coffee with Sheila to discuss it further, but Sheila has to get back to the pub. Meanwhile, Terese is working at one of the tables when Melanie comes in and joins her. Melanie remarks that it's nice to see Terese out and about; Terese admits she's nervous about spending so much time on her own, and Mel says she and Toadie are just across the road if Terese ever needs them.
MELANIE: I know that Ned and Roxy are both looking after you - and Glen.
TERESE: Oh, yeah, he's been an absolute rock.
MELANIE (digging): Has he?
TERESE: Yeah, above and beyond. He's just so supportive and non- judgemental. Honestly, I don't think I could've got through this whole thing without him.
Melanie forces a smile.
No 26
Levi is relaxing in the spa, when Zara turns up, much to his surprise. He's even more uncomfortable when she strips down to a bikini.
ZARA: You don't mind if I jump in, do you?
LEVI: Well, actually, I...
But it's too late. Levi shuffles as far into the corner as possible, while Zara stretches out next to him.
ZARA: This is the life!
LEVI: You know, I think I'm just gonna get out.
ZARA: What? No, stop, please - just... look, I know I've been a jerk, okay? Just... please stay in.
Levi reluctantly remains where he is, but looks incredibly awkward - and even more so when Zara grabs her phone and starts taking selfies of them together.
ZARA: Come in closer, you're not in frame.
Zara then gets a text message from Amy, saying, 'Where are you? Call me.' She replies, saying, 'Soz. At Levi's.'
LEVI: Who's that?
ZARA: No- one important (...) We should just enjoy the moment.
Levi shrinks into his corner, looking worried.
Harold's Café
Leo and Britney are telling a concerned Terese about Glen surreptitiously sleeping at the vineyard. Leo says he's already spoken to Paul, who has offered to provide a free room for Glen at the hotel - but Terese is sure Glen won't accept that. Leo thinks Terese might be able to convince him, but she's not sure it's wise for Paul and Glen to be living in close proximity.
TERESE: But I might have a solution.
She doesn't elaborate, but gets up to leave, and tells them she'll let them know how she gets on.
The Waterhole
Glen is telling Melanie about Leo finding out about him staying at the vineyard. Melanie mentions that she saw Terese at Harold's, but reassures Glen she said nothing to her about the ring.
MELANIE: She was singing your praises. Was I right before when I asked if you were keen on her? Because she certainly seems fond of you.
GLEN: We're just friends - we understand each other.
MELANIE: If you say so!
Melanie leaves, just as Terese turns up. She sits down with Glen, and explains she's heard from Leo that Glen's been staying at the vineyard. Glen says it was only short- term.
TERESE: You don't have to explain. I, umm... I think I have a solution. One that'll help both of us. You need somewhere to stay, and I really want Roxy to feel like she can move in with Kyle, so... why don't you come and live with me?
Glen smiles.
No 26
In the spa, Levi continues to look uncomfortable in Zara's presence.
ZARA: Are you still stressed? Do you want a massage? I'm really good at them.
But enough's enough for Levi, and he announces he's getting out of the spa and going for a run. He tells her she can let herself out when she's ready - but as he gets up, Zara pretends that something's got in her eye. Thinking he's to blame, Levi tries to help by getting up close and looking into her eyes - but at this precise moment, Amy enters the garden.
AMY (worried): What is going on?
LEVI and ZARA: ...
Coming up on Neighbours
- An angry Toadie tells Amy, 'One day, she is gonna end up seriously hurting someone'
- Mackenzie angrily tells Zara to 'move it, before I say something I'll regret'
- Roxy tells Kyle that Sheila has warned her to prepare for the wedding to tank - what if she's right?
- At the Flamingo Bar, Harlow says, 'I'm here so everyone stays off my back'
- Roxy tells Harlow that maybe she shouldn't come to the wedding; Harlow's smile slips slightly
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