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Neighbours Episode 8290 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8290
Australian and UK airdate: 03/02/20
Writer: Magda Wozniak
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Lisa Rowsthorn: Jane Allsop
Aster Conway: Isla Goulas
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Hendrix finding out about the baby plan from his mum.
- Chloe wanting to back out of the baby plan.
- Breaking the bad news to Lisa but she's not given up on the idea of having another baby.
- Zenin trying to work out what Ned saw at the fight club... other than fighting!
- Ned being informed of what it is Zenin thinks he saw (a box being loaded into a van).
- Paul giving Ned some advice to get Zenin off his back.
- Ned telling Zenin of his insurance policy should anything happen to him or Yashvi.
- Zenin breaking into Shane's car (that Yashvi is driving) and opening up the bonnet.
Lassiters car park
There is no sign of Zenin when Yashvi returns to her car. She gets inside and starts the engine... except it doesn't start but just as she is starting to fret, she gives it one more go, and the engine turns over and starts, allowing her to leave the car park.
Number 32
David can sense that Aaron's grudge with Elly is over after he accepts her invitation to be around at lunchtime before disappearing to see her crying daughter. Aaron defends himself by pointing out he was just processing things, not holding a grudge against Elly!
The conversation naturally gets round to their thoughts about having a family of their own. David decides he's come round to Aaron's thinking and wants them to have their own child with Lisa, subject to Chloe being okay with it all too.
Lassiters Complex
Lisa stops her son for a quick chat when she spots him in the complex on the way to school. Both admit to enjoying the recent family meal together and agree to meet for lunch.
Meanwhile, Aaron and David decide to strike while the iron is hot on seeing Lisa and approach her just as she's finished chatting to Hendrix. She is somewhat surprised as to why they want to chat with her, so the boys get to the point - they want a baby and think that given she wants a baby too, wondered if they could have a conversation about that.
Harold's Cafe
Hendrix bypasses the folk queuing to get served first, much to their annoyance, especially the talking ones - Bea, Finn and Harlow! The lass isn't thrilled to be having to deal with Hendrix every day at school, although he at least apologises to her when he accidentally bumps her on his way out of the café.
Road somewhere
Yashvi comes to a stop to allow some folk to cross a pedestrian crossing.
Lassiters (hotel foyer)
Ned is telling Paul that his issue is all sorted when Terese interrupts their "besties" conversation, commenting that the pair are "thick as thieves these days." Ned replies that they were simply talking about work, but Terese doesn't believe them at all!
Road somewhere/Lassiters
Yashvi becomes very alarmed when smoke starts to billow out from under the bonnet. Quickly exiting the car, she gets on her phone to call Ned to ask for his advice on what she should do after bringing him up to speed. He's a bit alarmed at hearing what is wrong with the car and tells her to get back from the car and he will be with her soon. Paul squares giving Ned the time off to go see Yashvi and hands him the keys to one of the Lassiters cars.
The Waterhole
"We don't need a yes or a no," Aaron says after he and David tell Lisa their suggestion. Having witnessed how good the boys were with Aster, and that Chloe sang their praises too, Lisa seems interested in extending her stay in Erinsborough to talk to them about their suggestion.
Road somewhere
Ned has arrived to where Yashvi is. He has got the car parked at the kerb now, although is puzzled over what happened, or more so, what could have happened. He reassures Yashvi it was nothing to do with her and after noticing the time, goes to get her to her police exam, promising that he will return after dropping her off to arrange for it to be towed to the garage.
Power Street
Finn can't escape quickly enough on a coffee run after Elly (and Aster) drop round for a chat at the garage. When he reaches Grease Monkey's, he spots Harlow and as they start chatting (about her choice of subjects in Year 12), its Elly that looks quizzically over the road at the pair of them.
"I didn't know they knew each other," Elly remarks to her sister after the pair head inside Grease Monkey's for their coffees. "A little bit," Bea replies and tells her sister about the pair chatting in Harold's earlier.
The Waterhole
Aaron and David are on a 'mini high' after their chat with Lisa when Paul spots them on entering the bar. Paul seems happy at the pair discussing babies (he forces them to spill!) but as soon as Lisa's name is mentioned, he's very much against their co- parenting suggesting, reminding them that they themselves will be co- parenting without adding someone else into the mix.
PAUL: You need a surrogate, so you don't end up in a messy situation. With a surrogate, the baby is yours and only yours.
"We know that," David replies before adding that they still need to talk before any final decisions are made. "I think you're making a giant mistake," Paul warns them, but David's immediate reply is that it's "our choice dad."
PAUL: Just think long and hard about this before you do something you'll regret.
Harlow isn't happy to be allocated a bottom row locker again this year... one underneath Hendrix's! When he turns up at the lockers, she pleads with him to swap lockers and he agrees to think about it and let her know... sometime!
Bea finishes checking over Shane's car and tells Ned what was wrong - oil leaved out from the loose filter. Ned is quizzing her on how it could have happened when a very happy Yashvi enters having what she thinks is done very well in her test. Naturally, she then asks about the car, and after Bea does that, is somewhat at a loss to think of anything she did to have caused it although is very much relieved that the car didn't catch fire.
Lassiters (hotel foyer)
Despite Terese's protestations, Paul makes a beeline for Lisa when he spots her in the foyer on entering the hotel. "It's very early days," is how Lisa is describing things, but Paul wants her to put a stop to things because "it is a ridiculous idea." Lisa is quick to confirm that everything will be thoroughly discussed and put in writing to "satisfy all three parties."
LISA: And may I just say that all those parties are capable consenting adults with the ability to make their own life choices without your involvement, however well- intentioned that might be.
Lassiters hotel, room 209
After having witnessed the tail end of Lisa's conversation with Paul (and given Paul disapproving daggered looks!), David and Aaron rush to Lisa's room to apologise. She replies that she isn't concerned about Paul, he is just being a good dad looking out for them. At this point the conversation is curtailed when Hendrix arrives to have lunch with his mum.
"What was that?" the lad asks as mother and son enter her hotel room. Lisa tells him about the suggestion from the boys and asks what his thoughts are on it. "I thought you were going home," is his initial thoughts and he doesn't seem to be accepting it any more when she then explains that they could still keep their original plan and have Alana move to Erinsborough. Lisa promises to keep him fully up to date but the lad is struggling to accept it all and decides that he is no longer hungry and exits her hotel room.
Community Centre
Harlow stops by for a chat with Terese about her first day. As they are chatting, Finn and Bea arrive and she comments on him chatting with Harlow earlier, so he reveals to Bea what they were talking about. Bea seeks clarification that Harlow knows he doesn't remember anything about teaching (yes), but you can sense that Bea isn't entirely convinced.
The Waterhole
Yashvi is still on a high after sitting her police exam whereas Ned is still wondering about the car but is told that is her parents' problem now!
Ned is able to chat freely to Paul about what happened when Yashvi heads to the bar for drinks. He is fairly confident that it was simply an accident, but Paul warns him to stay on top of things to make sure nothing comes back to bite him.
Harold's Cafe
Elly is thrilled with her housemate's news as the trio (and Aster) have lunch. Aaron and Elly also fully clear the air with one another and agree that things are cool now between them. And as if to 'celebrate', Elly hands Aster over to Aaron for a cuddle before going onto tell the pair what great parents they will make.
There has been an interesting spectator to that last bit - Hendrix.
Lassiters hotel, room 209
Hendrix comes to see his mum to chat to her about their earlier conversation, very confident that she is going to like what he is about to say. However, Lisa seems more interested in her phone, in particular the incoming text message.
The lad makes himself comfy on his mum's bed while she heads back into the bathroom. The lad spots something in his mum's bag and when she returns, Lisa admits she didn't want him to see whatever it is (we don't see what it is). "Is that about Aaron and David?" the lad asks, and Lisa shakes her head. She also shakes her head when he asks, "do they know?"
HENDRIX: What's going on mum?
Coming up on Neighbours
- Lisa checking in with Hendrix that he is happy with what is going on.
- Mackenzie wanting to know what is rattling Harlow.
- Shane calling round to see his wife at #26.
- Gary telling his mum about Shane not being happy that Dipi is living with them.
- High- noon on Ramsay Street between Gary and Shane!
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