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Neighbours Episode 8171 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8171
Australian and UK airdate: 19/08/19
Writer: Jo Kasch
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Carmen Del Close: Veronica Thomas
Dr Stevie Hart: Jazz Bell
- "Mess And Mistakes" by Sweet Barrio
- "Counting Sheep" by SAFIA
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Leo complaining that his love life is like a desert.
- Pierce talking to Chloe about the confusion over where he stands.
- Mark saying he will deal with it should anything happen between Elly and Chloe.
- Tension between Shane and Ned over Yashvi.
- Chloe asking Elly out on a date.
- Elly and Chloe going on a date and kissing.
Number 32
Chloe and Elly return to #32 after their date for a cuppa and a pash. However, they act coolly when Mark enters the house and explains why he is there (invited for a house BBQ). He invites Elly to stay, having been okay when they said their date went well.
Back Lane Bar
Leo has a fan in one of the punters (Carmen) who likes how he makes his gin and tonics and the fact he is single! It would seem the feeling is reciprocated, as he shouts her a drink on the house.
Number 32
Everyone, bar Mark who is inside making a salad, have re- located outside for the BBQ. Aaron admits to his husband that he is surprised to see the ladies, commenting that Mark "doesn't need this." David agrees and calms Aaron down from going to talk to the ladies.
Meanwhile, Kyle is hearing all about the ladies' date although Chloe opens up about the kiss when Elly heads inside to get some ketchup.
Number 30
Dipi and Shane are standing in the kitchen with the later giving Ned the 'evil eye' stare as he sits next to Yashvi in the livingroom watching television. The glare is that bad, Ned asks Yashvi if Shane has ever killed someone before!!! "Ignore him," is Yashvi's advice and admits she is happy, even if there is conflict now, that Ned stood up for her and that Shane will eventually see that too. Ned is starting to feel very uncomfortable and even suggests they invite Shane to join them (Yashvi says no!) before then suggesting that she spends time with her dad.
YASHVI: He's had to deal with me 24/7 for 18 years, he's due for a well- earned break!
NED: I don't think he sees it that way!
In the kitchen, Dipi tells Shane to "ease up on the surveillance," given they aren't exactly a million miles away. Shane disputes that, especially after the lass KO'd Susan and feels Ned isn't a good influence on her either! Dipi rewinds time to point out her dad wasn't happy at the amount of time they spent together when dating and tells him to "wait it out" and that stuff will settle down.
Shane is happy surprised to hear Yashvi ask if he wants to go to the pub later, (the smile on his face tells you that he is thrilled to be asked) especially after he admitted to Dipi a few minutes previous that he'd not spent much time with Yashvi recently.
Back Lane Bar
Pierce decides to make his whiskey a triple after Leo breaks the news to him that Chloe and Elly went on a date earlier. "I think I need to give up on that girl," he tells Leo, who totally agrees with him having been in similar shoes.
PIERCE: Am I just totally pathetic?
"Yes," Leo replies but immediately adds that Pierce should get out there, but he is happy to sit drinking his Jack Daniel's... but as soon as Leo heads off to get another bottle, he looks around and focuses on Carmen, the who Leo took a shine to earlier.
Number 32
Kyle is surprised to see Chloe refuse the bottle of beer he is offering her, but she explains that if Elly can't drink, she will stay sober in solidarity. He admits she is being brave starting a relationship with someone who is about to have a baby. "Have you given it much thought?" he asks, and Chloe immediately replies back "of course" and can't wait for bubs to be born, confessing that she's been buying bubs some outfits!
KYLE: There's more to babies than costume changes.
Chloe demands that he stops scaring her, but he continues and the bit that seems to get to her is when he says once bubs is born, that will be Elly's priority.
KYLE: Maybe you need to make it yours too.
Back Lane Bar
It looks like Carmen does have another fan - Pierce as they sit chatting about wine. She obviously likes the attention both men are giving her, because when Pierce heads outside to take a call, Carmen heads to the bar for more smooth talking from Leo.
Number 32
As Aaron, David and Kyle tidy up they chat about today's hot gossip - Elly and Chloe kissing! David is surprised to hear the news, while Aaron is already thinking of how Chloe is going to be if Elly is stringing her along and confesses to them about what he said to Elly and why. David gets why Aaron is being protective although he promises to keep out of things from now on. "See how long that lasts!" Kyle jokes with them!
The ladies (and Mark) enter the kitchen with the pair raving about how good the BBQ was. Elly decides to bail as she has a scan, correcting Mark that it is her 22 week scan and not 26 as he initially said. Chloe rushes after Elly to ask if she wants company (yes) and the pair head out and Mark suddenly has a sullen look on his face.
The Waterhole
Shane can't wait for his dad- daughter date as he arrives at The Waterhole with Dipi, however there is no sign of Yashvi but Dipi points out that he is 20 minutes early! Dipi admits she is happy at how Yashvi is managing to divide her time between the family and Ned.
Number 22
"I don't want to leave you," Yashvi declares as Ned tries to chuck her out of the house for her dad- daughter date. She keeps on wanting to kiss him... but decides to take things upstairs as they has 20 minutes until she meets her dad!
The Waterhole
Shane sits patiently waiting for Yashvi, having demolished the cheeky plate of chips he ordered as he was early.
Number 22
Those pair ain't going to be heading out of the bedroom any time soon!
Back Lane Bar
Carmen sits and watches with quiet amusement as Pierce doesn't twig that Leo is also keen on her! Eventually, Leo pulls Pierce aside to break the news to him and his reply is that they should arm wrestle for Carmen! Being gracious, Leo decides to 'withdraw' and let Pierce be the one to keep Carmen company.
Number 32
Mark has had a few too many beers that he's forgotten that is why there's no beer left in the fridge! Eventually after Mark has a wee disagreement with the recycling box, Aaron sits his big brother down for a chat. "I'm not jealous," Mark declares but explains instead that after seeing Elly accept Chloe's offer to go to the ultrasound with her, has brought back a lot of unhappy memories.
MARK: That baby was meant to be mine.
"I know," Aaron replies and tells Mark that he doesn't need to go through things along, the #32 boys are here for him.
Chloe tries to joke with Elly as she undergoes the scan, but it is not going down too well! Elly doesn't seem to like the fact Chloe is crowding her (and scaring her by reading some of the pamphlets!) and suggests that perhaps she should wait outside.
Its good news about bubs though, everything is okay, however Elly declines the offer of knowing what the sex of the baby is.
Bubs looks like they are waving, and Elly is totally absorbed in watching her baby, so Chloe feels very left out... perhaps Aaron's words is beginning to hit home?
Number 22
Ned hastily gets dressed as he rushes downstairs to answer the door - it's a concerned Shane looking for Yashvi as she didn't turn up nor is she answering her phone. Shane then sees why Yashvi didn't turn up... when she appears at the top of the stairs dressed only in a shirt. Yashvi immediately apologises, telling Shane that her phone was on silent and didn't hear it after falling asleep.
YASHVI: It was a complete accident.
Shane doesn't let rip, instead telling her that he thought "we raised you better than this."
SHANE: Maybe it's got something to do with the company that you keep.
That comment seems to get to Yashvi, and she tries to make it clear she was the one who stuffed up, not Ned, but Shane thinks otherwise. Offering an olive branch, Yashvi suggests it is not too late for them to head to the pub, but Shane simply turns and walks away... his silence says it all.
Back Lane Bar
Carmen turns down the offer of another drink and dinner too from Pierce because she has her eye on someone else... looking straight at Leo!
Leo is surprised to see Pierce isn't leaving with Carmen after he comes up to pay the bill, and ifs further surprised to hear that Carmen has her eye on him when Pierce explains why he is leaving.
Number 32
David is busy cleaning up the bottles when Chloe arrives home and asks how the ultrasound went. "Mum and baby are all good," she replies before adding that she hadn't realised what happens when someone is expecting... and grabs out of her bag a whole heap of pamphlets she picked up! Labour is already freaking Chloe out and it is not abating when David adds that there are challenges after delivery!
CHLOE: I've always been the girl who just lives for the day, plans a few weeks in advance... tops. Having to plan this far in advance its...
DAVID: Overwhelming?
CHLOE: ...
DAVID: Does this feel like this might be too much for you?
Chloe affirms that she wants to get "on board" like Elly has accepting her Huntington's diagnosis.
DAVID: If that's what you want.
CHLOE: It is... for Elly.
Number 28
Chloe heads over with Elly's jacket (although does explain it was David who found it) and Elly is very relieved to have it back. She thanks Chloe for coming to the ultrasound with her, acknowledging that it was a bit full on after their first date. "It was," Chloe agrees but adds that she can handle it and is already setting her mind into thinking what they can do for date number two... as long as it is not hot air ballooning! Eventually they decide that baby shopping will be the second date after Chloe confesses she's already started buying things for bubs.
Back Lane Bar
Carmen and Leo are getting very up close and personal with each other as the punters begin to head out. When Leo goes to lock up, Carmen gets out her phone and sends a text saying 'He's falling for it.' but we don't see who the text is to.
When Leo returns, they pashing between them seriously ramps up and he suggests heading back to his place.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Amy and Kyle being interrupted when Gary arrives at The 82
- Toadie giving Yashvi some advice.
- Leo after a favour from Roxy.
- Sheila despondent.
- Roxy dishing out the insults to Harlow.
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