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Neighbours Episode 8173 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8173
Australian and UK airdate: 21/08/19
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Tenika Smith
Guests: Gail Lewis: Fiona Corke
- "Going Down" by The Wholls
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Harlow is appalled when Roxy pimps Hermione in a bid to put her off driving it
- Harlow reminds Roxy that Terese gave the car to both of them
- After a driving lesson with Paul, Harlow gets her own back on Roxy with a little pimping of her own
- Leo gets frisky with Carmen, an accountant he meets at the Back Lane Bar
- But Carmen has a Hidden Agenda™, and texts someone saying, 'he's falling for it'
- Carmen gains access to Leo's bank account by offering to set up some software for him
- Ned pays a visit while Leo's in the shower, and thinks he recognises Carmen, but she dismisses it
- Later, Leo finds that Carmen has transferred out all the money from the Back Lane Bar account
No 32
Mark has turned up to talk to Leo about the theft of his money, while Aaron and David sit in awkwardly. Leo explains that he doesn't know anything about Carmen other than that she said she was an accountant; she must have accessed his passwords on his laptop while she was setting up the bookkeeping software for him. He admits he left her alone while he went for a shower.
Mark informs Leo that if he didn't properly secure his accounts, his insurers may not pay up for the loss. Leo immediately starts to panic about how he'll pay his staff and suppliers.
LEO: If I don't find some temporary cash, I'm gonna have to close.
DAVID: You'll need to tell Roxy, too.
No 22
In the living room, Ned is ironing, while Roxy lies on the sofa. She gets a text from Leo asking for her to go over.
NED: Guess his date's ditched him, then.
In the kitchen, Terese is with Harlow, who takes a breath from her inhaler. Harlow then goes into the living room and accuses Roxy of deliberately leaving her bedroom door open, so that Clementine the cat would go in and leave hair all over her bed.
ROXY: Get a grip. Why would I do that?
HARLOW: Because you're spiteful!
ROXY: Harlow, I would never be that cruel. To the cat.
Terese comes in and admits she was the one who left the door open accidentally, while she was vacuuming. Roxy demands an apology and Harlow gives a very grudging one.
ROXY: Once more with feeling?
But Harlow stomps off upstairs instead.
On the patio, Paul is reading a copy of the West Waratah Star. The lead story is about two new tigers at Erinsborough Zoo, with the headline 'the claws are out!' - evidently a surreptitious commentary on Harlow and Roxy! Underneath is another headline, 'Erinsborough state forest fires under control'.
Terese emerges; Paul asks if she got the email about her wedding dress. Terese did, and says she'll pick it up later. Paul chastises her for not sounding more excited; but Terese admits she's worried about Harlow and Roxy being at each other's throats. Paul thinks that Terese should let the rivalry run its course and burn itself out, but Terese doesn't want the constant tension.
TERESE: If I could just somehow get them together, they might find some common ground.
PAUL: What are you suggesting - lock 'em in a room together?
TERESE: No, nothing that drastic. But I think I might have an idea...
No 32
Roxy arrives to see Leo, who tells her they'll have to close the bar tonight, due to a cashflow problem.
LEO: I got scammed. I... I hooked up with this woman, and she was supposed to... I dunno. It's just... she stole all the money.
ROXY: *The* money? You do mean *your* money, right?
LEO: The money from the Back Lane Bar account.
ROXY: Leo, seriously?!
LEO: I know.
ROXY: No, I don't think you do know! Because you're just standing there, not shielding your vital organs! Okay, you need to go and get our money back.
Leo explains that Mark's onto it and is looking for Carmen. He begs Roxy not to tell Paul about this, but she simply repeats that he needs to get her money, and leaves.
No 22
On the patio, Terese is showing Harlow pictures of her wedding dress, while Paul continues to read the paper. Roxy comes back in, and Terese asks the girls if they could go and pick up the dress for her from Eden Hills. Harlow would rather do it alone, and Roxy is keen on this course of action; but Terese insists it's a two- person job, and that Roxy will need to drive.
Roxy sulks, saying she was going to go out tonight because the bar is closed. This piques Paul's curiosity, and he asks her why; Roxy claims they just wanted a break. Terese insists that she wants Roxy to fetch the dress; it won't take long. Roxy grudgingly agrees, and the girls go to leave. Paul gives Terese a look, as if sceptical that her plan to end their feud will succeed.
The Waterhole
Aaron and David are talking about Leo getting scammed. Aaron is in disbelief that Leo could be so silly as to leave a stranger with his accounts, but David defends Leo, saying Carmen 'seemed nice'.
AARON: My hairdresser is nice. I'm not gonna give him access to my internet banking.
David wants to help Leo financially, but Aaron points out that they have a mortgage and payments on The Shed to think about.
At this point, Ned comes in, and Aaron and David tell him what happened to Leo. Ned begins to realise what's going on and why he recognised Carmen when he called round.
NED: I knew she looked familiar. Her name's not Carmen. I know who she is.
Ramsay Street
Roxy and Harlow are in Hermione. They haven't even set off yet and already they're bickering; Harlow tells Roxy she needs to check her mirrors as a legal requirement.
ROXY: Look, driving is all about confidence. You have to own the road.
Roxy demonstrates what she means by promptly reversing into the recycling bin, knocking it over and cracking one of the tail lights in the process.
ROXY: Well, on the plus side, the bin's fine.
Harlow wants to go and tell Terese what happened, but Roxy says the crack's barely noticeable; they can get some superglue while they're out!
ROXY: Get in, loser - we're going shopping!
HARLOW: A Mean Girls reference - really?!
But Harlow gets in the car.
No 32
Ned turns up to see Leo, who is drowning his sorrows. Ned tells Leo that he's been targeted specifically by Carmen - or rather, Carly Abernethy, which is her real name. Ned explains that she's Vance's cousin and that he used to see her up at Abernethy Station; he thought he recognised her when he called in earlier, but it didn't click until David and Aaron said she was an accountant.
The Waterhole
Aaron and David are talking about Carmen/Carly. David laments the run of bad luck Leo's had with the Back Lane Bar. Aaron thinks Leo was daft to go into business with Roxy, but David says this isn't her fault.
DAVID: I really want to give him some money, to help tide him over. Just so he's not worried that he's gonna lose the business completely.
AARON: Yeah, but do you really want to put our money into something that Roxy's involved with?
No 22
Roxy and Harlow come in with Terese's dress. Harlow wants to take it straight upstairs, but Roxy wants to open up the bag and have a look at it. Roxy is suitably impressed, saying the dress must be worth five grand, or maybe even ten.
HARLOW: Look with your eyes; you don't need to touch it.
But Roxy is intoxicated by the dress!
HARLOW: Alright - patriarchal marriage fantasy over. Let's get this upstairs.
She zips up the bag, but Roxy has had an idea - she wants to try on the dress!
ROXY: I've always wanted to know what it's like to have this much money up against my skin.
HARLOW: So take up stripping!
ROXY: Ouch. You know, it's a surprise that you don't have more friends (!)
Harlow looks frustrated as Roxy walks off with the dress.
Lassiter's Complex
Terese and Paul are discussing wedding plans; we learn the date is set for three weeks, and Paul has bought Terese a Dior reception dress after hearing her talking on the phone with Piper.
TERESE: That was just fairy- tale talking!
PAUL: Terese, you are the fairy- tale ending I've always wanted.
TERESE: I can't believe we're finally doing this, after everything we've been through. I love you so much, Paul.
PAUL: I love you too.
The next item on their list to discuss is a prenuptial agreement.
PAUL: I feel I don't have to.
TERESE: Well, we did say it'd be sensible to talk about it.
PAUL: Yeah, I know. I see your point. Darling, this is my forever - you are. And I don't need a safety net.
TERESE: ... Neither do I.
She crosses it off the list, and they kiss.
No 22
Roxy comes into the living area in Terese's wedding dress. Harlow is fuming.
HARLOW: You are unbelievable.
ROXY: I know, right? It feels amazing.
HARLOW: Take it off - before it falls off! It doesn't even fit you!
But Roxy is intent on twirling around the room in the dress.
HARLOW: Look, I know you're not used to clothes that cover so much of your body, but be careful.
ROXY: Can you just relax?
HARLOW: No, I physically cannot relax.
ROXY: Fine, I'll take the dress off. But there is no way that you're ever gonna be one of my bridesmaids.
HARLOW: Oh, no - I am devastated. How will I ever overcome this disappointment? (!)
ROXY: Maybe you can work through it in your journal.
At which point, Roxy stumbles, and the dress tears, exposing her midriff! Roxy and Harlow gape at one another in horror.
Shortly afterwards, Roxy is trying to play down the damage to the dress, saying no- one will notice! But Harlow's insistent that they must tell Terese, so they have time to get it fixed before the wedding. Roxy is worried that this will undo all the bridges she's built with Auntie T lately, but Harlow says it's better than her finding out on the wedding day.
Paul comes in, and sees the dress out of its bag. Roxy claims they were just looking at it, and gets rid of him by reminding him that it's unlucky for him to see the dress. Paul turns around so as not to look at it, but says Leo wants to see both him and Roxy about the bar.
ROXY: What? He changed his mind about telling you?
PAUL: Telling me what? What am I missing?
ROXY: ... Let's just go talk to Leo.
She ushers Paul out of the house before he can see anything's wrong with the dress.
No 32
On the patio, Leo is explaining the full story of Carly Abernethy rinsing the bar's bank account to Paul and Roxy. Leo tells Roxy that she's responsible - Carly must have been working for Vance, to get his money back for him after Roxy put him behind bars. Mark is now investigating, Leo says; but Roxy is concerned to learn that the police know the money she used to buy the bar is linked to Vance.
LEO: Why, Roxy?
ROXY: ...
PAUL: The money he put into the business wasn't clean, was it?
LEO: He said it was, and you said it was!
ROXY: I mean, it's a grey area!
PAUL: Yeah, so even if the police do find Carly...
LEO: There's no guarantee we'll get the money back.
Leo asks Paul if there's any way he could cover them financially, just until he sorts things out. But Paul is furious by this stage.
PAUL: Leo, the fact that you got yourself into this position in the first place -
LEO: Dad, please!
PAUL: ... Alright. Alright, I will lend you the money, on one condition. And that is, until you pay me back, I have controlling stake of the bar.
LEO: Dad, seriously?!
PAUL: Leo, you should've clued onto this grifter when she picked you over Pierce Greyson! And then to take her home and give her full access to your bank accounts, less than 24 hours after meeting her?! For goodness' sakes, Leo! It does not get any more nave! Now that is my offer on the table. Or you can try your luck with the Abernethys. Your choice.
Paul walks off, leaving Leo looking conflicted.
Harlow turns up to see Terese at work, and tells her all about Roxy cracking Hermione's tail light and then ripping Terese's dress. Terese isn't as concerned about all this as Harlow seems to think she should be, saying she's sure that the dress was an accident. Harlow says Roxy wasn't even going to tell Terese.
TERESE: Okay. Look, I'm not happy about that. I will talk to her. But listen - you really need to try and ignore her. It's my job to punish her.
HARLOW: But she gets away with everything!
TERESE: Come on, that's not true. And even if it were, you both live under the same roof - you've got to sort it out. And you're the more responsible one. So you need to show her a good example.
The Waterhole
Leo is playing angry darts, when he gets a call from Mark. He agrees to meet him at No 32 soon.
No 22
Harlow is getting dinner underway, when Roxy comes in.
ROXY: Auntie T called. I heard about your little dobfest.
HARLOW: I'm over it, Roxy.
ROXY: Tough! Do you know why I did all those things today? I was having fun! Because when I'm having fun, I don't have to think about the crap that I'm going through.
HARLOW: I forgot how hard your life is. How do you manage? (!)
ROXY: You have no idea! Leo just lost all of our money, and my ex- boyfriend probably stole it! And you're going postal over a wedding dress? You need to grow up. You need to realise that Auntie T is always gonna be on my side because we're family. The only reason that you're here is because everyone just feels sorry for you.
HARLOW: That's not true.
ROXY: Yes, it is. Maybe that's why you're so uptight - you're a psycho like your dad.
Hurt by this, Harlow sees red - and sends the contents of a jar of passata splattering all over Roxy, and Terese's wedding dress which is hanging behind her! Roxy screams and lunges towards Harlow.
No 32
Mark is talking to Leo, David and Aaron. He says he's spoken to Vance, but got nothing from him; if he's behind the theft of the money, there's no way he's admitting it. Meanwhile, the Northern Territory police have been out to Abernethy Station, but there's no sign of Carly or the money.
Leo says the insurance firm is waiting to hear what the police find out. Mark can't help any further, but promises to keep him updated, and leaves. Aaron and David rally round for Leo. He's upset that he's now going to be back under Paul's control, right where he started - which was the reason he pulled out of the backpackers' and opened the bar in the first place. Aaron nods silently at David.
DAVID: There is another option.
LEO: What, yeah - closing the bar. Don't worry, I'm already thinking about it.
DAVID: No - we'll lend you the money, Aaron and I.
LEO: You guys can't do that; you're strapped enough as it is.
AARON: It's fine, we can manage. Plus, we're family. That's what families do.
DAVID: And you just started to sort things out with Dad; I don't want this to set things back. Just take the money.
LEO: It might take me a while to pay you back - a couple of months or so.
AARON: It's fine - we know where you live.
They all smile.
No 22
Harlow flings more food at Roxy; it narrowly misses her and hits the dress instead! Harlow shoves Roxy's head onto the kitchen work surface, and douses her liberally in mayonnaise!
ROXY: You psycho! Get off me!
It's into this chaotic scene that Gail Lewis, Paul's second wife and Harlow's paternal grandmother, walks.
GAIL: What on earth is going on?
The credits don't record whether Gail's dressed by Kamizole, but she's distinctly unimpressed to find Harlow dressing Roxy in a fetching Caesar salad garnish!
GAIL: Which one of you is Harlow?
Harlow releases her messy grip on Roxy's head, and puts her hand up sheepishly.
GAIL: Do you know who I am?
HARLOW: Uh... yeah, I've seen your photo. You're my grandmother.
Paul and Terese walk in next.
PAUL: Gail?
GAIL: Hi, Paul.
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- Yashvi accuses Shane of being angry because she likes spending time with Ned over him
- Elly tells Chloe she does 'not want to do this'; Chloe assures her she'll help by 'keeping the peace'
- Gail asks Paul if he really trusts himself to be the guardian Harlow needs
- At school, Gail tells Harlow she's come to talk to Miss Conway
- Gary tells Shane it's his fault; Shane assures him everyone does things in the heat of the moment
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