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Neighbours Episode 8175 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8175
Australian and UK airdate: 23/08/19
Writer: Peter Mattessi
Director: Tenika Smith
Guests: Gail Lewis: Fiona Corke (uncredited)
Shaun Watkins: Brad Moller (does not appear)
- "Cheap Shot" by GL
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Gary and Amy are desperate to TITTNL™, but Gary keeps turning up and scuppering their plans
- Paul has some harsh words for Sheila, saying Gary would be better off without her in his life
- Shane is upset to learn Yashvi cancelled their dad- date in favour of staying in bed with Ned
- Toadie tells Yashvi to stop avoiding Shane
- Dipi tells Shane not to let the situation with Yashvi get out of hand
- Concerned by Harlow and Roxy's rivalry, Gail tells Paul he isn't giving Harlow what she needs
- Later, Gail tells Terese that she wants to take Harlow with her back to Tasmania, for good
Gail has summoned Paul and Terese to her room. Paul is adamant that he won't let Gail take Harlow back to Tasmania. Terese agrees, saying Harlow has enrolled in school and made friends - she's happy here. But Gail argues that Paul and Terese are busy professionals, whereas Gail is no longer running her nursery, so can give Harlow more time.
PAUL: No! She is seventeen, for goodness' sakes! You can't make her do something she doesn't want to do.
GAIL: No, but you could encourage her.
PAUL: And why would we do that?
GAIL: Because that is the best thing for Harlow. I understand that this is difficult; but please, just think about what I've said. That's all I'm asking.
Paul and Terese leave.
Power Road
Gary is hard at work at The 82, while Kyle helps Amy carry bits of wood into her yard. Kyle's frustrated that Gary still seems to be everywhere they go. Kyle suggests to Amy that they go back to his place to TITTNL™, as everyone will be at work. Amy is keen, so Kyle goes over to fake a cold for Gary's benefit, claiming he's not well enough to work.
Gary is sympathetic initially, but then sees Amy locking up her yard, and puts two and two together. He doesn't say anything, though, and lets Kyle go on his way.
No 30
Dipi and Shane are at home when Yashvi comes in. Shane casually offers to make Yashvi a toastie, but the atmosphere is still tense. Yashvi asks if they've heard any updates from Dee.
SHANE: Yeah, she's happy in Byron, apparently. Must be all the yoga and green juices, eh?
Shane says he misses having Yashvi around the house. He concedes he's been having a go at her a lot lately, but says it didn't feel good to be ditched so she could muck about with Ned.
YASHVI: It's not mucking about, Dad - he's my boyfriend.
SHANE: Well, it seems like when he says jump, you ask how high.
Yashvi defends Ned, saying it's not his fault she fell asleep and missed her catch- up with Shane.
YASHVI: You're not even mad that I didn't show up! You're angry because I like spending time with Ned more than you.
DIPI: Hang on.
YASHVI: This is why it's impossible to talk to him, because he treats me like a child!
Dipi encourages them to wrap it up and return to the conversation later. But Shane carries on.
SHANE: You don't want to be treated like a child? Stop acting like one!
YASHVI: You want me to stop acting like a child? (...) How's this then? I'm moving out! As of now.
Yashvi marches out.
The 82
Toadie is in the tram, and orders the emu egg frittata. Gary is rushed off his feet, so says it might be a while; he explains Kyle's taken the afternoon off to spend time with Amy.
GARY: Good luck to 'em, I reckon. They deserve to have a bit of fun together.
TOADIE: Still not easy being around them, though, eh?
GARY: Nah, mate, it's the kick up the bum I need to get back out there.
TOADIE: What, dating?
GARY: Yeah, I've got a lot to offer. I'm authentic, got loadsa charisma - they'll be queuing up around the block.
TOADIE: Yeah, no doubt. Hey, you should get on Tinder!
Gary seems taken with this idea, and quickly goes to ring his daughter Xanthe to seek her advice.
GARY: Hey - yeah, yeah, Princess, can you do your old man a favour?
No 30
Yashvi has packed her bags, and tells Shane and Dipi she'll be back for the rest of her things later. Dipi tells her that she doesn't have to go just because she said so in the heat of the moment. Shane agrees, saying that would be 'stupid', which just annoys Yashvi even more. She says she's going to stay at Ned's until she can find somewhere else.
Shane sits there moodily, while Dipi makes the 'you're in the middle of Year 12' argument to try and get Yashvi to stay. But Yashvi says she doesn't feel it's a stable environment when Shane won't even talk to her, and goes to leave. In desperation, Dipi says....
DIPI: Okay, what if we buy you a car?
SHANE: What?
DIPI: (...) What if you stay at home until after your exams, and you pass them, and we get you a car?
SHANE: Nah. I'm not a part of this.
Shane goes to answer his phone in the kitchen. It's someone at The Waterhole, asking him to come into work, despite not being rostered on. By the time he's finished, Yashvi is already leaving, telling Dipi she's made up her mind.
Paul comes to Gail's room for a one- to- one chat.
PAUL: Gail, what happened to us?
GAIL: We were never a fairy- tale.
PAUL: I know, I know, I know... Harlow told me that Robert's refusing to see you since he saw me.
GAIL: It set him right back.
PAUL: You do know how much guilt I carry around every day because of what happened?
GAIL: I do.
PAUL: Yeah. And that's why I'm not gonna make the same mistakes with Harlow.
GAIL: Can you really afford to take that risk? Be honest, Paul - do you really trust yourself that you can be the guardian that she really needs?
PAUL: Hey, listen - that girl is a second chance for me. And I don't take that lightly.
GAIL: Well, so what's more important here? You getting a second chance to atone for your mistakes, or Harlow getting love and attention from someone who will never, ever let her down?
Erinsborough High School
Gail has come to the school to chat to Elly about Harlow, explaining how her home life "has been a little unstable". Gail wants to get a sense of how she's doing at school. Elly says that Harlow seems fine; she's a curious, bright student who studies really hard. Elly rushes off to her next class, and Harlow appears, wanting to know why Gail's here.
GAIL: I'm worried about you, and I just wanted to know how you were going.
GAIL: I want you to move to Tasmania with me. I think it's the best thing for your education. You'll be relieved to get away from Roxy and all the drama -
HARLOW: I can handle Roxy. And I like living here. I can't leave Grandad and Terese; they've been so kind to me. Plus, I'm only a few hours away from the prison if my dad ever changes his mind about seeing me. Which is why I came here in the first place. Look, I appreciate your offer, I really do. But I'm not gonna change my mind. I want to stay in Erinsborough.
Gail looks disappointed.
No 32
Amy is pouring champagne in the pool, when Kyle appears in one of Aaron's old 'exotic dancing' costumes - his 'Kid from Kalgoorlie' mining outfit, to be precise - and starts doing a striptease. Pretty much everything comes off, and Kyle covers his modesty with his hat, much to Amy's amusement.
No 22
Ned is bemused when Yashvi turns up with her bags, expecting to move in. He tries to let her down gently, explaining that the house is full and that there's a lot of Unmissable Drama™ right now with Gail being back in town. But Yashvi doesn't take the hint. Harlow comes in and seems pleased at the idea of a friend moving in, offering to help her go and unpack.
NED: Vee, I'm sorry. You can't live here.
Harold's Café
Gail is having a tea when Gary comes in. He recognises her from Tinder as 'Hobart Lady'!
GARY: If you don't mind me saying, you look much nicer than your photo. I mean, you looked great in your photo. It's a lovely photo. It was just taken a while ago. I mean - I mean, you're a lovely person - woman - to look at. I mean, you've probably got a lovely personality as well, but I don't really know that yet!
GAIL: I suppose I should say thank you.
GARY: Yeah, can I join you?
He sits down before she answers.
GARY: Man, that was presumptuous, wasn't it? And, erm... and forward. You should probably reject me now, get it over with, you know. Swipe left, right, whatever - bring on the dump.
She reaches to shake his hand.
GAIL: I'm Gail.
GARY: Gary. I'll leave you alone.
GAIL: No, wait, wait - I could do with the company. Actually, what I really need is a distraction.
GARY: Oh, well, then, I'm your man! That's what Mrs O'Connor said in Grade 5 - Gary is a distraction to everyone around him.
This gets Gail laughing.
No 32
The living area is scattered with discarded clothes as Kyle wanders around in a towel. Suddenly Amy emerges, in another of Aaron's old costumes - this time a cowboy (or girl)! They engage in a bit of roleplay in bad American accents, but Amy has a wardrobe malfunction - she can't get her trousers off! At this point Shane comes in, and Amy rushes to hide behind the kitchen counter.
SHANE: Hey, mate... Amy...
Amy hides anyway, despite having been seen! Shane explains he's been trying to call Kyle and Gary; Sheila hasn't turned up to work today, and Shane had to cover.
KYLE: Gran never misses a shift.
SHANE: That's what I'm saying. She's not answering her phone - no- one seems to know where she is. So I thought you should know.
Shane leaves, and Amy and Kyle look worried.
Harold's Café
Gary asks what Gail needs a distraction from. She says she's trying to deal with emotional teenage girls, and Gary empathises, admitting he had absolutely no idea what he was doing as a parent to Xanthe. But he says she's studying to be a doctor, so he must've done something right.
GARY: Can I see you again?
GAIL: You know, I'm only visiting.
GARY: I don't mind. I mean, this has been fun.
Gail asks for Gary's phone, so she can put in her number. He promises to give her a call, and Gail says she'd like that, before leaving.
Toadie comes in; he's been looking for Gary. Sheila was contacting donors for the foundation, he explains, but has just disappeared halfway through. He looked at the pub, but she hadn't turned in for her shift - nobody knows where he is.
No 22
Yashvi is still trying to persuade Ned to let her stay, but he isn't keen.
NED: I think we both know why you're doing this.
YASHVI: I can't go back there. I can't back down.
NED: Moving in here's not gonna fix anything. And I don't want what we have to ruin your relationship with your dad.
YASHVI: Well, I don't care if it does or doesn't.
NED: I don't believe that. And I don't think you do either.
YASHVI: He doesn't respect me - and he hates us being together.
NED:: You've never had a boyfriend before. Shane doesn't hate us, he just... he just has to get used to the idea.
YASHVI: Well, that's on him.
NED: ...
NED: Hey. I can totally see us living together - get our own place. It just has to be for the right reasons.
They hug, and Ned kisses her.
No 30
Dipi and Shane are washing up, when Yashvi comes in, with her bags.
SHANE: Well, that didn't last long.
YASHVI: I've decided I'm gonna stay here, for now.
Dipi hugs her.
YASHVI: So, when are we gonna start cruising car yards? That was the deal, wasn't it?
SHANE: Not exactly, no.
YASHVI: Mum, that's what you said, right? Unless you didn't mean that particular promise.
DIPI: Of course I meant it. But you still have to pass your exams.
YASHVI: Doesn't mean we can't start looking, though.
Shane intervenes again, but Yashvi reminds them...
YASHVI: I can always go back to Ned's.
DIPI: Deal.
SHANE: Dipi...
DIPI: But you have to stay at home until you start uni. Minimum.
Yashvi goes to her room.
SHANE: I really don't like paying our daughter just to stay with us.
DIPI: You can't fix things with Yashvi if you're not living under the same roof.
No 26
Gary, Kyle and Amy have convened to discuss Sheila's disappearance. Kyle thinks Sheila may have lost track of time at a gnome emporium! She's not answering her phone, and Amy wonders if they should call the police, but Gary thinks that's stupid; Sheila's probably doing it for attention.
GARY: Who cares, anyway? She's a grown woman - she can look after herself.
AMY: But she's never missed a shift, or called in sick.
GARY: Well, she faked a heart attack to get sympathy from Xanthe. Have we all forgotten about that?
KYLE: I dunno, Dad. I don't think she would let Toadie down after everything he's done for her.
GARY: (...) That's exactly like her. She goes missing, then comes back, and we're so happy to see her, and she's the hero. Just wait.
AMY: I hope you're right.
GARY: I am right.
AMY: So, no police?
KYLE: ... Not yet.
Gail has asked Terese to her room for another chat. Gail admits she's spoken to Harlow, and that she's very happy in Erinsborough - so she's not going to push the idea of her moving to Tasmania for the time being.
TERESE: Good, good. Right, is there anything else?
GAIL: ... Be careful, Terese. With Paul. He damages people. That's not just the opinion of a bitter ex- wife - that's a fact. He can make you feel like you're the only person on earth. But in the end, he causes real harm. I know that you won't listen to me, but I'm going to say it anyway - call off the engagement.
TERESE: ... No, you're right. I won't listen. In fact, I think you're really out of line.
GAIL: If you don't, Terese, you'll end up like all his other wives. Broken.
Terese walks out of the room dismissively, but outside, looks rattled.
No 22
On the patio, Terese is relaying everything Gail said to Paul.
PAUL: I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. She obviously thinks that I'm the one that damaged Robert.
Terese says that Gail advised her to call off the engagement.
TERESE: It was so inappropriate! Does she have any idea about our relationship at all?
PAUL: No. Only what she might have heard second- hand from Elle.
TERESE: I can't help but wonder whether your first instincts were right. Well, you know, you said that you almost got back together the last time she visited. I mean, she wouldn't be the first of your exes to have complicated Feelings™ for you.
PAUL: Anyway, who cares? It doesn't matter what Gail thinks or says. We are in love, and we are going to get married. And nothing or nobody is going to stop that from happening, okay?
Terese smiles excitedly.
No 26
The next morning, Gary gets up to find a worried- looking Kyle and Amy on the sofa, and a uniformed Mark with them. They explain Sheila hasn't been home all night, so they've asked Mark to file a missing persons report.
MARK: People have mentioned that Sheila's been feeling very low. And yesterday, she seemed distressed.
GARY: Well, hang on - you don't think she's...?
MARK: We really need to find her.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Kyle feels guilty as he and Amy search the countryside for Sheila
- Susan says Sheila definitely wasn't herself the last time she saw her
- Gary tells Shane he took his hostility towards Sheila too far; Shane tries to reassure him
- Kyle and Amy find something of Sheila's in the woods, and get panicky
- An upset Dipi wonders how she didn't realise things were this bad
- Gary looking upset on the sofa
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