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Neighbours Episode 8592 from 2021 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8592
Australian airdate: 05/04/21
UK airdate: 30/04/21
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Brent Colefax: Texas Watterston
Emmett Donaldson: Ezra Justin
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Nicolette hearing she is the new manager of Harold's.
- Yashvi downbeat after her parents leave for Sydney.
- Yashvi telling Ned she isn't going to Sydney... at least without him being with her.
- Brent telling his brother about the guys who robbed and beat him.
- Kyle deciding that Emmett has a crush on Roxy.
- Harlow wanting to put off her catch up with Brent until after she gets back from London.
- Paul taunting Brent that its just a matter of time before Harlow dumps him.
Number 32
After seeing how down Brent his, Nicolette tries to reassure him that the end isn't in sight with Harlow, it's just Paul trying to "get into your head." She suggests calling Harlow, but he refuses to do that and when the rest of the household come indoors, he storms out of the house.
Number 30
When they finally get a moment alone to talk (Toadie heads off seeing to the kids) Ned brings up moving to Sydney, but Yashvi knows he doesn't want to move, so refuses to discuss it with him.
Number 32
The adults are getting worried that they can't get hold of Brent and are equally angry at Paul's role in the lad's disappearance. When Emmett reports that even he can't get hold of his brother, Aaron and David decide to go out and see if they can find him.
Number 22 (next day)
Roxy is impressed at the 'artist sketch' Ned has drawn of one of the persons that stole from the tram.
When Emmett pops round to check with Ned if Brent will be at the mural unveiling (he will be although Ned hasn't heard from him), he notices the sketch and seems to recognise who it is. And although he doesn't say anything, Emmett continues to stare at the sketch, which Roxy mis- interprets as him hanging around her "like a bad smell" and is forced to tell him to go.
Eden Uni
And we finally see the mural that Ned has created - a young Toadie, Jay, [writer] Shane Isheev, Donna Freedman, another female, Yashvi (with short hair) and Harlow. The RSRs and random extra students present give it their thumbs up.
Roxy manages to get a quiet word with Yashvi and hands over Ned's drawing, explaining her thinking that it could be the guy who attacked her, as well as who stole from the tram. Yashvi asks her to drop it into the station and she will run it through the database.
Number 32
Aaron and David have drawn a blank over where to look for Brent when the lad walks into the kitchen. We hear he spent last night sleeping at the beach (after drinking) and isn't appreciative of the concern that Aaron and David are showing him, yelling out that they aren't "his parents" and they should "back off!"
Harold's cafe
After a call, Chloe passes on the news to Nicolette that Brent has been found. She is full of sympathy for Aaron and David after being through it herself with Hendrix.
When Nicolette hears her antenatal appointment had been brought forward to today, she wants to cancel it as she doesn't think Aaron and David will be in the right mindset to go. Chloe urges her to keep the appointment and offers to accompany Nicolette instead, since she is her girlfriend after all, and they can report back to the boys afterwards.
Number 32
Brett doesn't appreciate the concern that Emmett, David and Aaron have for him staying out all night without a word. He cockily has a go back that nobody showed concern when he was on the street for months beforehand!
Aaron and David decide to leave Emmett alone to see if he can get through to his brother. Brent is sure its just a matter of time before he is kicked out, but Emmett thinks otherwise as long as he "stops stirring them up."
Harold's cafe
After getting a text from her mum to check up on how Nicolette is doing, Yashvi is shocked when she (and Ned) drop by the cafe to find the place deserted, food needing re- stocked and empty plates and cups lying all over the place. When Nicolette and Chloe finally come out of the kitchen, Yashvi is then very concerned to hear that there has been 'an incident' " the gas was accidentally left on and Nicolette lit it! "Its all good now," a laughing Nicolette says but Yashvi isn't at all impressed and plans to inform her mum about it too.
Lassiters Complex
Roxy catches Yashvi as she makes her way from Harold's to the police station to give her the stetch to see if they can identify who it is.
ROXY: This could be the big break we've all been looking for.
Yashvi tries to rein in Roxy's hopes, as Emmett stares at them, absolutely petrified on seeing the sketch. In the end, Roxy has to chase the lad off and tells Yashvi that is the second time she's had to send him off today. "Think he's got a crush?" Yashvi comment and Roxy admits it's starting to "weird me out" especially after Kyle has already spoken to him, deducing that she's going to have to do something herself to sort it out.
Eden Uni
Emmett catches up with his brother admiring the mural at the Uni. Brent is refusing to take the credit for his role in it, even when Emmett tells him that Harlow is going to love being in it (that was his idea to add her in, to represent future alumni).
BRENT: I can't believe I thought we'd ever work out.
With his background, Brent is putting himself down for thinking that he could ever have been with Harlow, especially in the aftermath of her reading Prue's diaries and thinking she's making the mistakes as her mum. "Harlow's going places, I can't keep dragging her down," he laments and despite everyone saying their backgrounds don't matter, he knows that it does.
The Waterhole
Ned is doing his best to persuade Yashvi not to call her mum about the cafe, even though she points out that her mum spent too long building up the business for Nicolette to ruin it.
Harold's cafe
Nicolette (and Chloe) are back from her antenatal visit relieved after earlier that nothing has gone wrong while they were out! Aaron and David enter the cafe, for a much needed break from Brent, and are not at all impressed to hear that Nicolette had her antenatal appointment without tell them! Thankfully for Nicolette, there is a distraction to their mumping when Roxy enters the cafe wanting something done about Emmett!
Lassiters Park
Ned is continuing to work on Yashvi not to say anything to her mum about Harold's. When she admits to missing her parents, he brings up the Sydney question and wants them both to think about it. Yashvi explains that it's been "a weird past year," culminating in her parents moving away, and thought if they joined them, things would be "normal again." Ned acknowledges, given how tight her family are, that she will struggle being away from them and reassures her that they will still be her rock, just that it comes "a bit further away."
NED: I can be that for you here. I hope you know that.
"I do," she replies and is sure that Ned can live his dream too especially as things are starting to pay off with The Hive getting more business and him being sure the mural will lead to more commissions too.
Number 32
After being asked to sort it out, Aaron and David sit down with Emmett to discuss his 'crush' on Roxy. The lad denies he has a crush on her, and so he doesn't put his foot in it, comes up with the cover story that she "is cool" and agrees to not follow her around.
In return for them passing that info onto Roxy, the lad wants them to promise not to kick Brent out of the house. "We have no intention of doing that," David is quick to reassure Emmett with and they both agree to telling Brent that.
A happy Emmett leaves them to it, but on returning a few seconds later to pick up his phone, has doubts not just about Brent's position in the house but his too. Emmett overhears Aaron and David talking about "a crazy 24- hours" they've just had struggling with Nicolette and Brett and are wondering how they will cope with the two boys and a baby once she arrives.
AARON: Layla did warn us. I hate to admit this, but maybe she was right? Maybe we did bite off more than we can chew?
Harold's cafe
With the cafe sorted out for the day, according to Dipi's bible, Chloe reassures Nicolette that the boys will have calmed down over not being there for the antenatal appointment. Chloe also adds that there will be more check ups to come that they can attend.
Number 32
David and Aaron aren't impressed that Brent and Emmett have left the kitchen in a mess after making themselves something to eat. David isn't appreciating the backchat from Emmett either (that they can clean the mess up) so Aaron warns the boys to clean the place up while he and David go outside to clean the pool.
BRENT: (impressed) Since when did you start talking back?!
With a solemn look on his face, Emmett tells Brent about overhearing Aaron and David talking and that "they don't us" because they don't think they can't handle them and a baby.
EMMETT: We're too much hassle. I can't believe I actually believed they cared. I shouldn't have come here thinking they would.
BRENT: Hey, screw 'em! You've still got me.
EMMETT: If they don't want us, guess what, we don't want them either!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Emmett and Brent keeping up their pretence.
- Brent tempting someone with a job.
- David (and Aaron) wanting to talk with Brent and Emmett.
- Jane arguing with Curtis.
- Paul reminding Ned that he owes him.
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