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Neighbours Episode 8178 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8178
Australian and UK airdate: 28/08/19
Writer: Stephen Vagg
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Lyn Scully: Janet Andrewartha
Gail Lewis: Fiona Corke
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Aaron browbeats Mark into heading to the Back Lane Bar for his birthday
- But it turns sour when Roxy throws a drink on Mark for not retrieving the stolen money fast enough
- However, later we learn that Mark and Roxy have TITTNL™ back at his place - how did that happen?
- Paul is surprised when his ex- wife Gail returns to Erinsborough
- Gary recognises Gail from Tinder, and they strike up a rapport
- Gail advises Terese to call off her engagement to Paul; if not, she'll end up like all his other wives
- Paul reassures Terese that they'll be married regardless of what Gail says or does
No 22
On the patio, Paul and Terese are just finishing up breakfast. Paul remarks that Harlow was out late with Gail last night; Terese thinks it's good they're spending time together, but Paul can see she's worried, and assures her that Gail will be out of their hair by the time of their wedding.
They continue to talk about the wedding, blissfully unaware that another ex- wife, Lyn, is walking through the house towards them...
PAUL: Because in three weeks' time, I cannot wait to stand up in front of all our friends and say...
LYN: I do!
PAUL: Lyn, what are you doing here?!
LYN: A teenage girl let me in. Hi, Terese!
PAUL: I mean, what are you doing in Erinsborough?
LYN: Oh, thing is, Paul, I'm Mrs Robinson. We are still married.
Terese glances at Paul, while Lyn takes a picture of his shocked expression! She lets out a cackle.
LYN: Sorry, I couldn't resist! Well? Who's gonna get me a coffee?
No 26
Gary is seeking Sheila and Amy's advice on which shirt to wear for his date with Gail. He doesn't say her name, so Amy doesn't make the connection with her dad's ex- wife; but she awkwardly wishes him well. Meanwhile, Sheila looks disapproving that Gary has put his chosen shirt on without ironing it, and says it's a bit creased. He says it's meant to look that way, but it clearly isn't!
Gary rushes off to find a tie. Amy remarks that it's weird seeing him go for a date, but that he really needs a win right now. Sheila doesn't think he'll win anything in that wrinkly shirt. Amy doesn't think Gary would appreciate the shirt advice from her, and Sheila doesn't feel she can tell him to iron it either, after what they've just been through.
SHEILA: I think we need outside help.
No 24
There's a navel- upwards shot of a topless Mark lying on the couch, as we hear Roxy say...
ROXY: I didn't realise that it was so big!
She's talking about the house (of course); it's so big, indeed, that she can't find her undies anywhere! Mark locates them on one of the kitchen stools, and gives them back to her.
ROXY: I don't remember us being over there.
MARK: Yeah, we covered a lot of ground.
Roxy apologises for the scratch marks on Mark's chest! He apologises for the love- bite on her neck. Things are a bit awkward, so Mark offers to make Roxy a coffee. But she says she has to go and see Leo now.
MARK: Right. So are you gonna tell him about...?
ROXY: Absolutely. A hundred percent. Leo loves gossip.
Mark looks worried, so Roxy offers to keep their night together on the down- low. Mark says he thinks that would be best, given that he's currently carrying out an investigation for her.
ROXY: I get it. It never happened.
MARK: Not that I didn't have fun.
ROXY: How do you want to stick a fork in this, then? Fist- bump? Handshake?
MARK: Hug?
They hug - and then start kissing again!
We're then treated to a flashback from the night before, to explain how we got here; Roxy turns up to apologise to Mark for being so off with him in the bar. Mark's still annoyed that she ruined his trousers (that he's trying to clean in the sink), and not much inclined to talk to her, so tells her to go home.
ROXY: But then you'll miss my heartfelt apology!
MARK: It's not heartfelt if Leo's asked you to do it.
But Roxy persists, saying she was out- of- line and immature.
ROXY: How about you have a drink, and I get stuck into your pants? I'm an expert stain- cleaner. A hot girl does your laundry - can't get better than that, right?
Mark grudgingly agrees.
We return to the present, and Mark and Roxy pashing. She goes to leave, and Mark reminds her to keep their night together a secret. Roxy agrees, saying she was never here.
No 26
Sheila has summoned Kyle to give Gary some styling advice prior to his date! Kyle isn't sure he's the right bloke, and suggests Aaron might have some better advice. But Aaron's Not In This Episode™, so Kyle will have to do!
Gary comes in, and Kyle tries to give him advice based on Amy and Sheila's frantic miming behind Gary! Kyle manages the first one okay, telling Gary to lose the tie as he might give off a 'job interview vibe'. However, the next mime's more obscure, and Kyle struggles to interpret it!
KYLE: ... You should go for a wash.
GARY: No - no, I've already had a shower!
KYLE: ... You should, erm, iron your shirt!
The next mime's even more problematic.
KYLE: You should go nude!
GARY: What?!
KYLE: ... I mean, you should wear your new pants.
GARY: Oh, if you reckon. When did you become such a fashionista?
KYLE: Well, I picked up a few tips in Germany!
GARY: Well, it's lucky you came over then, cos I want this date to go 'wunderbar'!
They both laugh, as Gary goes off to iron his shirt.
KYLE (to Amy and Sheila): I thought he looked fine!
No 22
Lyn is seriously outstaying her welcome on the patio, as she fills Paul and Terese in on what Stephie is up to - apparently, she is seeing a lot of her Boys™ these days.
LYN: And she's dating a really nice woman. Not that there's any rush to get to the altar. (laughs) Unlike some people!
PAUL: Surely you didn't come over here uninvited just to say that?
Lyn explains she's in town to interview some staff for the Flametree Retreat; some of them are ex- Lassiter's, so she wanted to ask Terese about them. Paul says she could have just emailed.
LYN: Sure. But this is way more fun!
Keen to get rid of Lyn, Terese forces a smile and tells Lyn to leave her a list of names; she will get back to her. But Lyn just gets right back to talking about the impending nuptials!
PAUL: Aren't you bored yet? Cos I am.
LYN: You must feel like Henry VIII, on the eve of his sixth marriage!
PAUL: Yeah, except when his former wives were troublesome, he had them executed (...) Lovely seeing you, Lyn.
LYN: Now I'm beginning to feel unwanted.
PAUL: No, I think you knew that would always be the case.
LYN: See you later, then. *Both* of you.
She smiles pointedly at Terese.
PAUL: What's that supposed to mean?
LYN: All in good time, Paul - all in good time.
Paul and Terese look worried as Lyn leaves.
No 32
Roxy turns up to meet Leo, who's none too impressed when Roxy claims she's been out 'partying' all night - given that he's been up all night working out how to save their business. He thinks they can get by, but will have to make some savings and not pay themselves for a while.
ROXY: Wait, we have to work for free?
LEO: Don't even start, Rox. You're making things hard enough as it is with Mark (...) You had to go straight for his crotch, didn't you?
ROXY: ... ?
LEO: The drink?
Realising what Leo's talking about, Roxy says she's already apologised to Mark for that. Leo asks how the apology went down - and we get another flashback to Roxy and Mark at No 24 from the night before. Roxy is cleaning Mark's trousers, as promised.
ROXY: You know, science says that some people have certain DNA that blocks impulse control. I think I'm one of them.
MARK: Right. So, according to Dr Google, it's your DNA's fault.
ROXY: Yeah. And Vance. He really mucked me up.
MARK: Did you just come here to feed me a sob story so I'll work harder on your case?
ROXY: ... Maybe. But it is true about Vance. He made me believe that he'd always have my back, and then he put a knife in it.
MARK: Yeah. I know how that feels.
Roxy is keen to listen to Mark's story, offering to share the bottle of vodka she stumbled in with.
We return to the present, and No 32. Relieved that Roxy has made amends with Mark so he'll be more amenable to looking for their stolen cash, Leo decides to call him and ask him to come over for an update on the case. Roxy looks worried.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul is on the phone to Steph, asking if she knows of any other reason Lyn would be in town, apart from the Flametree job interviews. But it seems Steph has no further information for him, so he ends the call, just as he bumps into Gail.
PAUL: Why are you still here? Haven't you got other commitments in Tasmania?
GAIL: I haven't finished spending quality time with my granddaughter yet.
PAUL: Oh, really? Have you finished causing trouble for my fiancée?
GAIL: I'm sorry, but I had to speak my truth.
PAUL: Gail, I thought you said that you'd moved on from me.
GAIL: I have. Actually, I'm about to go on a date.
She remarks that her date knows she's only visiting, but if things work out she may stay a bit longer.
PAUL: Oh, god, that's all I need - two of my exes hanging around the place.
Paul explains that Lyn is also back in town.
PAUL: Interesting timing, wouldn't you say?
GAIL: Well, you've accumulated enough ex- wives over the years. It's hardly surprising that two of us might be here at the same time.
She glances across the courtyard where they see Gary waiting for her, for the date. Paul is surprised, but doesn't let on that he knows Gary, deciding to let it play out for his own amusement - and smiles mischievously as Gail goes off to meet him.
No 32
Leo and Roxy's meeting continues. Leo says they can't make any long- term plans about the bar unless they get the stolen money back ASAP. Mark turns up as requested, to give them an update. Leo says he's glad Roxy went over to his last night; Mark plays dumb, but soon realises Leo is only talking about the apology, and confirms that Roxy did indeed come over to say sorry.
LEO: And you're happy with how it all went down?
MARK: ... Did the trick.
Leo's sensing an odd vibe between Mark and Roxy, but goes on to ask Mark if there is any news on the stolen money. Mark says there's no sign of Carly Abernethy; they do have some leads on the money itself, but tracking it down through offshore accounts can take months. What's more, there's still no guarantee they'll get it back if it turns out to be proceeds of crime.
Mark promises to keep them posted and leaves, thanking Roxy again for the 'apology'.
LEO: What was that between you guys?
ROXY: What was what?
LEO: The vibe. It was... it was weird. What happened last night?
We get another flashback to last night, and No 24; Mark is telling Roxy all his woes about his brief marriage to Elly. 'You win', announces Roxy; his trauma trumps hers!
MARK: It's not a competition - we both fell for the wrong people.
ROXY: Okay, alright. It's a tie, then... It sucks, being hurt like that. I don't think I'll ever get over it.
MARK: You will.
ROXY: Are you?
MARK: Truthfully, sometimes I think I am - and then I see Elly getting on with things. Dating, getting ready for the baby... and I think, it's just so unfair... Sorry, I guess I'm still pretty upset.
ROXY: That's okay. I am, too.
They fall into a kiss. Back in the present and No 32, Roxy insists to Leo that there's nothing more to it - she apologised to Mark and that's it. But they did also talk about their exes a bit.
ROXY: I thought it would help with the sucking up.
But Leo's worried Roxy was sticking her nose in, and that Mark has taken it the wrong way; he thinks she should apologise to him again.
The Waterhole
Gary is feeding Gail one of his magical desserts. She's impressed, with both that and his shirt!
GARY: Oh, it's nothing. I just chucked it on.
But Gail can see he's gone to some effort; he admits he wanted to make a good impression.
GAIL: Hmm. I may have to rethink my plans to leave Erinsborough so soon (...) But some people around here might not like that very much.
GARY: Are you talking about the family drama you mentioned last time?
GAIL: Look, I don't wanna talk about it. Not when I'm the company of a handsome man.
Lyn is in the reception, talking to Stephie on the phone. Evidently, Steph has been concerned by Paul's call to her earlier.
LYN: No, no agenda, Stephie... no, I'm just having fun! ... Okay. Love to the Boys™...
She ends the call, just as Terese turns up with the staff references Lyn was asking for. Lyn apologises for surprising Terese this morning. Terese admits it's a recurring theme, explaining that Gail's in town too, and doesn't seem to be Paul's biggest fan either.
LYN: The man makes an impact (...) You are making a huge mistake by marrying him.
TERESE: I gave you the references. I didn't ask for one for Paul.
LYN: You're an intelligent woman, Terese, and you know his history. Get out now. You'll save yourself years of heartache and pain.
TERESE: I don't need your advice.
LYN: Do you think you're gonna be the one to change him? We all did, and we couldn't - and you won't.
TERESE: ... Goodbye, Lyn.
Terese walks off, visibly rattled.
Lassiter's Complex
Gary and Gail leave the pub, looking very couply; she says she's looking forward to the third date, and had a really lovely time. They have a chaste kiss, and Gail leaves - just as Paul approaches to goad Gary.
PAUL: Lost any more mothers in the bush lately?
GARY: Yeah, Mum's fine - thanks for asking (!)
Paul 'guesses' from Gary's clothes that he's had a date, and Gary confirms it.
GARY: With a really fantastic bird.
PAUL: Oh, really - anyone I'd know?
GARY: Nah, she's from out of town.
PAUL: Oh, right, right. What's her name?
GARY: Gail.
PAUL: Gail - Gail and Gary, that's cute.
GARY: Yeah, it is. And the really cute part of it is that there's nothing you can do to spoil it.
Paul just smiles as Gary walks away, then starts chuckling to himself evilly.
Terese is on the phone to Harlow, who's apparently having some problems at the dry- cleaners' getting Terese's wedding dress sorted out, which Terese seems to be taking as another bad omen! Paul comes in, and Terese tells him that Lyn warned her away from him.
PAUL: Don't you worry about Lyn - look, she's always had a touch of the Miss Havishams.
TERESE: To have one former wife say, 'don't marry him' - I get that. But two? In one week? What is going here?
Paul agrees it's strange, saying he just saw Gail on a date - but doesn't mention who with, saying only that she's 'scraping the bottom of the barrel'.
PAUL: But listen, don't worry - I'm sure both of them are gonna be gone soon, okay?
TERESE: Well, they'd better be. We are so close to walking down that aisle. I don't need the ghosts of wives past trying to trip us up.
No 24
Roxy is back to see Mark again, and tells him that Leo has got his 'jocks in a knot' over the weird vibe between her and Mark. Mark seems worried, but Roxy assures him Leo doesn't suspect what really happened between them.
ROXY: But clearly you're having trouble controlling yourself around me - you should be more careful.
MARK: I'm not the one with the impulse issues.
ROXY: I'm totally in control of this.
They stare at each other for a while, before giving into another pash.
No 26
Sheila is on the sofa, hovering over the 'delete' button on Clive's entry in her phone contacts list. Eventually, she decides against deleting it - just as Gary comes in. He's in a great mood following his successful date, and correctly guesses that Sheila was the one who was feeding Kyle style advice. Sheila admits she was hesitant about butting in; he's grateful that she did, as it was a hit with Gail.
GARY: Maybe I do need your help sometimes. Just don't push it too far - but hey, when would you ever do that? (!)
They laugh, but as Gary goes to make a cuppa, Sheila looks faintly troubled.
Lassiter's Complex
Lyn is outside the hotel, about to make a phone call, but quickly puts it down when Paul turns up.
PAUL: I believe the dating pool gets more limited the older you get. Particularly if you have a very horrible and vindictive personality. Why are you still so obsessed with me, Lyn?
Lyn looks hurt, but laughs it off.
LYN: You hardly enter my thoughts these days.
PAUL: Really? Warning off my fiancée would probably suggest otherwise.
LYN: Do you love Terese?
PAUL: What do you think?
LYN: I suspect you do. I know you're capable of love. I've seen it with your family.
PAUL: Thank you (!)
LYN: Which is why you should call this wedding off. For her sake.
PAUL: You know what? Perhaps you should try online dating. Apparently you can find anyone on that.
LYN: Yeah, yeah, yeah - look, shoot the messenger all you like. It won't change the facts - that all your failed marriages have one thing in common. You.
PAUL: You're serious, aren't you? You seriously want to try and come between us?!
LYN: Something is broken in you, Paul! It is inevitable. This marriage will fail, and you will hurt Terese. Love her enough to let her go.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Roxy tells Mark she doesn't want to talk about it; but evidently she does want to TITTNL™
- Karl asks Susan what the chances are of two ex- wives showing up so close to Paul's wedding
- Paul finds Terese with some suitcases, and asks what's going on
- Elly saying that Chloe's free to date whoever she wants
- Chloe in a glamorous dress at the pavilion
- Chloe saying that it's so easy for Elly to snap back into friends mode
- Pierce tells Elly he can't just stand back and say nothing
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