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Neighbours Episode 8176 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8176
Australian and UK airdate: 26/08/19
Writer: Shane Isheev
Director: Tenika Smith
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Elly informing Chloe she plans to take a year's maternity leave.
- Elly ranting at Finn to let Bea go before she gets hurt.
- Finn pointing out that Elly shouldn't be the one dishing out relationship advice!
- Elly deciding to support her sister even if it doesn't end up well.
- Sheila going missing.
- Mark arriving to fill in a missing person report on Sheila.
Number 26
"There's gotta be somewhere that we're not thinking of," Kyle remarks after a ring- round of friends and family in the hunt for where Sheila is proves futile. Just at that, Mark arrives with an update - Sheila's car has been spotted by a remote road in Seaton (a small town in Gippsland) with her dead phone inside but the keys missing. Neither Gary nor Kyle know why she'd be there, and Mark warns them not to jump to conclusions. Immediately both Kyle and Amy volunteer when Mark mentions a search party has been raised, with Gary volunteering to stay home just in case she returns.
Number 28
Toadie is around to deliver the good news - after a thorough investigation, Finn is in the clear and that the police will be round soon to remove the ankle tracking bracelet.
Before Toadie leaves, Karl asks if he is okay and his reply is that he is worried about Sheila. This is news to both Karl and Susan.
Seaton, Gippsland
As Amy and Kyle search for Sheila, the lad is berating himself for not realising something was wrong earlier with his Gran. "Let's just concentrate on finding her," Amy tries to calm Kyle down with, but it doesn't work, so she then practically yells at him "to stop it!"
AMY: Don't you think I feel guilty too?! Yes, I just had to tell her how badly she stuffed up with Gary.
KYLE: You didn't know she was going to do this.
AMY: Look, wallowing in it is not going to find her, okay, so let's just stop.
Kyle pulls Amy in for a reassuring hug and is confident they will find Sheila, and so they resume the search for her.
Number 26
Having now been filled in, Karl and Susan are round (along with Toadie) to show their support to Gary as they try to figure out where Sheila could be.
Number 28
Now his house arrest is over, thanks to Mark removing the bracelet, Finn wants to get out of the house and is happy to agree to Bea's lunch suggestion.
Elly and Chloe return laden down with shopping and in one of the bags is a birthday pressie from Chloe to her brother - an ultrasonic cleaner! He'd kept his birthday quiet, so now they all offer him birthday wishes.
After Mark leaves, the quartet start discussing what has been bought for bubs (Chloe has been very generous apparently... so she can have fun styling the kid!) and Finn gets it into the conversation that Elly should show pictures to Shaun, to let him see what has been bought. "I will," Elly replies before the four of them end up going out to celebrate Finn's newly found freedom.
Number 26
Dipi is over to support Gary too, but not before lamenting herself for not supporting Sheila more when she knew she was giving herself a hard time. Karl re- enters the house after telling Clive what has happened - he now wishes he'd handled the breakup better.
In the kitchen, Gary is struggling to do the simplest of things like make a cuppa, thanks to the emotional state he is in, so much that Shane takes the kettle from him. Toadie tells Gary that he doesn't need to keep up the macho act, but he is more than confident Sheila will be fine.
GARY: It's all my fault. I shut mum out, I wouldn't talk to her. I mean, she made an effort to fix things and I stonewalled her.
Toadie somewhat reassures Gary that he is allowed to be angry, and Shane chips in to say everyone does things in the heat of the moment. To Gary though, this "is beyond regret."
GARY: If mum's done something stupid to herself, then there's no- one else to blame. I'll never forgive myself.
Lassiters Complex
While he may be enjoying his newfound freedom, Finn admits to Bea that he isn't looking forward to the double date. Bea suggests that they use the lunch to show to Elly how solid together they are.
The Waterhole
And it appears the feeling is mutual - Elly isn't looking forward to the double date either! Chloe explains why she suggested the date - Bea is her sister and Finn is bubs' uncle. She adds that Elly is going to "have to make it work somehow" plus since everyone loves her and she'll be there to keep the peace!
Lassiters Complex
Finn admits that he also isn't comfortable with Chloe, who is acting like the baby's second parent after one date! Bea points out that whoever Elly is involved with is also going to be involved with the baby. "I know," Finn acknowledges, he just feels like she is forgetting about Shaun, but Bea doesn't think that is the case, Elly is simply exploring her relationship with Chloe.
The Waterhole
Chloe reassures Elly that she will be there for her sister, if indeed her relationship with Finn ends badly. "Just like she'll be there for you when you become a mum," Chloe adds and jokingly, Elly replies for her to "stop making so much sense!"
CHLOE: I'm just trying to create the village for the baby, which can't happen unless we all get along.
Seaton, Gippsland
After Amy apologises for her earlier outburst, Kyle asks what her earliest memory is and after thinking about it, replies going on a plane with her mum. Kyle tells Amy of his earliest memories - Sheila taking him out to the milk bar and giving the owner what for after he called Kyle names (allowable, given Kyle had stolen some chocolate frogs!)
KYLE: I knew from that day on, she would always have my back.
AMY: She certainly has.
Kyle realises that he can never pay Sheila back for all that she's done for him and agrees when Amy comments that Sheila has been more like a mum to him.
Just at that point, Kyle spots something on the ground - Sheila's watch and the yelling intensifies.
The Waterhole
The quartet stick to a neutral topic of conversation - Sheila being missing. Finn adds in that it makes it him realise how grateful he is to have people, Bea especially, in his life. Elly doesn't look too comfortable at what Finn is saying!
Pierce comes over to ask for a word, to clear the air with Chloe, but is told he can say whatever it is "in front of my girlfriend." Cue awkward eye rolling from Elly and Bea before Pierce begins! Whether his speech has quickly changed or not after what Chloe said, as all Pierce ends up saying is "good luck" to both of them.
Seaton, Gippsland
Hunting for his Gran is getting to Kyle as he is already thinking the worst. Amy reassures him that he can and just as she about to say something else to him, she spots Sheila! The pair run to where an unconscious Sheila is lying in the bush.
Number 26
Gary is surrounded by his caring neighbours as they sit wait for news on Sheila when the dreaded knock on the door happens. Anxiously, Gary goes to answer it and the caller is Mark.
The Waterhole
"I didn't know you and Elly were there yet," Bea comments to Chloe in the aftermath of the 'g- bomb' as they stand at the bar. "It wasn't like that," Chloe tries to explain, she is simply being Elly's "rock" which Bea is glad to hear as she doesn't think her sister is ready for "an official label."
At their table, Elly senses that Finn is already judging her and tries to reassure him that they are taking things slowly. "Does she know that?" he asks.
And the good news is Sheila is alive and well... well being squashed to death by Kyle, who promises never to let her go again! On entering the room, Susan immediately goes over to hug Sheila, relieved to see her friend again. Karl follows suit, enquiring about her medical condition - just a few bumps and bruises thankfully considering Amy replies to him. Gary, however, is more interested in knowing "what's the story" and Sheila replies it was just "something silly" and it's nothing for him "to worry about." Cue silence from all in the however, forcing Sheila to say a bit more!
SHEILA: I thought my whole life was destroyed and I had no- one but myself to blame. And then Paul Robinson made this smart little remark about how you were all better off without me, and I thought, he's right.
She continues by saying that she knew she was "an absolute mess," so got in the car and started driving.
SHEILA: I thought, for a moment, I never wanted to go back, I just wanted to disappear.
It wasn't until she saw a sign for Walhalla that she realised where she was and remembered someone from her pub days lived nearby that she could get them to work with Gary so he could make more money at the tram.
SHEILA: Then you could move out of home because I know you're hating it there now.
Unfortunately things conspired against Sheila - her phone dying and then the car conking out on a back road, thus forcing her to walk where she fell over a number of times during the night. Sheila thinks she passed out when she lay down due to being so tired. Kyle tells his Gran that she "scared the life out of both of us," while Susan is simply relived her friend is okay.
Ramsay Street
As they walk home, Chloe admits that Elly was right, lunch was "a total train wreck!" Elly doesn't think it was that bad, and simply thinks that they need to "take things slow."
CHLOE: Sure, slow. But slow means... What does it mean technically?
ELLY: Slow means I now have to make decisions for two.
Chloe is still confused, so Elly explains that her partner is going to be the baby's stepmother or stepfather and so doesn't want to rush into things. "Sure, I understand," Chloe replies after getting it and admits she got carried away in front of Pierce because she knows he disapproves.
ELLY: Right, and you just wanted to prove to him we are the perfect couple?
CHLOE: Maybe a little bit... or a big bit!
Elly admits that she does love hanging around with Chloe, but they need to take their "foot off the accelerator." "Consider my recent behaviour, temporary insanity!" Chloe jokes in reply.
CHLOE: From now on, we are unlabelled and moving at a snail's pace.
Except it's another case of the mouth saying one thing and the face saying, as we see when Elly hugs her.
Toadie, Shane and Dipi have things in hand so the only thing Sheila has to do is get better. "You've all been so wonderful," Sheila tells them and confirms that Clive hasn't been in, he is keeping a respectable distance.
Once Gary sends the visitors home, Sheila feels that it is his turn to now say his bit as so far he hasn't really said anything. Turns out that Gary isn't angry, he is "blown away" at what she was doing for him.
GARY: You never gave up on me, even when I was being such a jerk.
"You had good reason," Sheila interrupts with but Gary still thinks he's ahead in the score charts.
GARY: I thought you were gone. And I just never want to take you for granted again.
Sheila gently lays her hands on his arm and tells him "it's alright, everything's fine now" and this is the catalyst for tears to flow from both of them as Gary then to hug his mum, with both telling the other that they love each other. And we see watching outside in the corridor that both Amy and Kyle are happy at mother and son re- bonding with each other.
Number 24
Despite the awkwardness, there is only one person Chloe wants to talk to about Elly - her big brother and because she knows he "won't hold back." Mark's take is that there is a real gap between her and Elly - while Chloe is comfortable and confident in herself and in her sexuality, Elly is still trying to figure that out, so it might take time... and time she might not have when the baby arrives, as it will have her focus. "That's why I want to be involved," Chloe explains to him and while Mark thinks that is great, that she is "all in and Elly might never get there."
MARK: Not because she doesn't want to, but because there's things standing in the way of her feelings for you.
CHLOE: (confused) Right.
MARK: Now, I'm not trying to talk you into ending things, but you are my little sister, and I don't want you to be an afterthought. I want you to be with someone who knows that they love you, someone who has room in their life for you.
With tears in her eyes, Chloe comments that the therapy Mark has had has made him "upped your advice giving game!" "It's just my opinion," he honestly replies back and that she can take it "with a grain of salt."
CHLOE: No, I've already been thinking the same. I just needed to hear someone else say it.
MARK: Sorry.
CHLOE: What am I supposed to do now?
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