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Neighbours Episode 8291 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8291
Australian and UK airdate: 04/02/20
Writer: Jo Kasch
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Lisa Rowsthorn: Jane Allsop
Mackenzie Hargreaves: Georgie Stone
Aster Conway: Isla Goulas
- "Design Desire" by Abbe May
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Hendrix bothering Harlow with his usual smug behaviour
- Elly noticing Harlow talking to Finn
- Bea teasing Finn about Harlow's interest in him
- David and Aaron asking Lisa to think about having a baby with them
- Hendrix finding something of note in his mum's handbag
Number 32
Kyle and Elly sit with David and Aaron as they explain their plan with Lisa. Aaron says they're looking into a co- parenting agreement if it goes ahead. Kyle answers a knock at the door while Elly tells the boys that Aster would make a great big sister to their child. Lisa has stopped by for a visit, so Kyle and Elly make themselves scarce. David and Aaron weren't expecting to hear from Lisa again so soon and ask if everything's okay. Their faces fall when Lisa announces that she's pregnant.
Number 24
Lisa has also told Chloe and Pierce her news. They baby belongs to her ex, James. Lisa had missed a period before she came to Melbourne but took a test and it came back negative, so she chalked it up to stress. Hendrix hovers around, moody because his mum will be heading back to Sydney now. But Lisa says she needs to speak with James about this latest development. She doesn't want to leave while Hendrix is still mad at her, though, but Hendrix just says he needs to get to school.
Harold's Café
Harlow nearly accidentally barrels into Hendrix, but she's confused when they don't do their usual back and forth banter. She asks if he's okay and Hendrix snarks that just because they had a D&M once, "doesn't mean you get to braid my hair." He leaves, brushing past Bea and Finn without a glance. Harlow thanks Finn for their chat earlier: it's really given her clarity about her future plans, which is helpful seeing as she's got a meeting with the careers counsellor that afternoon. Finn offers to be her sounding board again if she needs it. Harlow leaves and Finn comments to Bea that he's seen a lot of the teen today.
Number 32
Aaron and David tell Chloe, Kyle and Elly that it was better to find out about Lisa's pregnancy now than further down the track when they were more invested. Chloe says they must still be disappointed, but Aaron replies he's trying not to dwell on something they never really had. Kyle, Elly and Chloe do their best to cheer the boys up with positive comments, which Aaron gladly takes on board. But David can only paint on a smile for his family, hiding just how upset he really is.
Lassiters Complex
Paul finds Lisa and apologises for butting in with his comments earlier, "I was a little out of line." He explains he was just looking out for David's best interests. Lisa realises Paul hasn't heard the latest news and she tells him she's pregnant to her ex.
LISA: I know this messes David and Aaron around so I'm sorry.
PAUL: I want you to know I have nothing against you personally. I was just concerned for the boys, especially David. You understand that?
LISA: Look if things had turned out differently I would have seriously considered having a baby with them. They seem like really decent people.
Paul asks how David took the news and Lisa says that he kept pretty quiet. She hopes he's all right, as does Paul.
Erinsborough High
Mackenzie chats with Harlow about her grades, hoping she's doing well enough to get into law next year. She'd love to go into work every day and stand up for people, righting wrongs and fighting injustice. Harlow jokingly wonders if her friend is going to become a barrister or a superhero. Mackenzie says both, and then asks Harlow her career plans. Harlow says she needs to chat to her Uncle David before she's one hundred per cent sure, but something in the 'doctor' area. Hendrix walks in shirtless after playing sport, which Harlow and Mackenzie roll their eyes at. But when Hendrix goes to his locker and starts gulping down water, Harlow's brain suddenly goes into hormonal slow motion, as she can't stop staring at the shirtless teen. Hendrix notices and gives her an odd look for gawking.
A short while later, Mackenzie is telling Harlow about Richie's visit with the careers counsellor yesterday (he wants to go into mechanical engineering). But Harlow is too traumatised by her brain meltdown with Hendrix and is barely listening. Hendrix appears out of nowhere to tease them for "reaching peak nerd" by seeing the counsellor on the first day back. He then disappears as quick as he arrived after getting a text message from someone. Mackenzie wonders why Harlow didn't have a witty retort for Hendrix, but Harlow brushes off her friend's curiosity.
Number 22 Backyard
Paul has invited David over alone so he can get a true gauge of his son's feelings without David having to put on a brave face for Aaron. David eventually opens up and admits he's devastated.
PAUL: Why?
DAVID: Because when Lisa broke the news it was the first time since I came out I wished I wasn't gay.
PAUL: Oh, David.
DAVID: I'm not being down about myself. I love my life; I have a beautiful husband... It would be so much easier to have a child if we were straight.
PAUL: I think that you and Aaron are going to make wonderful parents.
DAVID: I know that, it's just going to take time and there's red tape... We're ready now, it's frustrating. And I had such a good feeling about Lisa.
Paul says that if David's sad then he's allowed to be sad. He reaches across the table and comfortingly puts his hand over his son's.
Erinsborough High
Mackenzie wants to know what has rattled Harlow so much, so Harlow admits that she had a brain short circuit when Hendrix had his shirt off and is mortified.
HARLOW: I feel like I need twenty baths or my memory wiped or my brain rewired, because it's Hendrix! It's Hendrix.
MACKENZIE: Deep breaths, Harls. And listen; what you're feeling is completely normal.
HARLOW: No, it's not! I am a total hypocrite. I mean remember when you had a crush on him and I was telling you how much of a jerk he was? (She sighs) Just go ahead, judge me. I deserve it.
Mackenzie says that as painful as Hendrix's personality may be, he's still good- looking. Harlow admits that Hendrix actually has his non- jerk moments from time to time too. Karl strolls by with some work Susan left at home and asks if they've seen his wife. The girls direct him to the staff room, and Harlow asks if Finn will be home later for a chat. Karl says yes, but then pauses around the corner when Harlow and Mackenzie resume their 'crush' chat and he mistakenly believes they're talking about Finn.
Number 28
Finn is happily listening to Bea play guitar for him when Karl arrives home. He tells Finn that Harlow was asking about him, which sends Bea into teasing mode. She jokingly tells Karl that Harlow can't get enough of Finn today, but that makes sense to Karl. He overheard Mackenzie ribbing Harlow about having a crush but didn't say on whom. Finn's taken aback by this news and looks uncomfortable but Bea thinks it's hilarious.
Number 24
Pierce asks Chloe how David and Aaron are, then asks if there's any part of her that's glad the baby plan isn't going ahead. Chloe jokes that the family dynamic would have been interesting, "but no more than any other one on this street." Pierce says that for Hendrix's sake, he wishes Lisa didn't have to leave. Paul drops by and says he needs to discuss something with the two of them that involves doing something nice for David and Aaron to cheer them up. Chloe and Pierce are intrigued.
Lisa's Hotel Room
Lisa is surprised but pleased to see Hendrix after he didn't reply to any of her texts. Hendrix wonders if his mum even has time to see him as it looks like she's about to leave, but Lisa says not for another few hours.
LISA: I know you're angry with me. It probably feels like I came here with an agenda and I haven't factored you in.
HENDRIX: It feels like that, mum, because that's the way it is.
LISA: You're always at the front of my mind, sweetheart. I don't want to make the same mistake I did when I kept your dad out of the picture with you and your sister. It's why I have to go back to Sydney and talk to James right away.
HENDRIX: So are you and James getting back together?
LISA: I don't know. We've got a lot to talk about. What I do know is that whatever happens between James and I and this baby, I don't want to lose you. I love you so much and I'm so proud of you.
Hendrix's anger and hurt melts and he offers her a small smile.
HENDRIX: I wish we didn't have to live so far away from each other.
LISA: Me too. But you are doing so well here with your dad and I know it's the right place for you.
She teases that she's going to be constantly FaceTiming her son and flying down every chance she gets anyway, so he'll probably get sick of her. Hendrix smiles and says that's unlikely.
Ramsay Street
Harlow walks over to #32 and asks Aaron if David's home, to which the answer is no. Meanwhile Finn has a panic out the front of #28 and whirls around on the spot in a futile attempt to find a hiding spot from the teen. It doesn't work as Harlow heads straight towards him after she's finished with Aaron. She tries to organise a time to catch up with Finn that afternoon, but he's acting very awkward and cagey.
FINN: That probably won't work. I've got a thing on at... that place.
HARLOW: You're being weird.
FINN: You're being weird... What? (Harlow frowns at him in confusion) Maybe, uh, that thing I've got is tomorrow.
HARLOW: Okay so you're free?
FINN: I guess so, yeah.
HARLOW: (bemused) Lovely. See you in a bit.
Finn gives her a stilted thumbs- up as she walks off.
Lassiters Complex
Hendrix, Pierce and Chloe have gathered out the front of the hotel to say goodbye to Lisa. She thanks Chloe and Pierce for "patiently entertaining" her wild ideas, which makes them chuckle. Pierce says that Hendrix will be in good hands in Erinsborough, and he'll be up to visit Alana in a couple of weeks. Lisa gives her son a big hug and says she loves him. Hendrix replies that he'll miss her too. She gives them a wave and hops into a taxi to head to the airport. Chloe asks Hendrix if he's okay and Hendrix nods at her, he's okay.
Number 32
David has told Aaron about the chat he had with Paul. Aaron's glad David confided in someone but he should never have to hide how he's truly feeling from his husband. David admits he felt embarrassed he was that devastated about it all.
AARON: That's what I'm here for. The good times but especially the bad.
DAVID: I just hate that so many stars have to align for us to have a child.
AARON: We'll get there. But you know what will help get you through this right now?
DAVID: Please no trying to see it from the bright side. I need to wallow for today.
AARON: Well I was going to say a Grey's marathon. (This gains David's interest) Build a nest on the couch; stuff our faces with popcorn and chocolate?
DAVID: And you'll watch with me?
AARON: Well husbands who wallow together stay together, right?
DAVID: McDreamy has nothing on you!
Paul stops by for a chat. He's glad he caught them with smiles on their faces because he's got exciting news for them.
DAVID: What are you on about, Dad?
PAUL: Well after we spoke I just wished that I could help you celebrate who you are.
AARON: Like how?
PAUL: Like... Mardi Gras! As of half an hour ago, Lassiters officially has a float in this year's Mardi Gras. And wait for it: you two are going to be on it!
The boys are stoked about it. Paul says he's really proud of them - and he never wants David to doubt who he is ever again. David gives Paul a hug.
Number 28
Elly has been filled in about the supposed crush Harlow has on Finn. Bea says she just feels sorry for Harlow, "because there's no way he'd look twice at anybody but me." Elly's face is a picture as she quietly mumbles in agreement with Bea. Harlow calls past to see Finn, so Karl gives her and Bea some space, as does Elly who heads home with Aster. Bea gets right to it and flat out says she knows about Harlow's crush on Finn thanks to Karl overhearing her at school. Harlow puts a quick stop to that nonsense and says she doesn't have a crush on Finn - her crush is on a complete idiot at school. Bea believes her but still doesn't get why she needs to see Finn. Harlow smiles and says that part is a lot easier to explain.
A little while later, Finn returns from the Community Centre and is set straight by Harlow. She truly just wanted career advice. Finn says if Harlow wants to do psychiatry, wouldn't she be better off talking to someone in the field? But Harlow's interested in learning about how Finn turned his life around.
HARLOW: I want to be in a career that helps people. Maybe even people like my dad.
FINN: I'm all for people getting a second chance.
HARLOW: I don't expect him to be released from prison. I just really want people to see him the way I do. To know that he's capable of change like you.
She truly believes that talking to Finn will be beneficial and teasingly says to Bea, "as long as you don't think I'm stalking him." Bea laughs and Finn says he's happy to help.
Harold's Café
Mackenzie thinks it's great that Harlow has a mentor now in Finn. Hendrix and Karl saunter in and Karl sidles over to have a quick chat to Harlow, apologising for the Finn misunderstanding earlier. Harlow's embarrassed and says to forget about it already. Karl goes back to Hendrix, who wants to know what their conversation was all about.
KARL: Just my stupid mistake. I overheard Harlow talking about a crush and I assumed it was on Finn, but it wasn't.
HENDRIX: Oh, then who does she have a crush on?
KARL: I have no idea.
But by the smirk on Hendrix's face, he knows who it's on.
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Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8291
Kyle Canning

Kyle Canning, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8291
Kyle Canning, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Elly Conway

Lisa Rowsthorn in Neighbours Episode 8291
Lisa Rowsthorn

Lisa Rowsthorn, Hendrix Greyson, Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Lisa Rowsthorn, Hendrix Greyson, Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson

Hendrix Greyson, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Hendrix Greyson, Harlow Robinson

Finn Kelly, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Finn Kelly, Bea Nilsson

Chloe Brennan, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8291
Chloe Brennan, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Kyle Canning, Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8291
Kyle Canning, Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan

Lisa Rowsthorn, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Lisa Rowsthorn, Paul Robinson

Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8291
Mackenzie Hargreaves

Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Hendrix Greyson

Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Harlow Robinson

Harlow Robinson, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Harlow Robinson, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Harlow Robinson

David Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
David Tanaka, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Karl Kennedy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Harlow Robinson

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Bea Nilsson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Paul Robinson

Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson

Hendrix Greyson, Lisa Rowsthorn in Neighbours Episode 8291
Hendrix Greyson, Lisa Rowsthorn

Finn Kelly, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Finn Kelly, Harlow Robinson

Lisa Rowsthorn, Hendrix Greyson, Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8291
Lisa Rowsthorn, Hendrix Greyson, Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Lisa Rowsthorn, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8291
Lisa Rowsthorn, Chloe Brennan

Paul Robinson, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8291
Paul Robinson, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8291
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8291
Elly Conway

Bea Nilsson, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Bea Nilsson, Harlow Robinson

Harlow Robinson, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8291
Harlow Robinson, Finn Kelly

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Karl Kennedy, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Karl Kennedy, Harlow Robinson

Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8291
Hendrix Greyson

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